Zaid Ibrahim resigning?


Word has it that the law minister, YB Senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, may be resigning soon.

It would appear then that YB Senator Zaid has failed to fulfill the promises made at the Bar Council dinner in April earlier this year. One of which was the setting up of the Judicial Appointment Commission as promised by the Prime Minister.


  1. Zaib Ibrahim should tell us how much did the government paid for the dinner held under the name of Bar Council at J W Marriot. Surprise Bar Council allow itself to be used as a political forum for Badawi to attack other politicians.

    Anyway Bar Council and the Government should tell us how much was the cost of hte so-called Bar Council Dinner????

  2. If it is true, then we know that the Barang Naik Government is not serious about their promises. But then again, since when are they ever serious in their promises unless someone can make some money along the way.

  3. Isn’t it strange that this good government of Badawi was so kind to pay for the Bar Council dinner. I am sure that those “bodek lawyers” must be very please with the dinner so much so that they gave Badawi a standing ovation, so I heard.

    Those Bar Council office bearers were so proud after the dinner for they thought that Badawi played into their hand by promising all kinds of reform. Now not a single reform that Badawi promised haws been realised.

    If Zaid Ibrahim is a man then he must resign. If the Bar Council main office bearers (President, vice-president, secretary and treasurer have self respect they should also resign because they allow the Bar Council to be used by the Government.

    Din’t know that Bar Council is so cheap. They can be bought with just a dinner at J W Marioot Hotel.

  4. if it is true, it is a damning evidence of the resolve and intention of the Badawi administration to reform one of the pllars of democracy

    Zaid Ibrahim, if resigning for the right reasons, earn my respect for sticking to his principles

    However, who would replace him? Among the lawyers I know of within the MPs are Azalina, Nazri, Syed Hamid and one of the Speaker of the Dewan.

    Does the rural voters care about the state of the country’s judiciary? I doubt even a good part of the urban population gives a damn too.

  5. Never never trust our bodohwi style.
    They just talk n talk wo action taken.
    This is how our BN styles of government.
    Talking nicely but no action.
    Yes they thinking just a nice dinner at JW Marriot and some monies can make the rakyats stupid and forget the whole story. Very soon Zaid will join PR and one more down.
    We are looking for our PR step by step to Putrajaya very soon.

  6. Most of the UMNO lawyers like Nazri , Hamid Albar , Azalina etc are failures as lawyers . That’s the reason that they become ministers . Even the disgraced AG who is a third class LLB holder from MU rose after Anwar was convicted by fail judges like Augustine Paul and Arrifin Jaka . Incidently both of them are now very sickly . Divine Punishment ? Only GOD knows !

  7. I don’t think I’ll be surprised by this news. It will be natural for any individual who has principle to withdraw from his position if he sees his association is with corrupts and people without principle.

    I used to have high regards for Zaid and my suspiciousness on him as minister under corrupt government. If he resigns it will really be a good news for those who respect him.

  8. Zaid promises everything to reform the judiciary but he could not deliver a single bit. Zaid have a bit of maruah lah! He onlyt talk big that’s all. So I would like to see whether he will really resign or just talk cock!

    More of thinking and talking cock! This is a matter of principle. When one could not even fulfill one’s promise then what is left. knowing Zaid he will stay on after all it is not easy to appointed to be a Minister – back door or front door!

  9. A good sign that UMNO-BN is beyond redemption and that genuine reform is dead?

    Next to resign, Shahrir Samad?

  10. just wonder if Ong Tee Keat becomes MCA head, how this “lone ranger” (who for one in MCA that I admire) can cope with this coalition of interests

  11. I hope it is true.If he does not have the free hand to revamp the Judiciary system,it is no point to stick to the post.

    I believe he tried to revamp the system but was hampered by an invisible force inside the party.His hands are tied and as he could not introduce his reforms,it is better for him to go now.

    Syabas to him as his conscious is clear and man with principle is better than to sell yourself just for the post,right?

  12. Dear YB Wee,

    He came on board with a bang, and he is leaving with a whimper.

    If the news of his resignation turns out to be true,then it really shows that the BN blokes are truly an incorrigble lot.
    Remember Zaid came on board after “spending time” and there were many among the Umno top guns who were uneasy with his “rehabilitated award”.

    Since his legal firm is expanding beyond borders….it is best he goes back to manage his legal spread.

    Bn and Umno will never learn…..they are asking the masses to help put them in political wilderness.

    Poor Umno….poor BN….YOU ARE LOSING THE PLOT !!!!!


  13. another example of brain drain

    recently the top scorer in SPM left for Singapore because she can’t get into local uni of her choice doing what she wants to do

    in her case, being the top scorer, she should be given first chance of what she wants

    now it seems that another form of brain drain is occurring

    care to compare this to our country’s effort to attract the best professionals to return to Malaysia?

  14. Before Zaid resign, he must tell us how did the government paid for the Bar Council dinner, which was 100% sponsored by the Bodohwi government. Bar Council top officials allowed themselves to be used by the government for its narrow politic of survival and to also divert attention.

    I am dying to know how much the dinner cost. I am told it cost more than RM100,000. This is the rakyat monies and why should the rakyat paid for a dinner just for the lawyers and Badohwi and his cronies to enjoy.

    Bodohwi instructed all government department not to organise lavish dinner in five star hotels but the government happily paid for the dinners at the 5 Stars hotel for lawyers to enjoy so as to enable the government to further its political objectives.

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