2009 Budget: Delivered in zzzZ and a big yAWn for the rakyat

My quick take on the 2009 Budget is that it is a non-Budget.

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The unkindest cut of all is that it does not benefit the ordinary man in the street but companies big-time.

Also, what is glaringly missing is that there’s absolutely ZERO PROVISION for the reduction in the price of petrol locally in tandem with the day-to-day drop in its price in the international market. It’s pretty obvious that only one who sleeps on his job is completely clueless that the price of petrol is the single most important factor influencing the prices of goods and services today.

This Budget has forgotten about the ordinary rakyat. It has forgotten how the last whopping petrol price increase had further burdened them by runaway prices when salaries have largely stagnated or slipped. Does it bother the Finance Minister that most rakyat have less food on the table for their families today and a growing number are going to bed on empty stomachs?

What is even more difficult to stomach is the ridiculous timing that there can be NO DEBATE on the Budget until about 2 months later, when most of the issues would probably have conveniently been forgotten or swept under the carpet, because Parliament would have been in recess come tomorrow!

This is BN for you. It does not have the rakyat at heart!

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Belanjawan 2009 Budget: Dibentangkan dalam tidur dan membosankan

Rumusan ringkas saya pada Belanjawan 2009 yang sebenarnya bukan suatu belanjawan

Langkah-langkah pengurangan nan dibentang tidak memanfaatkan orang biasa tetapi banyak menguntungkan syarikat-syarikat.

Apa yang jelas ialah langsung tidak ada cadangan pengurangan harga minyak di pasaran tempatan sejajar dengan penurunan harga minyak di pasaran dunia yang kini berlaku setiap hari. Sangatlah jelas beliau yang tidur pada masa jerja tidak faham langsung harga minyak adalah sebab terpenting dalam mempengaruhi harga barangan dan perkhidmatan hari ini.

Belanjawan ini terlupa rakyat. Ia terlupa bahawa kenaikan harga minyak besar lalu telah menyebabkan harga barang melonjat tinggi sementara taraf gaji kebanyakannya kekal ataupun dikurangkan (noa penterjemah: kecuali gaji kaki tangan kerajaan yang mungkin sumber undi yang penting). Adakah Menteri Kewangan bimbang padahal bekalan makanan untuk rumahtangga ramai rakyat biasa telah berkurang dan bilangan yang tidur kelaparan telah bertambah?

Apa yang lagi susah diterima adalah aturan masa di mana TIADA PERBAHASAN mengenai Belanjawan sehingga 2 bulan kemudian di mana kebanyakan isu mungkin telah dilupa atau ditutup kerana Parlimen berhenti bersidang mulai esok!

Inilah wajah BN. Tiada tempay dalam sanubarinya untuk rakyat jelata!

12 thoughts on “2009 Budget: Delivered in zzzZ and a big yAWn for the rakyat

  1. lanwm

    damn i was sleepy listening to a bit of his read-out speech. i bet a school kid can deliver in a better and unmonotonous way

  2. Thunderbird25

    The old pensioners have been left out entirely.
    How can they still survive with the same old pension
    with the price hike?????? (This I mean those who draw a small pension)

  3. yb4all

    Same thing. Same promise. Same public transport thing, but done nothing. Before budget, go public to test market. Showed concern but going to do nothing again. Same thing. Same promise. All over again. Been the same thing from years before.

  4. Anonymous

    I did not bother a single things about budget. What I know as you mentioned ordinary man like me has never benefited from it. It was only responsive to a big time companies and cronies. What do we get . Nothing..tax cut to 1% ..what an arse hole. Every year budget cronies MUST say this is a big time budget untuk rakyat bla bla..But in reality is rakyat slowly become poorer and poorer. So if the budget is good then rakyat mesti tak susah..Ini semakin susah apa ni.. This is what we call budget “BIG SHIT” .. big yawnn.. give rm20 elecricity, give 150 ringgit sana, give 100 sini apa ni..a total SHIT .. What is the fundammental never taking to a big picture. No wonder PM himself never learn about economic. he only learn abt social science only.I think he better go back to kepala batas minum kopi every morning at warong kopi..This guy is a total SHIT..

  5. lee wee tak

    The budget looks to me like a copy and paste from previous year, change 1 % here and 2 % there except ever increasing “operating expenditure” – how much of it is leakage?

    The Auditor General Report about those criminally inflated prices paid for everything is anything to go by.

    I would have allocated a sizeable budget to set up a committee akin to Pemudah, working in tandem with the AG to suggest ways to cut cost and prepare briefs to bring negligent civil servants to task, with ACA and JPA following up for blatant infringement of their duties as trustee of public funds.

    When world economy is changing for the worse, we have a budget that seems copied from last year. Where is the creativity and innovation from the top to lead the way? No mention about making Malaysia a better place for FDI to come in, no mention of petrol price mechanism as mentioned
    by YB Wee.

    The little things given to the rakyat to help with high cost of living is pitifully inadequate. What RM50 increase in rebate? 13% becomes 12% for certain tax bracket? Compared to what DAP came up with Malaysian bonus, it pales in oblivion and has a time lag impact of more than a year and really do not represent a cash flow into rakyat’s coffer but a delayed tax refund/discount more than 1 year later.

    Malaysia has been on deficit budget for more than a decade and all I can think of is the AG’s report on fund wastage. How much did tax payers get back? Lousy public transport, atrocious social welfare and healthcare, Police Force of inconsistent efficiency level, submarines, spaceman, sh#tty township planning

    What I also want to see is the Finance Minister suggesting COST CUTTING measure. Hello, AAB and Najib telling all and sundry to “change lifestyle” so where is the “kepimpinan melalui teladan”

    Time to let the CAT out of the bag and give the country a new leash of life!

  6. Melayu Jati

    Fuyoh! He delivered that budget with his eyes closed?

    No wonder lah we can only dream on for this sleepy pm to know what he is doing.

    YAWWWWN. Excuse me while I sleep. But wake me up when he is gone okay.

  7. Anonymous

    Why there is no Parliament debate on the Budget until 13th October when Parliament. What a bullshit Sleepy Head!

    From my previous experience, Parliamentary debate start on the following Monday. Bloody stupid Sleepy Head. i do not know what the hell he is trying to do by delaying the debate until October 13th.

  8. Johanssm aka KhunPana

    I still can’t see any benefits this budget is to us.
    Everything are the same no changes , it is a useless budget irrespective for long or short term.

    Better to spend those billions buying up the tolled highways . Sells off half of putrajaya to companies and abolish tax / duty / sales tax on vehicle parts.
    Price of things shot up as cost of transportation shot up.
    Shelve the national service too.
    And anyone notices that hundreds of proton wajas police cars abandoned in police station?Total wastage.

    And this government is eating up a big operation budget.
    It is expanding! It is clear signs of mismanagement, bad planning and total corruption.

  9. I like chopin

    Same budget year in year out.So,learn not to expect anything from them because they simply do not have the rakyat’s interest at heart.What they care is their and their cronies ‘s interests.Why would they care whether we can survive or not ?What matters most to them is that they can continue to live in luxuries and holding on to power.This is the BN goverment ruling Malaysia.

  10. I like chopin

    I think the yearly budget was prepared by the PM’s cronies.
    All he does is just read it out without being responsible for anything because he does not even understand anything he had read.What can we expect from a religous scholar whose rightful place should be the mosque and not the PM’s office?

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