Police report lodged against Shell petrol station for alleged adulterated petrol

During my visit to Taman Melati on Sunday yesterday (8 June 2008), a petty trader by the name of En Anuar Bin Halili of Jalan Air Keroh, Setapak, sought my help to highlight a police report which he had lodged against a Shell petrol station in Wangsa Maju.

The report was made after his motor vehicle had developed engine problems after filling up with petrol at the said petrol station. His report was lodged under Wangsa Maju Report No: 6089/2008.

In the said police report, En Anuar had alleged that the last time he had filled up his motor vehicle with petrol was on 5 June 2008 at approximately 7.15 p.m. at a Shell petrol station in Wangsa Maju. Soon after that his motor vehicle developed engine problems with no power and ‘shaking’ all the time. He brought his motor vehicle to a mechanic for checking and the mechanic diagnosed that the petrol in his car had been ‘mixed with kerosene.’

This is a serious matter and I urge the Ministry of Consumers Affairs and Shell Malaysia to thoroughly investigate this allegation.

14 thoughts on “Police report lodged against Shell petrol station for alleged adulterated petrol

  1. mohamad

    what nonsense is this Shell Malaysia? trying to cheat customers and cause problems to cars. Luckily my last refill at one of the Shell pump station in WM didn’t give me any issues, yet.

  2. Anonymous

    leaders are cheating, corrupted and living in bribes. so, part of the nation will follow through. leadership by example lerr… are other cars face the same problem. any others made similar police reports ?very sad to know this sort of thing happening in our beautiful Malaysia.From : Yellow Rose of Texas

  3. Anonymous

    i am driving honda civic, and it seems my air-con having problem. i did make a pass through the WM shell. i will try to drive to my trustable foreman and take look at my petrol box.hopefully nothing goes wrong..

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    Sdr & SdriI really am pleased to inform all of you that Shell Malaysia has responded very promptly over the allegation of adulterated petrol. Shell Regional Manager, Mr Fong, has informed me that an appointment with En Annuar has been fixed and it is investigating into this matter. I am also told by Mr Fong that Shell will be taking a sample of the petrol for test. Mr Fong has also assured me that Shell is taking this matter seriously.I applause Shell for the prompt actions. Lets wait for the outcome of the investigations. I shall keep you all posted of the investigations. In the mean time, please do not jump into conclusion.

  5. Malaysia 64

    saya percaya shell adalah sebuah syarikat yang bertanggungjawab, tidak seperti petronas!Cuba isi minyak motor honda 3 liter di shell dan 3 liter di petronas alamilah perbezaannya! serupa seperti kerajaan sekarang antara BN dan PR. HIdup PR hidup DSAI hidup YB WEE. HELL TO BN!!!!!!

  6. Wee Choo Keong

    Sdr & SdriI have spoken to En Anuar. He has confirmed meeting with the officer of Shell Malaysia. The officer has taken samples of petrol from En Anuar’s car and the petrol station for testing. Shell has also taken the spark plugs of En Anuar’s car for testing. The results will be out in week. I will keep you all posted of the development of this matter.Once again thank you Shell Malaysia for quick actions. Problems are every where. What matters most, is how we handled the problems. Lets wait for the result.

  7. mohamad

    Thanks Mr Wee for updating us on this interesting case. Sorry for my wild accusation. Im impress with Shell Malaysia and how prompt and serious they are in dealing with this casegud nite all

  8. Anonymous

    Well done to Shell & YB Wee.Encik Mohd,this is the standard of international company which we Malaysians from all walk of life should learn to emulate.time for cheap petrol is over. my Japanese friend even know how to say “pelahan-pelahan”…this is what Malaysia is famous forOn a separate note, I am so touched. The BN gomen really care for rakyat reduce entertainment by a whopping 10% and no vacation outside Asean. Never mind, there are many many 5 to 6 stars hotel in Phuket, Koh Samui, Bali that charge USD anyway to farangs anyway.Compared to billions poured out by the South Korean government to their rakyat, this is so impressive.RegardsLee Wee Tak

  9. Wangsa maju boy

    There are few shell petrol station in Wangsa Maju, which one? Don’t tell the exact name just tell nearby where? At least let us know so that we can be careful or just not pump there.

  10. nobita1403

    Dear Mr Wee,Can we raise the question of open the market of importing or “assembling” hybrid car into Malaysia to 1.Reduce the fuel consumption of the very good earning goods (sell to other country…), 2.Less burden of malaysians’pocket…and,3. power efficient (to save energy)in the parlimen?Then, we will have less problem…n rich…


    Nobita- probably UMW Toyota and Honda Malaysia will need to look into assembling their hybrid cars on a mass scale here. Rather than raising margins and increasing price they should produce hybrids on a lower cost model (exclude their GPS systems, Bluetooth, rear cameras, etc from the existing specs of the hybrid cars). Reduce price & sell by volume. Lee Wee Tak- good initiative from Govt to reduce their entertainment claims, etc but my opinion is that the govt should consider the impact of such a move on the hotel industry as well. Govt, please note that majority of 3-4 star city hotels rely heavily on govt events & functions. This industry will suffer much especially local tourism is expected to be lower due to the fuel price increase. The Govt must start talking like economists, rather than laymen. Ya, it’s no easy task managing a country.

  12. Anonymous

    Dear resident,i have to disagree with you, sorry, that cutting 10% entertainment allowance is good but I do agree with you that local hotels would be hurt.my beef is, when Pak Lah and Najib tell us to change our lifestyle, we have to sacrifice in a BIG way, and much BIGGER than 10% of our entertainment budget. Pak Lah and Najib, as elected wakil rakyat drawing perks on our tax money should think of ways to increase our national income and instil fair distribution mechanism, which I think is beyond them.It is a kick in the teeth when you read about Pak Lah’s new jet, Najib’s recent visit to London to check on a few Malaysian solders standing around…not to think of the grand wastage for decades under BN. My heart ache whenever I look at our health care, education system, old folks care capabilities. RegardsLee Wee Tak

  13. Cal

    I doubt Shell would do such a thing. Something must have happened during the course of transportation or maybe even at the station itself.But having said that, I was told in the past (don’t know whether it’s true) that Shell petrol tends to overheat the spark plug causing premature wear compared to others. Heard it from some people in the car workshops (those by the OEM). Anyone knows anything about this?

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