Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim won by 15,671 votes majority


UPDATED, 10.00 p.m.: SPR officially announced that DSAI had won by 15,671 votes majority
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim got 31,195 votes
Arif Shah got 15,524 votes

The Permatang Pauh by-election, first and foremost, is about the policies of BN under Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and the integrity of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the changes that he promised to bring about for the nation.

Given the confirmed win, my heartiest tahniah must then go to Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim for his hard-won success in Permatang Pauh.


  1. I have enough of the lies that the government spew out. We need change and I hope we will get some change. There are too many arrogant leaders and we need to get rid of them for the good of the country.

  2. that is the results that all of us are waiting for!!!!!!!

    tahniah dato seri anwar ibrahim.

    we all waiting for you to be our PM on 16sept.

  3. Congratulation to all who contributed to the PR victory in PP ! This is the second slap to bn after the 8thMarch election where the bn was humiliated but still was arrogant and stood its ground refusing to acknowledge that the people wanted change.

    Instead of redefining policies to enrich the people, they continue ‘business as usual’ and even hatched plans to control the bloggers as they blamed bloggers for their losses in the last general election.

    Rest not on your laurel but press on to see a better M’sia in the years ahead as only when we dare to stand our ground on truth and nothing but the truth will the lies get thrown out. There have been too many coincidence that comes from our bn ministers, lately.

    They are like a bunch of sailors in a ship without a captain and sailing in the deep blue sea not knowing what’s going to hit them next. Totally clueless and I won’t be surprise that many of the corrupted leaders are already booking their one-way tickets abroad as they certainly fear that their ill-gotten fortune will checkmate them should they linger around till Sept16, the new Merdeka Day !

  4. That bloody son-in-law and his cronies! So the son-in-law has been buried at last. PKR must now prosecuted those thieves, who have robbed the country wealth.

    We must not let these thieves to run away with the country wealth. Let start a dossiers on these thieves.

  5. tahniah dato’ seri anwar
    bersedia lah dgn bijak membangunkan negara malaysia
    saya dan kebanyakan rakyat memang mahukan DSAI
    jadi ahli parlimen
    I hate a slow PM with backward ideas!

  6. Look at the sad grimly faces of our Najib and Arif when he annnouce last night in Bernama TV…. Hahahaa .
    Nobody ever trust the government anymore esp. in all the newspaper coverage for the past 10 days.
    Congratulation to all the peoples in PP for making it a successful results. we win again!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i read from the internet that Dato Nalla is being hauled up by ACA and the DNA act is being hurried through.

    this not the beginning of the end but perhaps the end of the beginning

  8. Dear YB,
    TAR College is 50% funded by goverment. The facilities and standard at TARC is eligible for University Status. But goverment still not willing to upgrade it. Setting up UTAR is just diverting the initial demand because UTAR is a private higher learning institution. Our children should deserve better from Goverment fund like Uitm case. Please check the reason behind it. Since its within your Wangsa Maju constituency, please help. Please do something that they cant it. Show them we can.


  9. anon 19,

    your attempt to insult is a poor one literally

    you got to do better than that

    it is highly possible that you are a sore loser but hey, when opposition lost, they never show such lack of grace

  10. YB gobalakrishanan and his two sons in polis lokap, penang. Caught cause of tahan phantom voters bus
    will PR / Dato Anwar help them to be released?

  11. from what I read in the MSM, YB Gobalakrishnan & sons were beaten up and throw into prison because they were urging the police to confiscate buses suspected of ferrying in phantom voters

    even if harsh words were used, YB and sons should not be treated this way and if PDRM did what was reasonable under the circumstances, the confrontation, I believe, would not be escalated

  12. what happen to YB gobalakrishnan and two sons

    did dato anwar ignore them?

    after winning he forget the peoiple who contributed to his victory

    it’s already 2 days and i don’t see news he & 2 sons released ?

  13. Well done and thank you Wee for canvassing in PP.

    Now get Gobalakrishnan out! Call Guan Eng and Jeff Ooi to help out.

  14. Apalah penting sangat pasal jadual YB? apa-apa masalah pergi saja pusat khidmat YB, dan kemukakan apa saja aduan dan masalah berbangkit kepada YB. Susah sangat ke atau tidak tahu pusat khidmatnya?

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