Welcome to our new bloghome!

Welcome to Wee Choo Keong at WordPress!

I have been planning this move for sometime and for me to improve my service to my constituents in Wangsa Maju. Today is just as good as any other day to make it happen so here we are.

Immediately, you will see two important sections on the top of this blog where they relate to “Complaints for DBKL” and “Issues for your MP”. They are self-explanatory and you’ll know what to do.

I will also be co-opting some reliable, tech-savvy volunteers to help me manage and maintain this blog as it grows in scope and importance in my MP work. As you can understand, your MP cannot be everywhere at any given time. Neither can he be at two places at once. And that’s the reason why this blog has been created in the beginning to help manage this part of your MP’s work.

This blog will continue to play an important role for me to reach out to my constituents and interact with them when I cannot be physically available. Please make full use of this new technology as we work together to improve on the living, working and recreational conditions of Wangsa Maju as well as throughout the country.

Like I have said before, as an MP of Wangsa Maju, I do not have state ADUNs to help me in my constituency work as we are in the Federal Territory. So please understand for I am only ONE PERSON looking into the needs of thousands where gross neglect from the past has been handed down. To borrow a popular saying, Wangsa Maju was not built in a day so whatever problems we have to overcome we will do it one day at a time through step by step.

I am sure Wangsa Maju-ians also do not want your MP to be known as a “longkang and rubbish” MP, do you? Your interests will be better served when I spend most of my time doing work in Parliament. The laws of this beautiful country have to be revisited and changes will be made for the interest of the rakyat, Agong and country when necessary.

I need your co-operation to help me to help you and your family. I also need your support to make things happen. More importantly, I will need your understanding to enable me to continue doing the work that I do best for every Wangsa Maju-ian.

Thank you.

Wee Choo Keong
Your yangBerkhidmat, as always

– 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意

欢迎来到王朱强在 WordPress 的新家!



我也将会挑选一些可靠和拥有技术能力的自愿者协助我管理和维护这个部落格,因为它在逐渐壮大,而且对我作为国会代议士的责任非常重要。您应该了解 到,您的国会代议士无法随传随到,也无法在同一时间出现在两个地方。这也就是为何当初设立这个部落格的目的,作为协助管理您的国会代议士部分的工作。


就如我曾经所说,作为一名旺沙玛朱国会议员,我无法获得州议员的帮忙,协助我处理国家宪法的工作,因为我们所在的地方在联邦直辖区。因此,请体谅我 必须单枪匹马的面对前朝因为疏于职守而遗留下来的上千宗问题。借一句老话,「旺沙玛朱并不是一天就建成的」,无论我们需要解决的问题,都将必须按部就班, 一天一天的处理。



9 thoughts on “Welcome to our new bloghome!

  1. lanwm

    HI Mr Wee,
    Thanks for adding the new features which will be very much helpful to the people in WM. I definitely agree with you that you wont have time to address all the issues quickly as expected, this blog should serve as a medium for the people to ‘talk’ to you!

    I heard that you’ll be cycling by bicycle to Parliment tomorrow. I guess you and the other MPs will create history!

  2. Common man

    Hi Mr Wee

    Need your urgent help to better the life in Wangsa Maju especially in Section 2/Desa Setapak and if possible all the areas under your jurisdiction.
    Food stalls around our areas are breaking the common rules like having tables and chairs on the parking lots and indirectly causing a lot traffic congestion, like parking on the main road, yellow lines etc … this happen especially at night and that including in front of your office …. i am sure you can imagine how dangerous if people is driving into Section 2 …
    In term of laws on operating business like the stalls, I am sure you are better than us, just get the laws by the book and drive these operators to follow it … like people are complaining on discriminating the stalls over in Section 2’s car park, under LRT’s station, in front Section 2’s condo … the stalls are built without proper infrastructure like water etc … this is already agst the rules … get the DBKL to remove them properly … and furthermore they are operating not in a hygiene manner … get the health minister to inspect them … please help to clear them off OR direct them to a proper location like Section 2 Market, go and see yourself it is a nice place for biz purpose ….. they can operate there at night … the market is an white elephant project as it was not fully utilized at all. Pls. help for better environment.

    Can you help to form up RT with police assistance all on the areas in Wangsa Maju and also increase the police rounding during the days. With the police presence, this will help to scare any possible crimes to happen. In addition, you may want to suggest of getting the army to do patrolling … since they not in the war zone all the times … we pay taxes … they work … fair deal

    Can you suggest to the authority to immediately pass the law on punishing people either by discriminating them (this happen before at Sg Wang area) or fine them on throwing rubbish around … like in Singapore. Tell the Govt this will help the country be clean and the Govt will earn $ with the fine on offenders. Waste no time on this matter.


    Lastly, can you find out on why the BIG mosque built right in the middle of Section 2 … were not utilize at all … waste of money … another white elephant …

    Thank you …. sincerely hope you can better this place …

  3. anonymous

    Well done. You never sit still, do you, YB. Keep it up. This new format shows that you are on the move. Keep going. Whack the MCA chair thrower, who was lying all the time.

  4. Good day. WordPress is certainly a much better place to blog in term of functionality. I have been following your blog for a while now.

    One thing I would like to comment: I hope you would allow full RSS/feed so that I can read your article in my RSS reader without actually coming to this site.


  5. Dear YB Wee, I wonder how can moving to WordPress improve your service to your constituents in Wangsa Maju?

    I see that you don’t respond to most of the comments, although I can understand your schedule. But at least I hope you read them.

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