Taking up Khairy Jamaludin's challenge

Since YB Khairy Jamaludin has challenged me to repeat what I have spoken in Parliament which got him very angry – outside Parliament – in order for him to take legal actions against me, I have proceeded to do so today.

Just after lunch break I have repeated part of my speech, which YB Khairy Jamaludin was amusingly angry about, to the press and it is as follows:

“Syarikat* FAJARBARU *ini terlibat dalam kegiatan dengan izin* “INVESTMENT HOLDING & PROVISION FOR MANAGEMENT OF SERVICE”. Kumpulan Fajarbaru ini date back ke *1976 di mana core subsidiarinya ialah, *Fajarbaru Builder Sdn. Bhd. (27198-T) (Formerly known as Syarikat Pembenaan Fajar Baru (Rembau) Sdn. Bhd.)*.

Samada ini adalah satu coincidence di mana syarikat ini ada latar belakang dari Rembau, kawasan menantu tertentu.”

Now that I have repeated what I have said in Parlaiment that has caused much anger to YB Khairy Jamaludin, YB Khariy Jamaludin is free to do what he has set to do.

Thank you.

Wee Choo Keong
Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju

* Here’s a related story by malaysiakini here.


  1. Thank God the SIL has no protection of the PM when he is in Parliament. I do not see any anything defamatory in YB Wee’s statement. Well, ada peribahasa Bahasa Malaysia untuk keadaan ini: SESIAPA MAKAN CILLI MERASAKAN PEDAS!!”

  2. The son-in-law is extremely sensitive. He is not the only son-in-law from/in Rembau. The most suitable proverb for him: Siapa makan cili merasakan pedas!!!

    Everybody knows about the son-in-law, he was also involved in ECM Libra. Please do not sue me. Sue Kalimullah instead.

  3. This is an act of consummate courage which is rare in M’sian politics. I fully support the stand you have taken, YBro. You are one of the reasons I voted for Pakatan. I salute your courageous stand and I call on all fair-minded M’sians (not just in Wangsa Maju!) to stand with YB Wee!

  4. Typical of the man, ain’t it?

    Jumping up and down like a beruk!

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Khairy Jamaludin beruk!

    To read more about his antics go to

    Don’t play, play ok beruk. Inilah YB Wee ok. Bukan seorang senang di tekan.

    Keep up the good work YB Wee! Put these monkeys in their proper places.

    – onevote –

  5. Ya Beruk! Beruk! Beruk!

    Jumping like a beruk! beruk!

    Why the Beruk didn’t jump when YB Wee also talked about the 9% cut taken from all fares charged by the taxi drivers from LCCT. According to YB Wee the 9% cut is collected by Mesra Indah Jaya Sdn Bhd for doing nothing except putting up a counter and a few guys outside the LCCT.

    The beruk should answer who is the actual owner of Mesra Indah Sdn Bhd.

    The MAHB should stop the collection of this 9% from the taxi drivers immediately.

  6. That beruk you all talking about is the most hated SIaL in the whole wide world.

    Whack him kow kow YB Wee. Don’t give him chance and face. Padan muka itu SIaL.

    From Melayu Jati

  7. Beruk itu ingat dia siapa.

    Patut lah dia di panggil SIaL.

    Menantu yang paling di benci teruk teruk.

    Kalau bukan dia tersia sia langgar kereta Nori dia tak dapati perempuan bodoh ini menjadi isteri dia sendiri!

    Nurul Izzah dia tackle dahulu. Tapi bila DS Anwar Ibrahim di pecat dia lah switch camp. Peranggai ini seperti SIaL ini betul betul tak boleh di terima. “Opportunist” lah kot.

    Bangsat betul. Boleh kah dia sue YB Wee ini? Tahu kah dia huruf? Mana ada perkataan YB yang singkirkan dia?

    Memalukan orang Melayu kita sahaja. SIaL betul.

  8. Muka sebagai Beruk sahaja dan diperlingdungkan oleh orang yang tertidur.

    ECM Libra is the word to ask the Beruk. Where did the beruk get the monies to pay for the so-called losses amounting RM200 million!!

    YB Wee next time use BERUK to describe so that he can not jump so much,

    korek! Korek! Korek! Korek!

  9. Hi, Mr Wee,

    Way to go man. I tell you I am so fed up hearing this guy name (SIL) from all my friends. In fact, everyone I met also believes he is of nou use to Malaysian. He is not fit to sit in the Parlimen.
    Let’s see he takes the next action. Or if he has the balls to take the next action. But then again he may have kept his balls with his FIL. He he….

  10. YB Wee, please KOREK that Beruk further on ECM Libra and also press on with AirAsia. If the Beruk jumped like a Beruk Kena Belacan just because a reference was made to the place called REMBAU. It would appear that the Beruk thought that he owns REMBAU. I heard that the Rembau people had enough of the Beruk becasue he is so arrogant – going to the Kampung with luxurious car like Berabus, Porsche and the like.

    YB Wee please check on ECM Libra. I am sure that you will find more things to talk about in Parliament.

  11. Knocked that bloody beruk/SIAL harder. He deserved it because he jumped over such a small thing. Is he the only menantu in Rembau.

    I do agree with other commentors that YB Wee should investigate into ECM Libra because it is the root of all thin Malaysia.

    ECM Libra is the company to check on. Go for it YB Wee.

  12. It would be such a relief for a lot of Malaysians if KJ got removed,and charged (if possible) for all the dirty games he has played which actually led to a lot of money going out from our system to his account.It seems like there’s a lot of talk about toppling him..i just hope something could be done asap to ensure no more nonsense from him.In the end,the rakyat has to pay the price for his direct or indirect actions.

  13. YB Wee,

    Saya sokong YB buat kenyataan yang dimina oleh Beruk Jantan (KJ). Tenguk berani dia laporkan kepada pihak berkuasa. Saya tidak nampak YB sentuh nama beuk Jantan pun tetapi mengapa Beruk jantan itu melompat-lompat macan kena pelesit.

    Rembau dan menantu bukan hak dia saja. Betullah Beruk Jantan ni tak sedar diri.

  14. Aiyoyo, whackthebastard, betulke Beruk SIaL ni cuba tackle sama Nurul Izzah-ke?? Cis! Loya ++! Muntah!
    Sekarang pulak nak ‘tackle’ YB Wee??
    Kenapa pulak? Adakah nama SIaL dikomenkan oleh YB Wee? “Guilty conscience” ke? Jangan…
    Nanti dijangkiti konspiracy jilat-liwat!
    YB Wee bukan main-main… akan ketuk u sampai hangus!
    Mampus, sibiawak Rembau ini!
    Sampai FIL pun ta boleh buat apa-apa…
    Aiyah, sibodek pengecut… member2 nya memang saiz cili padi tanpa kepedasan – nama alias nya ialah “Sue!”.

  15. Eh eh ada inspirasi pulak …

    Bapak mertua kepada menantu SIaL itu boleh di panggil FaIL!

    Adoi tepat nama dua dua mereka …

    Badawi = FaIL

    Khairy = SIaL

    hahaha, mengelikan hati saya sambil tak boleh berhenti gelak mengelak.

  16. YB should start to look into ECM Libra where the beruk was supposed to have lost RM200 million. The beruk was unemployed then ok! I would like to be unemployed too if I can afford to loose RM200 million in the ECM Libra shares transactions.

    Remember ECM Libra. That is the place to look at.

  17. No wonder nicknamed BERUK and surname SIAL! How can one jumped over such simple and neutral statement. Don’t tell me that there is only son in law in Rembau! I hope that the father in law that sleep most of the time to tell his son in law to behave himself and don’t jump like a beruk just because the word “menatu”is uttered.

    SIAL lah!

  18. If I am the Beruk father in law, I will be proud of the Beruk because before as an unemployed he can just laughed off when he lost RM200 million on the ECM Libra share transactions.

  19. Of course, he is a smart unemployed. He can afford to throw RM200 million away for the fun it.

    I am sure that SIAL does not have a single share or interest in ECM Libra. Aiya! how can he has interest in ECM Libra when he already sold the shares to one of the directors.

    He is so smart. The Father in law should make him a cabinet minister after all he is the only unemployed that can afford to loose RM200 million and laughed over it.

    SIAL’s ability makes Malaysia proud because we have not heard of an unemployed who can afford to loose RM200 million- just like that.

  20. Inland Revenue should probe how one can loose RM200 million when one is unemployed. What a good question from Anon 1:42 am?

    But how Inland Revenue act when the father in law will provide all the protections.

    It is always better to be a BERUK after all because BERUK got all the protections that one need.

    In that case I want to be a BERUK!!!!!!

  21. The bugger doesn’t even know what is defamation. Doesn’t know when to pick a fight. Does Oxford produce idiots these days?

  22. hey SiL… spend more time helping your FiL plot more schemes agaisnt his political rivals lah… you are not fit for the front line yet, so stand down

    YB Wee not a pushover, k…

  23. Anyone gone to Khairy’s official website lately? It says, Khairy Jamaluddin…MP for Rembau….out of the cage!! I kid you not!

  24. as far as i can remember he state that PKR stands for project khinjir raksaksa.while his name is mostly known as KJ,would it be perfectly suitable that he is one of the khinzir jantan that is inside project khinzir raksaksa???

  25. YB Wee,


    You have got the balls! Nail that big-mouth down!
    these buggers think that they are above the law and they are the law.

    come on, show him what the law really is.

    no worries, on the next G.E, my vote will go to you.

  26. My wife and me are proud to have voted for you in Wangsa Maju! Next General Election, we will do the same!

  27. YB Wee juga jangan lupa tanya dalam Dewan…..macam mana Pos Malaysia boleh dapat keizinan bagi menyalurkan “wang subsidi minyak” kepada rakyat….bukankah lebih senang dan selesa sekiranya diberikan kepada bank bank kerana Bank sentiasa mempunyai wang yg cukup untuk diagihkan semasa operasi pengagihan. Sebaliknya Pos Malaysia kerap kehabisan wang semasa orang ramai baru hendak beratur dan terpaksa menunggu penghantaran wang lain menggunakan kenderaan keselamatan.

  28. Kawan-kawan, YB ada cakap jangan guna kan nama binatang kepada orang? sebab beruk kalau kita ajar dia mesti pandai! Ini khairy dia binatang sebab tu dia belajar kat oxford tapi tak pandai-pandai.

  29. Aiyo! Siapa maka cili rasalah pedas!!!!!

    Ini beruk mestyi diketuk! dia ingat dia ada perlindungan dari kuasa tertentui. Nanti itu kuasa tiada itu beruk pun masuk sarang!

  30. We must all look at ECM Libra! This is a GOOD company that all Malaysian should invest. Just like Khairy, he was unemployed and yet he can afford to loose RM200 million after selling his ECM Libra shares.

    I am thinking of applying to ECM Libra to buy its shares and able to loose RM200 million and smile! How fantastic. Khairy must be an economic genius otherwise his father in law would not have wanted him as his son in law. If he is not an economic genius he would not have been protected by the PM (according to Khairy he is protected by the PM).

    I must he is God’s gift to Malaysia and I hope he will take over from Badawi and becomes a PM. That will be a great day for the BOLEH LAND!!!!!!!!!!!! And I will migrate forever!

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