Woes of Desa View Condominium residents

The condition of Desa View Condominium (Desa View) in Wangsa Maju has deteriorated very badly due to the neglect of its property management, MBf Property Services Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of MBf Group of Companies).

Desa View has been having problems for many years. MBf Properties Services Sdn Bhd has since been wound up by the court a few years ago. It owed SYABAS a sum totaling about RM390,000-00. Two weeks ago the water supply to the condo was cut and the Liquidator and I have to intervene and we managed to temporarily restore it.

The Commissioner of Building (COB) organized a meeting today and I was invited by the owners to attend and observe the meeting. A few “so-called owners” tried to dominate the meeting but failed. One of whom was Mr Ravindran Kunjan, who at all material times has described himself as an Advocate and Solicitor, High Court Malaya, on his letterheads. I have checked with Bar Council and has been informed that he is NOT an Advocate and Solicitor as provided under Legal Profession Act.

At last, the owners elected Kapten Zulkafli Amat to be the person responsible to organize a meeting to elect the JMB. The meeting will be held in 21 days’ time. In the mean time, SYABAS’ temporary agreement to reconnect water supply is due for discussion on 23 June 2008.

I sincerely hope that COB will do and take the necessary actions to ensure that SYABAS will not terminate the supply of water to Desa View until a proper JMB is formed.

– 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意

旺沙玛朱区的迪沙景观公寓(Desa View Condominium)的设施保养情况极度恶劣,原因是其物业管理公司马婆金融物业服务有限公司(MBf Property Services Sdn Bhd)疏于指责。(马婆金融物业服务是马婆金融集团的一家子公司)


该公寓的住屋委员会(Commissioner of Building,COB)在今天组织了一项会议,我被公寓业主邀请参与并观察有关会议。几位「自称为业主」的人士企图垄断整场会议,可是他们无法得逞。 他们其中一位名叫拉文德兰(Ravindran Kunjan),他从头到尾都在形容自己为一名律师,服务于马来亚最高法院,这些都印在他的信笺上。我曾经就此事想律师公会查询,并被告知他并不是像《法 律职业法令》(Legal Profession Act)下所禀明的律师。

最终,业主们选出朱卡菲利中尉(Kapten Zulkafli Amat)作为负责筹备共管小组(Badan Pengurusan Bersama,JMB)的会议。下场会议将会在21天之内召开。根据2008年6月23日的会议结果,目前雪州水供公司暂时延缓合约,从新把食水驳接给 居民使用。我真诚希望这个住屋委员会能够做出必要的措施,以确保雪州水供公司不会在正式的共管小组成立前截断迪沙景观公寓的水供。


  1. Holding oneself as advocate and solicitor when one is not is an offence under the Legal Profession Act. This matter should be reported o the Bar Council and the police so that people like this will not be allowed to impersonate himself.

    This is a quality of a con-man! Please lodge a report immediately.

  2. Thank you YB for helping us and clarifying that Ranvindran is not an Advocate & Solicitor. This guy with Augustine, Engku Hasan, Sharafudin and co has been going around DVT creating problems and because of them we end up owing TNB and SYABAS almost RM750K.

    Their next agenda is to get elected and after that ask the owners (even good pay masters) to share the amount owing to TNB & SYABAS.

    Hope this is not the first and last time I see you in DVT.

  3. MP Wee

    I propose that in the Wangsa Maju Parliamentary Constituency, you get the COB to do his/her job. Right now, apartments owners are at the brunt of errant management councils either made up of clusters of selfish residents themselves or equally selfish management companies under the auspices of the developer.

    Get the COB to do a thorough inspection of all properties and those within five years of handing-over for self-running by residents. See how many promises have not been fulfilled by the developers and get the COB to act.

    Prior to the Strata Title Act 1985 Amendment (which was last year), all management matters were handled by the FT Land Office. This government body is not exactly efficient and because of this has resulted in many problems in high rises in Wangsa Maju constituency.

    With your proactiveness, I think Wangsa Majuans have a bright hope of righting the wrongs. But you should start with the FT Land Office because they were the original handlers of any problems related to the management of all high-rises. They should not be allowed to go off scot free, washing their hands off just like that because now the City Hall is partly involved as the COB is under the latter.

  4. Dear YB wee

    We hope you are able to help us to solve DVT long over due problems.

    Ravi’s group is making excuse not to pay maintenance fee and water. (illegal connection, without water meter. shame on him.) Any management company who come in later will also consider to be illegal. Anybody join them, too ,do not need to pay. You only need to pay RM50.00 to them being so call water contribution. I should join them too. But my conscience will not allow.

    Liquidator was coned to come in by them with court order. Now they said liquidator is not legal. PPC came in for 3 months and ran away because they can’t stand this group. (shouting at them and instruct them what to do)

    We will salute to anybody who can help us to solve our problem!!

  5. To Ms Alice

    You have not pay any maintenance nor water bill. You have no right to talk. You owe thousands of dollars. What do you mean by errant management and selfish residents. Your group get Captain Lufie to get court order for Liquaidator to come in. Thinking Dr Ler will take instruction from you. Unfortunately they did not. Therefore you call them errant management. God knows what is your intention. Please pay your dues

  6. To Madam Wong

    I support you and I beleive if we work together, the other group cannot achive their target.

    For those who want to know more about how Ler and PPC comes into DVT, please call Jude (PPC). I should say that PPC did not run away but was coned by Mr. R and co.

    All the best!

  7. That Ravindran not an advocate & solicitor after all and yet in all his letters to everyone he states that he is one. I cannot believe this: even qualification he lie. what about other things? MR LIES! Lies! LIES?

  8. I am a resident here and know of other apartment/condo/management conflicts which have gone through the problems we have.

    From the best of my knowledge, whatever is owed to the previous management can be recovered when said property is sold. So its a lose lose situation no matter what.

    There is a presiding case in Malaysia, please do consult your lawyer/s for further information.

    ~ I still remember these ppl generating so much disturbance and how one other politician wannabe even joined their cause once, can this get anymore annoying?~

  9. Sorry, at least you are more pro-active then the last guy. I hope you don’t change the way you approach problems Mr.Wee.

    Thank you for showing up when others have given up.

  10. Dear Yb, most of the truth has come out in the last meeting with dbkl. But what a shame, the meeting was dominated by irresponsible people who wants to take charge. They were shouting all over the place and dbkl (who are supposed to be in control) allowed it. I was there and to me it was like kindergarten. The meeting was not really a formal meeting which was supposed to and it lasted a few hours until a chairman was selected. In my opinion, DVT needs to be handle by the local authorities with good management and enforcement and everything shld be in black and white. I have been in DVT for so many years and i see alot of crimes under my nose and after so many reports done to police, no action was taken.( Illegal renting, bypass water,break-ins etc). All this has been reported but the crimes are still there. Unauthorised people collecting money door to door and even making threats if no payments are made to the individuals.

    The point is, you see crimes in front of you and you allow this to go on eventho’ you know its wrong. Why? The police are not there to catch the culprits eventho’ alot of reports made. Is this justice? DBKL talks about rules and regulations, but they themselves did not follow the rules. Why? How do you expect us to follow the rules? The culprits were in control of situation and i know they want DBKL to follow their instructions. They questioned the legality of liquidator and property manager who has court letter and proper appointment letters. What about them? The point is they want people to follow their instructions. They want to control DVT becos DVT is a goldmine. These people have no income (out of jobs) and that is why….. Pls comment if i am wrong.

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