AirAsia owes MAHB RM110 million, not RM60 million as claimed by Tony Fernandes

Minister of Transport’s reply to the issue that I have brought up concerning the debts owed by AirAsia to MAHB and the upgrading project of LCCT, which was awarded to Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd totaling RM123.9 million.


Deputy Minister of Transport has confirmed that the actual debt owed by AirAsia is RM110 million and not as stated by Datuk Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia. He stressed that we should not bother about what has been said by Tony Fernandes. It was also not true that there were no actions taken by MAHB to recover the said debt. He said that MAHB did telephone and write letters to AirAsia asking for payment of the said debt of RM110 million. He reconfirmed that the total debt owed to MAHB is RM110 million.

When I said that recovery of debts via telephone calls and letters were not enough and asked why there were no legal actions taken by MAHB, as Government GLC, against AirAsia to recover the said debts. The Deputy Minister could not reply and he pushed the responsibility to the Minister of Finance as MAHB is under the control of GLC. I also told him that I have asked the Minister of Finance 2, YB Tan Sri Noor Yakob, yesterday regarding the discussion and YB Tan Sri Noor told me that debt between GLC and private company has nothing to do with the Ministry of Finance. The Deputy Minister did not respond about this.

From henceforth the Deputy Minister refused to take further clarification.

He went on to state that open tenders were carried out for the LCCT project costing RM123.9 million. Seven tenders were received and Fajabaru was the lowest. Eight tenders were received for the Penang Airport.


I wanted to ask for further clarification from the reply given by the said Deputy Minister as follows:

Why MAHB allowed AirAsia to owe the debt since 2002?

If AirAsia refused to pay the debt since 2002, why didn’t the Ministry advise or instruct MAHB to withdraw all services including the utilization of all facilities under the care and control of MAHB ?

To provide list of the names of contractors who had tendered for the LCCT job and the Penang Airport and their respective tendered sum for each of the project?

Fajarbaru is a company with its core business in “INVESTMENT HOLDING & PROVISION FOR FINANCIAL SERVICE”. Surely lowest tender price cannot be the main criteria for appointment to do the work – the experience and track records must also be of equal importance. Why MAHB and the Ministry did not take into consideration i.e. the experience and track records before the appointment of Fajarbaru?


  1. Hands off Minister of Finance. This is a debt between a private company and GLC. Minister of Finance should look after the interest of GLC unless the Minister has an interest in AirAsia.

    The Minister of Finance should take immediate action to sack the CEO of MAHB for not taking legal actions against AirAsia to recover the debt. AT the same time the Minister of Finance should instruct MAHB to take immediate legal actions to recover the said debt and also to stop AirAsia form using all facilities of MAHB in LCCT.

  2. MAHB: Why wait, sue Airasia and at the same time withdraw all facilities to Airasia until full payment.

    Why MAHB is so scared to take action? Was it because unseen hand is involved? If not please take immediate action to defend public interest.

  3. Wo, it looks like Tony Fernandes lied.

    Maybe he thinks he has the backing of the SIL, that’s why he is so bold? (YB Wee, what happened to the law suit from that beruk that everyone is calling him? Will he also sue you for this, ah?)

    AirAsia, I also heard from the grapevine, has never paid any taxes to the government. Also from day one starting business, never paid any charges and fees to MAS, MAHB and the authorities.

    No wonder lah, he can fudge all his numbers for the stock market. I also want to start a low cost airline like det.

    Creative accounting is what it is all about, isn’t it? Shouldn’t the Securities Commission tick him off and delist AirAsia?

    For lesser beings, they would have gone to jail for this! Tony Fernandes should be arrested and jailed. What is the ACA going to do about this?

    Also heard, Tony Fernandes is eyeing the old Subang Airport as a base. YB Wee, don’t ever let this happen.

    MAS is more important to us as it belongs to the people and AirAsia is a private owned airline. The Minister of Finance 1 and 2 should wake up to this fact and don’t fuke around.

    AirAsia and Tony Fernandes can close shop for all we care. They are sucking from the people!

  4. “YB Tan Sri Noor told me that debt between GLC and private company has nothing to do with the Ministry of Finance. The Deputy Minister did not respond about this.”

    ….real funny joke from our so called Minister Joker reply…..if this is the case then the GOVERNMENT Link Company (GLC) should be name as PRIVATE Link Company (PLC)….what a disgrace!!!

  5. Where debts are concerned, I believe adequate laws are already there to nib the problem.

    The bigger problem is, there’re no laws for companies or those that walk in the corridors of power!! They blatantly, audaciously flaunt laws with no regard for tomorrow.

    Laws are only applicable to the ordinary Rakyat. Period.

  6. It is high time that Ministry of Finance acts in the interest of the rakyat and not the boss of private company or cronies.

    MAHB to take immediate action to recover debts. MAHB you are using public fund so act now. Stop calling AirAsia by phone. Just withdraw all facilities in LCCT until full payment is made.

  7. …and people say Pakatan Rakyat got no experience of running a government.

    the passing of issue by the above mentioned elected civil servants surpasses the Spanish midfield’s ability to pass the football around. That 2 fellas could have displaced Xavi and Iniesta and also Fabregas for sheer passing ability!

  8. Not bad – can also owe airport taxes! Already collected the airport taxes from the passengers and no need to pay to the government since 2002.

    Come, any one want to join me to start a low cost carrier under Bodohwi regime?

    What a big joke! This is what I called (to borrow Tony’s words) a level playing field.

    Demand to do the Rural Air Service and the government paid them RM60 million for about a year and thereafter gave back the service to MAS and AirAsia did not have to pay back the RM60 million subsidy. Not bad isn’t it. Before flying a single flight, the government already paid the RM60 million subsidy!!!

    If this is not abuse of public funds, what is???

    I will never vote BN ever again until the father in law and SIL go!

  9. AirAsia owed MAHB RM110 million since 2002 and no action! How smart of MAHB! They are the best managers in the whole world.

    If MAHB is their own company, I believe they would have taken all actions by now.

    The Ministry of Finance can only shut both eyes over this. By the way the father in law is the Minister of Finance. No wonder he loves the portfolio of Minister of Finance.

    This case is a clear case of mismanagement of the GLC by this appointed fella!

  10. […] Deputy Minister of Transport has confirmed that the actual debt owed by AirAsia isRM110 million and not as stated by Datuk Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia. He stressed that we should not bother about what has been said by Tony Fernandes. It was also not true that there were no actions taken by MAHB to recover the said debt. He said that MAHB did telephone and write letters to AirAsia asking for payment of the said debt of RM110 million. He reconfirmed that the total debt owed to MAHB is RM110 million. (more) […]

  11. WoW…amazing! Like that I also want to open up a LCC business…No need to pay tax. No need to pay debt. Get “upfront” some more. “Everybody can fly” maa?

  12. YB, saya mau utang bayar income tax, cukai tanah/pintu, saman polis/JPJ/DBKL dll boleh ka? airasia boleh, saya mesti boleh? Sebab MALAYSIA APA PUN BOLEH!!!!!!!

  13. Go for this one first… Airport tax collected but not remitted. Clear-cut an offence.

    Govt. took actions on those Sales Tax collected not remitted.

    Govt. took actions on those EPF collected not remitted.

    Govt. took actions on those Income Tax deducted not remitted.

    Pressure the Govt. to go for this one.

  14. Correct! Correct! Correct! Correct!

    Collect airport tax in 2002 and no need to pay immediately. Not bad mah! Badawi government trying to help private company to survive mah! What wrong with that!

    I know this is an offence – offence only for normal people, normal company but not for special company. When there are such problems with “Special Company” the Minister of Finance, Bodohwi, will come in to discuss and negotiate. This negotiation has been going on for many years – and still negotiating. This is a very good Father In Law government mah!

    Very helpful Government. We must all support so that “EVERY MALAYSIAN CAN FLY TO THE MOON!”.

    Really nonsensical! If I am the PM I will sack the Minister of Finance and the CEO of MAHB.

  15. anonymous July 11, 2008 at 11:10 am

    I fully agree with you. Don’t be so hard hitting. The Badawi Government want to help company like AirAsia so that you and I can fly. Airport Tax collected and kept for safekeeping. Nothing wrong isn’t it? When MAHB demands payment then MAHB had to deduct the service charge for keeping the Airport Tax in a safe hands. Aiyo! what wrong with you all? Don’t be jealous when the Badawi government help people, you all got angry. When the government took actions against the students and small businesses you all got angry.

    I pity Badawi. Everything he did – all wrong! I think it is better he resign so that you all cannot condemn him anymore. He is a helpful PM. You all should appreciate. If not for the PM, you think AirAsia can survive so well. Malaysia boleh! Long Live Badawii

  16. AirAsia will be bailed out like the Port Klang FreeTrade Zone, with the taxpayers’ money. That’s why the price of petrol went by by 41%, so as to bail out the GLCs

  17. ghyttesw

    Badawi administration will not bail out GLCs – only give monies only to selected GLCs. Well, lewt see whether the Badawi administration will bail out AirAsia or not. I believe it will because it can owe MAHB RM110 million since 2002.

    I wish my company can owe the sale tax that I have collected in my business. If AirAsia can collect the airport tax and pay later, I am sure that I also can do. If I do that I am sure that I will be charged in Court. Why it is OK for AirAsia to owe RM113 million????

    YB Wee your other question of AirAsia owing MAS RM85 million, why no answer???

    Badawi, a fantastic PM, has problems all over the place and the couintry is in turmoil, and he is sleeping very well and also could sleep during meeting. This mean he is clean and his conscience is clear!

  18. Never mindlah RM110 million only. Helping AirAsia is to create a level playing field so that AirAsia can land for more subsidies. So far AirAsia subsidy got only RM60 million for a cut short one year stint for the Rural Air Service.

    Not bad actually RM60 million subsidy which make out to be RM6 million a month. I think that it is perfectly alright that the government gave AirAsia subsidiary of about R6 million a month for providing bad service in Sabah and Sarawak.

    Keep it up Mr Badawi you are doing extremely fine and you are getting standing ovation from the umnoputra. I want to vomit with this standing ovation. Even sitting ovation is untenable.

    Just carry on making concessions for AirAsia and I am sure Mr PM you will remain as PM well pass 2015!!!!!

    Hidup Badawi!! The country needs you so badly that we don’t notice you anymore!

  19. […] AirAsia owes MAHB RM110 million, not RM60 million as claimed by Tony Fernandes Minister of Transport’s reply to the issue that I have brought up concerning the debts owed by AirAsia to MAHB […] […]

  20. I admire AirAsia or Tony Fernandes’ power to be able to owe MAHB RM110 million since 2002. Tony is just a great business man, who has done it with impunity. Further, MAHB dare not take action against AirAsia or Tony. Not wonder Tony was awarded with the CEO Of The Year. Tony should have been awarded with the title “CEO Of All Times”.

    AirAsia is a good airline that’s why it is allowed to keep the airport tax collected. Then AirAsia should also charge MAHB for helping to keep the airport tax on its behalf. Then no debt owing because the RM110 million has been contra-ed by service charge rendered.

    What a bloody nonsense? It is unheard of that a private company can collected airport tax and not pay to MAHB and MAHB did not take constructive actions to recover.

    This is like a businessman collecting service tax from its customers since 2002 and not paying to the Inland Revenue. Inland Revenue will take them to the cleaners without hesitation.

    This AirAsia case is a clear case of CRONYISM under Bodohwi’s administration!

  21. to all who have commented on airasia and the recent statements on MAB.

    It is a shame at some of the very strong remarks and dare I say hate with regards to airasia and myself.
    I thought with more democracy there would be less hearsay and crticism would be on fact and that all would be given a fair hearing.
    I have invited YB Wee to come to airasia and look at our books and grill me on all. We have nothing to hide and am very proud of what we have achieved in malaysia . We think the only way to get a fair hearing is for YB Wee to come over.
    Some of you want airasia to go bust. Will that be good for malaysia . Remember what airfares were like when there was no Airasia. And for those who dislike me so much if we go bust what about the 6,500 employees who work for us. What about the people who never had a chance to be a pilot in MAS or an engineer. What about the guy with no SPM and was carrying bags for us who is sitting his final exams to be a pilot .
    50 million people have flown since we started many who never had a chance to fly.
    If we are so politically strong why are we still fighting for a level playng field . Why cant we get all routes, why cant we fly out of subang when firefly can.
    We have no union in airasia because people are treated fairly . I may run out of space so will reply on mab in next post.
    We have never been treated favourably over mas. All I want is a level playing field . We are still treated unfavourably. For the record airasia owes not a cent to MAS. Our purported debts to MAB is from 2006 not 2002 when we moved to the LCCT.
    We do not own the LCCT , malaysian airports do and 4 other airlines use it . We actually saved the country a fortune . If MAB did not build the LCCT they would have had to build a premium terminal which would have cost in the region of 2 Billion. There was no room to accomodate both Airasia and MAS in KLIA.
    Kamarudin,Aziz and myself have worked like dogs to get to where we are. Nothing came easy for us and still doesnt.
    We have won Airline of the year twice beating airine such as SIA , Cathay, Emirates. We were voted Worlds most innovative company with google , apple , Nike. In total we have won 36 awards. No one could influence in wining these awards.
    I hold no malice on anyone who dislikes us or whacks us , all I ask is give me , din or aziz a fair hearing.
    And help us level the playing field. Email me , come see me . Im always at the LCCT and ask me whatever.
    I love my staff all 6,500 . They have done an aweome job and I am very proud of what all of us has achieved. All through hard work and not through cronyism. Please ask me or email me if you feel anything is airasia has resulted from cronyism and I will gladly answer. I will reply on MAB in a few minutes
    kind regards,
    tony airasia

  22. well said Tony. If DSAI challenged BN on the petrol debate, i feel that it is only fair that you allow Mr. Tony to voice himself before releasing any news pertaining AirAsia to the public. hope together everyone benefits for a better malaysia.

  23. To all on MAB .

    First point to note is terminal is owned by Malaysian airports and paid for by goverment who pay a lease to goverment. Airasia asked to build the terminal with its own funds but that was rejected by the goverment
    MAB is a GLC owned by khazana and 30 percent owned by the public . Khazana also own MAS.
    Airasia is owned 15 percent by me ,13 percent by Kamarudin , 3 percent by Aziz .The rest 69 percent is owned by the public with over 120,000 shareholders. The biggest shareholder being EPF with 6 percent.
    We have been accused of having anada krishnan as a shareholder , mokzani mahatir as a shareholder and now khairy Jamaluddin. As you can see if all of these guys were shareholders we would have very little . And I am happy to do a statutory declaration on that once and for all. It is sad for me and aziz and din.
    On MAB the debts that are disputed are from the time we moved in 2006 to the LCCT not 2002 as has been reported. We have paid MAB 300 million rinigitt since we started in 2002.
    The disputes arise from the fact that we made many sacrifices in making sure the low cost terminal was cheap for the goverment in anticipation of lower charges. How anyone can charge the same for a terminal that cost 150 million ringitt vs one that costs 2 billion. We dont have walkalotrs , we have less chairs passnager comfort in he main terminal is 55 meters per square meter per passanger vs 7 meters square per passanger at the lcct. Our passangers have to walk a long way as we squeezed more planes into the tarmac. We have no aerobrdge , no computerised baggae, when it rains heavily we cant board passangers. Car park is open air. It is muc further away than tha main terminal .
    That is why we have been asking for lower charges which is justifiable.
    Of the 100 million, 30 million of for bills that wont due and mab had not booked in our payments. That bings us to 70 million. Of that 12 million is disputed back to 2004 on wording which ahs been resolved.
    The balance 52 million is resulting from what we believe is overcharging and that is mediated by the respective ministries.
    All moneys have been accrued.
    I ask you too to come and pay me a visit to learn more about airasia. We have been good for the country , created many jobs in tourism and avaition related sectors. We have carried the malaysian brand very far. We have beaten the singaporeans.
    All we ask is a fair hearing and a level playing field.
    Thank you to all for reading this and hopefully you will give us a fair hearing,
    kind regards,
    tony airasia

  24. Wow those were 2 long posts mr. fernandes.

    People love a good conspiracy theory, that’s why there’s all these rumours going around of airasia having several high profile shareholders.

    I agree that airasia has definitely revolutionized air travel in south east asia and it deserves to be given a level playing field. More competition on the singapore route will ultimately lead to better prices for the consumers!

  25. well said tony!
    just ignore those who envy your success tony. actually u dont need to explain ANYTHING to them.unless they’re are the shareholders of AIRASIA. but then, i think most of the shareholders are happy with the company’s performance although now the company is struggling becoz of the high crude oil price.but once the economy stabilize,you guys will be flying high again.


  26. It was just bullshit Tony. You had all the “level playing field” for too many years because no MP questioned so all is well. Now the playing is level: just pay up all the bloody Airport Taxes first than you can talk. Otherwise you better call Tan Sri Nor Yacob for help. Under the circumstances that mamak, Nor Yacob, will not help you because his ares is on fire already.

    Please don’t bullshit further because we knew about your nonsense.

    For heaven sake, Tony stop talking about Level Playing Field, you had more level playing field. You got RM60 million before your maiden flight! Come on stop bullshitting us we know your nonsense too well.

    Just fool yourself that all is well with AirAsia. I don’t understand why the PM is also very concerned with AirAsia. WHY?????????????????????????????????????????

  27. I think tony (if he is the real guy) made a very legit point with the diff in facilities n services of klia & lcct. It’d be like paying for the price of fine dining at a fast food joint don’t ya think?

  28. I just loove this guy, tony fernandes. He has that fine touch.

    Kenny Sia gets one persistent invitation to an all-expense paid “new menu” launch in KL, a photo op with the ceo and then a follow-up phone call from ‘god’ himself to thank him for dropping by and now Kenny has gone goo-goo-gah-gah all over AirAsia and tony f.

    See, how easy it is to ‘bungkus’ one dissident? Well done, tony.

    Kenny Sia might as well be packed and sent to Timbuktu and back and he’ll still be as ignorant as ever. My one eye could see better than Kenny’s two. Perhaps, that’s the reason why Kenny is a blogger of the common kind minus the smart to see through an agenda like the top-notch journos would have, from a mile away.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Kenny Sia, neither do I have a blog, but my advice to Kenny is don’t look at things on their surface but further deep down where the rot is. tony f, one; Kenny, zero.

    Back to tony f and AirAsia.

    Tony is smooth. Very smooth. I like the part where tony does not come out ‘defensive’ like a wounded dog but takes a less than contentious approach and tries to “talk things over” and maybe win some. Wasn’t tony a public relations man before?

    I like the soft approach where tony says “I have invited YB Wee to come to airasia and look at our books and grill me on all. We have nothing to hide and am very proud of what we have achieved in malaysia . We think the only way to get a fair hearing is for YB Wee to come over.”

    Can’t fault him with that poker bluff. But what I would like to ask tony is this. Would you be prepared to subject your books to a no-holds-barred audit by an independent, no-nonsense audit firm?

    For YB Wee to go and just ‘look’ at the creatively touched up books, of course not only YB (no offence here YB if you think I have doubted your braininess) but a layman also will come away with the feeling that everything is above board.

    Perhaps tony f thinks we are all idiots. And if that was at the back of his mind, I will not be then seen to be offensive if I say “f*** you” tony for trying to insult our intelligence.

    Of course tony will rationalise to us with all that feel-good stuffs like the good for Malaysia bit, 6,500 jobs he gave Malaysians, the bag-carrier who is now sitting for his final pilot exams and “everyone can fly” blah, blah, blah. This is exactly the kind of talk that the average Malaysian will applaud tony for his magnanimity and ‘national service.’

    But let us ask tony f some hard questions.

    1. Is it true that when AirAsia returned the planes to MAS when you finally found out that the rural service was not profitable, that the planes, except for maybe 1, were not serviceable because you have cannibalised their parts?

    2. Is it true that the minister of transport then, Chan Kong Choy, didn’t even squeak when you so nonchalantly FORCED MAS to take back the routes with nary a fine or ticking off? Hmm, I wonder why.

    3. Is it true you have held back all corporate taxes to the government so that your bottomline can continue to look good so that investors in the stock market can continue to buy your shares?

    4. Is it true that your staff whom you “love” so much were not paid their overtime hours?

    5. Is it true that you ticked off your stewardesses for complaining that your passengers were groping them? (What happened to their ‘sexual abuse’ rights?)

    6. Is it true that Kalimullah of NST is your buddy that when your planes meet with ‘accidents’ that he would make sure that the mishaps don’t get reported? (The same goes with Kali will periodically write you full pages of glory to perpetuate the myth that you are a ceo of uncommon talent and that the public will be hoodwinked to continue investing in your shares. Does the public understand now why, in a few short years, you can become the 24th richest man in Malaysia as reported? Like they say, one is born every second, sucker.)

    7. Is it true that you allowed yourself to be used by the Barang Naik party to campaign for them during the run up to the 12th General Elections?

    I can go on but I will stop here for the time being.

    So tony f and all your supporters, what do you have to say about all the above ‘allegations’ so far?

    Brudder, you can fool some people some of the time but not all the people all the time.


  29. Dear All,

    Instead of flaming AirAsia, can we at least give Tony a chance to explain himself? What is the root of the problem? How it happen? etc. This is not bout Najib-Anwar flaming around. Kinda tired & fed up d.

  30. I just come back from a trip and take a teksi back to my house from lcct and the charges is RM79.90.

    That is expensive man.

    I just want to ask mr Tony Fernandes this also can or not?

    Why the taxi fare got 9% surcharge also?

    So easy to make money for some big shot i think conected with the 4th floor. Just put a counter there, pay the staff a small salary, do nothing, and wahlaueh every taxi passenger get charged 9% for their pocket.

    so easy to get rich with mr. tony as my friend man!

    Like that also can ah? Mr. Tony can you give me that business ah? I give you back 4% want or not? I dont mind also if you make it open tender lah. Everybody got chance for the business.

    Mr tony don’t lah squeeze us everywhere. Now is very hard time you know. Abolishe lah the 9%.

    Better still man let the taxi driver earn the 9% and I will call you the best boss for Airasia.

    Eh people, don’t so easy kena sweet talk lah. Airasia cost us taxpayer a lot of money you know. You all know a little bit, listen to his side of the story and you all kena ta pau alreadi.

    mr. Tony look like a good guy but behind the smile he is a wolve in sheep clothes.

  31. Ehh petrol price increase, surely la taxi price also increase! How does Airasia use taxpayers money i really don’t understand. I thought the terminal is owned by malaysia airports and Airasia is only the tenant?

  32. […] Deputy Minister of Transport has confirmed that the actual debt owed by AirAsia isRM110 million and not as stated by Datuk Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia. He stressed that we should not bother about what has been said by Tony Fernandes. It was also not true that there were no actions taken by MAHB to recover the said debt. He said that MAHB did telephone and write letters to AirAsia asking for payment of the said debt of RM110 million. He reconfirmed that the total debt owed to MAHB is RM110 million. (more) […]

  33. oneeyejack:

    from your writing you are definitely not one eye jack but many eyes. I like your stuff especially your penetrative questions. Well, so far you don’t get reply from Tony Fernandes.

    I find Tony Fernandes comments were confusing and misleading. First and foremost, Tony should tell the public the debt of RM110 million, which he disputed, was what services, airport tax, ground handling and etc. Please give us a breakdown.

    Please for heaven sake, please stop telling us how much you (tony) love your staff when we hear all the times that hey are angry and fed up with you, stop telling us how well AirAsia is doing when you owed MAHB, MAS for engineering services and Petronas for fuel!!!

    What level playing field you are talking about, when AirAsia had the upper hand all the time when Chan Kong Choy was the Minister of Transport. RIGHT? Now just because the new Minister refused to play balls and did an almost tell-all about AirAsia debt in Parliament, you started to talk about level playing field. Level playing means you don’t get the Minister of Finance involved to negotiate about your debts.

    Pay up your debts immediately to MAHB, MAS and Petronas for fuel cost now. These GLCs should not be indirectly subsidising a private company by shouldering all the finance costs for the debts.

    Put the money where your mouth is: Tony!

  34. ok lets deal with all of these . I have nothing to hide and am not hiding behing any psudenomyns and anoymous.
    I have spoken to YB Wee directly face to face and asked him to come over and see for himself.
    Airasia has nothing to do with he Taxis. We ourselves are against controlled taxis , should be a open market . Not many airports in he world has this system of coupons. We also have nothing to do with bus services and wish there was a bus terminal going all over malaysia to encourage tourism and lower the cost of travel.
    We are audited by independant auditors PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS who are the largest auditors in the world. No company in the world can avoid paying tax , please look in our accounts which are public and see that we have been paying tax. Our stock price is very very low due to high fuel prices. We d not owe petronas, not a cent or MAS as earlier stated. The auditors PWC have seen our contingent liabilites and have seen that we have provided fully for MAB. THe board will not pay MAB for being overcharged for inferior services to the main terminal. I am not from the PR industry and an accountant by trainning. There is nothing confusing about the 110 million and we will be putting out a press release soon. No staff is not paid overtime. All staff are paid overtime as laid out by Labour office. We would not tolerate any staff being sexually abused by a passanger and I have never told off any stewerdess of for that. All staff have direct access to me and we have a very flat structure.
    Pls note we did nto want to give up the rural air services which we had subcontracted out but were told to do so as MAS has started another turbo prop services. It was a clear instruction . All planes were given back to mas in servciable condition and in a better state they were given to us. we had no time to check those planes when we took over thr rural air services as it was handed over to us in one day. There is more than one newspaper in malaysia and the only incident we have had was 4 years ago was carried front page on all newspapers including NST. The email is still being circulated.
    I wont comment anymore after this. I thank those in this blog who have listened ,anyone who has any problems can come see me and I hope YB Wee if he is a true democrat and stands for justice will give airasia a fair hearing.
    I have done my best to put our case forward but some just want to hammer me for the sake of it. I have no malice against them and I am one of the few who have tried to enagage and be open and transparent . It is a shame that a company who has done so much for malaysia is attacked in this way but that is the price we pay for success in malaysia . Its a true multiracial company that is a meritocracy .Thank you to those who listened and my last words are be positive dont hate and hang on to negative thoughts. This country needs positive energy and innovation to deal with a tough global economy. As i always say.Believe the unbelievable , dream the impossible and never take no for an answer. Thanks to all
    kind regards tony

  35. Mr Tony Fernandes: WHY ALL THE VERBIAGE? Why beating around the bush? The issues here are very simple. The Minister of Transport on 2 occasions in response to YB Wee’s questions on Airasia debts has confirmed and reconfirmed that Airasia owed MAHB the sum of RM110 million.

    You are jumping up and down over these answers as though you are sitting on hot potatoes! Have you ever asked yourself one simple question: If Airasia is just a simple business or for that matter like Pelangi Air, do you honestly believe that MAHB would fold their arms and watch you owing them RM1 million debt and just making telephone calls and writing letters to recover the debts?

    For your information, Pelangi Air, whose majority shareholder is Terengganu State Government and when it was under PAS, MAHB without hesitation stopped Pelangi Air from using Subang Airport. Mind you, Tony Fernandes, the debt was much, much, much less than RM60 million to take your suggested figure.

    Just tell us, Airasia is a private company why should a GLC, funded by rakyat monies, support it and let you chalk up so much debt and did nothing to recover it.

    If I am the PM/Minister of Finance, I shall sack the CEO of MAHB for sleeping on his job by allowing Airasia to owe the RM110 million! I have not heard of any other airlines using our airport owed so much monies to MAHB except Airasia.

    I have read your 3 comments and others readers’ comments, I think that you have not gained anything by your comments but exposed your weaknesses that you are dying to spin more stories to divert attention. For example: You honestly want us to believe that Airasia asked the government to build LCCT with its own fund and the government rejected it??? Please tell that to the marine ok! If this is the case, prove your case by producing the letter of rejection by the government.

    In any event, at the material time Airasia was living from hand to mouth so to speak that’s why it has to owe MAHB RM110 million since 2002.

    Tony Fernandes, my advice to you is to stop bullshitting because you can’t fool the people ALL THE TIMES.

    Tony Fernandes: Please declare once and for all that you or anyone from Airasia will never ask the government or any other GLC especially MAS to take over Airasia. Instead of proposing to sign SD, which has no more value in Malaysia, you should make this declaration to ease the minds of the public who fear so much of another massive bail-out by the flip-flop government!


  36. So Tony why are you not answering the questions posed by anonymous July 14, 2008 at 10:29 am. The questions posed in it were very clear and Tony should answer if he cannot give simple and straight answers he should stop spinning his stories further. YB Wee is talking about issue affecting taxpayers monies. If it does not involve taxpayers monies, I am sure that YB Wee, an experienced MP, would not have brought it up.

    It is clear that MAHB should have acted in 2002 to recover those debts owed by AirAsia and if not paid then actions to be taken immediately and stop Airasia from using our airport.


  37. Let’s speed up the press conference. In some way, I do see Tony has a point. Please allow him the benefit of the doubt. it will not be a good thing if there is no airasia as well right? no more yearly vacation. and closing airasia will only allow us the public to use only MAS to fly. Kasi chance sikit lar beb.

  38. The case before me seems to me that Mr. Tony Fernandes wants to bare all. Yet he is not giving us the whole picture.

    Don’t hold back Mr. Fernandes. Please tell us everything.

    Apart from practising true good governance, transparency and meritocracy as you have so honourably claimed to do in your organisation, telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth can also bring tremendous relief to oneself.

    You will be surprised how, by coming totally clean, sleepless nights, chest pains and cold sweat are just some of the inconveniences that will disappear immediately.

    Remember, the more ‘holes’ one creates for oneself will, ironically, cause the one who is digging the holes to ultimately fall into one.

    This is a universal truth that is inescapable. One forgets where the holes are. Worse yet, on the day when one least expects it, one finds that one does not have enough covers to cover the holes!

    In all my years of sitting on the bench, I have seen it all. Giving disjointed answers, spurious answers, unnecessary answers, desperate answers, unquantifiable answers are signs that the defendant is desperate.

    Just one example.

    When you were ‘challenged’ to open your books for re-auditing by an “independent, no-nonsense auditor,” your reply was “We are audited by independant auditors PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS who are the largest auditors in the world.”

    The error here is PWC may be independent and largest in the world but are they “no-nonsense”? Remember, Arthur Anderson and the Worldcom debacle?

    These two companies fit the fine “numbers game” to the T like “largest in the world” but yet they failed to be “no-nonsense.”

    The human tragedy is a tragedy of greed and dishonesty and the example I brought to bear on my argument is apt. Especially in the light of what can happen in Malaysia, “no-nonsense” is rare and far in between. Like looking for a diamond in the ocean.

    So, Mr. Fernandes, let wisdom be on your side and do the needful.

    As a word of caution though, in my court, rhetorics and slogans like “Believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible and never take no for an answer” are exactly the kind of ‘wares’ you do NOT peddle to sully it.

    As a matter of learning, have you Mr. Fernandes analysed those words you habitually end your writing with?

    I believe it is those words you so whole-heartedly live as a mantra during every second of your waking moments that are the beginning of your problems.

    Court is adjourned.

    No conviction yet for public lashing on bare buttocks.

  39. First and foremost, my apologies for having taken some time to reply to Yg Bhg Datuk Tony Fernades’ (Datuk Tony) comments. As you can see, Yg Bhg Datuk, events in and out of parliament of late have been quite hectic.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my dear readers of my blog, especially Datuk Tony, who must be very busy running AirAsia (AA) and yet he gave us his precious time to provide his valuable answers. To this, I would like to say thank you so much Yg Bhg Datuk.

    It was most unfair for Datuk Tony to give an impression that he/AA was not accorded with a fair hearing. I cannot speak for others, bloggers and commenters included, and certain MSM, as for my blog, Datuk Tony’s comments were published in toto.

    I always encourage debate on matters of public interests. Datuk Tony should be proud that within a short span of a few years, he was able to put AA in the Malaysian corporate landscape, not to mention all the achievements and awards that Datuk Tony has received.

    Of course, prior to all these revelations with regards to the debts in question, we, Malaysians, have not heard of any adverse publicities and no MP has ever questioned about the debts of AA with Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd (MAHB), MAS and Petronas.

    I dare say that up to the first session of Parliament after the 12th General Elections, Datuk Tony/AA had all the “public hearings” via prominent coverage of events of AA and all the “achievements and awards” he and AA have received.

    Datuk Tony, I honestly believe using the comments section in this blog to address issues of this magnitude, which have been brought up in parliament, between us is less than appropriate.

    However, I will quickly highlight some here so that we can clear the air somewhat. Just this once so that you may draw some satisfaction that I am not ignoring or evading you.


    The shareholdings as stated by Datuk Tony is of no significance to us for the moment. I was surprised to learn that EPF is AA’s biggest shareholder.

    Perhaps Datuk Tony should tell Malaysians when EPF became AA’s biggest shareholder: was it before or after an American company sold its AA shares?

    EPF board should also clarify whether the purchase of the AA shares was in accordance with its investment policy.


    Datuk Tony talked about AA asking the Government for permission to built LCCT with its own funds but was rejected. If this was the case, then there shouldn’t be any question of debts owed by AA to MAHB, MAS and others.

    At the material time (2005/2006), it would be an impossible task for AA to build the LCCT with its own fund costing RM108 million and now with an additional of RM123.9 million totaling RM231.9 million!


    First and foremost, let it be clear that on 22-05-2008 the Minister of Transport confirmed in Parliament that AA owed MAHB RM110 million since 2002. Again on 10-07-2008 the Deputy Minister of Transport in response to my question over the discrepancies of the amount of the debts as stated by Datuk Tony in the newspapers, reconfirmed the total debt owed by AA to MAHB is RM110 million since 2002.

    Shouldn’t we believe the Minister’s statement in Parliament?

    So far Datuk Tony has only disputed the amount of the total debt. With clear details and breakdowns from yourself, I am sure the whole picture of the debt will be clearer.

    MAHB is a GLC which is to maintain and look after the operation of the airport through collection of taxes.


    In concluding, as for your invitation for me to go through your books, I would like to thank Datuk Tony for the kind invitation. Such exercise, I believe, should be carried out by experienced auditors or the Auditor-General himself who has the vast accounting expertise.

    Thank you and have a good day, all.

    Wee Choo Keong
    Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju

  40. Yes, YB Wee has responded to Tony’s comments. Nice, short and sweet. The points are all there. In YB Wee’s blog there is always more than a fair hearing.

    Now Tony should produce the Government letter of rejecting AA for wanting to use their own fund to build LCCT. Please don’t bullshit. YB Wee is no ordinary MP, who just got elected like the others. He has been through the mill and detained under ISA. Please don’t try it on him otherwise I feel sorry for you.

    Tony should now tell us: how many AA shares the American company sold of their shares and on which date? How many AA shares EPF bought and when?

    Perhaps Tony can give us one good reason that we should not trust the reply from the Minister of Transport that AA owes MAHB RM110 million since 2002 and not 2006 as claimed by you, Tony.

    Whatever the case may be, pay up first whatever sum that AA feels that it owed to MAHB. Surely AA cannot withhold all payment just because it says that it is disputing the debt. Surely Tony dare not say that since he is disputing so there is no need for him to pay at all.

  41. Tony has the tendency to throw name like Price WaterHouse and etc. Name like this does not matter in such issue. It is a debt owed to MAHB, who is running the airports. Tony should tell us why was he throwing name of PriceWaterhouse. Soon he will also throw the name of Kalimullah and etc. Just come clean and tell us when is he going to pay back all the airport taxes that AA has collected on behalf of MAHB.

    I am very certain that no airline dare to owe MAHB for Airport Taxes.

    Nevertheless, I do respect Tony/AA for being able to owe MAHB RM110 million. We are proud of you. You are better than the Bumiputra to be able to owe RM110 million to MAHB and MAHB dared not take any actions against you. You are above the UMNOputras. I am sure that the UMNOputras must be kicking their arses when they knew that AA can owe RM110 million with impunity.

  42. Where is Tony Fernandes now? Now that YB Wee has spoken, we would like to hear what Tony has got to say.


  43. YB
    You are spot on when you talk of EPF. Whilst the American company was selling, EPF was buying. Aiyo, now our money is stuck with AA shares also. If EPF did not buy, I am sure AA shares would fall much lower ….. maybe even 10 sen only. Why is EPF doing this!

    Anonymous no 43 is correct (correct, correct!) about using names like pricewaterhouse and other VIPs because he has bought or pressured them all. Auditors however well known cannot be trusted at all. My girlfriend who is an accountant told me that actually out of the 110m owed, AA only recognise 90m only lah in their accounts.

    So what is it, Tony? 60,90 or 110?

  44. For goodness sake…those who do not know anything about the aviation business, please be quiet. Do you know the actual meaning of the term `airport operator’???? If you dont, i suggest you guys go read up abt it. AirAsia is just the anchor tenant of the LCCT..and they are not the ones who should pay the cost of the LCCT. Income that can be derived from AirAsia is in the form of landing charges, parking charges..etc. If AirAsia were to pick up the bill for building LCCT, then i guess MAS have to pay up for KLIA main terminal then. Use your brains la…dont just jump the gun. Why la asyik mau gaduh. Tsk..tsk.

  45. Yeah I seriously think this whole anti-airasia sentiment thing is getting out of hand. One joker starts some funny rumours and it starts spreading like wildfire. Remember that email about the boeing that slid of the runway? It happened in 2003 or 2004 i think and i remember reading it all over the papers la. But now everyone is saying it was covered up by the press. Think what, TF so powerful meh? If he was that powerful i think he would have gotten his Sing route a long, long time ago.

  46. Angel

    It was Tony Fernandes who said that Airasia wanted to build LCCT with its own fund but the Bodohwi government rejected it. I didn’t know that Tony Fernandes was such a philantrophist. Since this is so then he should find ways and means to pay back the RMN60 milliopn subsidy that the Bodohwi government paid to Airasia’s subsidiary to operate the Rural Air Services in Sabah and Sarawak.

    I am sure that Tony knew what I am talking about. Tony put the monies where your mouth is. Pay back the government RM60 million subsidies.

    I think that I better start a low cost carrier and Bodohwi will give me RM60 million as subsidies. Whatever form of subsidy is rkayat monies ok!

    Stop bullshitting! Wer know all the gameplans! Just pay back the RM60 million and the RM110 million then I call you, Tony, the GURU of Malaysian aviation industry. But I know that 110% Airasia cannot do it because Tony should know what I am talking about!!!

    Tony please answer YB Wee’s reply on the date when the American company sold their total Airasia shares and when the EPF bought the 6% interest in Airasia. If I am not wrong these two transactions were about the same time!

    YB Wee you must ask that Penang mamak, Tan Sri Nor Yacob why EPF bought the Airasia shares and whether EPF conformed with the EPF investment guidlines!

  47. 47 anonymous

    I know that according to TF a/asia wanted to build LCCt on its own but the father-in-law government rejected it. Show us the government rejecting it. If I am a MP I will have all the fund to grill the Minister of Transport: why did the Ministry of Transport or the father-in-law government rejected TF’s offer to pay for the building of LCCT.

    No wonder TF received all th awards including the CEO of the year. TF should get the Best CEO in the world because A/asia could owed a GLC (MAHB) RM60 million or RM80 million or RM90 million or RM110 million. The reason being that no other airlines can get such credit facilities form MAHB!

    The CEO of MAHB should be sacked for allowing the A/asia debts to run into million of Ringgit. This is the type of GLC we have in Malaysia and it was for this reason that this country has gone to the dogs because GLC has been abused by certain quarters. At last we the rakyat that suffer!!!

    Neverthless, I salute you TF for your good business acumen that you are able to owe MAHB monies and MAHB could not do anything at all. Please teach us how to do it!

  48. Where is Tony? YB Wee has responded. We would like to hear Tony’s side of the story especially on EPF is the largest shareholder. How come EPF is also a shareholder of airasia? I thought that EPF should only invest in blue chip stocks. Since when airasia is EPF consider a blue chip stock?

    YB Wee was right when he said that airasia’s accounts should be checked by independent auditors and the Auditor-General. So if Tony want to prove that airasia’s accounts are above board, open airasia’s books to independent auditors oversee by the Auditor-General Department.

    Badawi, as the Minister of Finance, should explain why there are so many blue chip stocks and EPF chose to invest in airasia. As the other commentors have said, Tony is just good CEO and his mere presence in the company is enough to instill confidence and EPF plunged into it.

    YB Wee and other opposition MP should question the Minister on what basis EPF chose to invest its fund in airasia!

    Since EPF, the workers’ fund, is involved in now airasia should be now be transparent.

  49. A new dimension. EPF is a new investor in airasia. The date on which EPF came in is very important because the American company sold all their Airasia’s shares. I believe that EPF came in after the American company got out. The EPF board and the Minister of Finance must be held responsible for this investment.

    MAHB CEO must explain to the public on what ground Airasia was allowed to owe RM110 million for the use of airports. In fact, no airline should allow to owe MAHB a single Sen! MAHB CEO should be sacked for this scandal.

    Idris Jala of MAS should also tell us what actions have MAS taken against Airasia over the RM80 million. Petronas CEO should also tell us what actions has been taken to recover the RM20 million fuel debts.

    Why is Airasia so special that it owes so much monies to GLCs and GLCs dare not take actions against it? Perhaps Tony Fernandes and Bodohwi may have the answer.

  50. I thought Mr Tony Fernandes is very candid and open. I was so impressed with his comments here. After YB Wee’s reply to his comments, suddenly Mr Tony Fernandes became quiet.


  51. anonymous,

    Get your facts right la.. who owns the airports in Malaysia – its all under MAHB. the LCCT is just another `product’ of MAHB. AirAsia is just the user of the LCCT..not the owner. AA only proposed to build the LCC earlier….the fact is THEY DID NOT BUILD IT nor OWN the LCCT. Kejam sungguh if AA is forced to pay for an infrastructure they do not own.

    As for the American not wrong what to hav american investors. since when is it a crime to hv foreign shareholding? and since when is it a crime for shareholders to sell off their shares?? the point to note her is that AA is not a GLC – government link company. Up to the investors la if they want to buy or sell shares in AA. Its a free market.

    If you want to talk abt wasting rakyat money, then i guess MAS is just as guilty of that, as well as other GLCs and government department.

  52. angel

    Don’t bemuse yourself. The question here is that Tony said that AAsia wanted to build the LCCT with its own cost. It was not a question who owns and runs LCCT. Of course, MAHB!

    No one was suggesting whether the American company can buy and hold shares in AirAsia. The question posed: When the American company sold the AA shares and how many? When EPF bought shares in AirAsia. These are the pertinent questions. Please don’t try to pretend that you don’t understand simple English.

    Please advise your friend Tony to pay up all the airport taxes first then talk about other things later.

  53. To angel …

    Your name belies your personality.

    You would be one of those whom I would call a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

    Sitting from my bench here, I can see you shooting your mouth off without engaging your brain. Why are you so incoherent? Your real understanding of the matter is akin to a child’s naivety. You can throw your tantrums. You can shout all you want. Your ignorance all the same condemns you.

    Who builds and owns LCCT is not the issue. The issue here is why AirAsia, a privately owned enterprise, should have been allowed to chalk up a hefty bill and not settle it with MAHB for such a prolonged period.

    Like you have rightly said “income derived is in the form of charges” and shouldn’t AirAsia be paying up its charges (bills) promptly to MAHB for services rendered?

    And won’t you agree that being the “anchor tenant,” as you have submitted, it is incumbent upon AirAsia to settle its debt urgently to help MAHB to defray its huge costs which have interests charged?

    Do you also know that when an ANCHOR TENANT delinquents on its payments, it necessarily places great pressure on the owner to pay his or her loan?

    It looks like, angel, you are the one who has your brain all muddled up. By lashing out at others not to “jump the gun” you have so guiltily done so yourself.

    Moreover, for your learning, which I can see you have miserably failed to “read up,” MAHB is a GLC which means tax payers’ (like you and me) monies are involved. What AirAsia, a private company, is doing by not settling its bills is akin to, in layman’s terms, ‘taking the public (like you and me) for a six.’

    AirAsia, to put it plainly, is a cheat. And what makes it insufferable is that the people involved has enriched themselves with your money and mine in their pockets.

    See the picture now my dear angel?

    As to your second mindless rant against ‘anonymous’ I would suggest you quieten down and go catch up on some further “reading” to understand the depth of ‘anonymous’s arguments.

    100 lashes on your bare buttocks in public, angel, for your stupidity and arrogance.

  54. This thread is quite funny. I think WCK should lay off Airasia and instead ask Tan Sri Noor why he refused tony’s request to build the lcct with airasia money! That would have been so much better for rakyat. I’m not siding anyone but are all you Airasia haters actually just MAS employees? I hear the MAS mgmt has been actively getting its staff to do Airasia bashing online. MAS used to receive billions of ringgit in subsidies from the govt la, why suddenly now everyone seems to only pick on Airasia?

  55. reform,

    There’s a strong word that you and Tony Fernandes bandy about in this thread – the word “hate.”

    If by using that word you and Tony hope to swing some sympathy for AirAsia (which both of you have succeeded to a certain degree), I think both of you are not presenting yourselves studiously.

    Fanning emotion is the easiest thing to do. Presenting hard facts the opposite.

    Nobody, as you and Tony have put it, ‘hate’ AirAsia. The public is merely raising questions and concerns here simply because the people’s monies are involved. Yours and mine, too.

    Would you be happy to see your hard earned money that you pay taxes with get spent willy nilly, served the cronies and mobilised for bailouts? God forbid!

    The people have every right to question AirAsia, a privately owned company, why for so many years it has not paid back RM110 million that it owes MAHB.

    What AirAsia owes to our public administration coffer, is money we don’t get for perhaps another school, hospital, playground, library etc.

    Get it?

    I don’t mean to question Tony Fernandes’ capability to use RM108 million (plus RM124 million for later extensions) of his own money to want to build LCCT himself but is that good business sense when you are just starting out?

    In fact, there’s no need for a LCCT if you ask me. KLIA has more than enough capacity to serve AirAsia. It would make more business sense for AirAsia to use KLIA and pay airport charges. And do you know up to today KLIA is still under utilised?

    For a privately owned company, AirAsia has been molly coddled. What it owes the GLC there’s no urgency to pay (it’s tax payers monies if you must know.) Why?

    The RM60 million that AirAsia was given before any plane can take off for the rural air service, now returned to MAS, not returned. Why?

    The sorry state that AirAsia is in right now, and you can go ask Tony Fernandes, whether one of the factors that has contributed to it was largely a result of Tony’s ‘smart business acumen’ to hedge the price of aerofuel.

    Tony Fernandes, if he is not a crony to the high office in Putrajaya, would have packed up looong ago with the sharp increasing price of fuel.

    Mark my word, Tony will try with his “believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible and never take no for an answer” to get MAS (which belongs to the public like you and me through our taxes) to take it over to BAIL OUT the low cost airline.

    Tony will then walk away, as the 24th richest man in a few short years in Malaysia as reported, with his money in his pocket intact.

    Wanna place a wager on this, ‘reform?’

    I have said enough, for now.

  56. Dear All,
    Many of us passengers would not have had the many opportunities to fly to many destinations within our country as well visit neighbouring countries without our low cost carrier Airasia.We i mean many grateful passengers who have even flown free could contribute a small sum to help TONY pay his bills and keep AirAsia FLYI NG.We must be proud of our National low Budget Carrier and should support strongly to do what it takes to help them survive this tough patch, in turn we are helping ourselves to travel at low cost.MALAYSIA BOLEH!

  57. Where is Tony Fernandes, who likes to engage? I thought he would have answered all the questions posted here. When is AirAsia paying the Airport Tax?

    Reform: Ask Tan Sri Noor, don’t waste my time. I just got back from my night shift and I do not need such crap! All I need to ask is: look at AirAsia’s financial account at that time and you will know that AirAsia would not have been able to pay RM108 million for the airport. So what bullshit Tony and reform want us to believe?

    AirAsia should stop talking and pay all the Airport Taxes that it has been receiving from the public. Tony should stop spinning story because we know all the bullshits!

    AirAsia: National low Cost Carrier bullshit! A privately owned company. Stop spinning ok. From level playing field to National Low Cost Carrier! Stop trying that because Malaysians are not that stupid anymore!

    Let’s asked ourselves one simple question: If we have a business, can we owe the service taxes? Of course not! So AirAsia should stop playing games and pay all its debt to MAHB and also MAS for RM80 million!!!!

    Drastic actions should be taken against the high ranking officers of MAHB who did not claim back all the debts owed to MAHB!

    I hope that the Sleeping Head will read and understand the people’s anger with the AirAsia.

    YB Wee must press on and do what you can to defend public interest.

    Thank you.

  58. Didn’t know that Airasia was so rich to the extend that it wanted to build LCCT with its own fund! You are great lah Tony. We need more CEO like you! But why is Airasia owing MAHB so much on Airport tax?

    I am sure that Tony, being a good corporate citizen and CEO, will make sure that Airasia will pay up its debts after the Sleepy Head goes to sleep.

    Tony please stop fooling the public. We are not stupid. Please stop bragging. Without the government help and subsidy Airasia will suffer the same faith as Oasis in Hong Kong!

  59. YB Chee,

    it’s very ironic for me to hear the following statement coming from an opposition YB

    “Shouldn’t we believe the Minister’s statement in Parliament?”

    I guess, you yourself know the answer better than the rest of us!

    Looking at the calibre of our current leadership and after witnessing how ‘stupid’ a full fledge minister can be on tv, debating something on he does not even understand, I’ll give the benefits of the doubt to Tony’s explanation.

    Fact that he’s opened AirAsia’s door to anyone to find out the ‘truth’ , is something that even PETRONAS or MAB will never do!

    I’ve been in a GLC before, and I know how things can get screwed up due to weak or mismanagement! Decision making is slow and too bureaucratic and I got the impression that it’s even slower now since Khazanah is practically calling all the shots now! So, I am not surprised if MAB is faced with this issue right now.

  60. Aiyo, militanpacificist, what’s wrong with you. YB Wee was talking about the total debt owed by Airasia given by the Minister of Transport in Parliament. Are we supposed to believe what have been said by Tony Fernandes that they only owed RM68 million??? Why Tony didn’t pay the RM68 million until now?

    Sudahlah! Tony just pay up since Airasia is so sound financially. Stop bullshitting! Pay up first and talk. This is rakyat monies and not Tony’s monies!

  61. TONY JUST PAY UP! PUT YOUR MONIES WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. Stop pretending ok. The whole world know about all the nonsense. So stop pretending!

  62. MAHD is the main culprit in this matter because it is not taking action against Airasia. The CEO should be sacked forthwith.

  63. MAHD’s CEO should be sacked for not taking immediate actions to recover the RM110 million from Airasia. How could MAHB can allow Airasia to owe monies from 2002 for the Airport Tax? A typical GLC with no sense of accountability.

    I do not believe that the new Minister of Transport, Ong Tee Keat, will lie about the RM110 million owed by Airasia since 2002, though Tony Fernandes wanted us to believe so.

    Tony Fernandes was running high when Chan Kong CHoy was the Minister of Transport. I knew about this because I was attached to the Ministry of Transport at that time.

  64. Dewan Rakyat: AirAsia owes MAHB RM100mil
    20 May 2008 … KUALA LUMPUR: Low-cost carrier AirAsia owes Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) more than RM100mil for its use of airports in the … – 43k –

    EPF ups AirAsia stake to 6.45%
    16 Jul 2008 … KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Bhd share price, which had fallen sharply in recent weeks, saw the Employees Provident Fund board acquiring 3.13 …

    ermmm.. what’s the connection between these???
    can some1 tell me..??

  65. 66 areps

    It is the bodohwi connection. EPF should not invest into such company. EPF investment policy is only for blue chips. But not into company like AIrasia, which is far from blue chip. YB Wee should be asking the Minister of Finance why EPF was allowed or instructed into investing into Airasia.

    We must never allowed EPF fund to be abused.

  66. I had a dream:

    Datuk Tony change his name to infamous Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man!!! Flying while singing the famous song – Great pretender (by The Platters), along with a banner stated –
    Now, everyone can fly…………

    Do U believe my bullshit dream here?

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