Headmistress and chairman of Mun Yee School are LIARS and bringing MCA/BN politics into the school

On 5 July 2008 I was officially invited by the headmistress and Board of Governors of Sekolah Rendah Mun Yee to attend a dinner function to raise fund for the building of a school hall, which was attended by the parents and donors.

I had a few programs to attend on that night but I gave priority to Mun Yee School’s invitation without knowing that there was a plan to humiliate me.

At the main table were three politicians. Datuk Wong, MCA Youth; Datuk Yew Teong Look, the ex-MCA MP for Wangsa Maju who is also the Chairman of MCA Wangsa Maju Division; and I together with the political secretary of Deputy Minister of Education, Datuk Wee Ka Siong.

Surprisingly Datuk Wong was asked by the said Deputy Minister to read out his speech for the occasion – a slap in the face for Datuk Yew Teong Look!

The chairman of the Board of Governors of the school then called both the MCA leaders to make their respective speeches and I was by-passed. I felt this was a pre-planned under-handed tactic by the chairman of the Board of Governors and I made a statement to the press about it.

When the headmistress and the chairman of the Board of Governors knew about it, they came to talk to me and gave me their so-called excuse that the Ministry of Education had recently issued a directive stating “that all schools cannot allow opposition MPs to speak in any school function.”

I told them that from my experience this cannot be true and only last month I attended the Lee Rubber School uninvited and I was called upon to say a few words. During the Lee Rubber School function, I was also informed by the member of the Board of Governors that a certain MCA leader was extremely upset with my presence and being allowed to speak. This is completely ridiculous.

Upon hearing my statement that they had pre-planned to humiliate me, both the headmistress and the chairman of the Board of Governors became aware that I knew of them playing dirty MCA politics. They were also aware that I knew that they were lying about the said Ministry’s directive.

During the debate on the Ministry of Education in Parliament today, I pressed the Deputy Minister of Education to clarify whether there was such a directive to ban opposition MPs from attending dinner organized for parents and donors of the Mun Yee School. I demanded for a clarification in order to either stop BN from abusing their power or to expose the dirty politics of MCA.

The Deputy Minister categorically told Parliament this evening that the Ministry never issued such a directive to ban opposition MPs to make or deliver speeches during such dinner function and it was all up to the headmistress and the Board of Governors to decide.

From the Deputy Minister’s reply, it was crystal clear that the headmistress and the chairman of the Board of Governors were lying through their teeth when they said that the Ministry had made the said directive.

Actually both of them had reduced themselves to be MCA stooges and played their brand of dirty MCA/BN politics.

Since both of them are MCA stooges, from now on they should only ask for donations from the MCA/BN leaders, members and supporters.

Until and unless both of them make a public apology or resign for their lies and playing MCA/BN dirty politics, members of the public should seriously reconsider their decision to support the donation drive led by both the headmistress and chairman of the Board of Governors because they are bringing politics into the compound of the school.

Building of facilities for schools is the sole responsibility of the government and since Mun Yee is controlled by MCA, the Board of Governors together with the headmistress should demand that the government pay for the cost of building of the school hall.

The headmistress should not have allowed the school children to go out at night in school uniforms to solicit for donations like beggars.

Since the chairman of the Board of Governors and the headmistress of the school are MCA stooges, they should demand that MCA get the BN government to pay for the building of the Mun Yee school hall otherwise they are inefficient and seemingly taking advantage of the innocent students, their parents and donors.

– 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意








我告诉他们说我这些都是不实的,因为在上个月我在没有被邀请的情况下出席了南益华小(SJK (C) NAN YIK ‘LEE RUBBER’)宴席,当时我曾被邀请上台说两句话。在南益华小的宴会中,我也被该校董事主席告知,部分马华领袖对我上台演讲的事感到极度的懊恼,这是完 全可笑的!













  1. waaa YB, personal humiliation matter you bring until Parliament kah? .. what happened to the crime issue in Wangsa Maju

  2. Ask all of them to go BN for donations and makan all the money like the many funds especially the pig fund????
    Very soon when we will take over the government and overthrown all those dirty MCA guys especially YTL off the street.
    I have sense this during the temple dinner behind Prima Setapak which was attended by you,MCA vice president Donald duck and also Dr Ayam on the July 2 night speech.
    They are just trying to disgrace,sabotage and humilate you only. Next time if those MCAs is present,no need attend as now you are now the YB of Wangsa Maju.
    You have the power now! !!!!!
    Let them do or said whatever they want.
    Just do your job well in parliement and you will be elected again in next GE.

  3. Well said Wee! This issue should be made known to the larger Chinese public of how the schools are being hijacked for MCA political purposes, so I hope you will forward this article to Malaysia-Today for publication on their site.

    The Chinese community better get used to the idea that PR will be the govt soon and MCA nexus like these are going to be a drag on the community and its efforts.

  4. i am not a proponent for chinese schools .. but i am aware of the financial support from the government it gets, or rather the lack of it .. so, by not supporting the donation drive, won’t that indirectly punishes the school children?

    what i am saying is, please take the politicking out of issues such as education etc ..

    awaiting to hear comment from you YB ..

  5. For a long time, I’m inclined to believe that MCA is the most-hatred party in the 14-party coalation of BN.

    At a glance, they appear “clean” what with their white attire during MCA functions but when one look deeper, they’re rotten to the core!! As what yB Wee mentioned, MCA takes advantage of any situation, be it small or big, even at the expense of the Rakyat’s suffering. Remember the “snoop squad”? Some MCA members are even willing to stoop to such level to bring down an able leader.

    I think it’s just full of crap that the top MCA leaders are foregoing nominations for party elections.

    I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again – MCA is to be annihilated from our political scene. Period.

  6. MCA cannot even solve the Damansara Primary School issue till now. Why are they meddling in other schools is indeed odd.

    The school is in Good condition but must make way for an expensive condo.

    MCA is brilliant in attending and gracing ceremonies. The Rakyat knows better.

    Lee Rubber School was built by philanthropists but big part of land was taken by corrupt officials to build houses.

    MCA held some demos but fizzle out. Land behind Post Office was slated for low costs houses but NEVER materialize.

    Medan Idaman never HAD any low costs houses at all!

    Don’t be upset because of some ANJING atitude!

    We must shoulder on in our Road Less Traveled.

    Even though you are our MP your humbleness & good natured will stood & take you well my dear Son.

    Remember Rome was not built in One Day.

    When you are Tired just take a Good Rest & continue your journey.

    I may not be able to witness the Dawn of a New Tomorrow for Malaysia but to all the Good Young People out there please carry on & assist our dear Choo Keong in his quest for a Better Tomorrow.

    Take The Road Less Traveled & we will the discover Life has Many Meanings.

  7. to commenter Weng,

    “.. so, by not supporting the donation drive, won’t that indirectly punishes the school children?”
    I totally agree with you on this; its collateral damage that was brought on by MCA’s doing. See, they’re even willing to gamble on our children’s future for their political survival. Just to show my disgust to them (MCA and the school), I refused to donated when I was approached the other day by my neighbour whose child is a student there!!

    “please take the politicking out of issues such as education etc ..”
    I’m sorry to say that with BN’s 50 year domination of our political scene, politics is already so entranched in our educational system.

  8. for maizatul ahmad,do u think this situation as a personal humiliation wee choo keong???this is a humiliation towards pakatan rakyat.
    (Ministry of Education had recently issued a directive stating “that all schools cannot allow opposition MPs to speak in any school function.”)
    opposition mps(got ‘s’ behind the word mp)=plural=many or u can consider it as all the opposition members of parliament.

    (waaa YB, personal humiliation matter you bring until Parliament kah?)
    so wat if this matter brings to parliament???wee choo keong is a mp for this area,cant he deserve a little respect from people???

    most of the bn people are very childish laaa.yew teong look lose his place at wangsa maju is a shame for mca.this is a place where most people who study at tar college live.as all may know that tar college subsidise by mca,from the general election u may see even people graduate and who still live here also don support mca.shame on u mca.

  9. Richard,

    To be honest, I voted for YB Wee the last GE as I wanted a change because I was sick with how things were handled.

    But tell me this, isn’t now the time to right the wrong that was made? At the very least, what we can do is not to stoop to levels of those whom we think are wrong. An eye for an eye? That will make us all blind, eventually.

    Oh, and let me clarify that I do not support MCA, but YB Wee .. I am still on the fence as to what PKR can do .. but i am still very much hopeful ..

    I can’t say I represent the rakyat when I say this, but I believe the majority is tired with the amount of politicking that Msia has seen since the last GE .. I hope that by your ‘Berkhidmat’ tagline .. you do mean that you will ‘Berkhidmat’ irregardless of color, creed or even political leaning ..

    thank you.

  10. The headmistress and chairman of the board of governors for Mun Yee School have no decency whatsoever. Surely it can not be the culture of any race (Malay, Chinese, Indian and others) to invite a person as your guest to your house and to mistreat him at the same time. If the headmistress and the board of he school are MCA leaders/supporters then don’t invite YB Wee at all because he is with the opposition. That will be perfectly alright and I am sure that no one will complain about it because this is their right to invite or not to.

    Having invited YB Wee, i do not think that it is proper to show disrespect to your guest by ignoring him and gave special treatment to Yew Teong Look and other MCA leader.

    The Board of Governors must realise that the school relied on the donation collected from members of the public, who include the opposition parties supporters.

    We must look at this issue in perspective. I think that it is right for YB Wee to call for the people to reconsider their decision to give donation to Mun Yee School becasue the board is playing politics and misbehave themselves.

    Their behaviour are definitely wrong. So they should be brave enough to apologise for their misbehaviour and undertake not to play their MCA politics in school.

    Apologise or resign.

  11. This is extreme abuse of power… and I guess MCA/MIC/UMNO/BN have NOT learnt why they lost in the previuos election.

    I also attended a fund-raising function lately and ONLY MCA politicians are allowed to speak, the PR MP was left sitting and fuming at his seat.

    Come next election and elections to come, I know how to vote liao oohh…

    One thing for sure, I don’t vote for sore losers…

  12. Wee,
    This is the problem in Chinese schools throughout the country. The BOG and HMs are always MCA members and almost all the time MCA leaders are called to grace school functions.
    From now on, MCA should not only bar opposition members from their functions but also bar them ( and parents who support the Opposition) from donating money to Chinese schools.
    Why take their money when you don’t want their MPs.

  13. I agree with Mr Smith that the Board of Mun Yee school should ban all the parents and donors, who support opposition parties, from donating monies to the school.

    The public should withhold donating monies until these two idiots (headmistress and chairman of the Board) apologise or resign. The board and headmaster of Chinese schools should not stop using the Chinese schools as their base to play MCA politics.

    They are doing a disservice to the Chinese school and Chinese community.

    I will stop donating until the headmistress and chairman of the board make a public apology or resign.

  14. MCA is politically bankrupt.

    Yew Teong Look, the sour loser, please stop playing pariah politics. Better carry on throwing chairs to help Datuk Ong Ka TIng maintaining his Presidency of the MCA.

    Once Ong Ka Ting habis, Yew Teong Look also bongkus and become nasi lemak!

    So please start throwing chairs again. May be he can save Ong Ka TIng and he will save himself. But chances are he is finished the moment Ong Ka Ting is finished.,

  15. Let’s think in depth. It’s not the WCK’s personal humiliation at stake here and I don’t think he’s taking it too personally either.

    A school is an institution to design to cultivate and encourage the younger generation’s learning under a structured approved method and syllabus. It is a system of formal education where knowledge, moral and technical competency is dispensed from teacher to student. The education system allows regulations, policies, examinations, etc, to be set and implemented; whose goals are to educate the individual so that the individual can in turn educate and engineer the future society. The word ‘education’ has wide meaning, but normally its goals are to produce good-moral, responsible, ethical and enterprising citizens.

    In certain countries historically, the education system played a primary role in the political modelling of society, most famous being schools starting from late nineteenth century in Russia and China educating Marxist/ Communist doctrines. Such schools were educational but single minded in nature, selfishly denying citizens of independent and enterprising education. When the political system and ideology fell in Russia, its people fell as well. China, of course, went to embrace capitalism in lieu of communism about 20 years back and is doing well.

    Back to Mun Yee school- it is not right for the school administrators to behave in such a politically hostile manner. Out rightly supporting a political party and demeaning another is not the correct way to educate children, especially when that political party had not responsibly carried out its job to represent society. Such actions will also backfire on the school and schoolchildren especially when there is major political change at national level.

    This political party, who professes to uphold the segment of society it represents, had skewed the direction and speed of nation-building by irresponsibly agreeing to racial-discrimination. It then adopts the back-door approach by ‘helping’ to build Chinese schools and College, to convince the Chinese for continual political party support. The school which is supporting this ideology is not cultivating good educational ground here.

    1. The MCA, who professes about ‘reforming’ itself should into the behavior and practices of its existing/ ex MPs, such as Yew Teong Look who is creating anarchy in the constituency he represented. Instead of doing damage recovery, he is further damaging the MCA’s reputation. He should be called to an MCA enquiry and sacked.

    2. The Education Ministry should haul up the headmistress concerned and demand a formal explanation.

    3. The school should make a formal apology to YB Wee.

    4. The Parents/ Teachers Union of this school should question and demand an explanation from the school administrators for such actions.

    5. MCA supporters and sympathizers should wake up and re-examine themselves.

    6. maizatul ahmad is a dichead who does not understand the real issues here.

  16. Hello!!,

    Do you know who was the man who give this directive not to invite opposition to school function?

    You guy better check who was the FIRST man gave this directive before you argue!!!

    No matter how, I totally don’t agree with the school Headmistress and Governor treated our Wangsa Maju MP like that.

    They MUST openly opologise to the Wangsa Maju MP without delay. Politic MUST not be brought into school and University, as far as I know.

    Even not invited , also push him to say something if he drop by , how can an invited YB was not being given a chance to give speech!!!

  17. If the board and the headmistress of Mun Yee school want to play MCA politics then they should declare themselves that they are MCA politicians and not hide their identities. They are just cowards.

    They should be sacked because they are bring MCA politics into school.

  18. Izm,

    “They MUST openly opologise to the Wangsa Maju MP without delay. Politic MUST not be brought into school and University, as far as I know.”

    No need to bring politics into schools and universities….
    sad to say, it’s already there.

  19. The headmistress and chairman of the board of governors must make a PUBLIC APOLOGY or resign!!!

    Nothing else is acceptable.

    Both these idiots and MCA arse lickers are in the educational line and what kind of stupid behaviour is this? We do not want our children to be influenced by their dastardly poor upbringing.

    They are the devils that will turn our children into useless people like themselves.

    Where is your shame, headmistress and chairman? Don’t both of you know simple manners and respect? Didn’t your parents teach you the right things to do in life? Or are both of you born bastards?

    Your behaviour seems to suggest that both of you have fathers to conceive you but no mothers to bring you up!

    Shame on the both of you! Your children and families should also abandon you like what happened to Tan Sri Eric Chia because of the shame brought on the family name.

    Eric Chia died a lonely man without his family. This same fate will also happen to you headmistress and chairman if you do not repent from your stupidity and apologise publicly or resign!

    The both of you has brought shame to the Chinese community as well. Curse the both of you and may your death be painful and slow.

    Fan Tong! Lap Sap! Kuai! (Glutton! Garbage! Devils!)

  20. kpd maizatul ahmad, perkara ini mempunyai latar belakang tersendiri, ini bakun isu peribadi semata-mata. Saya memang mengalu-ngalu tradisi perdermaan seumpama ini. I rest my case as per Maxxy. Bersama-sama, boleh kita semua dan YB Wee dapat iktibar dari insiden seperti ini.

    Isu gerjala jenayah yg berluasa bukan lah masalah Wangsa Maju sahaja, ini isu nasional. Bukan tanggung jawab MP kita, malah harus sama-sama memikul, PDRM terutama and rakyat umumnya.

  21. Saya bersetuju dengan komen Sdr Awang M Khasidan. Jenayah adalah bukan isu Wangsa Maju sahaja. Ia telah menajdi isu nasional. Dari hujahan-hujahan YB Wee kita semua boleh nampak bahawa YUB Wee pada setiap sessi Parlimen beliau ada membangkit masalah jenayah di Wangsa Maju.

    Isu pengarah tak hormati wakil rakyat dan bermain politik BN di sekolah adalah membinbangkan dan tidak sihat untuk pembangunan negara kitas.

  22. Now now, you’ve made the first thing that irks me.

    Why not you people just put aside the political stance, and help to build up the Chinese education together?

    I dont care what YTL or any other BN people has done for the community, or on your account on handling such case, eventually you guys are the one whom we people count on to 捍卫华教.

    I see your writing in this post as another political trick to put the blame on BN or the others.
    You’re just 鸡蛋里挑骨头, being picky bout a few things that may be disadvantage for you.

    As much as what the BN people did to the community, I don’t think why you should make it a fuss like this also, though you’re strongly disagree with the so-called MoE’s restriction order.
    You aren’t the only one who being sealed up to speak too.

    As much I’ve high expectations on you as Wangsa Maju MP, you’ve disappoint me this time, especially your remarks describing the students act like a begger asking for donations.

    I’m an alumni of SJKC Mun Yee, I’ll be keeping an eye on you regarding Mun Yee’s development.

    Do not disappoint me and other people who may felt the same as I do.

  23. m$a? what m$a? huh represent chinese? This party is now like “rat walk over the street” (everybody wanna beat them hard), very soon they will be in rubbish bin.

    YB wee, just do your job, and care nothing about them, why should we care about useless people?

  24. To: CLF

    It is the right description when YB Wee said that the students have been treated as beggars. I saw this with my own eyes and I disapprove of that. Students should concentrate on their studies and future development.

    Have you seen our Malay students going out on the street to collect donation to build their school. The answer is an obvious NO!

    Since the Mun Yee school Board and headmistress are playing MCA politics then they should get the MCA to demand that the BN government pay for the building of the school facilities after all the parents of the students are tax-payers.

    What is the point in playing MCA politics in Chinese school when they had to get the students to go out begging for donations when they are suppose to stay at home to study or prepare their homeworks like their Malay brothers and sisters.

    YB Wee don’t be cow by these blind supporters, who are not interested in nation building but just being a 3rd or 4th class citizen and allow MCA cronies like the headmistress and the chairman of the board of the school.

    I know that YB Wee will stand up against such idiot , who is blinded by MCA politics. We must stop MCA from bring politics into the school compound.

    I ahve attended a few functions (temple and school) where YB Wee was the guest of honour and I was impressed with YB Wee’s speech that he made it very clear that he will NOT talk politics in such function because there are supporters from all political parties attending the function.

    It is high time that YB Wee msut make his stand against these MCA cromnies, who are hiding behind Chinese schools to operate and fool the people. We must get rid of such small time politicians in any school compound.

    Knowing YB Wee’s history and reputation, I am sure that he will stand by what he ahs saifd.

  25. […] Headmistress and chairman of Mun Yee School are LIARS and bringing MCA/BN politics into the school On 5 July 2008 I was officially invited by the headmistress and Board of Governors of Sekolah Rendah Mun Yee to attend […] […]

  26. To CLF.

    Go to MCA if you do not need YB Wee to help you.
    What annoymous 24 said is very very correct.
    We never see our Malay students going around like begging for donations at all. Only chinese student did that.
    We must stop all politics and parties in school.
    No MCA or PKR in Mun Yee or any schools.
    I supported annoymous 24 very much and well commented.
    CLF is a BN supporters. I would like to ask him a simple question where is our pig farm money? Millions $$$$$$
    PLEASE ASK MCA TO RETURN ALL BACK! instead of asking donation donation again.

  27. First of all, I’m not a BN supporter, nor a PR supporter.
    I do the judgment base on what Wee CK speak of in this post.

    It’s no longer a secret that BN’s uncovered corruption, it’s happening all the time, everyone knows this fact very well.

    As bad as the BN and its component parties’ bad reputation, I just hope that Wee can get the job done without making a fuss on what happened.

    You can say that there’s this black hole in MCA which will suck off all the donations. Well if this is true, why don’t Wee CK bust it up eh? Evidence is something he needs in this case.

  28. I must congratulate SRJK Mun Yee headmistress, Governors and especially MCA, for churning out a blind MCA supporter like in CLF.

    The MCA knows that education is held at the highest esteem by the Chinese, therefore MCA manupulates this educational cause (school building) to their advantage. If MCA is really sincere about this, why can’t they do something positive to the Damansara Chinese school that was ordered shut by you-know-who.

    Before a General Election, without fail, MCA and BN will announce plans to build new Chines schools. After that, nothing happens!! See, MCA is clearly using education to “extort/blackmail” Chinese voters but I’m glad on March 8 the Chinese didn’t buy this!!

    CLF, it’s a pity that you seem to be blindly sticking to your alumni and spitting venom at whoever that condems it. Grow up and look deeper into an issue beforehand. Only them will your alumni’s headmistress/Governor be genuinely proud of you.

    Thank you.

  29. Its proper protocol to invite the current YB to attend functions regardless of political party. The school or schools for that matter should not play it this way because the impact is on its students. On soliciting donations- students walking around with money are exposed to mugging, etc.

    Wong sk hits a good point. MCA holds the education triumph card. The education factor is a sure guarantee for votes but the game failed in the last GE. One thing interesting to note- the game failed, but marginally only- as many were still entrenched in the old school of thought of MCA being champion of education rights and opportunities. The other half of the people who did not buy that MCA idea were the ones who took a step back to analyse the scenario and concluded that MCA missed the fundamentals by a big gap. I applaud the people who stop to think and I hope the trend increases.

    One of the fundamentals are the no-balls attitude in handling the affairs of the state which resulted in increased racial discrimination. Statistics reveal the situation- there are over 5 million Chinese in Malaysia, but over 6 million abroad. If Malaysia is a company, it’s a company we call with a high turnover rate.

  30. Why can’t vernacular schools be subject to systematic development and funding plans?

    All these years, government funding (read, allocation of tax payers’ money which the elected civil servants have the fiduciary duty to apply properly and fairly) to these schools have to be fought and begged for by “communal representatives” and bragged as a election rallying call.

    The reason that vernacular schools divide the nation do not hold water. I was constantly told to love my country and my Malaysians in school. By having a range of education systems, our population can have choices, our country can maintain its unique advantage of multi-language capabilities.

  31. I don’t really mean what I am about to write…but I want to take a standard, well known reply and just substitute the words and tell me what’s your impression

    “maizatul ahmad, this is a Chinese matter and being non-Chinese, you stay out!”

    Personally, I sound both offensive and defensive at the same time. I also failed to give a good reason why maizatul can’t offer his view in a democratic country nor I can successfully convince myself that I have a better argument than his.

  32. In my own opinion, I think YB Wee is doing right thing, voice up when u feel is not fair…

    Not matter what, school is not a political battle ground. If Headmistress was injected political elements into school. She are failed to take up her responsibility. This recent GE show what is real people feel and be honest and accept it.

    To CLF, do not push so much personnel emotion and try to be more sensible as YB Wee just on duty.

    A lot of dirty plan is planing towards YB Wee. Look at the case in Desa Setapak food court center and now the chinese school.

    If u r in his shoe, what can you do and suggestion to deal with non friendly DBKL and Gov.

    To Yang Berkhidmat, u hv my support..

  33. Hey CFL!

    Who the bloody hell are you to issue an ultimatum to YB Wee? “Keeping an eye on you” and “do not dissapoint me”? What type of warnings are those?

    SJKC Mun Yee ought to be ashamed to have in the alumni a loutish fellow as you. Go back to school and get a better education this second time around, will ya?

  34. I’m just another typical guy you find on the streets.

    As far as I’m concerned, I did not do anything that I should be felt ashamed of, it’s just that I’m arguing for the point I felt I should voice out my opinion.

    I do not think that I’m being rude to Mr Wee here, I just voice out my dissatisfactory on him.

    You guys may say that I’ve been blindfolded, well I just speak based on what I see for now.
    Nowadays it’s hard to get reliable news source so I can’t really trust on all the news circulating on and off the medias, let it be the newspapers or news portals.

    I would welcome constructive comments like the other commentators gave instead of condemning other people here.

    Since you asked me to get back to the school to redo education again, why not take a mirror and reflect on yourself? O_o?

  35. As chinese always said “fire cannot covered by paper”. End of the day, we will know.

    Based on recent activities from our Gov & DBKL, do you think they are helping/benefits people so far. All neighbor countries are focusing on economy solution to fight inflation. But from what we heard and observed is destructive actions.

    Same thing applied to Chinese community, are we still fighting and waste our energy for micro items. Please try to feel, price is up and we need good Gov to fight economy. We need good system to check balance Gov spending. As Gov always educated us “menjadi pengguna yang bijak”. kanasai, Gov spent money on mega projects. Do they practice this as well.

    Is out of topic but this is I feel to our Gov….:-<


  36. I felt sorry for the “school boy”, who is blinded by Chinese education. How stupid can one be! To this school boy is even if the headmistress and the chairman of the board committed a crime it is ok because they are helping Chinese education. How stupid?

    If the headmistress and th chairman of the board are bringing MCA/BN politics into the school and tell lie that it was the directive from the Ministry of Education to ban opposition MP, which was not the case then we all should demand that these two pseudo politicians be thrown out from the Chinese school before they bring disaster and shame for the school.

    I hope that little boy who is trying to defend the indefensible two idiots should go back to kindergarten learning A, B & C.

    We must never allowed such MCA characters playing politics in school.

    I fully agree with YB Wee calls for all parents to reconsider donating until these two small time MCA politicians resign from the school. We must maintain the school free from all kinds politics. We must not allow MCA from using public fund obtained from donations andat the same playing politic in school.

  37. Anonymous

  38. oi, Y Bother! U boldly put your face next to our flag and dare declare ‘to serve’???? to serve who? what is the real issue at hand here?

    All this just because u are ‘humiliated’? and for this u are all out to hurt this chinese school? who are the ones who will suffer from all these? you? the headmistress? MCA? ITS THE STUDENTS, YOU MORON! i quote you: “members of the public should seriously reconsider their decision to support the donation drive.” FOR WHAT?! TO MAKE YOU FEEL MORE LIKE A BIG MAN?

    your duty is not to mark PKR or BN territory. leave territory markings to dogs.

    if you can’t be a little bit more dignified than this, i suggest u go ‘serve’ elsewhere, because this will be your only term in parliment.

    grow up!

  39. All this time, Chinese school needs our donation to support. we all know chinese school not getting full fund from Govt (all the time). Please do not protest for any school donation, children needs our support.

    Please debate the issue and collectively request the feedback from all parents.

    The school is ours and my personnel opinion what ever is it, do not ruin the school…..

    Without children, can we call it a school… think about it


  40. I am a residents from Wangsa Maju area and since years ago Mun Yee School had been raising funds to establish a better environment for all residents in our area, me and people around me all supported Mun Yee for a better future for the next generation.
    Unfortunately now that this issue had arised and i personally consider that the chairman of Mun Yee and Head Mistress shall resign due to such disrespect to our honored YB MR WEE. This is a total humuliation for respected YB whom he had so much support behind.
    Mun Yee should apologise in this issue whom he got humiliated with such disgrace.

    YB: is my consideration/opinion rational?

  41. Hey, I like all your comments. Do you think aplopgy will help? Do you think your suggestions can help? Do you think at this moment MCA can help? Do think at this moment PKR can help? If can’t, the school still needs to organize funtions to raise fund. The school children still need to act like beggars to ask for donation. The Board of Governors and PIBG members still need to run around to ask for donation. Next month is the month of ghost, if you see them appear in the temple funtions, you know what I mean….

  42. I totally agree with YB Wee’s demands that the headmistress and chairman of the board of governors of SJKC Mun Yee must make a PUBLIC APOLOGY or resign due to the incident!!!

    The headmistress and chairman of the board of governors should bear the full responsibility of their actions. They especially the headmistress (as a head of the school and a government servant) should know the protocol of the invited VIP for the speech…further more the school already has ample of experience on this due to the many previous charity functions.

    It is public knowledge, every school received a directive from the Ministry that the HM needs to ask approval for VIPs to make or deliver speeches during such dinner function and it was all up to the headmistress and the chairman of the Board of Governors to decide. Did the headmistress and chairman of the board of governors of SJKC Mun Yee have sought the approval from the ministry or education department to allow YTL to give speech on the dinner function?

    If the headmistress and chairman of the board of governors had asked approval from the ministry or education department for the YTL to give speech, pls show the approval letter to YB Wee to clear the misunderstanding. If not, the headmistress and chairman of the board of governors of SJKC Mun Yee should resign due to such disrespect to our honored YB MR WEE.

  43. Anyway, anyone knows the name of the headmistress and chairman of the BOG?

    One would have thought they being educationists would have known how to uphold and walk the thin line of integrity and honour.

    Looks like we have hypocrites, liars and vipers in our midst!

    Shame on the both of them! Would they have the human decency to apologise publicly or resign?

    I don’t think so lor given the fact they are from the MCA moulds.

    100 lashes each on their bare buttocks in public for their crime!

  44. The headmistress and the chairman of the school board should not lie by stating that there is a directive from the Ministry to ban all opposition MPs from speaking at dinner functions in school. I have read in the papers that Deputy Minister of Education has clearly stated that there was no such directive issued for dinner functions.

    They should not lie and play MCA politics in school. Since they refused to apologise or resign from their respective posts for bringing MCA politics into the school then we should WITH-HOLD payment of donations. We cannot allow these MCA politicians in school to get monies from us and at the same time these MCA politicians do not respect our decision in electing YB Wee as Wangsa Maju MP.

    If the two MCA politicians and Yew Teong Look not happy with the people’s decision, they have to wait for the next election to fight YB Wee, if YB Wee is still the candidate. MCA should not be a sore loser. Yew Teong Look and his MCA cronies must learn to accept the people’s decision.

  45. Hey CFL!

    You have to call a spade as just that, instead of beating round the bush. If you had written a comment that borders on harmless threats, then please admit so. Don’t hide behind reasons like “It is how I feel”, “It is my right to say what I want”, “Just voicing out my dissatisfaction”, ad nauseaum. Yes, you probably meant all of those above but your statement came out sounding like you will take YB Wee down. For that, you should apologise to him for the ‘careless’ slur of written words.

    For the love of God, don’t play the same game the Kinabatangan MP did to justify why he showed the vulgar sign. “Oh, it’s not vulgar, that’s how I express my feelings at that moment in time”. Pure bollocks!

  46. Why must we allow MCA Headmistress and chairman of the school board to bring politics into school and at the same time lie all the way as if no one will know that they were lying.

    The headmistress and chairman are the enemies to Chinese school as they will lie and lie to play their MCA politics in school.

    Therefore, we are duty bound to get rid of the headmistress and chairman of the board. It is very clear that these two idiots were wrong in what they did, they should own up and apologise – I am sure that YB Wee and the people would have accepted it. But until this day, these two LIARS are still pretending to remain stupid.

    Therefore, I agree with YB Wee that members of the public should RECONSIDER the with-holding donations unless and until these two idiots either resign or be sacked.

    We must defend the school and get rid of these MCA opportunists in School. I hope that YB Wee will speak up against these MCA politicians who try to bring politics into Mun Yee school.

    In the mean time BOYCOTT the donation first until and unless these two idiots apologise to the residents or resign otherwise don’t donate yet.

    MCA go to hell with your idea of banning Opposition MPs from speaking in a school function!

  47. we can see how people emotions can be stir up just by reading a person’s comment on some issues. Have we found out from both sides what has actually happened?

    Do you all know that there are many people put in their heart and effort to toil and labour for the completion of that Mun Yee building? I know of quite a number of old boys from this school put in their effort to plan, to seek donation without getting any pay or reward. What they want is to see their school prosper and for the future generation to benefit. I strongly believe politics is never in their minds.

    What has our YB Wee contributed to this? Just for the reason of not being allowed to give a speech, all the previous effort of these people were condemned. Do you think this is fair? And now, he appealed to the public not to contribute to this school, for an educated lawyer, doesn’t he know that the ultimate victim will be the school and indirectly the children in that area?

    Come on, during the election ceramah, you all shouted ” call us yang berkhidmat, not yang berhormat!”, is this slogan only? and now you want to get all the hormat just to give you a chance to speak?

  48. Before any of you make any comments on the headmistress, you have no idea who she is. She has absolutely no interest in the political agendas and all she cares for is the well-being of the school, just like all the heads of the Chinese school in Malaysia. You have no idea how these comments have hurt the headmistress who absolutely has NO intention of any of these. She is by no means related to MCA or has anything planned as claimed by the YB.

    Please be responsible with free speech and do not make biased comments without knowing the whole truth yourself.

  49. I find it a bit strange that the headmistress supporters would come out in support of her but the headmistress herself, why?

    YB Wee has made an open and public statement of this issue. Shouldn’t the headmistress make the same?

    We can understand that she feels hurt and disappointed and all that.

    But why keep the elegant silence? Come out and challenge YB Wee openly and take him to the cleaners!

    The headmistress, I am, sure is ‘grown up enough’ to speak for herself instead of having her stooges to do the talking for her.

    100 more lashes on the open buttocks in public for being a coward and getting third parties to rubbish others for her.

  50. to cs:
    how is wee choo keong going to berkhidmat if he cant even get the basic hormat from people????
    just a simple question,are u able to serve the community while people around u look at u like u are at the wrong side in the country???are u able to serve when other people mock at u??even student who donno anything about politics also will have a bad impression of wee choo keong.

  51. To CS:

    You said, “we can see how people emotions can be stir up just by reading a person’s comment on some issues. Have we found out from both sides what has actually happened?”

    What happened? Wasn’t it darn obvious? CLF, the self-professed old-boy of Mun Yee gave an ultimatum to YB Wee for CLF is watching him, that’s what happened! What more both sides of the story do you want? Sheesh!

    Then you asked what YB Wee has contributed to Mun Yee all these years. Let me ask you, why is that important? He wasn’t contending the sacrifices and labour of love of its former students. He was simply stating a palpable fact that there was a heinous effort of some sort to embarass him at that school function. And that the school officials are involved. So, are you then contending that as YB Wee is not an alumni of Mun Yee, and that he had not contributed to Mun Yee before, thus he has no reason to voice out his anger and dismay at the treatment he got? It’s okay to be humiliated and take it with a pinch of salt, eh?

    It is exactly what the school principal and MCA is hoping for when forgiving Malaysians like CS and CLF argue against halting of donations for fear that students will be the victims instead. Don’t you know the students are the pawns in this dirty game the MCA is playing? You are playing right into the MCA’s grubby dirty hands.

    I say to the public to object to donating to the school until the school officials make known their stand further.





  53. it saddens me to see the, ‘you are our enemy if you don’t agree with us’ mentality being displayed here .. name calling and labelling others with BN, MCA, PKR supporters etc etc .. why can’t it all be residents of WM?

    Now on a larger perspective, calling for the boycott of donation is akin to the BN government punishing Penang by canceling some development projects … didn’t we all feel that it is unfair? so is this how things are going to run once YB Wee is in the government? Because if that is so, I felt that my ‘vote for change’ was an exercise in futility .. I am still being dished the same shite over and over again ..

    do spare a thought for the children who are studying in Mun Yee or any schools which are not fully supported by the government ie the former missionary schools .. my question is this why punish them for a mistake made by the school administrator .. and what happened to the children of YB Wee’s supporters who happen to be in that school? should they remove the children out of there?

    give it a thought ..

  54. To Iktang

    Go to hell. why should our new YB do for the MCA school???
    Most the mun yee are BN peoples so go to BN.
    No need YB Wee to bother.
    All of you bring the MCA people into the school so …”Headmistress and chairman of Mun Yee School are LIARS and bringing MCA/BN politics into the school”
    No need to think or consider for this dirty politics MCA school.
    Remember and you check the voters there… They also voted for PR and they lose even in this school.
    So MCA and Iktang go to hell…..

  55. 华教的困境每个华人都懂,YB不懂吗?如果华人不支持华小,难道要让它自生自灭吗?政府没帮华小多少,反对党又贡献了什么?YB,请不要把政治斗争带进学校。WM的选民们,请三思。。。。。。

  56. i’m not come in for listening any politics/conflicts between the school /for children.i just wondering is that any websites:srjk(c) mun yee’s historical,teachers and students’ details that i can access?if yes,please reply.tq

    but as my opinion,politics is simple,just like establish a school for a better life/education, but some people are doing something to confusing us for the main purposes of establish this school.Think about it,it is for children having a better education,and review this school’s historical.

  57. I been to Mun Yee school before and my sister when to Lee Rubber and what you said i dont belive because base on teachers MunYee teacher are a lot better than LeeRubbber’s But of course some teachers are not good but most of them are. :(

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