The twist and turn of Yew Teong Look’s Chinese primary school: Who is not telling the truth?

During the debate on the Ministry of Education, I brought up the issue of a Chinese Primary School, which was just approved in principle by the Ministry. I asked the Deputy Minister of Education, Datuk Wee Ka Siong, the following questions:

1. Since the Ministry has just recently approved the setting up of a Chinese primary school in Wangsa Maju, when will the construction works for the said school commence?

2. Whether the Government will bear all the cost for building the school.

The Deputy Minister, YB Datuk Wee Ka Siong replied as follows:

1. The construction works for the school cannot commence because the Ministry is still looking for a suitable piece of land.

2. As for the cost of construction of the school, it all depends on the type of school.


During the 12th General Election campaign, the MCA Candidate, Datuk Yew Teong Look (YTL), a strong supporter of Datuk Ong Ka Ting, was quoted in the press to have said that “a ministerial position is waiting for him”. He also adopted the theme for his election saying: “YTL IS HERE, THE CHINESE SCHOOL IS HERE.”

From the above clarification by the Deputy Minister of Education, the setting up of the Chinese school in Wangsa Maju was only approved in principle but there was no definite plan to build it.

What further added to the truth of the matter was the fact that YTL had personally admitted in a recent Chinese press report that the Ministry had yet to grant any approval for the setting up of a Chinese school in Wangsa Maju.

In other words, it is now clear that what YTL had promised was merely an election gimmick.

Fortunately, the voters did not buy YTL’s gimmick and saw through the ruse otherwise they will be greatly disappointed.

YTL must clarify whether he had collected any public donation for this so-called Wangsa Maju’s Chinese primary school. If he had, he must now make public whether the donation is kept in a fixed deposit account in a bank.


A few years ago, YTL was reported to have thrown chairs during a MCA Youth meeting. Since that incident, YTL rose rapidly in MCA and the BN body. Consequently after the 2004 General Election (where YTL won the Wangsa Maju seat with about 10,800 votes), Datuk Ong Ka Ting made him a Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of FT.



  1. MCA – a party that’s full of LIES and LICE!!

    “The Deputy Minister, YB Datuk Wee Ka Siong replied as follows:

    1. The construction works for the school cannot commence because the Ministry is still looking for a suitable piece of land.”

    Well, either Wee Ka Siong or Yew Teong Look, or BOTH, is bluffing through their teeth – If most would recall, just before the March 8 GE, Yew sent out some booklets (campaigning material) to the voters proclaiming what “good” he’s brought to Wangsa Maju.

    And in one of the booklets, ref to page 04, he audaciously proclaimed that the Chinese school will be ready in 2010, apart from two photos showing the progress of earth works and also the building plans!!

    MCA – good at making empty promises; just a pack of LIARS and a disgrace to the Chinese community

  2. Yew teong look should tell us where is the land for the proposed school since he is so closed to Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, a famous developer in Wangsa Maju!

    Yew should also tell us how much has he collected by way of donations for this proposed Chinese primary school.

    Yew should stop bullshitting and stop bringing politics into school.

  3. Who will trust MCA again in their promises always and also in the future??? Ask them all to go to hell!!!!!!!!!
    Liars in the GE and in the future we will all vote for PR who will be our real governement very soon.

  4. This Yew Teong Look kow is typical of what has taken over MCA’s mentality for a long time. And they learned it from UMNO.

    What most of them do is say one thing and do the other, in the name of their communities, to benefit themselves.

    UMNO’s ketuanan Melayu has fooled the general Malays for years to give them support to be in power so that they can continue to rape and plunder. Just ask the ordinary Malays in the street, how has the NEP benefited them? Nada.

    The same goes with MCA. They have fooled the Chinese for just as long and these dogs are the ones who benefit themselves together with their machais and cronies. The Chinese at large who had been suckered by MCA’s play on their sentiments get f**ked all the time. What do they get? Nada, nada, nada.

    This Look kow has no brains and a balls carrier. Just because Ong Kah Ting rewarded him with his gangster behaviour he thinks he is the lord. His arrogance knows no bounds.

    Get the ACA to go after this crook Look kow and find out where has the money the Chinese have donated so far for the so-called primary school has gone to.

    I am not surprised it has disappeared into thin air like most of the security and sinking funds for the flats and condos that these MCA crooks have collected.

    They are the worse snakes. They cheat the poor so that they can live like a lord.

    YB Wee, you have done a lot before to expose the shenanigans that have happened like the MBf fiasco. Go after these bastards and don’t let go.

    We will be behind you to give you all the support you need.

    We in Wangsa Maju will not rest until we see this Look kow and his gang go to jail. Dig and dig YB Wee, there’s a lot of shit that will surface.

    *No MCA supporter – now*

  5. This MCA chair thrower is also very thick-skinned one. He also use other people’s backside to use as his face.

    What lah, this Yew Teong Look goes around and tell people he is no more MP. No more job. But on the same night he can PERSONALLY DONATE RM50,000 for the school building fund. How can? When he has no job can have so much money to donate one, ah? Where the money come from? The ACA should know about this.

    YB Wee, you ask him lah did that money come from the Wangsa Maju Foundation Fund. A few years ago the people of Wangsa Maju and businessmen donated to this fund. What happen to the money?

    He really got no shame one. Use other people’s money to donate and says he personally donate. Say lah it comes from the WM Foundation Fund. At least the residentss and donors also happy. Really no shame. Where got he so generous to take out money from his own pocket. A liar, a cheat and useless bugger. Use people’s backside to put on his face also can.

    YB Wee, you should go for him and koret, koret, koret his nonsense he has done. There’s plenty until you want to vomit. Then send the ACA to go after him.

    To the good for nothing Look chat, eh don’t play play with this Rockweiller YB Wee you know. When he bites he don’t let go one. You better watch out.

  6. Yew Teong Look is a scum.

    He knows there is no Chinese primary school yet he can lie through his teeth. This is the kind of people MCA has inside their den.

    They, like Look kow (so apt some commenters have called him!) are vultures and suck upon the Chinese people’s blood.

    The Chinese should also wake up and kick MCA out of their system. They cannot do anything and they allow UMNO to walk all over them.

    MCA with Yew Teong Look can forget about ever coming back to Wangsa Maju. In his four years in Wangsa Maju nothing has been done and he has created more problems for the resident.

    That’s why poor YB Wee is so busy cleaning up his shit.

    We understand the problems that YB is facing with this useless fool and his machais trying to sabotage his good work.

    Do your best YB Wee. We will support you all the way.

    Down with MCA and Yew Teong Look! You all can go to hell!

  7. YB Wee,

    It is refreshing to know that you are out of the “wilderness” and in the thick of action ! Those were the days where you tread the alley of bukit bintang when even the angels fear to walk through.

    Continue the good works and the peoples of wangsa maju will surely know how to reward you in due time. We are all living in exciting times indeed. When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going and in this perilious period of worldwide inflation, we have govt. leaders who are good at lying, cheating, playing racial politics, squandering, abusing the August House with lewd hand signs and even foul language.

    What an irony when there are so much the country need to catch up with the rest of the world ! We are the laughing stock of the world now and how apt to croon ” Malaysia Boleh ” just to pysche ourself that we are able … for what ?

    Thank you YB for all that you’ve done, all that you’re doing and all that you’re going to do. We pray that you will be anointed daily with fresh supply of strength to carry out your daily task and in doing so will leave behind a legacy for the younger generation to follow. Fear not. Thank you.

  8. Dear YB,

    They quoted still unable to find a piece of suitable land but the lands is used to develop a hospital tentera in section 2 and the biggest mosque is wangsa maju.

    We are not talking about there is no mosque at all in wangsa maju but there are all around wangsa maju covering the kem tentera, sri rampai, section 4, from section 2 to traffic lights exit to MRR2 and etc. So why not use a land to build a chinese school indeed…. doubt…???

    Moreover, there are at least 5 to 6 sekolah kebangsaan covering from section 2 to section 6 wangsa maju which is more than enough but even 1 chinese school that they promising also cannot fulfill.. ask how the people will support such a goverment….

  9. kyorylau:

    I take note of your comments and will do what I can about it.

    I would like to also thank the other readers who have commented constructively in my blog. Thank you all once again.

    Wee Choo Keong

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