BN MPs: Study trip or hijack?

Update, 8 Sept. 2008: “A total of 49 Barisan Nasional members of parliament are to take part in an eight-day agricultural study tour to Taiwan beginning today.” – reported Malaysiakini.

The Star online reported here today that “Barisan Nasional MPs have been asked to submit their passports for an overseas study trip ahead of Sept 16, the date that is being bandied about for supposed defections to take place.”

The antics of BN have never failed to amuse me. If this is not another of its denials, then what is? What is the administration afraid of? But let’s read the reason for the trip …

“The trip came about after a few of our members got talking. We wanted MPs to update themselves with the latest information about agriculture and high-tech food production so that we can debate better on the Budget when Parliament sits again in October.”

But I don’t remember much emphasis was given to this sector in the 2009 Budget other than subsidies for fertilizers. Does one really need a “study trip” to know what fertilizers to give subsidies to? I would say this is another one of those spins generated by Badawi’s administration and another great attempt at wasting the rakyat’s (tax payers) money!

Furthermore, my source tells me the so-called study trip is apparently to New Zealand. Where there are far more sheep than human beings.

If this trip is not another clever plot to “hijack” BN MPs from crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat before 16 September, then the whole affair must smell very “sheepish” indeed – and it stinks!



  1. Heard the proposed sheepish trip is to “DownUnder” Australia or NZealand is also DownUnder lah. Let BN send their reps there lah, and the next trip (after 9/16) will be to the real
    DOWNUNDER – lock/stock/barrel all can go !! The real DOWNUNDER, you know where? – the place which burns lor!!

  2. YB Wee,

    So said that these BN MPs are all going ‘down under’ it can also mean hell (pun intended) as it can likely be to OZy land.

    In any case, they can take plan what they want and certainly the people at large have already decided what they want in a good govt for the people elected by the people. We cannot allowed the corruptions to linger any longer.

    As the Auditor’s reports on the many wastages have had been highlighted, will there be any further investigation or prosecution ? This plundering has been going on for ages and what is left for the future generations if it is allow to continue uncheck ?

    He who walks with integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will become known. Thus, if ACA is indeed sincere and fearless in their works, more than half of the current ammo leaders would be in trouble as they have had master the art of plundering this nation’s coffer.

  3. no worries about wastage lah? BN MP is financing the trip, though name wasnt mentioned. the taiko of this trip is none other than the guy who gave us the biggest white elephant in Port Klang called Port Klang Free Trade Zone. It cost the rakyat’s money a total of RM4.7 billion, give and take.

  4. YB, when Bodohwi should be saving money he’s spending it like there’s no tomorrow. This trip is a bribe and for the MPs to see if it’s a good place to retire to.

    September 16, though I personally doubt it can happen, must be looming large and real. Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim should move faster to make it happen then.

    BN. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

    Will Allah make it happen to be a on-way trip for these goons?

    Man can plan but Allah will definitely dispose.

  5. Why don’t they just dig a bunker and hide there!Save the rakyat’s hard earned money!Stupid goverment with stupid ideas and stupid excuses!

  6. What lah YB, the whole of Malaysia rakyat should report to ACA about this trip, what do you say?

    Some more ah, how can we go all the way to New Zealand to learn agriculture. What agriculture are they talking about? The weather is different, the agriculture also different what. Why are they so stupid one!

    Go lah to Thailand to learn how to grow more rice lagi better. They think we are stupid or what. BN should just get lost lah with all this stupid action.

    You know or not, this study trip ah is not cheap you know. Who is paying? The Port Klang Free Trade Zone Tiong King Sing who make a big fiasco there is paying out of his own pocket ah?

    I want to know who is really paying for this trip. If the tax payer is paying then more reason for ACA to move in lah. I want to see if they act fast on this one or not.

    The rakyat is hardship, all this BN MP fellows spend our money and go see sheep. What sh*t is this?

  7. Najib tell us to change lifestyle
    AG tell us a lot of tax payer money is wasted
    Badawi & co. say there is no BN MPs crossing over

    and out come this piece of gem

    study what? why all BN MP have to go? if it is really bona fide “lawatan sambil belajar” why not send one or two and let them be trainers to the rest.

    or izzit group them together in a room and play guessing game?

    this is almost laughable but since my money is going to go down the drain again, I am going to cry instead

  8. YBro,

    It’s a silly caper. The fact that the organisers are Bung “Bocor! Mana ada bocor” Mokhtar and Tiong “There are gangsters in Sarawak” tells us how much quality there is in the trip to Oz. It’s supposed to be on agriculture, you know. Does that mean they might try to grow wheat here? Or, rear sheep for wool?

    But, the answer is as you have suggested. It is a herding exercise, but involving a herd of BN MPs. What if there is a stampede?

    It reminds me of the saying about locking the barn doors after the horses have bolted.

  9. YB,

    If an overseas trip can buy the MPs from changing their mind
    and the overall picture of why they are crossing over, then these MPs must be cheap and not worth their salt.

    Badawi and Najib can gives all the reasons for the trip,I think
    we Malaysian are much smarter to see through.The politicians are still naive to think to think that they can take us for a ride
    with their flimsy reasons.

  10. YB this is politic, under whatever excuses for the trips is to prevent the magical 30 BN MP to declare their support to PR coalition. God bless us malaysian, The 30 BN MP will accelerate the shift to a more democratic Malaysia forever . Let cheer them over !

  11. According to the Malaysian Insider

    All 13 Umno divisions in Penang have backed Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail bin Natang’s decision not to apologise for…………………..

    We can not expect any apology from an animal to say sorry !
    So why expect so much ?
    They (Umno-BN the bigots the racist) have no culture, no dignity and no soul indeed.
    We are rightful anak-anak bangsa Malaysia.
    Why bother ?
    Ignore it ! Moreover it not harmful anymore because their days just number away rom “916″.

    Beware !
    It’s a trap to the RAKYAT !

    Since theirs(Umno-BN the bigots the racist)days are number, by right they have to do more right in order for them to win back the confident from anak-anak bangsa Malaysia.
    In contrary they make more racist sentiments.We can see from the recent incidents , it’s obvious that they are creating problems to stop ”916” to succeed.

    Again ! It’s a trap or an ambush which planned by Umno-BN the bigots the racist.
    Please don’t let these devils have a single chance.

    Alarm !!!!!!! Alarm!!!!!!!!!!! Alarm!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be wise and wisdom !

    Be patient !
    Don’t get trapped !
    Their days just number from 916

    Be patient !
    Don’t get trapped !
    Their days just number from 916

    Be patient !
    Don’t get trapped !
    Their days just number from 916.

    All anak-anak bangsa Malaysia , please beware of the remaining devils from “half sinking” ship of Umno-BN ! They are harmful devils.

    They will try whatever evil ways to stir our society into chaotic condition.
    To rock our society is their main aim now.

    Be unite . Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia as one !
    Be unite . We need a better Malaysia !
    Be unite . We need a better tomorrow for Malaysia !

    ” Godspeed PAKATAN RAKYAT ”

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  12. YB ! Our PM is a real puppet,listening and keeping mum at all times.Mahathir was a controller but ‘Bodowi’is controlled.Are these MPs’ not ashamed using the people’s money to enjoy life.Have these guys studied their own ‘bibles’

  13. Dibulan yang mulia ini, saya hendak ingatkan bahawa apa yang dilakukan oleh BN adalah perbuatan yang tidak bermoral. Sepatutnya BN menumpukan perhatian kepada masalah rakyat yang merana akibat dari kenaikan harga barang dan musim perayaan menjelang tiba! Bukan sibuk menjaga kedudukan mereka yang tergugut. MP harus turun dikawasan masing-masing bertanya penduduk dikawasan mereka, apa mereka boleh lakukan, bagaimana untuk menaikan taraf hidup mereka dan macam-macam lagi dari membazir duit rakyat elok guna duit tu tolong rakyat! Kalau nak lagi senang masuk pakatan rakyat. Sama-sama kita bentuk kerajaan baru.

  14. If at all it is true that BN component party members are going to jump to PKR,lets hope that all the corruption stays behind too!!! Otherwise DSAI and PKR..u guys get 1 term only! That is if the population don’t go amok first…so let’s hope DSAI and party make sure they WILL perform not well BUT EXTREMELY well!

  15. What lah YB,

    Why the 41 BN MPs go so far away to study agriculture? Who is paying for all the expenses? Issit sponsored by a big shot or is it pay by the taxpayers’ money?

    Tell them ok don’t go so far away. Go lah to study the MRRS pillars why they are cracking or go to the flooding places why the floods are happening or go to KLCC and see why jam here and everywhere. So many things to study locally but choose to go to Taiwan. What the hell is this?

    I hope they don’t come back lah. A bunch of hopeless people. Pakatan Rakyat should quickly form the government.

    I am so fed up with them you know. Wasting money and enjoying themselves with the people money. Bodoh lah they all.

  16. when there are almighty flood in Penang, Selangor and fwe more places, our tax payer money goes to MP’s frolic because of a threat that our PM and DPM dismiss time and again.

    40 people to study agriculture?

    why suddenly Ministry of Agriculture got severe staff shortage?

    Are our MPs so dumb that it takes 40 brains to study how people plant things?

    How many of them really interested in/qualified in/having a portfolio to handle agriculture matters in Malaysia?

    What is their respective term of reference?

    What is the rate of return and payback period in respect of this wastage of fund?

    What plant/animals are they studying?

    So instead of 1 tourists to space we get 40 to visit
    Pin-Lang-Si-Shi (those bikini clad girls selling beetle nut in downtown Taiwan)

  17. What is the use of MARDI if those stupid asshole went to Taiwan to learn agricultural. Such a waste of public fund with MARDI I guess if our PM and his Kitchen Cabinet have no faith in the Local Agricultural Agency.

    Shame on you PAK LELAH

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