Questions Time, 26 June 2008

Minister of Federal Territory’s reply to my question on road-widening project of Jalan Genting Kelang.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta MENTERI WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN menyatakan kos keseluruhan untuk projek membesarkan jalan “JALAN GENTING KELANG DARI PERSIMPANGAN JALAN AIR PANAS KE PERSIMPANGAN JALAN 1/27A” di Wangsa Maju dan kenapakah Kementerian tidak mengadakan “Tender Terbuka” sebelum memberikan projek tersebut kepada Mentari Contracting (M) Sdn Bhd.


Tuan Yang Di-Pertua,

Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat bagi Wangsa Maju kos keseluruhan bagi projek “Jalan Genting Kelang Dari Persimpangan Jalan Air Panas Ke Persimpangan Jalan 1/27A” di Wangasa Maju adalah RM40 juta termasuk kos pengambilan tanah berjumlah RM20 juta. Jumlah peruntukan yang disediakan untuk perbelanjaan bagi tahun 2008 adalah sebanyak RM25 juta.

Pelawaan tawaran projek ini telah dibuat secara tender terbuka kepada kontraktor-kontraktor Kelas A melalui iklan-iklan yang disiarkan pada 10 April 2007 di dalam akbar Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian dan laman web DBKL.

Penilaian tawaran telah dibuat diperingkat DBKL dan Lembaga Perolehan ‘A’ Kementerian Persekutuan bagi memilih kontraktor berdasarkan aspek-aspek kesempurnaan tender, tender dan kewangan dan juga komersial.

Tetuan Mentari Contracting (M) Sdn Bhd telah menepati aspek-aspek yang ditetapkan dan telah ditawarkan kontrak dengan nilai kontrack RM18,966,428-00 serta tempoh siap projek selama 74 minggu. Kerja pembinaan projek telah bermula pada 18 Disember 2007 dan dijanka siap pada 18 Mac 2009. Kerja pembinaan adalah mengikut jadual dengan mengambil kira permasalahan pengambilan tanah dan juga pengalihan utiliti di tapak.

– 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意

黄朱强先生【旺沙玛朱】询问地方政府部长,关于旺沙玛朱区的「雲頂吉冷路由熱水池路交接处直到1/12A路交界处」道路扩建工程的费用,以及该部门在把计划发配给MENTARI CONTRACTING(马)有限公司之前没有公开招标?





投标价格由吉隆坡市议会以及《直辖区部A级委托局》(Lembaga Perolehan ‘A’ Kementerian Persekutuan)所评估,遴选标准基于各种条件,包括承包商的完备性、财务以及商业考量。

Tetuan Mentari Contracting (M) Sdn Bhd 符合所规定的条件,并获得价值18,966,428令吉的合约。工程完成时限是七十四个星期。工程已经在2007年12月18日展开,预期在 2009年3月18日完工。建筑工作有根据时间表在进行,并却已经考虑到征收土地的困难度和工地设施的转移工作。


  1. RM20 million for that…a bit excessive

    only advertised in 2 papers? why not English and Chinese papers? Is there a policy guideline some where on the number of advertisement to be aired? Besides, is this project limited to bumi only or anybody who can do the best job at the best rate?

  2. Who says it doesn’t make sense to buy property near a main road or highway. Might make millions one day. Can we get a breakdown of payees of the ‘kos pengambilan tanah’.

    When I drive along the Jalan Genting Klang/ Jalan Setapak/ Jalan Pahang stretch I get a sense of bottlenecks and balloons. I don’t think this road project will ease traffic flow, but create congestion because it looks like the stretch is sometimes widen from 2 lanes to 3 lanes then to 2 lanes again. Anyway, the traffic problem is almost solved because of the fuel price hike- syabas Badawi, for solving this problem by an overnight decision.

  3. One of the major problem is the schools on both side of the road close to Galleria Mall. It is pointless to have many lanes “upstream” in Jalan Genting Kelang but then bottleneck around Jalan Pahang. The bus stop near the old chinese restaurant is another reason for bottleneck.

    Unless the schools can have a big space for parents to drive in and drop off kids, the problem remains.

  4. I do not think that the government had to acquire land for the widening of the Jln Genting Kelang. I observed that the widening was to the pavement or slightly wider.

    RM40 million for such a short stretch of widening is just a big joke. RM40 million or RM20 million was enough to cause me wanting to vomit. RM40 million is definitely a rip off. I have had enough of this BN leader and I shall not how to deal with Anwar.

  5. Another t is just another BN con job! RM40 million for such a short stretch is unacceptable! Another minus point for BN. Another vote against BN.

  6. Dear YB,
    Please raise the safety issue during the upgrading works. There should be some provision in the contract for temporary safety barrier or at least some warning tapes along the new road expansion. Currently is none which is very dangerous to the users especially at night.
    Their job is not just award and wait until the work complete. Their job should include monitor and supervise the work and make sure all the details in the contract is follows.
    If not follow, please deduct the money on the work and return it to RAKYAT! Thank you.

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