Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd continues to violate Development Order and still making ruckuses late into the nights and morning!

This is an update to the complaint against Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, the developer of Platinum Hill Condominium, that I first highlighted here.

Despite the follow-up complaint to DBKL from one of the residents of Platinum Hill Condo dated 5 August 2008, and my official complaint to Jabatan Bangunan DBKL on 6 August, Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd still carries on to defy the warning by DBKL for carrying out construction works until late at night.

Until now I have yet to receive any reply from Jabatan Bangunan.

I have just received another construction work schedule of Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd working late into the night from the same resident living in Platinum Hill Condo. Here are the details:

05/8/08 : 07.00 am – 2.30 am (06/8/08)
06/8/08 : 07.00 am – 8.15 pm
07/8/08 : 07.00 am – 8.15 pm

I have sent another letter of complaint today and copies have been sent to the Director General of Anti-Corruption Agency, Putrajaya, Pengarah, Anti-Corruption Agency in Wilayah Persekutuan, Datuk Bandar.

I am demanding for an official reply within 3 days (delivery time) as promised by Datuk Bandar and Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd terus melanggar perintah pembangunan (Development Order) dan masih membuat gangguan sampai larut malam dan pagi!

Ini adalah maklumat muktahir aduan mengenai Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, pemaju Platinum Hill Condominium,yang saya telah ungkitkan dulu.

Walaupun adanya aduan susulan saya kepada DBKL di mana selepas suatu aduan daripada salah seorang penghuni Platinum Hill Condo pada 5 Ogos 2008, saya menyusuli aduan tersebut dengan aduan rasmi saya kepada Bangunan DBKL pada 6 Ogos, Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd masih tidak mengendahkan amaran DBKL yang melarang kerja pembinaan sampai larut malam.

Sampai kini saya belum terima sebarang jawapan daripada Jabatan Bangunan.

Saya baru menerima satu lagi jadual kerja Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd yang berlangsung sampai larut malam daripada penghuni yang sama yang tinggal di Platinum Hill Condo. Butir-butir seperti berikuts:

05/8/08 : 07.00 am – 2.30 am (06/8/08)
06/8/08 : 07.00 am – 8.15 pm
07/8/08 : 07.00 am – 8.15 pm

Saya telah menghantar satu lagi surat aduan hari ini dan salinan-salinan juga dihantar kepada Ketua Pengarah Agensi Pencegah Rasuah Putrajaya, Pengarah Agensi Pencegah Rasuah Wilayah Persekutuan, Datuk Bandar.

Saya menegaskan supaya suatu jawapan rasmi dalam waktu 3 hari (mulai tarikh penghantaran) seperti yang dijanjikan oleh Datuk Bandar dan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan


  1. students need enought rest you know? don’t creating public nuisance as developer you knew that is criminal. KTAR @ UTAR students will hate you of negligence duty of care ours basic need.

  2. DBKL should issue a stop-work order immediately. There should be heavy penalty for violation of the law. Take a heed from S’pore in how they deal with violators. Sometimes, we just have to resort to such ways to force compliance. Of course, the system must not be corrupt, but that is another story.

  3. DBKL is so corrupted! What do you all expect DBKL officer to do? They have been taken care of and obviously the will not lift a finger to do anything. After all you all are nothing to the officer!

    YB Wee should expose the corruption in DBKL especially the Jabatan Perancang for simply giving approval and Jabatan Bangunan for not enforcing the rules and regulations.

  4. This is the attitude of BN. The “so what attitude”. To stop such behaviour of DBKL officers, we will have to get ride of all the BN MPs in KL.

    How can they not take actions when a developer worked until 2:30 am!

    Datuk Bandar and Zulhasnan what are you all doing? Sleeping like your Prime Minister? BN people are all the same. Let make sure we whack the shit out of BN for the Pematang Pauh.

  5. DBKL has demonstrated firmness, quick and decisive action in dealing with hawkers in Desa Setapak, Taman Bunga Raya, Jalan Genting Kelang (the lamented Restoran Bobo) and erecting parking metres.

    However the same level of dedication and application is not forthcoming with PV.

    As a German might say,”Pretty Veird!”

  6. Constructional ruckus can be really irritating. cant we all be like Singapore and have more enforcement? This is what is lacking everywhere in wangsa maju. You see new roads being laid out and before a month, some smart aleck digs it up and does a poor job patching it back. It’s everywhere in Wangsa Maju, just go to Sri Rampai and along Jalan Usahawan.

  7. It was all due to too much corruption in building related department in DBKL.

    I am just curious how come Platinum Victory manage to own so many pieces of huge prime land in Wangsa Maju and those land was previously beloong to the Federal government or DBKL.

    I hope that our MP will start to dig into the history of those land.

  8. this morning around 9am, I was looking at the construction of PV8 and the shoplot next to PV’s show house. Sounds like artillery I tell you.

    further to Alice Lee’s point (not related to yours truly). KL is becoming one of the most disgusting place on earth.

    There are rubbish and spits everywhere. I was at Wangsa walk yesterday and this waiter from a half swanky looking restaurant was resting on the stair case next to it and just spit on the pavement.

    Another disgusting thing is shoe marks on the wall. Walk to many condos and you’ll see what I mean.

    Everywhere we see advertisement being pasted on walls, lamp post. I also see used tissue, packets of half drunk beverages hanging around all over in Wangsa Maju, Pasar Seni, Jalan Genting Kelang, Sri Hartamas, everywhere!

    Since when Malaysia is a giant shit hole and rubbish bin. Forget about flying the flag! Not dirtying the place is a sign of patriotism.

    I was at Patong, Phuket. It is so clean over there. You can’t find a spec of rubbish anywhere.

    DBKL will make a lot of money if they just patrol and fine anybidy who litter. The fines alone might supersede parking collection and help keep our city clean.

    Forget about the Master Plan. Who needs parks, roads and buildings if we keep damaging them.

    Malaysians, a lot of them are dirty, unkempt and uncivilised lot! Personally I am embarrassed when I see tourist walking around.

  9. You are right Lee Wee Tak. DBKL is corrupted to the core and that is the main problems of KL. How can a housing developer is allowed to work until 2:30 am with impunity. Platinum Victory is so powerful that it can even work on a Sunday! This is fabulous. What a great DBKl we have!

    Never mind let DBKl carries on with their nonsense and the BN will have to pay for it at the end of the day. Bloody DBKL! It has no regard for the KL residents. Since Datuk Bandar is not elected by the people, we exercise our voting right against BN. So next general elections lets all make sure that 11-0. No more BN MP in KL.



    NEXT GE 11-0?







  11. Saya memang bersetuju dengan BAHTERA MERDEKA (BM), rasanye susah nak score 11 – 0 tu kat WP.

    Afterall, rakyat dah tahu ‘mainan’ PR, sori ye YB, fact is still a fact.

    PRU13 akan sekali lagi mengubah lanskap politik negara termasuklah Wangsa Maju.

    Maaflah, Ahmad. Not this time (PRU13).

    Keep on training dan trying.

  12. Thanks Ahmad. Whether is 11- 0 or otherwise, DBKL owe their salary, perks and jobs to the welfare of the rakyat, not to their political masters, be it BN or PR

    The civil servants in Malaysia have been misguided into thinking that they are the tool and slaves to the politicians. Actually, they have a job and responsibility to all tax and rate payers (which include their own family) and should be apolitical.

    Malaysia is a feudal country in many people’s mind. Political parties and political leaders do not have the fabled “daulat” and should be held accountable like everybody else in what they do. What we see now is every politicians or even civil servants with rank is fretted like kings every ceremony they attend. People paying for their livelihood is suppose to show fear and respect.

    Since they are administering tax payers’ money, their standard of behaviour should be higher but a lot of people think our political leaders need not share the same level of accountability as every Mat, Chong and Muthu.

  13. Aisya Lee Wee Tak,

    Why waste your breath with such an enlightening discourse on accountability to two morons (BAHTERA MERDEKA and Bekas Penyokong PR) who have obviously lost their way?!

    Their simple one-lined statements speak huge volumes of BN assholes who truly have nothing else to offer Malaysia. Tin kosong on the inside, y’know.

    Even their Information Minister foamed at the mouth shuddering with fear trying to score points while the entire time his otak was truly kosong during the debate.

  14. I am the resident (PV10) facing to the cement factory of platinum victory…every day and night i m hearing all these noises! non STOP!
    Not only noises…but dust that flow into the house… I think my health is generally deteorating also….
    I even regretted to have bought the condo…
    I know YB is doing ur best….i appreciate it too…pls chase after the authority who allowed this..!
    11-0 or no…i will vote u for the coming GE regardless of any other stupid comments…

  15. kiddokit

    it is true but I feel that a commentary thread is also an education tool. If we see something that you think is wrong and/or stupid, the best thing is to point out the flaw and present a logical argument.

    Hopefully, it would shape the thinking of other people and perhaps we can have more sensible comments in future.

    it is easy to dismiss a comment with a sweeping statement but the hard part is to present a strong and logical case for other people’s reference.

  16. Yes you are right Lee. But dont you think people nowadays people liketo put everything into some sort of conspiracy behind. take for example comment 7. As i know, those prime lands are all belongs to FBO and PV is only joint venturing with FBO. its easy for that particular unknown person to point out that comment in front of public because he held no liable on what he said. it could mislead people into thinking that PV might face trouble. I read some other thread in other website, it in fact create worry for some potential buyers after they read some of the comments here.

  17. You are right. Malaysia do not have the transparency culture of the Scandanavians or Europeans and the MSM losing their credibility.

    Rumours, poison letters, scuttlebutt in the mamak store are more interesting and any people choose to believe them

    in time, people develop this gossip culture and 1 side effect is that people tend to talk but may not be supported by facts and evidence since it is not easy to come by

    it is a Malaysian culture thing….

  18. Recently there is construction to build new condo next to PV3, PV5 & PV shoplot. I encountered Platinum Victory developer always continued working after 6pm until 8pm-10pm. Saturday they also continued work after 12pm noon. As residents stayed near to new constructions area, we unable to take a rest & mentally felt tired due to Developer work exceeded time allow. If this incident continue for 2 years residents might have mentally problem. Also, I found that my unit shaking quite number of times occasionally because of heavy construction just nearby. Hope developer can take action to prevent this happen again.

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