Your MP's Question of the Week #19

The economic and financial crisis in America plus the mass abandoning of the US dollar are having a huge and unprecedented impact on the world like never before. Experts have even predicted that the world would be hit by a depression much worse than the Great Depression of 1929.

The world is in turmoil and the signs are already here.

Price of oil is spiralling out of control. Food is becoming scarce. Thousands of jobs are disappearing. Businesses are languishing. Stock markets worldwide are shrinking. The biggest banks in the world are also going bankrupt. Prices of goods are increasing drastically with the worst affected being daily essentials. There are rumours of more wars.

Closer to home, Malaysia is already reeling from their effects. The rakyat are hard pressed to make ends meet while the administration continue to spend and splurge unnecessarily. Only recently the government has finally admitted that our inflation rate, if one can believe the figures, has shot up 7.7%. The highest during the last 26 years. But I beg to differ.

I personally believe we have purposely not been told the whole truth of our economic situation. Our statistics are wickedly being doctored to trick us. There’s more than meet the eyes. Believe me, the worse is yet to come if our leaders have not already woken from their slumber and take necessary steps towards unwavering responsibility to country, king and people with good governance.

But to do what we have to do there must be one leader who can stand out from the crowd who has vision, courage and determination. If the current administration lacks one and is clueless and short of wisdom, then they should make way and let someone else step in and do what is necessary.

The question for this week, then, is:

Should Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim stand for a by-election now and for him to quickly come into parliament to begin playing a constructive role?


  1. YB Wee,

    I think you got it ALL wrong.

    With or without DSAI, Malaysia’s economy has been artificially made-to-believe that it is fundalmentally strong and in growing upward trend. Our inflation rate is among the world’s most artificially lowered one, since our Boleh Land liked the words “among the world’s…”

    The policies of NEP contributed nothing but incopetencies, corruption and worst-practices in almost ALL dealings in the country.

    Unless, of course the government, irrespective of BN or PR can realize the damage of NEP and start putting some concrete steps to strengthen the very foundation of our economy.

    Just imagine, even when the world’s economy is doing superbly excellent, where do Malaysia stand? Yet, we are still natural-resources rich, relatively insulated with political, social and natural disasters.

    I just could not imagine how will Malaysia economy survive in this age and era where even Thailand is talking about competing globally, but our politicians are busy looting the shriking cake locally.

  2. Yes, better do it asap. Situation critical. We will go into hyper inflation soon, and the situation will not be reversible for a few years because food prices are ‘sticky downwards’ (easy to rise, hard to fall). In the US there is an estimated job cut of about a 100, 000. The situation is even more critical in Malaysia- out the 10 million registered employed rakyat only 1 million pay tax. Only 10% are taxpayers! The rest being dependents or working in the black market. Of the 1 million, only about 40-50K people are in the highest tax band of 28%. Even if a fraction of people loose their jobs, the Govt will also loose, in terms on contributed tax and brain power (via migration of skilled workers).

    When there’s a PM change, there should be a change in recruitment criteria too. From Ministers to Deputies to the supporting staff- they should be well qualified in terms of experience and track record. I also advise him to draw resources from the corporate sector too – these guys are not politicians and will do the job according to KPIs.

  3. DSAI must be a MP and then we talk business! Parliament will be more interesting and I want to see whether those so-called garang MPs dare to attack DSAI.

    All for DSAI back to Parliament. I will definitely vote for DSAI.

    DSAI please get the Sleepy Head out of the way! 2 years are far far too long and there will be no Malaysia by then!

  4. Of course Anwar should stand for elections at the soonest. But with or without a by election, Pakatan should move ahead with forming a govt with Azizah as PM. This would a more acceptable move to the disorientated umnomalay masses, and the rulers!

  5. DS should run for parliment. the question then is where? Bandar Tun Razak, Gombak or Kelana Jaya are some possible options

  6. in the reality of Malaysian politics, only a malay can be accepted as a prime minister. call me racist but that is a fact. other possible & effective options have been shut down

    some among the malays, suitable candidates in my opinion are DSAI and Razaleigh.

  7. Whatever you address yourselves, will come back to square, we are Malaysian.

    For this, I encourage all Malaysians, especially Malay brothers and sisters, to participate in Dr. Hsu’s Forum,

    Dr. Hsu, a Gerakan member, is Bangsa Malaysia of the ‘truest’ sense. Whether you agree or disagree, I believe in diversity, ‘DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH’ fellow Malaysians.

  8. We don’t need a Sleeping Head leading this country to hell. We don’t need the Sleepy Head that help his son, SIL and cronies.

    DSAI must be in Parliament soon. The country cannot wait for 2 years to be destroyed.

  9. Anyway you are right about the inflation index! As a financial person myself I can tell you that we have been lied to all along. There is not enough transparency for us to determine the correct inflation rate and too much arbitration involved. My own estimation is that inflation in 2008 is more like 12-15%.

    We should not trust the govt inflation rate figures unless it is verified by independent bodies such as the World Bank or meets EU standards.

  10. temenggong, second you on that. Back in the 1990’s I already doubted the 3% bullcrap. House prices were flying then and the gomen still stay inflation is low

    YB another thing. The crap thrown out by the Terengganu car is a disgrace

    1) finally someone from the BN adminsitration come out to tell the truth, Proton is second or third class despite almost 3 decades of protection and indulgence

    2) government contractors admit to over charging – is the administration department so slow that they have to build 25% surcharge? that’s even beyond some of the loan sharks’ going rate. Credit card company charges 18%. Does the Bank Negara want to say something as the regulator of financial instruments?

    3) the amount incurred for all these repairs and maintenance give questions to the driving practice of the drivers, the condition of the roads in Malaysia. The administration tell us to change our life style (i.e. suffer while the minority continue to enjoy) then can they be truthful about whether they can look into vehicle handling to identify ways to save costs

    4) The PM’s solution looks idiotic. Mercedes in question are to be used for VVIP’s visit. Who the heck qualifies for that? How many of them visit Terengganu (Michelle Yeoh, you got a car now!)? How often? Is the Terengganu state government going to fork out more of OUR money to buy another set of cars?

    My solution is to determine the difference in purchase cost of Proton and Mercede and deduct from the state government’s entertainment and training budget. Since they enjoy the car, they give up their holidays entitlement. Training? Forget it and get back to work. Training is mostly about tea breaks and 5 star hotels anyway, right?

  11. Um … no?

    Co-incidence? The sound of this party begins with a DOUBT … then ends with a definitive NO! Its lifespan is already way passed its political shelf-life. Let it be casted away, incinerated and never to re-emerge.

    This party is so brain-dead it has zero capability to save itself. Good-bye, sampah!

    Given the present scenario, DSAI gives the rakyat and country the best option for true reforms before we bite the dust.

    I will give Dato’ Seri the benefit of the doubt. Should be become the PM and screw up, I will be his greatest critic.

    DSAI … yes, yes, yes!!!

  12. I really support DSAI to Putrajaya very soon.
    Get lost all the corrupt ministers and we will regain our country dignity and transparent on everything they do.
    We cannot wait for 2 years….. the time have comes.
    I voted our new PM DSAI to be in the parliament very soon.

  13. In that debate, DSAI was issue base and beyond personal attacks (saw YB Wee in the TV screen)

    this is enough for me to rank him above Badawi and Najib who have not convinced me as worthy of our tax money to properly lead and administer this country,

  14. Lee, agree with you on Trengganu’s car issue – their Sarawak’s counterparts have been using Jaguars and BMWs and nobody gives a s**t about it.

    The biggest joke is that Proton can give a press release saying that the maintenance cost per year per car is about RM500+ (which is a lot of bulls**t). Common lah, the rakyat is not that dumb – everyone knows about the quality of PERDANA cars.

  15. Hellboy

    Looking at the maintenance figures reported in the press…I calculated that the annual maintenance comes to the price of a brand new wira or something….

    why not the state people use Wira instead? If they really want to work for the people, Wira or Waja also can…why must have a glam factor?

  16. AMBOI…


    YB WEE,





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