Continuously defiant and arrogant Platinum Victory behaves like "the company fears no one, answers to no one!"

Despite a Final Warning from Jabatan Bangunan of DBKL, Platinum Victory got off with another mere “slap of the wrist” (in other words, another Final Warning) for construction work after 6 p.m. and on Sundays, too!

Here’s a brief report of a meeting held on 22 August 2008 to discuss the Noise Pollution at Platinum Hill Condominium

Many complaints were made by the residents in Platinum Hill Condo, Taman Melati Utama in Wangsa Maju, and I regarding Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd defiantly and continuously carrying out construction work way passed 6 p.m., when the only permitted time by DBKL is up to 6 p.m. And as a result of the complaint I received from one Mr Chong, a representative of the residents of the affected area, I wrote at least 3 letters to Jabatan Bangunan and there was no reply. I also made many calls to Unit Komunikasi Korporat of DBKL to highlight the noise pollution due to the “Developer Friendly Attitude” of Jabatan Bangunan.

It was an unprecedented move that on 22 August 2008 the Unit Komunikasi Korporat had to fix a meeting between the complainant, architect of Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, contractor, En Alias Bin Marjoh, the Building Surveyor of Jabatan Bangunan, officer of Jabatan Kesihatan, officer from Unitk Komunikasi Korporat. The said meeting was chaired by En Anwar bin Mohd Zain, Head of Public Affairs & International unit.

At the meeting, Jabatan Bangunan produced a warning letter dated 15 August 2008 to Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd’s architect, CL Architect. The important points extracted are as follows:

“Pegawai daripada jabatan ini telah menjalankan pemantauan di tapak projek pembangunan seperti di atas pada 05 Ogos 2008 pada jam 10:15 malam dan didapati bahawa kerja-kerja pembinaan masih dilakukan melebehi waktu kerja yang dibenarkan.

Ini merupakan pelanggaran syarat yang dikenakan di dalam Kebenaran Mendirikan Bangunan, BPU22060070 bertarikh 13 Mac 2007 yang menetapkan waktu untuk menjalankan kerja-kerja pembinaan adalah dari jam 8:00 pagi hingga jam 6:00 petang pada hari Isnin hingga Sabtu dan tiada kerja-kerja pembinaan debenarkan pada hari Ahad dan hari Cuti Am.

Kebenaran Mendirikan Bangunan tersebut boleh ditarik balik dan tindakan memberhentikan serta merta semua kerja-kerja pembinaan di tapak projek berkenaan akan dilakukan. Tidakan mahkamah seterusnya akan diambil kerana mendirikan bangunan tanpa kebenaran bertulis daripada Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur.”

The complainant presented evidence of Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd working way passed 6 p.m. daily and working on Sundays, too. Despite the above warning of 15 August 2008, Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd still carried out construction works on 16 August 2008 until 9:30 p.m., 17 August 2008 (Sunday) until 6 p.m. and 18 August 2008 until 9:50 p.m.

Fortunately for Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, DBKL being a “Developer Friendly” organization did not enforce its warning letter of 15 August 2008 even when it was presented with the glaring evidence.

Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd’s reply was strictly based on commercial consideration (i.e. need to work after permitted hours and on Sunday in order to complete within the time period otherwise it will be sued by the purchasers for late delivery) with total disregard of the welfare of the residents and public interest.

DBKL being a “Developer Friendly” organization must change its attitude and focus itself as “KL Residents Friendly.” After all it is the people who need DBKL more than the developer. Further, the KL Residents pay more Assessment Rate then the developers and DBKL must protect the public interests at all time.

The meeting ended with another warning to Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd to work only from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and the developer cannot work during Sundays and Public Holidays.

In view of the attitude of Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, I call upon all potential purchasers to avoid buying properties from irresponsible developers, who ignore the welfare of the people strictly for its commercial interests.



  1. From the records, it would have appeared that Platinum Victory is a “taiko” company, the officers in Jabatna Bangunan dan Jabatan Peracang of DBKL fear most. Of course, you know why the officers fear Platinum Victory. Tahu sama tahu!!!

  2. I dun blame PV, but blame the “authority” that allows this to happen.
    If the enpowered are not able to do the governing, why in the first place we need a DBKL??

  3. Mr Wee,

    Looks like you cannot depend on the “Developer Friendly” Jabatan Pembangunan anymore to solve this problem since these buggers and the developers are on the same side.

    What other channels can you go through?

    same goes to the problem at Metroview shoplots. DBKL is not doing anything about those irresponsible restaurants – Renee Restaurant & Plus PLus restaurant.

    And now with the EPL football season started, the noise coming from the big screen (Live football) of these restaurants are terrible on weekend nights, it goes on even to 12 midnight!!!

    Mr Wee, since your office is just above this Renee restaurant, we would appreciate it if you could at least go down to the restaurant and let the Renee Restaurant owner knows that he/she should turn down the volume…especially when it is already 12 midnight. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  4. Other than this, the pv 10 condo becomes the “cosmopoint asrama.” There are 70 units of condo rented out to them and create a lot of problems.

    But, the taiko mgmt cant do anything.

    Just feel doubt, the units are rented by the owner itself OR
    by the PV 10 mgmt itself ?

  5. Mr wee,

    may be its best to le the readers know who are the people behind this company without which, future buyers would not be in a position to boycott such developers. it is a known fact that often single-purpose companies are being used to develop a specific project and then made dormant after completion. the alter ego, which is the board of directors and shareholders, is the unseen hand that gives life and death to such single-purpose vehicles.

  6. dann

    Your comments have been taken note of. Since some two weeks ago I had brought to the attention of the coffee shop concerned to turn down the volume when it is near midnight in order to avoid disturbance. The restaurant owner has agreed to comply.


    It does not matter who is the real owner of Platinum Victory. What is important is if any developer has no regards for the environment and people then prospective purchaser should reject such developer as it is going against hte people.

    Thank you for all of your comments. Lets hope that senses and community interest shall prevail over commercial interest of the developer.

  7. I fully agreed that DBKL is “developer friendly”. This is for a good reason and you all should know WHY?

    DBKL is just very afraid of Platinum Victory or any developer for that matter. In this case, DBKL already knew about Platinum Victory working outside permitted hours and on Sunday. n Instead of taking actions to penalise Platinum Victory, DBKL called for a meeting in the hope that Platinum Victory will be spared.

    You must understand why DBKL is scared of Platinum Victory and other developers. YB Wee, you must hantum Jabatan Peracang and Jabatan Bangunan in Parliament otherwise there will be no improvement and the people had to live with all the pollutions.

    Just got to expose all the Pengarah and Jabatan Perancang and Jabatan Bangunan. These are the two culprits for all the problems concerning developers in KL. These two culprits must not be spared.

  8. Dear Mr Wee ,

    Thank you for your help (comment #6).
    Really appreciate it.

    ** thumbsup **

    I guess now most of us are waiting anxiously for the P.Pauh results.

    anyway, you are in the spotlight again in TheStar Metro….and it is stated in the Metro that there have been complaints since 13 March 2007!!! What was YTL doing at that time??!!

    With this, i believe the ppl in Platinum Hill Condo knows that they voted the right person on the 8th March 2008.

    Well done Mr Wee.


    Tuesday August 26, 2008
    Sleep at last

    RESIDENTS at Platinum Hill Condominium in Taman Melati will now be able to sleep soundly as the developer of a nearby project has agreed to work within permitted hours.

    The good news came after a meeting between Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong and the developer recently.

    It was chaired by DBKL public and international relations officer Anwar Mohd Zain.

    Wee had been highlighting the issue in his blog on how the workers at the site were seen working as late as 2.30am.

    According to Wee, despite official complaints made to the DBKL’s buildings department, the developer continued with the work.

    “Now, they are only allowed to work from 8am until 6pm (Monday to Saturday) and no work is allowed on Sundays or during public holidays.

    “A warning was issued on Aug 15 for violating the terms.

    “The project started on March 13, 2007 and there have been complaints since then.

    “The developer said they had to comply with the developmental plan but whatever the issue, there shouldn’t be any compromise on social consideration.”

    He said if the developer failed to comply with the terms, action would be taken accordingly where the developer could be fined up to RM50,000 if found guilty.”

  9. I am a resident near Platinum Hill Condo. For your information developer still carrying out construction works until 7:30 pm yesterday (25-08-08).

    But Jabatan bangunan did not take any action against Platinum Victory. YB Wee, DBKL will not take action against the developer. So don’t waste time bring up in Parliament and expose the non-sense of DBKL.

    Jabatan Bangunan and Jabatan Perancang are cans of worms. They only take care of the interest of the developer and not the public.


  10. Memang Jabatan Bangunan dan Perancaqng adalah jabatan yang amat korup sekali dalam DBKL. Pegawai pentingnya sentiasa menjaga kepentingan pemaju sahaja.

    DBKL boleh tutup kedailah. Terus jaga kepentingan Platinum Victory!

  11. Damn. This clearly prove to us that those buggers in the Jabatan Bangunan dan Perancang are corrupted to the brim.

    and it really makes us wonder why ACA is not doing anything to these buggers? I wonder….

  12. Jabatan Bangunan is just as bad as Jabatan perancang. We hope that when Datuk Seri Anwar becomes PM, he should take immediate actions against the officers in the Jabatan Bangunan for too “Developer Friendly”.

    Bloody nonsense! The officers only take care of the developers and not the people. The officers will lean over backward to help the developer in total disregards of the KL Residents.

    I hope DSAI will be in as a PM soon and we hope that DSAI will take actions against these corrupted officers.

  13. I don’t get it. why must we have a FT Minister and then a DBKL with a mayor?

    As a tax and rate payer, I do not understand the need to pay for so much non-performing personnel as illustrated in this episode

    the money is better spent to keep KL clean

    KL is becoming a dirty sh@thouse as I can see people throwing rubbish, spitting, vandalising everywhere

    and why suddenly the parking meter is sprouting up everywhere after GE12?

  14. DBKL sekarang ini berada dalam alam politik, mereka bukan lagi badan yang menjaga kehendak Wilayah persekutuan dan penduduknya, mereka telah menjadi alat propaganda BN yang mahu memastikan penduduk KL menyalahkan YB PR atas tekanan yang dilakukan oleh YB PR di KL ini! Tapi rakyat malaysia sudah muak dengan propaganda murahan ini. Harap DBKL dapat menjalankan amanah kerja mereka dengan penuh tanggungjawab. Jangan rasuah dan main politik cukup-cukuplah tu zaman dah berubah dan kerajaan pun pasti kelak berubah!

  15. Once PR Government comes in after September 16, we must clean up DBKL and Jabata Bangunan and Jabatan Perancang.

    These two department must be combed through with a fine tooth comb otherwise the kutu may slip through.

    Merdeka kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. We need you to clean up the government especially DBKL with the stupid and useless Datuk Bandar!

  16. DBKL sudah banrupt! ia tidak ada keupayaan untuk menjaga kepentingan ornag awam.

    DBKL adalah korup khasnya Jabatan Bangunan dan Jabatan Perancang.

    Saya harap BPR boleh menyiasat dan mengarahkan pengarah-pengarah untuk dua jabatan ini untuk mengistiharkan harta benda merreka.

  17. anonymous, Kg Pasir land is already belong to private long before the existance of PV. furthermore, those lands are not belong to PV even until today. Go and do some land search before you want to act like you know a lot of things behind. We should stood up our right to speak when it is right. not to simply for the sake of complaint say something that you dont actually know what you are talking about.
    For example PV work overtime, we should speak up we should make complaint so that they will stop. That is the right thing to do. But for you, i leave it to you to judge whether you are right or wrong.

  18. I am happy to report that since Saturday afternoon, the construction work stopped until today so PV seems to be complying the DBKL instruction. Anybody to confirm my observation?

    Well done, YB

  19. Best you could make changes to the post title Continuously defiant and arrogant Platinum Victory behaves like “the company fears no one, answers to no one!” Wee Choo Keong to more suited for your content you make. I loved the post nevertheless.

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