Election petitions for Wangsa Maju & Titiwangsa dismissed with cost


At the election court in Jalan Duta this morning, YA Datuk Zaharah binte Ibrahim has dismissed both election petitions submitted for constituencies P116 (Wangsa Maju) and P113 (Titiwangsa).

Also, preliminary objections submitted by Wee Choo Keong for Wangsa Maju and Dr Lo Lo for Titiwangsa were allowed with cost by the election judge.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Bantahan keputusan pilihanraya untuk Wangsa Maju & Titiwangsa di tolak dengan kos


Di mahkamah pilihanraya Jalan Duta pagi ini, YA Datuk Zaharah binte Ibrahim telah menolak bantahan keputusan pilihanraya untuk kerusi-kerusi P116 (Wangsa Maju) dan P113 (Titiwangsa).

Juga, bantahan permulaan yang diungkitkan oleh Wee Choo Keong untuk Wangsa Maju dan Dr Lo Lo untuk Titiwangsa telah dibenarkan dengan kos oleh hakim berkenaan.

19 thoughts on “Election petitions for Wangsa Maju & Titiwangsa dismissed with cost

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations, YB Wee!And to that chair thrower Yew Teong Look kow, hah, padan muka lu! Go die lah. Still trying to get your old job back ah? So desperate one meh?Hei Look kow, your kind of behaviour is typical of BN style of politics, isn’t it?. You are still in denial and being arrogant. You continue to refuse and accept the voice of the rakyat that has been strongly given to our YB Wee during the recent general election on 8 March.What is worse is this … your samseng kind of behaviour is viewed by the rakyat as symptomatic of gross immaturity and being un-gentlemanly. You should stop your stupid nonsense and let YB Wee do his work for us the constituents that you never did. Surely, our well-being is more important than your personal ego and wounded pride.Go die lah, Look kow. YB Wee is the sky and you are so low way beneath the earth. So dead.Don’t even think of coming back 4 years later. We will bury you forever and forever. We will show you how we kick dogs like you who have been lying to us and sucking from us. You are the worse kind of human being. Sombong bodoh. Corrupt to the core. Can’t even write or give a speech properly.Yah, you think that every time you ‘pretend’ to cough we do not know you are hiding your inability to give a speech, ah? Stupid Look kow. We will also reject your free foot massage okay. What kind of brain you have to do this kind of thing? Trying to buy our hearts back ah? No way, man, you have done zero all this while and make yourself rich. You never did any work for us in Wangsa Maju. That’s why our good YB Wee now has to clean up all the shit you left behind.Continue with your good work, YB Wee. We in Wangsa Maju are steadfast behind you. We know that Look kow will continue to try and sabotage you but we know better. The more he and his machais sabotage you, the more we reject this kind of stupid, brainless and moronic people.We will tell him and his machais to go and drink their own piss.Down with MCA! Down with the chair thrower Yew Teong Look kow! Down with samseng and blood sucker of the people! Down with hapraks!

  2. richard

    That sore loser; serves him right!To begin with, still dazed by the March 8 GE and being in denial mode all this while, I can’t comprehend what make him raise the election petition in the first place. Next to plain stupidity, I guess.Further, I still don’t get it why on earth he still maintains that Service Centre – try going there for assistance and I bet you’ll leave that place with answers as to why MCA should be annihilated from our political landscape! They’ll only offer their help once the know it’ll generate lots of positive publicity for themselves.

  3. Anonymous

    Before polling day, I saw the MCA flags, banner, cars, supporters milling around the new PV shoplot near Danau Kota.I wonder if the shoplots have CF yet and whether MCA owned that particular lot because MCA used that unit for a week or so as the election action centre.Anyway, if all parties including the actual owners agree on the temp arrangement thenno issue.RegardsLee Wee Tak

  4. Malaysia 64

    ALLRIGHT YB! Hey look, urus lu punya kedai urut sudahlah, kasi jadi YB lu cari duit, bukan tolong orang! Kalau lu mau jadi YB join PR lah, hantar lu johor sana, itu pulau dekat maukah?

  5. Anonymous

    Rejoice ! be thankful to the one above. YB Wee… we forever thanking you for being the Peoples’ MP, please look after yourself too. God Bless you in abundance.Regards,greenhorn

  6. Anonymous

    Eh, siapa ini orang ‘anonymous, 20 June, 2008 16:08’?Nampaknya dia machai Look cow (lembu) itu. Tak boleh terima kekalahan. Tak boleh menegok rakyat rasa senang. Tak ada budi bahasa langsung!Baik macam orang dia dan orang yang pandai baling kerusi itu balik kampong dia sendiri. Kena ta pau lah kini!Kita rakyat Wangsa Maju mesti sentiasa berjaga2 daripada orang macam mereka yang tak buat kerja tetapi selalu buat kacau dan huru hura. Pandai lah mereka cari makan di sana sini dan membawa kecewahan kepada rakyat sahaja dan sedup darah kita.Kalau tak sabar lagi, biar kita semua tendang mereka dengan kuat kuat dan benci.Syabas YB Wee. Kita ada mata tengok menegok dan tahu siapa yang rajin buat kerja untuk rakyat yang siapa pandai tipu rakyat. Jangan bertakut dengan orang2 bangsat macam mereka dan kita adalah sentisa memberi sumbangan kepada YB yang jujur dan telus.Syabas sekali lagi, YB Wee! Terus perjuang untuk rakyat-rakyat Wangsa Maju dan seluruh negara kita.Orang Lama Jati

  7. ctchoolaw

    Bro, the petition was bullshit all along, just like the bullshit petition against u in Bukit Bintang. U r doing great work for Wangsa Maju, KL and the country. Keep powering on, Bro!

  8. Anonymous

    The petition was a non-starter int he first place. It is typical of MCA/BN who can accept the voters decision and MCA leaders always thought that they can use the court to oust a people elected MP and to be replaced by a loser by a single Judge like what Tun Ahmad Fairus did to YB Wee when he was duly elected as the B/Bintnag MP. That bloody crook, Tun Ahmad Fairus. Sorry MCA/BN, the world has changed, the people has changed, the judiciary has changed except the MCA and BN are still in the state of denial syndrome. MCA/BN please carry on with the denial syndrome, trust me come 13th GE BN will be wiped out! We are happy that you got justice in Court to day! Keep it up and fight the BN and its cronies. I like your week 14th MP Question of the Week on AirAsia! YB Wee carries on fighting for the people in Wangsa Maju.

  9. Anonymous

    Finally, it was a closing chapter for the sore loser and chair thrower Yew Teong Look. The chair thrower should stop playing political games by getting his little political boys to distract MP Wee’s works.Yew Teong Look should stop all disrupting activities and carry on protecting and working for Platinum Victory.

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