Detention of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim a travesty of justice

The manner in which Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was arrested and detained without allowing bail on 16 July 2008 was most inhumane and totally unnecessary.

The whole police action violated the principle of law where one is “presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Up until 12 midnight it had been confirmed that no charge had yet been fixed against Dato’ Seri, yet why was it that bail was disallowed?

By this mere police action it would appear that Dato’ Seri was already condemned as “guilty as charged.”

I would like to put on record that I find this police action totally unacceptable and I view it as a serious travesty of justice against Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

While every avenue will be sought to seek the quick release of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim from this unfair police detention, I would like to call upon the public to remain calm to avoid any unnecessary repercussion.

Thank you.



  1. Come on! Release him or charge him…dun drag…
    Anyway, i dun believe he did it even if they found DNA evident…it must be “fitnah!”

  2. brother… couldn’t agree more.

    you would think they were arresting a terrorist like Osama in Segambut yesterday… not a 60 yr old man unarmed & coorperative man heading home for a lunch break.

    looks like they have gone back on their words…. again about detention.

    I wonder what guidelines they hv been following, as they claimed.

    definitely not the “innocent til guilty”, democracy, rule of law ones we thought we have.

    Dark days for Malaysians who are governed by liars & bullies, “protected” by muscle-headed cops.

  3. The police detained DSAI in the police cells because they want to take his hair samples that may have fallen while he was asleep and say that they were found in the condo. Can someone warn DSAI of that NOW and also his lawyers about it? Do it now and now.

  4. These acts are intimidation at its highest order ! They may weaken his body but certainly can’t touch his soul and spirit. I personally do not know this man ( Anwar ) but from what I hear and read, he is certainly somebody of substance. Not many have come near to his standard thus far.

    The people in power just fear him too much and that why they have to resort to such low and unethical way of treating another malaysian. What goes around will come around and what one sow, will one reap. Let us all remain calm and not fall into the trap of those with evil intention but be united against such abuse of power.

    The people of the world are watching our drama unfold and will judge us accordingly. We will know what a good govt we have at the way they treat their fellow citizens. Action speaks louder than words and we have seen how they treated those who opposes their stand. Without the people, there will be no govt and we must ensure such blatant rule of law cannot continue unheeded when the common people are united for a common cause and see that democracy is not dead in malaysia.

  5. A sad day in the history of Malaysian, in-so-far the police is concerned. Their action is beyond comprehension even to my peanut-sized brain’ ability.

    They claimed to have pre-empted the possibility of DSAI not turning up at the police HQ. What an absurd excuse. Had DSAI wanted to run away, he would have gone weeks or months ago. But he didn’t dissappear. He was still in the city.

    If DSAI were to report to the police HQ for questioning at 2 pm, but was detained at 1.05 pm, no people in his right frame of mind could comprehend. Irregardless of whether or not he was supposed to go straight after leaving Putrajaya, the agreed time wasn’t up yet.

    Where is the freedom of movement we Malaysians have? Already we’re deprived of the freedom to speak and the freedom to associate. So DSAI must take this road, not that road, must turn right and not left, must not go home to change and eat…………. What the f**k is this Musa and Bakri?

    I know all long that police officers’ words are smelly like a piece of shit. Never take their words for it. You, informers out there, better be careful. Never trust police officers. They twist and turn to their whims and fancies.

    Well, at least it reaffirmed the popular belief that the police always act high-handledly; and that they are capable of doing all sorts of dirty things to their political masters’ political foes.

    Remember, we’re talking about the Royal Malaysian Police Force. They can do anything to pick or detain anybody. Don’t you think that can plant, fabricate, collude and corroborate any evident against anybody, especially the opposition politicians.

    abROcadabro @
    Subang Jaya

  6. Guys,

    I was ambushed and robbed last night in Melati, near Taman Mastika. When I went to the police station, a Malay victim was already there to lodge the report and looks like the same 2 bastards did us. At least the robbers are impartial.

    the only police officer at hand, told me that the officers there were summoned in connection with Anwar’s case development hence less patrols that day. Melati has been relatively crime free past few months until last night. I guess the robbers are avid readers of Malaysiakini.

    the joke is that after lodging the police report, I have go to Wangsa Maju Station to retrieve the police report print out. (the police stations are on-line, great!) then to Sentul station to be interviewed by the Inspector. I was uninjured so it is not too bad. If an injured victim or raped victim has to go through this niggle, then it is salty taste on wounds.

    YB, I will try to find time to provide a photo of the bushes those bastards were hiding in







  8. Lee Wee Tak, i am sorry to hear about what happened to you. I hope you recover from the ordeal. Here is another incident, On July 17, 2008 (must be the early hours of the morning), there were 3 cars broken into. All 3 cars were parked in front of Block D11, Section 2, Wangsa Maju.

    None of my neighbors (of the 3 vehicles) lodged police reports because they were saying that it would be a waste of time. So there you go, people are loosing their confidence in the police even to lodge a simple report. Because the agony in the police station is even worse.

  9. Oh dear – Lee, sorry to hear about your misfortune.

    YB Wee,

    We must do something drastic to ensure the safety of the residents of Wangsa Maju. I believe a few commentors earlier have highlighted the increase in crime rate in Wangsa Maju in particular.

    Set up rukun tetangga in every taman? Intallation of CCTV?

    Any suggestions/recommendations?

  10. Mat, Yellow and Sweet,

    Thanks for your kind words. I am unhurt except my pride. Later I thought for a moment I could have hit back and clobber the 2 fellas but I missed my chance

    not trying to be a hero but if I could have stopped them, I could have prevented the same thing happening to the nice guys

    Special thanks to Mat, I am still searching for the statement you are unhappy about.

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