Penarik Beca blogger detained by police

UPDATE, 8 July 2008, 6.30 pm: Bakaq released from police detention at about 4.00 pm today.

Known to many as Bakaq, Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar of the famous Penarik Beca blog was picked up by the police at his home in Greenwood Park, Gombak, last night at about 11.00 p.m.

Posters courtesy of Kicdefella and Mob’s Crib

Bakaq is not a member of any political party but he is a pro-PAS blogger. It was also reported that the police confiscated his PC and modem.

I urge the police to be professional while doing their job and let justice prevail. The police should release Bakaq as soon as possible without any harm coming to him.

*** You can get more details of Bakaq’s arrest here, here and here. ***

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Blogger Penarik Beca ditahan polis

Dikenali ramai sebagai Bakaq, Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar yang menulis blog terkenal Penarik Beca telah ditangkap oleh polis di rumahnya di Greenwood Park, Gombak, semalam, lebih kurang pukul 11 malam.

Bakaq bukanlah ahli mana-mana parti politik tetapi blogger yang menyokong PAS. Juga dilaporkan bahawa pihak polis telah merampas kumputer dan modemnya.

Saya menyeru pihak polis bersikap professional dan menegakkan keadilan. Pihak polis juga harus melepaskan Bakaq secepat mungkin tanpa sebarang kemudaratan ke atasnya.

*** Anda boleh dapat maklumat lanjut mengenai tangkapannya di sini, sini dan sini. ***



  1. This is freedom Badawi/BN style. Come 26 August tghe people in Pematang Pauh must show BN what they think about Badawi and BN. Big majority for DSAI is what this country needs to show to Badawi that he must go and go now.

  2. We all need to pray hard that sanity will return to this beloved M’sia as we approach the 51st Merdeka Day ! Those who believed in democracy knew that the rule of law should be the order of the day BUT here in M’sia, it boils down to who you know and the law will tends to follow those who rule.

    For the coming Merdeka, I’ll fly no flag and will put on YELLOW shirt/t-shirt in honour of our beloved KING instead of our country independent day. To those who have yet to sign the online petition, please see the link below and also to forward it to as many of your contacts as possible.

    YB Wee, sorry to digress from the main issue and allow me to repost as follow :

    In order that justice prevail, we need impartial judge and a judiciary that’s truly independent. Let’s do our part.

  3. Now that AHoo mentioned it, I realised only now that this is the merdeka month

    how big a contrast compared to last year. the 50 years thingy being mentioned about…pre-election feel good campaigning?

    this merdeka should have herald the beginning of an emerging new political landscape and yet we Malaysians are presented with all the present less than desirable scenarios.

  4. I really am happy that my friend and fellow blogger, Bro Bakar, has been released this afternoon. You know bro, we are all behind you. Take a good rest and look forward to meet up with you when you have taken a good rest. All the best bro!

  5. Me too- I forgot it’s August. No pride celebrating merdeka- Badawi and gang deserve to be thrown rotten eggs on 31st August. 31st August- celebrate what? We are up to our necks high in inflation, corruption, police rule and so on. We are not merdeka, really. Merdeka is when BN goes down.

    Brothers and sisters, we have a new battle to fight- that is our country’s independance. Until this government is changed, we should boycott the Merdeka celebrations.

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