Sapp to move no-confidence motion against PM come Monday


At a press conference held at its headquarters in Kota Kinabalu at 2pm today, Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) has announced that the party has lost confidence in Abdullah Badawi’s leadership and its MPs will move a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister when Parliament resumes on Monday.

This breaking news is reported by malaysiakini here.

According to a source, “Today is just the first step. There might not be any defections for now.”

Sapp is led by outspoken former chief minister Yong Teck Lee. The leader has in recent months questioned Abdullah Badawi’s policies towards Sabah and the federal government’s inability to solve the illegal-migrants problems in the state.

Sapp has two members of Parliament and four state representatives.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –
Sapp akan mencadangkan unsul tidak percaya terhadap PM Isnin depan


Dalam suatu sidang akhbar di ibu pejabat Kota Kinabalu pada pukul 2 petang hari in, Parti Progresif Sabah / Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) telah mengumumkan parti tersebut telah hilang kepercayaan terhadap pimpinan Abdullah Badawi dan wakil raykatnya akan memulakan unsul tidak percaya terhadap perdana menteri apabila parliament sambung bersidang pada hari Isnin.

Berita terkini dilaporkan oleh malaysiakini.

Menurut satu sumber,”hari ini hanyalah langkah pertama. Mungkin tidak ada perbuatan bertikar parti biat sekarang.”

Sapp diketuai olah bekas menteri besar Yong Teck Lee yang lantang bersuara dan sejak beberapa bulan dulu beliau sering mempersoalkan polisi-polisi Abdullah Badawi terhadap Sabah dan kegagalan pentadbiran pusat menyelesaikan masalah pendatang haram di negeri itu.

Sapp mempunyai 2 wakil rakyat parliamen dan 4 orang wakil rakyat mesyaurat negeri.


  1. This is the beginning of the end to the Barang Naik party.Let this be the catalyst for more to follow to kick out the arrogant, insensitive and corrupt hapraks.Pakatan Rakyat under the leadership of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibraham will herald in a dawn of a new era where the rakyat will always come first.Please not wait any longer DSAI, lead the charge for the rakyat is 110% behind you. God bless Malaysia!

  2. It is unlikely the motion will succeed unless the Sabah and Sarawak MPs are joining the no-confidence vote. If SAPP failed in their motion, it is likely they will be kicked out or leave the coalition party. What a drama to come.

  3. Very soon is the end of the road for BN. Our sleeping PM will be sleeping forever with his jean.One week 2 MP and Sept 16 PR will rule the country with fairness transparent and wealthness too . No more corruption and rasuah in MalaysiaCant wait for the new government soon

  4. Dear MP Choo Keong,Sorry to differ from the topic which is being discussed at the moment. If you have the chance in the future, can you please ask the Minister of Transport, Dato’ Ong Tee Keat on why or the relevance he brought 10 members of his entourage (4-5 were from his office) to to Haikou, China on 12 June 2008 to a trip fully sponsored by AirAsia? From what I heard MOT was the guest of honour and at the event and that he was given first class treatment during the trip as the airline’s big boss knew it was the soft way to MOT’s heart (the minister was from the Hainanese descendants and the trip was supposed to take him through his motherland!) They knew it was the only time that they could ‘brain wash’ MOT hence they’ve used the solid hours in the plane and during the trip to get their messages across & registered. Its alright for him to go, but why did he have to bring the officials from his office or a big entourage for the trip?? Didnt they have anything better to do in the office?Can you also ask MOT what’s the status on AirAsia – MAB debt settlement? Will now MOT say that he was misquoted or miscalculated or the amount the mentioned earlier were inaccurate? Cant blame if the taiko is more biased now :)And i’ve heard from the industry that that Tourism Ministry in the past (under diffrent leadership) has funded many regional ‘joint marketing advertising’ campaigns for the airline. Why is the need of this? Isn’t Tourism Ministry’s product (which is a country = Malaysia) bigger than any routes which an airline could offer? They are capable to stand on their own so why spend millions of ringgit on a public listed company in the name to promote the country??P/S : Wonder what’s next in the saga, perhaps the airline’s big boss will be going around to buy dinner for all the MPs and get them to be on his side?

  5. yb choo keong, saya berterima kasih dan berharap lebih ramai lagi ahli politik seperti tuan yang mana sanggup mendengar masaalah rakyat sekurang-kurangnya ada tempat untuk kami menggadu.saya berharap semoga yb sihat sejahtera.

  6. it is widely reported in the MSM that tabling a no-confidence vote is a normal motion which require 2 weeks notice.anyway, the Speakers of the Dewan who performance suggest they favour heavily on the ruling administration will disallow it, albeit they are from East Malaysia.It would be interesting to see where the Speakers loyalty lie, with freedom of expression and the plight of Sabahans onone side; or mere narrow political party blind loyalty on the other.RegardsLee Wee Tak

  7. anom 18 June, 2008 23:39What a revelation about the Minister of Transport’s special trip to China!!! Now we can see Ong Tee Keat will be a nice boy in Parliament and retracting all the debts owed by AirAsia to MAB. By next week, Ong Tee Keat will tell Parliament that AIrAsia owes MAB not RM110 million, as announced during the last session of Parliament, but only RM1.1 million. I hope that Ong Tee Keat will not do a Kong Choy and help AirAsia all the way to screw up our national airlines. I know that MAS is not that fantastic but as Malaysians we must defend it and make it work for the nation. We should not lean over backward to help a private listed company to fight MAS.Ong Tee Keat please wake up and stop yourself from being making used of by Tony Fernandes. MOT should instruct MAB to demand full payment of the RM110 million debts from AirAsia. The country should not be a party to subsidise a private company.

  8. When I read about Ong Tee Keat (Minister of Transport) was on a special trip to China under the such circumstances, I was so happy that SAPP will table a Vote of No Confidence against Badawi.How can the nation has confidence of this type of leader? I am not surprise to read about Ong Tee Keat was on a special trip to China on AirAsia. Ong should not go on such trip because AirAsia is in the center of controversies with regards to huge debt owed to MAB. I hope that MOT will stand up and defend the national interest by instructing MAB to take immediate action to demand for payment of its debt of RM110 million since 2002!!!Minister of Transport better stay clear from Tony, another Badawi’s crony. We can no longer tolerate this type of Badawi’s leadership , which is no leadership. PR vote the PM vote and get rid of the BN government as soon as possible. This BN government is still in the denial syndrome!

  9. Im sorry for interrupting…while my msg here is not related to this post.i would like to inform that, near tar college Kl campus, everyday they will be more than hundreds of cars parking between the road and some of them will choose to park inside the taman bunga raya housing area due to lack of parking places. but many students get “denda” because of that (every month). I hope any related ppl would help to solve the situations.. thankyou note* the parking inside the college is already fully occupied.

  10. Perhaps the college should be the ones taking necessary steps to maybe build a multi level car park to accomodate the parking woes faced by the students if current car parks are insufficient.That way they can park on campus ground and will not have to worry about summons and burden the people living around the housing area.Just my 2 cents.

  11. Anonymous(8th comment), you seem to know a lot about various issues related to AirAsia. Are you sure you’re not from MAS?Ministers go on lots of trips, doesn’t mean we have to read into every one of them right?AirAsia’s done quite a bit to make flying more affordable in this country, and I daresay most would agree with me. As for the amount owed to MAB, didn’t AA clarify this up in the papers a few days ago?

  12. Yb Wee,i would like to congrats PKR have good result of administrating at Negeri Selangor. Sapp move no confidence motion against pm will probably unsucessful on monday because BN component will holding majority of seats in the parliment, if all sabah and sarawak MP go for no confidence, that will be another different story.PKR have showed us it’s a multiracial party if we just looked at their election candidates.I believe DSAI will bring better life for all malaysian.Sabah had been badly admin by bn such a long time. it’s time to change state government and ask “gamble god”(previous MB of sabah that gamble in UK that loss of two digit of million RM) spit out the money that he ate!!

  13. I am against party hopping. And the way PKR is trying to induce BN MPs to jump ship is unethical no matter what excuse DSAI gives. The rakyat have made their voice heard and either by 1 vote or 1000 votes, the winner is the winner. In my opinion if DSAI succeeds in getting enough MPs from BN to jump over, then a fresh elections should be called to get a clear mandate from the rakyat. PR should have no qualms if it truly believes it has the support of the majority. Although I am weary of the inefficiencies of the BN government, I doubt any change will happen with DSAI. After all, he’s the product of the old camp. Instead of acknowledging his follies in the past, he’s just passed on the buck to other ex-colleagues of his. DSAI a true hero? I don’t quite think so. His sincerity and goodwill are still questionable.

  14. Hi Cal

    Put this taught in your mind … if you have an option to choose
    A. Suffering in the way our country is going with all the facts that our Govt is cheating on us for 50 over years .. and continue suffering …
    B. Taking a chance with DSAI to lead us to a better life …

    What is your option …. dont just question on trusting DSAI … think wisely …

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