Your MP's Question of the Week #18

Over the last 10 years or so, the people of Malaysia have become increasingly aware that there has been a drastic transformation of their police force.

What is most apparent has been the change of the police force’s attitude towards them. Traditionally seen as a force that is approachable, trustworthy and dependable, they are now suspiciously viewed as highly intolerant, aggressive and intimidating to its fellow Malaysians.

Whether one knows it or not, this change of attitude is also somehow connected with the transformation in the uniforms worn and the weapons assigned to them by the government of the day. From the cool khakis and batons of yesteryears to the fearsome dark blues and firearms of today, these are clear give-away of the administration’s intent to change the police force to become people unfriendly.

In recent times, there have been far too many incidences of such aggression by the police force towards fellow Malaysians that support this perception. Which lately have included the BERSIH walk. The Penguin walk. The HINDRAF rally. And just recently, the inhumane and unnecessary detention of Anwar Ibrahim and the incessant strong-arm tactics against Raja Petra.

We, Malaysians, wish that the police force would concentrate on combating crimes with similar vigour and might and we believe Malaysia will be a much better place to live! As of now, Malaysians can only visualise darkness for the future.

The question of the week then:

Should the rakyat of Malaysia continue to condone and keep quiet about the administration’s objective of progressively transforming the country into a “police state” as numerously demonstrated by the recent aggressions of the police force time after time?



  1. This country came a long way in terms of democratic reforms during the last 2 years; more reform if not stunted by the Government’s hardball tactics such as mobilising the police in a provocative and aggressive manner to intervene protests. When we talk about protests, Malaysians have so far protested in a civil minded such as place card demos, peaceful street march, carnival-like gatherings, petitioning and blogging.

    A question comes to mind when answering your question- how long can Malaysians be civilly obedient. The average Malaysian today is stretched. He/ she is challenged in meeting income with living expenditure. The thinking Malaysian wage earner also faces the terrible stress of prospective future unemployment. Wage earners and business owners alike know, that the easiest controllable cost component in times of rising prices is labor cost and headcount.

    History shows continuous suppression and physical abuse will push people to rioting and hooliganism. When Lee Kuan Yew was building Singapore in its early years he recognized that physical well being and personal wealth played a key role in a country’s economic growth- the contented worker today works even harder for tomorrow, knowing what his daily toil brings in results for himself and country. But yet, across the causeway, the Malaysian Government deliberately does the opposite to its people, totally ignoring the critical success factors of its neighbor.

    The only avenues to fight this cruel administration is via the Parliament and the streets. The question is how long CAN the average stressed out Malaysian remain quiet, not a matter of whether they WANT to keep quiet or not. The only avenue to fight this cruel administration is via the Parliament and the streets. Yes, the rakyat should not keep quiet, but instead should take demos to the next level. Demos should be held at personal residences of Cabinet Ministers for instance. As for the the rest of the points I would not mention them here.

    As for the Parliament, some PR MPs like Fong Kui Loon, Nurul Izzah, etc should step up in performance. No simple majority, but the minority is not small in number either- make your voted position count like Wee Choo Keong.

  2. Why? Do i ponder, politicians are like diapers, they must be change regularly. Easy said, the election fever has long over, and get over it. So it’s now time for you to work not arquing and accusing each other. Opposition and government the like.. do your work and find ways to solve RAKYAT (not kerajaan) problems. You all are wasting much of your time, resources and effort in doing damages..

    Rakyat Meluat.

  3. Yes, we are now living in a police state where there is no rule n order any more. Even appointment fixed for 2 pm and the police had to arrest anwar at 1 pm. What a nonsense. Police state it is. But we must stop it.

  4. This is all the bodohwi style. No more law and orders at all.
    Najib is too anxious and afraid to su and also cannot su.
    He must and do whatever styles and ways to becomes PM
    I am thinking or guessing what happens to our Bala?????
    Maybe like our Atantuya styles.
    That why they are doing all this stupid arrests.
    Just wait and they are making PR more and more chances to rule the government very soon.

  5. Someone (can’t recall where, when) once equate our police force as Polis Raja Di Malaysia, instead of polis Di Raja Malaysia.

    How apt.

  6. The police have become LICENCED GANGSTERS.

    Like the gangsters of the slums and back lanes, you don’t see them around. But they will appear in big numbers when they are summoned by their leader for a confrontasi. They are also armed to the hilt.

    Our police force today is exactly like that. That’s why they are not so keen to solve crimes.

    They wait like dogs in the kennels and wait for their master’s call.

    This is an easier job. Eat, sleep and get fat. Banggang.

    The police has become the lapdog of the government.

    They will go all out to help the government to make Malaysia a “police state” so that they can rule together with them. Notice how the “tai kors” get promoted fast and how new players become close to crime bosses?

    NEVER!!!. The rakyat should never keep quiet and should SPEAK UP AGAINST this bunch of corrupt people! The police and their masters.

    Better still, the people should throw them out completely so we can start afresh.

  7. They are just taking instructions from their political masters. But the officers below are good because they all have hearts for the people and they don’t play politics like those high ranking officers.

    A police state is just too mild a description! Setting dateline at 2 pm for Anwar to report to the police station for the recording of statement and the police had to ambush him and arrest him at about 1 pm! This is just not enough. The [police had to detain him overnight and Anwar said that he has been treated like terrorist, who is associated with Osama bin Laden!

    It is just too much! I have had enough of them. Have you?

  8. Don’t keep quiet, does not mean must make molotov cocktail mah!

    Speak up against those injustices. Write in the blog. Take part in peaceful protest.

    We just cannot afford to have a police state!

  9. The police have always been unprofessional and politically biased. Its just that now its simply more obvious to all. The people have lost the trust and respect for the police.

    The first consequence of that would be general disregard for the police, law and order. Meaning, the rakyat will not obey the police; traffic cops will be ignored, summons wont be paid, people taking matters into their own hands, etc.

    The second consequence would be the rise of secret societies and vigilante groups as an antidote to the highhandedness of the police, whom the rakyat would turn to for protection and favors. For this is how one deals with a corrupt force!

    In the 1860s the Ghee Hin imported 10,000 fighters from China to assist them in security and in their battles with the Hai San in the area between Kinta and Butterworth. Even now there are international triads waiting to step in, a feature of even developed nations like HK and Japan.

    There is no need to be unduly worried. Consequences fills the void created by injustices. The greater loss would be felt by the majority malay community as being the larger recipient of the national largesse, and a single ethnic group based police force, they stand to lose the most. A corrupt community does not have what it takes to withstand the ravages of injustices but caves in seamlessly like lallang to the wind. History says so!

    Wee, just remind them of the consequences learnt from history.

  10. Polis diraja malaysia masih ingat mereka lawan komunis lagi itu pasal mereka bersikap macam binatang! Sudah 50 tahun UMNO pegang itu pasal polis jadi macam ini, ikut telunjuk kerajaan sahaja? Itu pasal kita kena tukar kerajaan yang ada sekarang!!!!

  11. YB, you made a very good point linking the attitude change and transformation of uniform and weapons assigned.

    Maybe someone should propose in parliment that the “khakis and batons of yesteryears” be brought back.

  12. Be realistic – if the police force is forced to use batons, we are going to be the laughing stock. And the death rate of the police force (while on duty) will double, triple. Why? Because the criminals are better geared/armed than the police. Is that what we want in Malaysia? Then, how can we be safe anymore?

    Linkage of uniform colour and attitude change is not relevant at all – in fact, the idea is quite funny. Blue uniform means fearsome police force – common lah.

    If the Oppositions were to rule Malaysia, are we implying that the leaders (holding the top posts) will not utilize the police force to their advantage? It is going to be the same scenario all over again –> it all depends on who is the Minister of Internal Affairs/Chief of Police.

    We need to think rationally and blame the main culprits (i.e. politicians). The point given by 8 Anonymous (1st para) is very true!!!!

  13. Acting out and resorting to violence is not the answer. And I totally agree that the rakyat needs to speak out. However, it should go through the proper channel and correct platform.

    The open debate between DSAI and Shabery is a start. The Govt should not use the police force to terrorize the people and at the same time, the people must understand the need to have order and control in the country.

    What the rakyat is asking is just to be listened by the Govt, however, why must the rakyat resort to do walks, rally, gathering of huge proportions etc? It disrupts businesses and gives the wrong impression to the tourists etc (not to mention traffic jams in time of increasing fuel price)

    That is why we have MPs – channel our grouses/dissatisfaction to them. If the BN MPs are not willing to hear, go to the Opposition MPs.

    I believe the majority of Malaysians want to live in a peaceful country and we must work hard to maintain what we have.

    I end my comment with a famous Gandhi’s quote – “Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.”

  14. Tahap ‘aggressif’ pihak polis dalam soalan YB Wee yang tersebut di atas sememangnya bertujuan mengelirukan pandangan pelbagai pihak.

    Bagi saya, soalan ‘apa’ dan ‘kenapa’ seharusnya menjadi rakan karib macam YB Wee dan Ex YB Yew.

    Polis yang sentiasa aggressif tanpa usul periksa atau sebarang sebab seharusnya menjadi tanda tanya macam ini??? Jumpa orang ramai terus belasah saje??? Perkara tidak akan terjadi dengan sendirinya.

    Dalam aspek yang berbeza di mana pihak polis terpaksa mengawal keadaan perhimpunan haram (yang selalunya tidak diambil peduli oleh penganjurnya tentang keselamatan pelbagai pihak termasuk mereka, masyarakat dan polis sendiri) dan terpaksa (dah dua kali terpaksa ni) memastikan agar perintah untuk mempertahankan keamanan masyarakat tidak ditentang oleh pencetus huru-hara yang selalunya terlibat dalam sebarang perhimpunan haram sepanjang tahun.

    Percayalah, pihak polis tidak akan mengambil sebarang tindakan tanpa sebarang sebab yang munasabah.

    Seperkara lagi YB Wee, apa pandangangan YB Wee dengan isu keselamat rakyat di Wangsa Maju dan apa tindakan mahupun pelan aksi yang telah (fikirkan) dan akan YB Wee fokus bagi merealisasikan manifesto YB Wee tempohari?

    Kalau tidak keberatan, bolehkah saya mendapat jadual YB Wee seterusnya bermula dari hari esok tentang sebarang aktiviti atau perhimpunan ataupun majlis untuk masyarakat di keenambelas kawasan peti undi Wangsa Maju?

    Terima kasih, YB Wee.



  15. It’s interesting to prompt our minds the range of action we can take- the lowest level being utmost silence; the upper threshold being street violence. In between, is what we do. Meanwhile it’s also good to study the series of events in the Cuban Missile Crisis- how the action and inaction pushed the world towards the brink of a nuclear war.

    Where is FRU HQ? Since those guys are always at demos why not demo in front of their office huh. No need 1 million people; only 20,000 will do.

  16. MALAYSIA 64,








  17. 17 Malaysia 64

    Atuk mengikuti pekembangan ulasan2 serta komen2 yang ada di blog saudara YB ini. Tetapi kadang2 Atuk sendiri terkejut kerana orang lain yang melebih2 berbanding YB.

    Atuk rasa YB sendiri tak pernah “memblah” kan orang walau kadang2 sakit hati mendapat teguran – ini anda pula yang lebih sudu dari kuah.

    Hai orang muda, sikap bertoleransi dan menghormati amat penting – jangan sebab mulut, badan binasa. Sesiapa berhak mengutarakan pendapat dan pandangan, jangan kita menidakkan hak seseorang.

  18. I have had enough of the police. I never trust them.They are too unprofessional. Making an appointment at 2pm and arrest
    Anuar at 1pm . They should be sent for training on how to keep an appointment.

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