Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim arrested!

UPDATE 11.03 pm
Police source has said “no bail” and Dato’ Seri will be detained for 24 hours (i.e. overnight).

UPDATE 10.30 pm
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim has left Hospital Kuala Lumpur after superficial body check and he is now back at IPK. The bail situation is still unclear at the moment.

UPDATE 2.30 pm
It has been confirmed that Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was arrested on the way back to his house in Bukit Segambut at about 12.55 pm after his cut-short meeting with the ACA this morning.

7 cars with 30 UTK officers wearing masks (balaclavas) were involved in intercepting his car and arresting him.

Currently Dato’ Seri Anwar is at IPK Kuala Lumpur. YB Datin Wan Azizh, with their youngest daughter, is also present.

YB Nurul Izzah initially was not allowed to see Dato’ Seri Anwar but after protests by her and the Pakatan Rakyat MPs present she was allowed to do so. About 20 Pakatan Rakyat MPs are in IPK now but they are not allowed to see Dato’ Seri Anwar and are confined to the canteen area.

(We will update as and when possible as new development unfolds.)

BREAKING NEWS!!! 1.15 pm

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was arrested while on his way back from his meeting with the ACA concerning his police report on allegation of fabrication of evidence regarding his ‘black eye’ incident in 1999.

This does not make sense at all.

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim had agreed that he will be at IPK KL at 2.00 pm today. In fact, his meeting with the ACA this morning was cut short so that he can be at IPK KL on time!

It would appear that this is a politically-motivated arrest.


  1. Bro, this is very puzzling indeed! Why arrest Anwar when he had already said that he was on the way to meet the police at 2 pm? He said that on TV outside the ACA office in Putrajaya. What are the police or govt thinking?

  2. Bloody bastards!!!

    They will pick and choose who to arrest.

    They will pick and choose who to prosecute.

    They will pick and choose who to jail.

    But they will NEVER pick and choose to do the RIGHT THINGS!!!

    Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!

    Hidup Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

    Mampoi BN & UM … NO!!!

  3. YB Wee,

    You are a lawyer. Maybe you could share with us why the police requires UTK personnel to arrest DSAI? It is not normal procedure, right? Unless, there is more than meets the eyes …….???

  4. hahahahah

    another episode of 1998 arrest…

    but his time..the director is, abdullah ahmad badawi…

    we’ll see…if Anwar is….then…..is going to happen…but this time….worse than 1998…that’s the promise of rakyat

  5. dear YB

    please keep us updated, i read that the idiots are looking for RPK too..

    what is happening to malaysia?

    who in the right mind believes the alleged sodomy???

  6. Yes the police are bastards and do not deserve our respect at all. They rely on a false sense of security that the army would be behind them at all times. The army too lets the charade continue and feed those false hopes.

    With this move the govt and the police becomes dysfunctional and the country becomes ungovernable, although the appearance of governance may continue for a while. Now let them now face the enraged malay masses! The country goes into turmoil mode!

  7. At the rate things are going, soon we will hear such news as the army taking over (martial law) till a new capable government takes over.Will not look good for this country as a lot of investors will look the other way then.

  8. I usually give my comments in Malaysia Today, but it is inaccesible today. There is a comment, “Luke is a bastard” in the website. Does the government have anything to with this as it is highly coincidental?

    The Altantuya case is manipulated and the parties concerned drag their feet and choose to ignore important evidence. But in Anwar’s case, they act quickly based on heresay – Najib also did his part to advise Saiful.

    Is this the country we want to live in? These BN cronies feel that Anwar is going to stop them plundering the nation’s wealth, so they try to get rid of him.

    What does it take to end all of this – the defunct judicary, dirty cops, corrupt ACA and murderous government politicians. 50% of the Rakyat voted against BN. How many more are against BN. Time has come for the Rakyat to bring and end to BN and UMNO in particular. The faster BN and UMNO are dismantled, the sooner happiness can return to the Rakyat.

  9. YB Wee, at this very trying moment, it takes the courage of the right minded to be able to control oneself without being at rage! The political game has always been a really dramatic one when the govt of the day decides to implement selective prosecution as in the case of Africa.

    We as Malaysians are really ashame today as our country is indeed facing real political dilemma. To leave AI aside will be political suicide as the BN will have to face uncertainty as to whether he has the numbers but to charge him now, they have to come up with something more than SODOMEE !!!

    My guess is that the will use ISA as he is a threat to the nation as allege by BN and its cronies. Well, what can we do other than to pray for justice to prevail and for some God fearing judge to preside and to decide without prejudice over those charges…..whatever that may be. I can only sum up the mindset of the current leaders : On the left brain, there is nothing RIGHT and on the right brain, there is nothing LEFT !!!

    So do be mindful as not to allow those who seek to destroy democracy and start another 1988 OPs lallang where hundreds of opposition leaders were detained just because they feel threaten by their own shadows when someone shouted that the keris will have certain race blood. For they only understand power crazy or rather DemonCrazy not democracy as we perceived it to be. We just love this country too much to see it goes to the dogs!

  10. With this latest episode, the BN government again demonstrated that it has driven the Rakyat back to the stone age… laws are only for show and meant for the ordinary man-in-the-street.

    For those that walk in the corridors of power, there’s no law and they do as they wish.

    Talk about being a developed country … PODAH!!

  11. Hai ya mau maki/carut sama ini BN sudah banyak kali? macam mana kita mau lawan sama ini Binatang Negara?

  12. what a load of bullshit!!!


    Wednesday July 16, 2008 MYT 5:17:22 PM
    ‘Anwar wouldn’t have made 2pm deadline’

    KUALA LUMPUR: PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would not have been able to turn up for his scheduled appointment at the city police headquarters on time.

    Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Farid Wan Salleh said Anwar was supposed to have gone straight to the police headquarters here after his interview at the Anti Corruption Agency in Putrajaya.

    “Instead, he was on his way home. He couldn’t possibly have made it on time.

    “The police were just executing a warrant of arrest against Anwar,” he told reporters in the Parliament lobby on Wednesday.

    Wan Farid was commenting on the arrest of Anwar, who was picked up in front of his house in Bukit Segambut for investigations after a former aide had lodged a sodomy report against him.

    Asked why the police had not waited until 2pm before making the arrest, Wan Farid said: “What’s the difference between 20 or 50 minutes?”

    “According to the information I received, he went voluntarily to the police car without any incident and that under police custody, he has given his full cooperation,” he said.

  13. Why UTK with masks? SHOCK and awwww…Akin to a Mafia warning to others, to subjugate the masses into fear, to ‘show’ who’s the boss…When you aint got class nor bal*s

  14. these buggers have no urgency in solving the Mongolia murder case. however, when it comes to Anwar….they are so “efficient” and “fast”.

  15. Calm down people – we are putting our anger at the wrong people.

    The police or the army are just doing what they are told – they are just the rakyat, who work to earn their living, like you and me. The main culprits are the leaders (politicians e.g. the ministers).

    Again, the politicians are waving their wands and disrupting the rakyat’s peaceful life.

  16. I couldn’t agree with HellBoy more – my father is a police retiree. He is also saddened by this episode. If my father is still in the police force, he still need to obey to his superiors and being a “small kuchi rat”, as he needs the job to support his family.

    In this case, my sympathy goes to all the policemen and women. They are just doing their jobs and being hated for it. We must channel our anger and hatred to the main culprits (the manipulators of law and order in this country).

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