Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim released!

LATEST 10.15 am

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was released this morning on police bail.

He was not charged but will have to report back to the police in a month’s time on August 18.

Dato’ Seri is expected to hold a press conference at 2.00 pm today.



  1. Sekarang polis tengah korek,korek,korek bontot saiful cari bukti untuk 18hb ini bertujuan menahan DSAI. Ini semua mesti dilakukan sebelum 16hb sept.

  2. If he is not charged, does that mean that the police cannot find any incriminating evidence against him? So why the need to report back a month from now?

  3. Sweet Child,

    You are very sweet, and CORRECT in this case.

    I just pray that the innocent can be proven innocent and the guilty can be proven guilty. Let’s return some respect and confidence in our judiciary system.

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