Your MP's Question of the Week #21

At every opportunity, YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, the Prime Minister, will confidently claim that he, his administration and his policies and decisions are still very popular with the people since the 8 March general elections. He also claimed that he has won the 12th General Elections! He must now walk his talk.

He should put his money where his mouth is. The opportunity to prove his popularity is here for him to seize and to prove himself once and for all.

If Abdullah Badawi strongly believes every word he says then it should not be a problem for him to prevent Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim from being elected as the new MP in the Pematang Pauh constituency.

He should personally take charge of the BN by-election campaign and go down to the ground to lead the BN party to a convincing victory. He should now talk less and do more.

The question for this week is:

Should Abdullah Badawi, as leader of BN and the head of BN Penang, take it upon himself, who has been claiming that he is still very popular and that the people are happy with his administration, policies and decisions, to personally take charge of and lead the BN to wrest the seat of the Permatang Pauh constituency from Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of Pakatan Rakyat, in the coming by-election on August 26?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #21

Perdana Menteri YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi tidak henti menyatakan dengan penuh keyakinan, bahawa segala pentadbiran, polisi dan keputusan beliau masih sangat disambut baik oleh rakyat jelata selepas pilihanraya 8 March. Beliau juga menyatakan bahawa dia telah memenangi pilihanraya ke-12! Beliau mesti mengotakan kata-katanya.

Beliau patut membuktikan kata-katanya. Kini tibanya peluang membolehkan beliau membuktikan betapa beliau dialu-alukan.

Jika Abdullah Badawi percaya setiap perkataan yang dia ungkapkan maka bukanlah masalah baginya menyekat Dato’ Seri Abdullah Badawi daripada dipilih sebagai wakil rakyat baru kawasan Permatang Pauh.

Beliau patut turn padang dan mengetuai BN ke arah kemenangan besar. Beliau patut kurang bercakap dan banyakkan tindakan.

Oleh itu soalan minggu ini adalah:

Patutkah Abdullah Badawi, sebagai ketua BN serta BN Penang yang menyatakan rakyat jelata amat puas dengan pentadbiran, polisi dan segala keputusannya, memikul tanggungjawab mengetuai BN merampas kerusi Permatang Pauh daripada Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat dalam pilihanraya pada 26 Ogos?


  1. Won’t make any difference. DSAI will win Permatang Pauh handsomely. There is really no challenge here. Pak Lah leading (or lack of leading) the BN campaign will probably lead to an even bigger win for DSAI.

    However, PR should not take things for granted. Loosing P.Pauh may mark the end of PR!

  2. Badawi should send his SIL to lead BN and I am sure it will be a landslide victory. Or Badawi should get the 4th floor boys to head the campaign.

    Enough is enough. He must go before he screw up the country more.

  3. BN win or lose the GE is immaterial, I think a lot of resource is committed to the Sodomy II endeavour. The by-election is not the main battleground.

    If only such commitment is shown in combating daily crime, yours truly would not have lost his wallet, watch and pride.

  4. Badawi will not dare to go to head the campaign in P. Pauh. During the 12th GE Badawi lost Penang, his own home state and the state that he heads.

    If he can even hold his home state, how can he hold Malaysia. Sudahlah! Better go to sleep and don’t wake up again! How could UMNO wants to maintain such a Sleepy Head, who has screwed up the country big time. The country economy comes to a stand still. What a disaster!

  5. To ensure a victory in Pematang Pauh, Badawi should get Tony Fernades to help in the BN ceramah so that “Every BN Leader Will Fly High!”.

    Badawi should get other cronies to help in the campaign for a BN victory in Pematang Pauh! I can’t wait to know the result of Pematnag Pauh on 26th August and hope that BN candidate will lose his deposit.

    BN has the monies but we have the people hearts!

  6. AB is actually helping Anwar Ibrahim to win election and to become PM subsequently.

    I remember seeing a wrestling talk show many years ago. It was WWF then. The talk was known as “Piper’s pit”. Roddy Piper was the bad guy and Hulk Hogan was the good guy. There it was one particular quote by Piper which I liked so much. He said something to this effect:-

    Looking at Hogan, Piper asked: – Hogan, do you know why you are so famous? You know why people love you? You know why people go crazy for you and so on..

    And Hulk Hogan replied: – Because I beat the hell out you, Rowdy Piper.

    Rowdy Roddy Piper said:- No, it is me who made you as hero, it is me who made you famous and it’s me who made people love you and he continued…

    Because I became very bad, very nasty and very brutal, I made people to hate me so much, so they like you, they want you to beat the hell out of me because I made them to do so and so on….

    Now let us put AB and AI in their role. Can you see the picture? Abdullah is doing the right thing (victimizing Anwar) for us to hate BN and UMNO to hell so that we give Anwar our undivided support for him to form PKR government.

    After all he knows to well Anwar is intelligent and would be able to make it this time.

  7. Our sleepy head knows they will be losing the PP election.
    So he send Najib there.. hahaha!!!
    Look at Najib sour face in the TV3 when he announced him to take care of the election campaign in PP.. hahaha.
    Maybe they will even lose the deposit too.
    BN said they will not go all out that means spending monies.
    Rakyats are all smart now.

  8. I do agree with Suresh whole heartedly. It is a bloody game play by the Sleepy Head. On one hand he tried to appear to be good to DSAI and at the same time he fixed DSAI up. This is the game of 4th floor.

    We must go all out to get rid of the Sleepy Hedad,who is screwing up the economy for the sake of his , son and cronies.

  9. Suresh has an interesting point of view but I do not think any politician would want to help a rival to take over his position.

  10. Suresh was absolutely spot on. Lee Wee Tak would have been right if Badawi is a strong leader like Tun Mahathir. Unfortunately, Badawi is a lame duck leader and he knew his days are numbered and he had to protect his SIL, son and cronies like Kalimulah and gang. He had hope that DSAI will protect his SIL, son and cronies. But I do not think DSAI will protect them.

    Badawi days are numbered and lets hope that Pematang Pauh will bring his end faster in order to save the country from disaster. The nation cannot wait for two years for him to go. Even 2 days will be too long. Badawi was just a figurehead. The country has been ran by the SIL and 4th floor.

    We must get rid of him before it is too late. Lets hope that DSAI will finish him off in Pemantang Pauh.

  11. Suresh may have got the point there. Bodohwi is a desperate politician. desperate person can do desperate things. So we must be careful all the time. He is a dangerous man. Th country cannot afford to have him as PM for another 2 years!

    After 2 years Malaysia is finished.

  12. Anom 214 – your points look valid if Abdullah do not confront and attack Anwar directly and at surface, it seems so because if Abdullah really wants DSAI to protect Khairy & co then he must not afford to burn his bridges with DSAI.

    I have no idea the state of relationship between Najib & KJ. Your point of view would be valid if KJ do not think it is beneficial/comfortable for him to be under Najib but is that enough reason to hope for better days under DSAI? Then crazily, is KJ going to cross over?

    These are internal politics of UMNO. Guessing is fun for people in the mamak stall and development, twist and turn is inevitable but the welfare of the people should be head and shoulders above party politics.

  13. Badawi tak perlu dan tidak layak menerajui jentera kempen. Badawi pun tak layak menjadi PM di saat kubunya di Penang jatuh ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Apa barang… Kaki Tido jadi PM. Bagi Anwar lagi bagus.

  14. To all supporters/fans of DSAI how sure are you people that he will make life better in Malaysia…?? Are you all very confident that he will deliver all his promises…! Well let’s see if and when he ever becomes the PM, and who will be the one that destroy Malaysia.

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