Your MP's Question of the Week #25

The National Budget, which is prepared by the Minister of Finance who is also the Prime Minister in our case on behalf of the Cabinet and presented to Parliament each year, is like a blueprint for the economic well-being of the country for the ensuing (generally speaking) 364 days of the year.

Its importance to the economic health and development of the nation is underscored by the fact that it is debated upon in Parliament come the next sitting, usually after a short weekend. This year that tradition has been severely broken and the true impact of this deliberate move has yet to reveal itself in the days to follow.

Normally, any short-comings that may be inherent of the proposed Budget would be highlighted and debated at length by Members of Parliament so that whatever fine-tuning that may be necessary would be addressed. But not this time. Not with the 2009 Budget. For the first time in our history since independence, the debate of the national budget has been delayed for about 2 months immediately after the Hari Raya celebrations.

This delay, whether we like it or not, is likely to open for abuse and poorly-considered national expenditures may be rushed through for reasons best known to the perpetrators.

YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader, has said that a week is a long time in politics. Can one imagine what can happen within 60 days? It is our earnest hope that during this long lapse there would not be a situation which would give rise to the proverbial saying “shutting the barn doors when the horses have bolted.” Always, acting too late is a high price to pay.

There’s no disagreement that to-date the Badawi administration had sprung upon us many surprises. The latest of which is the sudden “study trip” or “lawatan sambil belajar” that BN MPs are planning to embark on and likely to happen within 7 to 19 September 2008. The timing is highly suspicious, to say the least. But the excuse? Let’s not refer to the thinking individuals, even the lay people can hardly believe its ludicrousness.

We wanted MPs to update themselves with the latest information about agriculture and high-tech food production so that we can debate better on the Budget when Parliament sits again in October.”

Think about it. This is downright unacceptable and laughable given the current economic dire straits that we are in. And apart from insulting the intelligence, it also smacks of outright lying, sheer arrogance and contemptible irresponsibility of the current administration at the expense of the tax payers’ money.

The question for this week then is:

Is there any credibility left in the Badawi administration for it to lead and manage the country even for one more day before it further dooms the nation to the point of no-return, accelerated by its hopeless cluelessness, unbridled corruptions and dumb inaction to the devastating stagflation?



  1. What credibility has he got? 13 UMNO branches in Penang defied the Sleepy Head and supported the racist statement of the chairman of UMNO Bukit Bendera Branch.

    The Sleepy Head must go and go now in the interest of the nation. DSAI must now lead the nation!!

  2. Please do not disturb him. Just let him sleep and sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

    When September 16 comes, just throw him out. He is just a guest, who has overstayed to look after his family.

  3. What credibility?

    This man is a living, breathing, sleeping joke. He is the greatest ignoramus and flip-flop artist ever to sleep-walk and sleep-talk on this earth. Bodohwi has overstayed his welcome since 4 years ago. He owes us rakyat as much in human compensation.

    Every second he is in office, the rakyat is robbed blind. Out, bodoh, out!

  4. The Sleepy Head does not understand the meaning of credibility. So you cannot really blame him! This country has gone to the dogs under the Sleepy Head. Stop wasting time to talk about credibility with Sleepy Head and BN. They are all in the denial syndrome mode.

    We, Malaysians, must get going to remove this Sleepy Head from office on 16th September or thereafter. He and his family had to go otherwise this beautiful nation will be in deeper deep shit!

  5. how much of our money need to spend on their vacation? they eat like G8, sleep like G8. it’s wasteful.

  6. Nenek moyang kita pernah berkata…

    Mengata dulang paku serpih
    Mengata orang dia yang lebih…

    Pada hari ini, cucu-cucu cicit kepada nenek-nenek moyang tersebut terpaksa menggunakan ungkapan yang Wak labelkan paling sesuai untuk melambangkan bentuk soalan mingguan WR Wangsa Maju minggu ke 25.

    Wakbukan sahaja merayu malah menuntut WR (wakil rakyatlah tu) agar mencampuri urusan yang berkaitan dengan parlimen Wangsa Maju… Lagipun tuan WR adalah WR Wangsa Maju dan bukannya WR Malaysia… nak sangat jaga hal ehwal global… rumah sendiri kucah lana!

    Lagi satu Wak nak share kalau tak silap dulu… mat sirat ada meminta jadual/aktiviti WR Wangsa Maju… itupun tak terbuat lagi, request rakyat nak hentam orang lagi…

    It’s ok you involve sana sini, here and there… tapi rumah sendiri jagalah ye tuan.

    Wak percaya… yang WR kejar tak dapat… yang WR kendong berciciran… makna kata tu kalahlah…

  7. Dear YB,

    As a tax-paying Malaysian affected by the economic fracture induced by the sudden steep increase in fuel pump prices, there is no more credibility left for the inexperienced Finance Minister. The fact that he is also the PM does not help either.

    What stagflation? We are in recession already. Declining demand for our currency for the last 2 years. Even with the artificially favorable exchange rate, maintained at value which experts estimate to be 20% below fair value, exports are declining. GDP is also on decline. Malaysia will be forced to rely on the other factors of GDP if its economy is to grow.

    Consumption and growth effect each other in a circular manner. As the economy grows, consumers are left with more disposable income which they typically use to purchase more goods and services. This increases aggregate demand which increases GDP growth, which then increases consumption, until the process diffuses.

    The uncontrolled government increase in expenditure, with a fiscal deficit of (3.1% before adjustment) 4.8% FY2008 and 3.6% FY2009; increase of Development Expenditure for Budget 2009 is set at RM53.7 billion, up 20.2% from 2008, while Operating Expenses detailed at RM154.2 billion. FY 2009 Budget with 207.9 billion is the highest yet. It has been the 12th year straight BN has produced a deficit budget. All these spent without perceived improvement in civil service.

    My livelihood is threatened by the downward spiral of our already lagging economy akin to a cow tied to a pole, going around, tightening the noose each round it turns. Therefore, how can we allow this mass suicide to continue? Especially when we know better.

    We implore the YBs in Parliament to do something to arrest the situation without further delay else the cash cow may die of suffocation.

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