Dialogue session with residents of Kg Setia Jaya

Sunday today I was at Kg. Setia Jaya from 10.00 a.m. to 12 noon. The residents and I had a dialogue session and we talked about a few matters.

L-R: Tuan Haji Yusuff, Chairman of PAS Kg. Setia Jaya Branch; Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju; Encik Kamarulzaman, PAS Youth Chief for Wilayah Persekutuan; Encik Buhary, Deputy Chairman of Parti Keadilan Rakyat Wangsa Maju.

I was shocked to learn from the residents that Kg. Setia Jaya had only received their electricity supply just a few years ago. From where I stand I can see that the residents do not ask for much. All they ask for are basic amenities like more street lights, a better security and better drainage system where they live, and, the right to a roof above their heads for them and their families.

After the dialogue session, I went on a guided tour around the kampong to get a first-hand knowledge of the problems faced by the residents. I must convey my thanks to Encik Mahathir, a PAS Youth member and Master of Ceremony (MC) for the event, who kindly took me around on his motorcycle.

I also took some time off to visit Encik Mohd Sidek, Secretary of PAS Kg. Setia Jaya Branch, who had taken ill and was bed-ridden shortly after the March 08 General Elections.

Before we ended the day, we had a group picture taken with some of the young activists from both Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and PAS.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank Encik Izamudin, who is a PAS Youth Chief and organiser of the event, and the residents of Kg. Setia Jaya for setting up the venue and preparing the food for lunch. Without their earnest contribution and effort, the dialogue session would not have been as successful.

Syabas dan ribuan terima kasih!



  1. I also guess that the residents of Kg Setia Jaya, would have complained that UMNO KG WIRA JAYA is collecting parking fees from public especially TAR collage students on the public road (Oposite the Tadika Kemas). YB please do something about it !

  2. That’s the way to do it YB Wee. If you carry on doing it “MY WAY”, I am certain that Yew Teong Look is bungkused for the next elections. He had to go on throwing chairs in public in the hope that the Prime Minister will admire his “contribution” and give him a senatorship like Zaid Ibrahim.

    I like the picture you took with your “gang”. Glad that you can also move around with our young Malay brothers.

    Please carry on the good work.

  3. I do hope YB Wee will continue with the good work for us.

    the bigger issue here is that we have a YB that cares. He even called me after reading my email about me being robbed. it was not a big thing but he called. I doubt the previous WR would bother. When the TARC got chopped and bled to death outside a clinic, I di not even hear a whimper from him

  4. YB,

    What about the other areas in Wangsa Maju – will there be any similar sessions done? If yes, let us know or post the schedule in your blog so that all residents know when you will be visiting us.

  5. The BN has neglected the people all the times. They only show that they are interested in the people problems only when the elections are near. The BN is outdated and it is of no use to teh people except for their own family and cronies.

    I cannot believe that only a few years ago that the Kg Setia Jaya has access to electricity supply. This is unbelievable. This is how BN help the poor Malaysians. This is how the BN help the needy. This is how the BN “MEMBELA RAKYAT”.

  6. The state of the kg also shows that the previous BN MP did nothing for them. This is what the BN is working for i.e. for themselves only. Vote against BN all the times.

  7. I like the idea of YB Wee and his young gang working for the people in Kg Setia Jaya. Keep it up YB Wee. I know it can be very tiring but the Kg folks will love you.

    Thank you for highlighting Kg Setia Jaya residents’ plights in your blog. This shows that PR MPs help people of all races. Keep it up. We are behind you. Fear not and speak up for us in Parliament.

  8. Mr Wee,

    once a while, i still see Yew Teong Look appears in the newspapers doing some field work (is this the correct term?) in Wangsa Maju. This will certainly gives the public a wrong impression on you.

    Sigh! but we all know the Star belongs to whom.

  9. If I am not mistaken, the electricity supply was commissioned during Dato Zulhasnan’s time, circa 2002. Credit should be given to Zalifah, the then umno branch leader. Like they said, due credit should be given to the person that merits it, right ? Even the roads were done during Zul’s time. Yeoh Teong Look- ZERO work.
    Good of you to do your rounds despite your tight schedule. Keep it Up YB,

  10. Wee, Ronnie Liew and Teresa Kok are the three who are setting the pace!

    I don’t think even I can keep up with these kinds of schedules.

  11. The Star belongs to the MCA. So we must be careful in what we read. They are all propaganda. There is no fair reporting. So I am not surprise if it is reporting good things about Yew Teong Look. YB Wee gets very little or no publicity. Thank God that YB Wee got a Blog otherwise he will not be able to get to the people of Wangsa Maju because Star will not publish his activities.

    Therefore, we must be careful in what papers we buy. Sometime we should not waste our good money to buy rubbish stuff.

    Don’t worry keep up the good work and we are behind you.

  12. Please don’t get distracted.

    The question is, how the hell any kampong or taman in Malaysia does not have electricity?

    Maybe Wee can take is issue up with TNB. Let us see how many more such places like this in 208, and what are TNB’s plans for nationwide access to electricity!

  13. Can’t believe a Kg in Wilayah just got electricity supply a few years ago. What BN has been doing for the past 30 years or 20 years. Inikah membela rakyat? You all should know better that BN is just a Barang Naik Parti so it is their trade mark for not caring for the poor.

    BN only take care of the rich and powerful.

  14. YB, the Genting Klang stretch is in widening process. Heavy traffic from Gombak, Danau Kota, Ibu Kota and KL side using the small connecting road behind the TARC/near the Tmn Melati LRT station. Any plan on relocating the stubborn setinggan people and make a proper road? TQ!

  15. Sorry folks, it looks like I have to make a minor amendment to this post and edit/delete some comments. There seems to be some ‘heated’ discussion going on over a small matter which I do not wish it to come between the good people of Wangsa Maju.

    Any inconvenience caused is regretted. Thank you.

  16. Dear sir,

    I am a resident at PV10 Danau Kota. (Platinum Lake Condo).
    My condo is facing the lake side. There is another condo “on the way”. Though the sound of construction is quite loud in the day but is still bearable coz it’s in the day.
    But there is a cement manufacturing right infront of the in progress condo that operates almost 24 hrs. When the cement is being pour into the cement Lorry, the lorry tends to rotates this mixer tang that makes a loud engine sound.
    I dun mind to bear with sound in the day…but at night…it’s very disturbing?
    Is there any laws that stated no constructions after 12pm? Especially near residential area?
    Can you help?

  17. Thank you YB Wee !

    You are bringing back the ‘ muhibbah ‘ spirit that we were once proud off not having to acknowledge one’s race or colour or creed. That was lost when UMNO’s started playing racial politic with ‘ketuanan’ as their main dish and the other in BN being their side-kicks.

    Continue the goodworks and reach further into the heartland of the poor and needy. The needs of these folks are simple yet the BN govt are fond of diverting massive funds for a few selected projects that hardly benefitted the peoples.

    For the sake of our future generations, we need like minded peoples to band together and discard racial politics of BN style. Ensuring that the one sided political hegemony of UMNO’s is eradicated and ushering in a new dawn with both PAS and PKR taking the lead to bring this beloved nation’s to a much higher status than ever before.

    50 years we have tried and tested the BN govt and what is so wrong to have Pakatan as the new govt? How much worse can it be than the BN style of ruling with the ‘whip’ ?

  18. Dear YB Wee,
    Kindly check the status of the residents there. Some are rented to foreigners. If Im not wrong, part of the houses are built illegally in others land. If their status is illegal why should we encourage them to stay there. While we want to archieve the Zero squatter your HELP will make them stay there longer. YB, please think again. Thanks.

  19. Hello ,cut the crap please…put your mind to the other shoe, on my view yB not mere-puff moreover he always play he role with the high profession because he is trained lawyer and a reasonable man with reasonable action.

  20. Teresa Kok deleted a picture of her with residents enjoying a 5 roast pork dinner, due to an objection from a silly malay, even though other malays supported her. Now Wee deletes a picture of him on a bike due to some silly comments.

    For our sake, please do not apologise when you have done nothing wrong!!

    There will always be some cranks in each blog and constituency. So just take it as it comes and don’t waiver! Remember, We are behind you!

  21. come on ppl, let’s focus on the main issue here.

    no wonder Msia is still a third world country until today.


    because for the past 50 years, our leaders had set their priority wrong. that’s why we are not moving forward. instead we are sliding backwards.

    Just take a look at the parliment before BN was denied the 2/3….before 8 March 2008, look at what kind of issues those MPs brought up in there. Sigh!

  22. I hope pakatan rakyat will arrange more of this kind of dialogue for Wangsa maju people. I believe our MP is an open minded person, open to criticism and always willing to work for the benefit of the people of Wangsa Maju, regardless of the race. This is the kind of MP that we want to have & not those who have their own agenda.

    Together towards a better malaysia.

  23. temenggong,

    I dun mind he deleting the phot w/o helmet….the traffic police might issue a saman for him and the kind driver….

  24. Temenggong,

    That “silly malay” is a Muslim man. Reserve your “insensitive comments” to yourself.

    Ms Teresa Kok is being sensitive and smart. What’s wrong with that?

    I for one would want a sensitive YB to represent my area (rather than an insensitive ass who only thinks about himself). Thank you for being humble enough to apologize.

  25. WWHOW,

    Take a leaf from the residents in Nurul Izzah’s constituency. They have a similar problem, it appears. YB Nurul is awaiting a memorandum from them before she acts.

    So should you do the same, WWHOW. You alone surely don’t speak for the other residents in your affected area.

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