Your MP's Question of the Week #14

Terjemahan ada berikut.

In blogosphere which I have read here and there, the general perception has been that I have been “getting too personal” with AirAsia.

The complaints seem to range from why I continue to “harp” on the issues that I have raised in this blog and in parliament and why I also can’t seem to be able to let go when the people’s money have been sinisterly being abused for this private company.

If I am not wrong, most people would have preferred me to “close one eye.” I really don’t see the wisdom in that because why would I do that when I know fully well that two eyes will allow me to see things in better perspective?

To be honest, I have nothing personal against AirAsia and I wish I didn’t have to raise all those issues with regard to the building of the LCCT for a private company using public funds and the money owed to MAHB to the tune of RM110 million.

Just when I thought I would relent and not be too hard on AirAsia, this had to crop up.

After you have read what this blogger’s take about this same airline is all about then you guys and gals can come back and then tell me whether, all this while, I have a ‘good nose’ to sniff out the dirty trails where our people’s hard-earned money had been willy nilly used to prop up private businesses or not. Go, and read all about it here.

So the question for this week is this:

Should your MP for Wangsa Maju ‘close one eye’ on dirty maneuvers of the administration of using public’s money to ‘finance’ private companies or he should continue to keep both his eyes wide open to such subtle or blatant abuses of public funds?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #14

Di ruang blog yang saya baca di sini sana, secara amnya adalah ditanggap bahawa saya membawa dendam peribadi terhadap AirAsia.

Rungutan yang saya baca termasuk persoalan mengapa saya terus berkeras dalam isu-isu tertentu yang telah saya ungkitkan dalam blog saya dan juga di dalam parliament dan mengapa saya tidak melepaskannya apabila syarikat persendirian ini telah menyalahgunakan wang rakyat.

Jika tak silap saya, ramai orang mahu saya “tutup satu mata.” Saya rasa ini tidak wajar kerana mengapa saya hendak buat begitu apabila saya tahu jika saya guna dua mata, saya akan melihat dengan pandangan yang lebih menyeluruh?

Saya dengan jujurnya menyatakan saya tidak ada dendam peribadi dengan AirAsia dan saya berharap sebenarnya saya tidak perlu mengungkitkan perkara mengenai pembinaan bangunan LCCT untuk syarikat persendirian dengan wang rakyat dan wang hutang kepda MAHB yang mencapai angka RM110 juta.

Apabila saya rasa saya boleh mengurangkan tekanan saya terhadap AirAsia, perkara ini timbul pula.

Selepas anda baca pendapat blogger ini terhadap syarikat penerbangan tersebut, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan boleh memberitahu saya sama ada saya ada hidung yang peka yang boleh menghidu kesan kesan busuk yang ditinggalkan apabila wang darah peluh rakyat dibazirkan dengan sewenang-wenangnya untuk menyokong perniagaan-perniagaan persendirian yang tertentu. Bacalah di sini.

Oleh itu, soalan saya minggu ini adalah:

Patutkah WR anda untuk Wangsa Maju “tutup satu mata” terhadap langkah-langkah kotor pihak pentadbir menggunakan wang umum untuk membantu syarikat-syarikat persendirian ataupun WR anda terus membuka lebar matanya terhadap salah guna wang umum?

23 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #14

  1. malaysia 64

    YB, cuma mau cakap minta tolong sama YB cakap sama kita punya geng pemuda PAS pasal konsert, ayia tutup sebelah matalah ok.

  2. Anonymous

    Nope , just keep on going the same way you used to be . you’re doing the right thing , those people in private company and government think that they can use public money as they wish to without considering people in their mind ? Nope , because our YB wee Chee Keong gonna bug them until they’ll get scared and never want to do it again. Keep on going YB wee.Quincy , MA

  3. Anonymous

    Now we hear Tony Fernandes suddenly talked about “Level Playing Filed”! What a big joke! Tony Fernandes was literally calling the shots prior to YB Wee got elected to Parliament. Tony Fernandes was having a field day prior to the 12th General Election when no opposition MP was questioning all the “Good Deals” Tony Fernandes was getting from the Sleepy Head.After the recent exposures of debts amounting to RM110 million to MAB and RM80 million to MAS, you begin to hear Tony Fernandes screaming for a “Level Playing Field”. Tony Ferandes has more than a level playing field all these years that’s AirAsia could chalk up a debt of RM110 million to MAB since 2002 and MAB “chose” not to take any actions. Tony Fernandes will definitely gets a more level playing field when UMNO got rid of the Sleepy Head. It will then be the beginning of very bumpy ahead for AirAsia. Tony Fernades’ called for a level playing field was just a spin to distract over his huge debt with MAB, MAS and others.AirAsia just pay up all your debts to MAB and MAS, then talk about YOUR LEVEL PLAYING FIELD!

  4. BryanChoong

    As an Elected Law Maker, it is the expectation of every Citizen/rakyat that issues of Great Importance as Air Asia should be unearthed.Otherwise, the country will forever be plundered by crooks disguised as Government.We need Good Governance and smart people like YB Wee to “SNIFF ” them out.We can’t allow the crooks to run away with our country;s resources and tax payers money.There is nothing WRONG in exposing malpractice.Well Done YB Wee, we salute you & HAPPY 100 DAYS OLD AS MP FOR WANGSA MAJU!Warmest Regards & Take Great Care Always

  5. Anonymous

    What level playing field? AirAsia is a private company. It should not be talking about level playing field. After Badawi took over as PM, AirAsia was having “FUN” so to speak with the authorities. That’s why AirAsia was allowed to accumulate a debt of RM110 million. This RM110 million include airport tax, which was fixed and payable immediately upon the passenger passed through the departure gate. So how could MAB allowed AirAsia to also owe airport tax?Another interesting question is that those passengers, who have paid their fares in advance in order to secure cheap ticket, were not given a refund of the airport tax and fuel charges when they could not traveled.By right AirAsia can only forfeit the fares and refund the other charges. The Ministry of Transport should set up new regulations to ensure teh public is protected over the issue of refund. But now with the Minister of Transport has been given a free ride to China recently, AirAsia will be back in favour. So YB Wee, you should keep your eyes and ears widely opened to ensure public monies are not used to help or bail out private company like AirAsia!

  6. Anonymous

    Yb WCK, the rakyat deserves to know when such malpractices, inconsistent business practices and abuses are happening. No organisation/company and that includes Air Asia should “fly” below the radar screen, shoot off their mouths at others whilst getting favors from BN. FAX who conveniently ‘gave’ back the rural air servises to MAS(after they formed AA X) still owe the local ground handlers in Sabah and Sarawak. Why are they allowed to do this and why is Air Asia ‘untouchable’? For the first time i read in the papers that Idris Jala (cannot tahan already) finnaly answers back cos enough is enough.travellers who cancelled flights, the airport tax and surcharge never refund!!So they make extra bucks!! In the name of MAB (airport tax).Get them all YB.

  7. Eric Goh Section 2 W.Maju

    No!!!How come we close one eye while he is enjoying the rakyat fund. We must be transparent and fair to all the companies in Malaysia.Thank you YB please check all those companies using the rakyat money and koret koret koret them all out..YOU WILL SURE TO WIN AGAIN IN NEXT ELECTION. Well done YB and for your further information it was a marvellous night last night for PR in the Stadium at Shah Alam which more than 20K rakyat attended.

  8. Anonymous

    to be fair, there is not enough information to tell. Aziz Bakar did not, or need not, mention how much the government can save from going for AirAsia. We all know AA offers better rates most of the time. On the other hand, MAS might be pressured to lower fees. In the end, tax payers’ benefit.Further more, Air Asia’s profit would be taxed and money goes back to the government. I am not sure whether at the moment how much tax AA pays owing to the huge capital allowances that it might entitled to.I would say the government screw up on 1 opportunity to boast – it could justify cost savings, if any, via it’s controlled MSM but no it didn’t.Unless the government end up paying more than I got nothing to sayYB Wee, my answer is keep up the good work but really, I wish you don’t need to dig up dirt like this if our country is managed well !RegardsLee Wee Tak

  9. Anonymous

    Go ahead YB WCK….I’m liken this AA company to what happen to EM I ASS SEE related company(ie KP) b4 this. They amassed tonnes of DEBT by buying/planning aircrafts to prop-up the shares and when they feel its enough then they’ll load-off and CHA ALIF BOOT (Cabut) and left the small investors licking their wounds and shall I say fractured body???Mark my word that this GOD willing will happen and by that time MORE PUBLIC FUNDS would be used to “rescue” AA…including my MONEY (tax)!!!And mind u..I won’t HALAL my part of the money until HEREAFTER,search for me b4 u get to go to heaven(IF those people could get into to get my forgiveness for embezzling my money entrusted to them$$!!).TQ.WAW


    Be yourself WCK. You are doing the right thing so far. People voted this MP to speak up when something is wrong and not be silent. There are mixed reactions from the people about you going into Air Asia’s business etc; but heck, as an MP you gotta do what you gotta do.End of day, when we are retired and sitting on a rocking chair we ask ourselves whether we have done enough for ourselves, family and country and the answer must be a good ‘yes’. Right Choo Keong?

  11. Francis

    We need care-takers with very good eyesight and fore-sight to run Malaysia. Those ‘goons’ in BN only have these for their pocket-liners only. Wonder when these goons will go to hell.

  12. rocky

    I love air asia cos I can fly cheap and I love them cos they give MAS a run for money which now allows me to get cheaper tickets from MAS. I fly with the cheapest guy while taking into consideration safety. That said, I think Tony should shut up and stop talking i ceramahs and focus on his business and how he can make it better. It is easy to run a 2 plane business but now he needs to do more. Let the market force decide and consumer to enjoy. all the best to Idris and Tony. may you guys beat SIA.any MP please keep asking the questions. and no bail out please Pak Lah

  13. old malaysian

    YB,我的意见是: 不平则鸣是一您的品牌. 任何事关系到公共利益, 都必须提出.您已在国会提出, 是尽了国会议员的责任.有关当局如何处理,大家拭目以待? 国家的财富, 一定要用双眼看着.

  14. Wee Fan One

    If Air Asia has nothing to hide, it should not fear you, YB. You are doing hell of a job. Please don’t stop and don’t close even half an eye.

  15. Anonymous

    YB Speak up against all forms of bail out or subsidy for any crony. It is your duty to look after the nation wealth from all forms of abuse.AirAsia has been having more than a level playing for too long and suddenly when MAS got a little bit of freedom to compete Airasia was unable to cope with free competition.No free handouts anymore. After March 8th, you became YB because we feel that you are the right person to speak for us, the rakyat. Before March 8th, Airasia was having a field day in Parliament – no opposition MP question anything on Airasia. Keep it up YB. Speak up for the nation.

  16. Anonymous

    All MPs should speak up abused of public fund. Enough of level playing field for AirAsia. Tony had more than level playing field when Chan Kong Choy was minister of transport. When the nation fund is involved, no sympathy for private company whether it is airasia or other companies.Lets see how long can airasia last without government help!

  17. Anonymous

    “Level playing field” – made my foot laughed!Pay back all the subsidies (RM60 million) received by FAKS (a subsidiary of AirAsia) from the government for the Rural Air Services. So what level playing field. Getting free handouts!

  18. Anonymous

    Of course they want you to stop questioning Air Asia.
    Because you are “bocoring their rahsia!”

    It is a bail-out under the guise of a cost saving exercise. The accounts are all doctored but the fall in the share price say otherwise.

    Continue with your good work anyway.
    Cos information is gonna come your way.

  19. Neutralist

    Dear YB,

    No offense but i found out something seriously out of the track.

    I don’t understand why some people still don’t get the facts right before they blog/comment. I have read some comments about AirAsia™, why still bother about them when they have already clarified.

    There are so many problems out there in our Malaysia and government.

    Get real lar people!

    Just my 2 cents.

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