Situation at Permatang Pauh nomination center most unbelievable!

UPDATE, 17 August 2008: More pictures added! / Sudah tambah banyak gambar lagi!

You have to be here to believe what you see and to feel the pulse of the fervour of the supporters of Pakatan Rakyat.

The crowd was already making its way to the nomination center at Kubang Semang as early as 6.35am when my supporters and I arrived. Cars were already parked on both sides of the road leading to the nomination center.

By about 9.00am the whole place was already chocker-blocked with Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

Cars were parked everywhere and at every available nook and corner. Even the North South highway was triple or quadruple parked on both sides for kilometers leaving a small lane for vehicles to squeeze through!

We have often heard of traffic jams but can you imagine a human jam? It’s all happening at the nomination center at Kubang Semang this morning. I have never seen such a phenomenon in any election nomination day, let alone a by-election one. This has to be the mother of all nominations.

And if this is any indication to go by, the game is over for the Prime Minister who allowed the trumped up sodomy charge to be preferred against Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Keadaan di pusat penamaan calon di Permatang Pauh susah dipercayai!

Anda hanya boleh mengecapi betapa hangatnya sokongan terhadap Pakatan Rakyat jika anda berada di sini.

Orang ramai telah datang berduyun-duyun ke pusat penamaan calon di Kubang Semang seawal 6:35 pagi apabila saya dan penyokong saya tiba di sana. Banyak kereta telah diletak di tepi dua belah jalan menuju ke arah pusat penamaan.

Lebih kurang 9.00 pagi, tempat tersebut telah sarat dengan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat. Kereta diletak di merata tempat dan sudut dan celah.

Malah Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan pun dijadikan tempat letak kereta sedalam tiga atau empat deret di dua belah jalan untuk beberapa km dan hanya tinggal satu lorong kecil untuk lalu-lintas!

Kita selalu dengar adalah kesesakan kereta di jalan raya tetapi bolehkah anda bayangkan adanya kesesakan akibat orang ramai? Ini berlaku di pusat penamaan calon di Kubang Semang page tadi. Saya belum pernah nampak keadaan macam ini di mana-mana hari penamaan untuk pilihanraya umum, lebih-lebih lagi pilihanraya kecil sahaja. Ini adalah “ibu” untuk semua penamaan.

Jika keadaan ini dijadikan garis ukur, maka tamatlah permainan Perdana Menteri yang membenarkan tuduhan meliwat yang dicipta untuk Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Above: Here’s where the BN supporters gather. / Atas: Disinilah mana penyokong BN berkumpul.

YB Gopalan Krishnan, MP for Padang Serai, and his wife.

YB Tan Tee Beng, MP for Nibong Tebal.


  1. BN habis!!

    I am glad you went Wee. Thank you.

    A journalist in Penang, Anil Netto, estimates the crowd at between 60,000 to 100,000. Another estimated it as 250,000 and his rationale was the town was packed with people for a radius of 3.5 km in all directions.

    So I believe your assertion, that one must be there to believe it!

    Pack your bags. You’re going to Putrajaya too, Wee!

  2. Yeah, but were the supporters mainly from the constituency or those who came from far and wide just to show support? The crucial figure is that of the voting supporters.

  3. Salam Reformasi,

    Saya baru kembali dari Permatang Pauh dan berada di sana semasa percalonan diadakan. Lautan manusia dapat dilihat. Wahai pengundi Permatang Pauh, pastikan undi anda di pihak yang benar (PKR)….

  4. Very soon our chinese speaking calon lost his deposit and will be gone with the wind.
    In the interview at TV3 he request the voters to give him a chance in PP. hahaha!!! What is he talking about.. he sure to lose. On the way to Putrajaya already,get ready YB WEE

  5. mmg hebat penyokong anwar.. lebuhraya pun jem.. ramai yg tak sempat sampai sbb parking tlalu jauh macam aku.. ralat : buka lebuhraya utara selatan.. tapi lebuhraya butterworth kulim.. mmg pelik, slslu jalanraya yg jem.. tapi aku jem kat lebuhraya!!

  6. well Eric,

    the question is not whether a Malay who can speak Chinese will mean good news for Chinese. can be useful PR but PR is merely surface and form, not substance

    Anyway, Ariff, whatever language he can speak and whatever his stand is, will not influence the basic policies and outlook of UMNO and BN

  7. Thanks for the update YB. Looking at the crowds, one can mentally conclude what the actual by-elections would be. I’m tired of what’s happening to this country- we need to move forward with change. Looking forward to August 26th.

  8. The bloody government were down playing the number of PKR/PR supporter for the nomination. Quite honestly we should stop buying the Star, NST and other main stream papers because they are all telling lies to Malaysians.

    Newspapers should be telling the truth but our papers will go all out to lie with regards the number of PKR/PR supporters.

    Trust me there are more than 100,000 PKR/PR supportere in Pematang Pauh.

    The BN fella will lose his deposit if BN didn’t play dirty. Since when UMNO is not playing dirty politics.

  9. YB, I just want to report to you what I see when I was at Permatang Pauh on Friday night okay.

    I was going to attend a Keadilan ceramah at Kampong Teluk at Seberang Jaya Jalan Baru and on my way I saw there was a ceramah by BN and it is so sad. There was plenty of makan provided but not many people there lah.

    The speaker was speaking and I can only see about 20 people there only. I can tell BN is finished already. No need to hold any ceramah any more. Nobody want to listen to them now.

    But at the Keadilan ceramah in a kampong, wah lau eh, 20,000 to 30,000 people attended. Many cannot make it because no more parking space. And this is a “warm up” only YB.

    Wah, the next morning on nomination day my eyeballs nearly fell out. Never in my life I see anything like this before. There are so many Keadilan supporters. Easily got more than 100,000 people I say.

    For sure Datuk Seri Anwar will win the Permatang Pauh by-election. I estimate he will get 16,500 majority vote.

    I am waiting for the day Datuk Seri Anwar will go into parliment on 27 August. Badawi will present the budget and he has to face Datuk Seri Anwar.

    Congratulations to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

  10. to all permatang pauh residents, please come back home to cast your vote for DSAI. if DSAI manage to become our 6th PM, we all rakyat of Malaysia owing you. you all are our hope. for freedom, for justice, for a better Malaysia

  11. Disini ada dua semangat penyokong, yang bayar (BN) dan mahu kan perubahan (PKR/PR) selamat mengundi kepada penduduk permatang pauh, undilah untuk perubahan!

  12. wow…what a crowd…

    hopefully, the same turn out will be shown during the polling day…

    i also hope that most of the crowd are permatang pauh voters….

  13. YB, I just got call from my very reliable brother in Permatang Pauh. I want to update the news here lah.

    Last night our DPM Najib was chased out by the kampong people in Kampong Menantis at Seberang Jaya. So shameful okay. The people shouted “Altantuya!, Altantuya!, Altantuya!” and asked him to get out from the kampong.

    Where to hide his face now I say? No chance also to give speech. The kampong people also don’t want to hear from him lah. BN is finished already. Permatang Pauh will put the last nail in the coffin.

    Hidup Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

  14. Let’s hope the turnout for the election day is as fantastic as this. DSAI has to watch out for Agent provocateur amongst yourselves. The BN is a desperate lot..they will do anything to smear the name of DSAI and PKR.
    Hidup DSAI- a name synonymous with truth, justice and freedom!!!

  15. The more I see what BN do for this by-election the more disappointed I get lah.

    BN should stop all their nonsense. All the con-incidence happenings are not funny okay. I just want to remind BN the people are not stupid any more. The more stupid things you do the more the people will get angry with BN.

    Don’t lah co-incidence the Saiful swearing on the Koran. The arrest of PKR exco in Perak because of corruption. How can corruption when the project is not approve one. Where got people give you money for not yet approve project? This is a set up case everybody know. BN is very desperate now. Now also the son in law talk nonsense. You want to bury Datuk Seri Anwar ah? Sure or not you can bury Datuk Seri Anwar or Datuk Seri Anwar bury you. Pak Lah should tell his stupid son in law to shadup if not more damage come to BN.

    The DNA also very clear stupid move by BN. The people in Permatang Pauh get even more angrier the more all this BN do. BN never learn.

    My advice to PKR is do all your meeting in your office not outside okay when BN can plant people to do sabotage.

    I still think Datuk Seri can get 16,500 majority if not more now. The people of Permatang Pauh not so stupid like BN think. These people have already wake up and they will vote for Datuk Seri Anwar.

    Congratulations to Datuk Seri Anwar and thank you to the voters of Permatang Pauh in advance.

  16. I was there and gosh the feeling is unbelievable. Hardly can find any BeeEnd supporters. In the first place, why should they be there ????

    All those who votes in PP and working out of state, please head for home to cast your precious vote. These votes will be the rail for DSAI to Putrajaya.

    Seeing is believing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. After so many years after the kommuter and LRT is launched and after 5 years as PM, Pak Lah finally wake up already. He has now take a ride on the kommuter and LRT to find out how the rakyat has been suffering all these years. What lah this PM. He has been sleeping all these years! No wonder the country is going no where! I only hope after he wake up he will find out more things the rakyat has been suffering. Can he or not?

    Also, another news. Najib 18 year old son now going to the US to study. Why? No confidence with the Malaysian education system ah? The daughter also studying at the same school in US.

    Why he not show example and let his children study in Malaysian schools? Where also find the money to send his children like that?

    Sure lah he and the education minister already screw up the education system that’s why cannot send his children to Malaysian school to study.

    Malaysian school not good enough for his children but good enough for other Malaysians rakyat. This is not fair man like that I also want to be unmo corny and send my children to US to study.

    What is happening to BN leaders ah? What is happening to the country going down and down and soon to disappear from the earth.

    Hopeless people lah this BN and unmo thiefs. Permatang Pauh must kick them out once and for all.

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