The faces behind the insubordination of orders & high-handed demolitions

Muka-muka dalam hikayat menafikan arahan dan perobohan angkuh

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This is the Ketua Jabatan Perancang of DBKL(City Hall urban planning director) and immediate superior of En Azlan, En Mahadi Che Ngah, who did not read his SMS for 5 days.

Inilah Ketua Jabatan Perancang DBKL dan ketua En Azlan, En Mahadi Che Ngah, yang tidak membaca SMSnya untuk 5 hari.

I have also received information that he was seen actively campaigning for Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique, the current minister of FT during the 12th GE. Isn’t there a general order in the civil service that prohibits any government servant from being involved in politics, let alone be actively campaigning for a politician?

Does this also explain why the politically-motivated, high-handed and inhumane demolition actions were taken against the 130 food stalls at Taman Desa Setapak on 21 & 22 May 2008 by this En Azlan bin Abdullah below?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Saya juga menerima maklumat bahawa dia berkempen secara aktif untuk Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique, yang merupakan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, semasa pilihanraya umum ke-12. Bukankah adanya arahan umum di perkhidmatan awam yang melarang kaki tangan kerajaan daripada terlibat dalam politik, lebih-lebih lagi berkempen secara aktif?

Adakah ini boleh menerangkan angkara merobohkan 130 gerai makanan di Taman Desa Setapak pada 21 & 22 Mei 2008 oleh si En Azlan bin Abdullah ini yang berasakan minda politik, amat angkuh dan tidak berperikemanusiaan?

There are many questions to be asked as to why these two DBKL officers are actively insubordinating their boss’ orders and going about their unlawful and inhumane demolition works even though a stay of action for 14 days had been given. This is clearly a mission of theirs to go about destabilising Pakatan Rakyat as was confirmed by an arrogant statement made by En Azlan on the first day of unlawful demolition.

Who are their bosses and who are they really working for?

I call upon the authorities to investigate En Mahadi and En Azlan for their gross insubordination and unlawful, high-handed demolition works recently and take serious actions against them for purposely turning DBKL into an enemy of the rakyat of Kuala Lumpur.

Kini banyak soalan yang perlu dijawap iaitu mengapakah 2 pegawai DBKL secara cergas menafikan arahan ketua mereka dan menjalankan kerja merobohkan gerai-gerai secara haram dan tidak berperikemanusiaan walaupun suatu arahan penangguhan untuk 14 hari sudahpun diberi. Ini amatlah jelas bahawa mereka mempunyai tugas khas mengacau ketenteraman dan kestabilan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di mana angkara terkeji ini jelas daripada kata-kata yang maha angkuh yang keluar daripada mulut Encik Azlan pada hari robohan haram dibuat.

Siapakah ketua mereka yang sebenar dan kepada siapakah yang mereka berkhidmat?

Saya menyeru pihak berkuasa supaya menyiasat En Mahadi and En Azlan ke atas kesalahan besar mereka menafikan arahan dan kerja robohan yang salah di sisi undang-undang, dan mengambil tindakan mereka yang sengaja menjadikan pejabat DBKL kepada musuh rakyat Kuala Lumpur.

56 thoughts on “The faces behind the insubordination of orders & high-handed demolitions

  1. Anonymous

    These two officer are higher than Ketau Pengarah DBKL. ALl they need to say is “I didn’t chewck my sms for 5 days. Azlan did not qwear his name tag during office hour.YB Wee you must definitely complain to Datuk Bandar about Azlan, that little napoleon, not wearing his name tag.These two ba… are just inhumane. Mosat probably they are getting orders from MCA/BN. We must vote against them when ever we have the chance.

  2. Anonymous

    alright, the more you punish the voters, the more I am gonna vote against you. My vote is for people who justice, sense of responsibility and intelligance in mind.The current administrative squatters have no business lording in Kay El whose voters made their choice loud and clear.Just wonder which book store did they get their copy of “how to make enemies and revolt people”. I only have the copy of how to make friends and influence people”RegardsLee Wee Tak

  3. Anonymous

    For all the wangsa maju and desa setapak folks, if those untouched gerai is because they are affiliated to the offending officers, BOYCOTT them.I am waiting for the victimised hawkers to be given a new leash of life so I can continue to support them. One of the Thai style fried rice is darn good.RegardsLee Wee Tak

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    cc Liew & Lee Wee TakThank you so much for the translation works. I do very much appreciate your help and support. Regardswee

  5. James Tan

    Hi Everyone and YB Wee, Anyone have more pictures to show on the massacre in Desa Setapak there?I use to study in TAR college and stay nearby and always enjoy going to Desa Setapak hunting for foods, grocery, etc..About those 2 fella, didn’t check sms for 5 days? How to believe that? Such an irresponsible statement. It’s time to share out what is the power within them and what action has those 2 fella took recent years..

  6. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear Bros and sistersI do very much appreciate all your comments in my blog. Please refrain from using derogatory remarks like reference to “anjing and etc”. We must engage in a civil debate on the issue at hand. We must not allow DBKL officers like En Mahadi and En Azlan to find excuses for their inhuman actions. Thank you and your understanding will be most appreciated. Your comments are always valuable to me.

  7. k0n

    Sad to see how “responsible people” nowadays are giving lame excuses to big problems. If only they could live up to their reputation and wake up.I’m beginning to wonder if there is a force within us that is trying to provide the literal meaning to “the future lies on the children”?

  8. Anonymous

    i think the crowd has shifted to genting kelang’s peng lin, wei yi and congested with cars and ppl now.

  9. Anonymous

    dear YB,no problem. for what you have done for all of us, my little time ining translation counts for nothing, reallythis is my own little way to express my gratitude and encouragement for A REAL PEOPLE’S MP!ANYBODY WANT TO SECOND ME ON THIS?RegardsLee Wee Tak

  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous,Dear Yab Wee,Agreed that we should not use degratory words against these people, but how can we be expected no to call a dog a dog ? In reality these people are worst and lower than dogs. To rob people of their daily honest work to earn a living is no different from the rats coming into your house and stealing your food. I say DBKL is nothing more than a RAT !!Disgusted Citizen.

  11. mohamad

    It is so sickening to see these guys being at the top of all this problems. It would be a bit acceptable if that guy didn’t check his EMAIL for 5 days. I mean, cellphones are always with the owner and you cant say you didn’t check it for 5 days! thats totally absurd!I wonder what the mayor has to say about this. for sure he will back his kids and team!

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous,Pak Mohammad,Sorli lah DBKL cannot say anything,DBKL is only an UMNO LAPDOG cannot speak or think lah!!!!

  13. temenggong

    Wee,Let the DBKL staff know in no uncertain terms that when the new govt comes to power, which is in the next few weeks, they will be investigated upon and action will be taken, even termination.

  14. Anonymous

    Utterly incompetent yet made it into such post. No wonder we are going backwards. Go Wee! make Malaysia a better place, the rakyat are all behind you and PR!!!

  15. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear Bros and SisI understand how angry and frustrated you all are. I feel the same way as you all. In fact, I am disgusted by the actions of these two irresponsible DBKL officers (En Mahadi and his boy, En Azlan) but we must deal with these matters with control and not allowing them to twiast, turn and divert. We are must constinue to have constructive engagement for the sake of the the residents in KL and country. Whilst I know that these two officers went all out to punish the people of Wangsa Maju for voting Pakatan Rakyat, we must not decent to their level of BN’s gutter politics. We must win the heart and minds of our people. Let the BN poeple carry on with their denial syndrome because JUDGEMENT DAY will come. When I shocked to have read in the Star Metro page M8 (para 8th) where it quoted YB Saravanan saying in respond tot he protest as that “Referring to theprotest led by Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong on Friday, Saravanan said if the people in his constiuency were unhappy with something, Wee should have come forward as the MP representing teh Wangsa Maju people t address the matter.”This statement by Deputy Minister of FT was most irresponsible. The said statment also depicts the BN government was still in the state of denial syndrome and refusing to accept respnsibility that the two officers (En Mahasdi and En Azlan) had acted in defiance of the order of the Ketua Pengarah of DBKL. Please look at the chronology of events:1. On 13-05-08 Jabatan Perancang (En Mahadi is the head)issued a notice to demolish the 130 stalls.2. On 17-05-08 a hawker called me with regards to the said notice so I went to my service centre to meet and discuss the problems with him. Among other things the hawkers were told by the MCA leaders of the area not to see me but to approach Datuk Yew Teong Look, the ex-MP for Wangsa Maju. (Note: The hwakers did see Datuk Yew but only on the eve (20-05-08) of the demolition that he informed the hawwkers that he could not help and he pushed the problems to me.) However, I immediately telephoned Yg Bhg Datuk Salleh Yusuf (Ketua Pengarah of DBKL) and asked for 2 weeks grace period to find a soplutions to the problems. Yg Bhg Datuk Salleh kindly agreed. There was no mention of the requirement to write a letter over the postponement of demolition exercise. AS 17-05-08 was a Saturday and due to time constraint, I confirmed the said agreement by way of sms to Yg Bhg Datuk Salleh.3. On 21-05-08 (8th day after the notice), I received many calls (when I was in Parliament) from the hawkers that En Azlan came to Desa Setapak to demolish their stalls. I immediately called Datuk Salleh but he cold not be contacted. So I called En Shaari, the Special Assitant to Datuk Bandar) to complain about the breach of agreement between Datuk Salleh and myself whereby DBKL has agreed to withhold action for 2 weeks. En Shaari told me that he will check the matter with Datuk Salleh and revert.4. In the afternoon, En Shaari called to confirm that there was such an agreement and that Datuk Salleh apologised for the miscommunication because En Mahadi did not read Datuk Salleh sms in his (En Mahadi) handphone regarding the said agreement that was reached. After the bad experience I asked En Shaari to confirm in writing via e-mail. En Shaari Shaari said that Datuk Salleh Yusuf has confirmed that futher demolition works under the notice for Wangsa Maju will be stopped from 21-05-08 for another 14 days to find viable solutions to the problems. 5. I made an appointment to see the affected hawkers on 21-05-08 (Wednesday) to discuss and to find solutions to the problems. 6. In the morning of 21-05-08, En Azlan went to Taman Desa Setapak again to demolish the so-called extension of the awmning of the shop and also to dug up the cement flooring of the stalls. I immediately called Datuk Salleh but I could get him. I called En Shaari to complain about the second agreement, which was confirmed by way of e-mail and the said e-mail was also copied to En Mahadi, has been breached. En Shaari told me that he will look into the matter and revert. 7. Whilst En Shaari was sorting out thsi matter, En Azlan went to demolish the shade of another business premises in the area. ANother act of defiance by that little napoleon. 8. When i knew about these two incidentt, I had to leave Parliament and go down to the affected areas. I saw with my own eyes this little napoleon was still in the area with the excavator supported by police and DBKL enforcement officers. I approached EN Azlan and identified my self as MP for the area. His immediate respond was so what and I immediately told him “not to be kurang ajar”. He told me that “if I want to talk let go to the police station”. So I complied. 9. The hawkers and voters felt that enough was enough. On 23-05-08 they demonstrated at the DBKL office in Jalan Raja Laut and also hand in a petition to Datuk Salleh. We had a meeting with YB Saravan, Deputy Minister for FT, Datuk Salleh, En Mahadi and his deputy (En Ismail and EN Shaari), the above incidents were brought up. It was finally agreed between all parties inclujding the Deputy Minister for FT) that the 2 weeks extension of time will commence on 23-05-08 and the hawkers to come up with proposals for discussion with DBKL. I was shocked by Datuk Salleh’s statement in the Star that the matter in Desa Setapak was closed as DBKL gave the hawkers 3 days answer but they have failed. I sincerely hope that this is not true and Datuk Salleh, who appear to me to be a God fearing man, and that he has been misquoted, otehrwise I will lose faith in mankind . I also sincerely hoped that the above facts speak for themselves and the people and the BN leaders can judge for themselves who are the actual culprits taht casued the problems. However, in the interim, the livelihood of the 130 hawkers and their dependents must be addressed immediately. Not to forget the wlefares of those 7,000 students and residents of Desa Setapak, who have been relying on the cheap food from the hawkers.Under the circumstances, Datuk Bandar and the FT Minsiter, YB Zulhasnan) must not keep quiet but to come out from his air-conditioned room to address these problems before they get out of hands. Let it not be said that both the Datuk Bandar and FT Minister have not been warned about the problems!P/s When I see derogatory and offensive statements in my blog, I will carry on to delete them. I will not allow BN leaders like YB Saravanan to manipulate issues to distort facts.

  16. su

    such condemn childish act! the hawkers been operating there for 20 over years and once they lost in the current election, they had become so ‘strict’. this is playing longer working for the rakyat at all. since when we the rakyat became ‘human sandbag’?and not just being childish. the ‘selective demolition’ is also unfair for the hawkers. the chinese operated stalls are ruined but the non-chinese stalls are still operating. such unjustness! the best excuse given was ‘didnt check sms for 5 days’? the hell with all these no brain excuses!! i really look down on DBKL. p/s: there goes my ‘pan mien’ that featured in tv prog, ho chiak. thank u DKeffingKL.

  17. Anonymous

    sir, Besides the little napoleons issue. Doesn’t the Pengarah DBKL who sent the SMS share the blame as well? I mean, that’s how they communicate among each other in their department, through SMS? gotta be kiddin’ me. Matter of such seriousness and the Pegarah DBKL just sent an SMS (didn’t even bother to make a call), that’s utterly irresponsible, shirking of duty on his part as well.

  18. Huei

    i think it’s unnecessary to use animals to describe these people. clearly animals are more humane, and it’s degrading to animalsdogs are man’s best friend, so it’s completely irrelevant to use dogs to describe such beasts. just a note from an extremist animal lover. =)

  19. dann

    I still see BRJ happily occupying the whole fucking parking lot at night. DBKL, what say you?These are the buggers who are causing congestion to this area as well!!!Remove BRJ tables and chairs if you have balls. then we shall praise you buggers for doing your job right!!

  20. Sang Suria

    YB Wee Choo Keong dan seluruh penduduk Wangsa MajuSaya terpanggil untuk membuat komen mengenai insiden di Desa Setapak kerana ianya melibatkan isu rakyat dan saya sebagai warga KL yang menetap di Segambut amat prihatin dengan apa yang terjadi kepada penjaja di sana.Apabila kita membaca laporan akhbar dan juga pendapat dari Timbalan Menteri WP, KP DBKL dan juga YB Wee Choo Keong , memang jelas ada kesalahan dari kedua – dua pihak – DBKL dan juga para penjaja.Operasi roboh telah dilakukan sekarang kita dalam proses menuntut Keadilan dengan cara yang baik dan terurus.Ketika saya berada di Bangunan DBKL jumaat lepas untuk urusan kerja lesen , saya amat terkejut da sedih dengan sikap dan perwatakan yang telah di tunjukkan oleh Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju dan beberapa Ahli Parlimen luar dari KL.Mereka berteriak, memekik dan melontarkan kata macam – macam di depan pejabat DBKL dan juga dengan seorang yang bergelar Timbalan Menteri .Apa sudah jadi ? Dimana tanggungjawa kita sebagai Ahli Parlimen? Kenapa Wee Choo Keong sering mengunakan pendekatan keras, eksterim? Apakah muslihat dia? Sekiranya betul – betul dia inginkan keadilan kenapa beliau tidak menulis surat kpd KP ataupun Datuk Saravanan? Kenapa kita nak gunakan demontrasi jalanan? Kenapa tidak dimaklumkan kepada DBKL? Takka Wee Choo Keong tiada masa? Di Parlimen pun dia hanya buang masa menanyakan soalan – soalan yang remeh temeh.Wee Choo Keong memang mahu jadikan isu – isu ini untuk kepentingan politik diri sendiri dengan sikap ego dan agresifnya.Saya kemudian nampak Timbalan Menteri WP turun balik dan ajak semua untuk berbincang tetapi apa yang saya difahamkan oleh rakan – rakan – apa yang berlaku sepanjang mesyuarat ialah pertikaman lidah diantara Wee, Gopalakrishnan dan Timbalan Menteri.Turut disertai oleh beberapa MP pakatan rakyat yang lain.Inikah yang dikatakan musyawarah? Dimana sikpa hormat – menghormat kita? Saya amat malu apabila tengok perangai Wee dan juga Gopalakrishnan. Rakyat Wangsa Maju perlu malu kerana memilih seorang Ahli Parlimen yang kurang ajar seperti dia.Kalau nak selesai masalah janganlah nak bawak waki,l rakyat dari luar KL dan buat kacau.BN pun boleh buat sedemikan.Itulah besanya antara BN dan parti pembangkang.Janganlah menyusahkan orang ramai yang nak buat urusan kerja di DBKL dengan sikap buruk anda.

  21. Anonymous

    wahai Sang Suria,jika anda yand ditimpa kekerasan dan kedegilan pihak DBKL, dan mereka enggan berurus secara bertanggungjawab, amanah dan sopan santun, macam mana?saya rasa awak marah hanya kerana disekat perjalanan sahaja-lah. jika pihak DBKL buat kerja dengan betul, tidak payahlah mangsa kena berbuat demikian,Bahkan pihak UMNO pun gemar taktik tunjuk perasaan dah, lebih-lebih lagi pada kandang babi yang mereke telah luluskan.

  22. Anonymous

    wahai Sang Suria,chaa.. waaa… pandai aja engkau komen membuta ehh..? pernah duduk di Wangsa Maju tak ? mesti lah ini dah jadi bahan politik sebab sayang-ooi.. si-DBKL hanya robohkan gerai Cina aja sayang-ooi. ini lah masaalahnya sekarang faham tak ? Sang Kancil

  23. Sang Suria

    My parents menetap di Danau Kota selama 20 tahun.Saya tahulah apa masalah di sana tetapi hari ini kelurga kami sendiri kecewa dengan Wee Choo Keongh yang tidak ada masa untuk rakyat yang mengundinya.Dia ada masa untuk permainan politiknya sahaja.

  24. Anonymous

    Hi Sang suria,if you don’t know the real facts, keep your mouth shut. These ppl have been trading here for the past 20 yrs. I visit the stalls everyday. The hawkers there are like a family members to us. They know wat we want, and they have been friendly to us. They are not rich ppl…they don’t fly on jets, they don’t own big cars, bungalows and mansions in overseas. They don’t travel overseas for tours and they don’t have overseas bank accounts. Pls understand they live day to day life. Now their lives are destroyed. Where are they going to find money to pay for their household expenses, children education…etc..etc..The worst thing the DBKL/UMNO did is only destroying Chinese stalls, not touching the malay stalls beside. Why double standard. Aren’t the chinese are also Malaysian???? They’re also bumi’s of this country. Voting is everyone right. Just because they voted an opposition, their lives shd be penalised.IS IT???? Be a human and think like a human…..

  25. Anonymous

    Wahai sang suria. Plz la. youre not a student and the stalls demolished will never affect you. If youre a muslim you dont eat there but what about the 7-10 thousand students in that area. what about the residents.kalau YB wee tak menjerit and memekik DBKL mau dengar? same story in Parliament la u dont speak louder the opposite party drowns you out only. Please sang suria when youre in a hole dont continue to dig you will never get out. BN lost because the rakyat lost confidence in them. If you support BN, so be it but dont try to be another BN tale twister. I have been staying here for almost 10 years and all i can deduce is that if the chinese hawkers are removed the malay stalls will also be badly affected due to the lack of students. Working people dont eat much but students eat 7 times a day. and when protesting infront of DBKL. u think only chinese went. what about the satay uncle? the Nasi Lemak uncle? they never went?Zhen Ming

  26. Anonymous

    Wahai Sang Suria,engkau ni masih tak paham paham ke? nak orang beri keterangan selanjutnya. kalau saudra Wee tak memekik siapa lagi yang mewakili kita sayang-ooi. apa apa yang masuk Parliment mesti lah dari segi Politik namanya. engkau ne lahir tahun bila, cakap macam baru habis susu dari botol! Abang Abang DBKL kita tu tak dapat duit rasuah lah babe, sebab tu gerai Cina aja di robohkan babe. Jangan asyik tunjuk jari kat YB Wee aja. Dari Sang Kancil

  27. Anonymous

    The issue here is very simple. According to DBKL officers which have been reported to the press that the issue of illegal extension has been going on for years. If this was the case, why there was no action taken by DBKL when Yew Teong Look, the MCA/BN MP for so many years. If Mahadi from Jabatan Perancang was so tolerance for so many years under BN rule, why can’t he wait for another 2 weeks for YB Wee to find a solutions for the hawkers. Having demolished the hawkers stalls on 21-5-08 YB Wee did not take any action after Datuk Salleh apologised for the so-called miscommuinication (i.e. when Mahadi didn’t check his sms for 5 days). Thereafter, such apology was conveyed officially via an email. From what I have read from YB Wee’s reply here, the issue is: AFTER HAVING GRANTED THE 2 WEEKS POSTPONEMENT OF THE INTENDED DEMOLITION BY KETUA PENGARAH (DATUK SALLEH) AND ON 21-05-08 THIS AGREEMENT WAS ALSO CONFIRMED BY AN E-MAIL FROM THE SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO DATUK BANDAR EN SHAARI THAT ALL EMOLITION WORKS UNDER THE SAID NOTICE SHALL BE POSTPONED FOR 2 WEEK FROM 21-05-08. On 22-05-08 morning En Azlan proceeded to demolish further structures of the shop nearby and in section 1. After having sent the email on 21-05-08 to say sorry and confirm furhter extension of 2 weeks and then to proceed again on demolition exercise. Was the actions of En Azlan on 22-05-08 was a clear case of breach of trust and to buly and punish the voters in Section 2 for voting PKR.DBKL is already bankrupt in their stands. They have resorted to lie to safe that twol little napoleons in Jabatan Perancang. DBKL is just an apparatus for BN to punish the voters for voting for PKR.

  28. Anonymous

    “kalau YB wee tak menjerit and memekik DBKL mau dengar? same story in Parliament la u dont speak louder the opposite party drowns you out only. “ooi-lah, YB Wee ke atau YB Wee Tak?Lee Wee Tak penterjemah saja….gua belum turun padang lagi….regardsLee Wee Tak

  29. Anonymous

    hahaha just one huruf besar can make interesting reading…I nearly drop out of the chair then I realise it is a capital letter thing..RegardsWee Tak

  30. Shiok Guy

    YBSadly we voted for PR in FT, but we get BN joker.Sad!We need proportional representation and local council election .. SOONCheck my blog for Proportional Representation and Syabas waste of money in unnecessary advertising..Shiok Guy

  31. Anonymous

    Wahai Sang Suria, Saya selaku pelajar yang belajar jurusan undang-undang(LLB Degree)& menetap di Wangsa Maju selama 5 tahun kerap berkunjung ke gerai2 yang dimusnahkan oleh siDBKL.Selama ini tiada sebarang masalah di bawah bekas YB YTL. Peliknya, selepas YB Wee took over, then siDBKL serta-merta went to demolish all the stalls walaupun extension telah digranted oleh YB Wee atas kelulusan Pengarah DBKL. Walhal sebelum ini, penduduk di Desa Setapak semuanya hidup aman-damai tanpa gangguan si bedebah DBKL. Yang paling membingungkan ialah there was no action being taken under YB Yew’s time. MEMANG PELIK & GANJILPre-2008Conversation between DBKL & hawkerDBKL : Erm…. kasi saya “kopi tambah gula KAU sikit.”Hawker : Swt!!! Nanti ya…Post-2008DBKL : Ah pek, mana kopi yang saya selalu order?Hawker : Tarak kopi, sudah habis dijual.DBKL : Aper? tarak! Tak per. saya ada solution bagi kamu.Hawker : saya tak scare pun. I ader new wakil rakyatDBKL : Ok, c u later.Satu rumusan telah dibuat(a) YB Yew merupakan tulang belakang DBKL. (b) YB Wee merupakan “sisik” belakang DBKL.Regards,Sang Pelanduk

  32. Anonymous

    Memang DBKL was playing politics. If not, how could Mahadi, Ketua Jabatan Perancang, campaign actively for BN candidadate, Zulhasnan. All these problems of illegal extension have been in Wangsa Maju for a long time even during the Chair Thrower Yew Teong Look was the MP but no actions taken. Of course, En Mahadi want to punish the people in Wangsa Maju for voting PKR. This has been confirmed by En Azlan (another little napoleon)- he even dare to tell the hawkers that Jabatan Perancang’s demolition actions were strictly due to the support given to PKR during election. This is the political stand of DBKL. SO we must do our best to finish the BN once and for all . VOTE BN OUT EVERY WHERE.

  33. Anonymous

    Wahai Sang Suria,Sang suria yang betul amat bermakna kepada alam dan kehidupan manusia, tapi kenapalah awak bernama Sang Suria yang tidak berguna kepada manusia apabila mengeluarkan kata-kata macam budak lima tahun?Kalau awak tak tahu isu ini dan hanya nak hentam YB Wangsa Maju, lebih baik jangan tunjuk tangan awak yang gatal itu. Lebih baik diam sahaja. Awak telah tuduh YB Wangsa Maju kurang ajar, bermakna awak juga tuduh seluruh rakyat Wangsa Maju juga kurang ajar. Kerana beliau ialah wakil rakyat kita. Ini satu tuduhan yang melampau dan tidak masuk akal. Saya tak mahu guna kata-kata kurang ajar untuk ditujukan kepada awak seperti yang awak gunakan sebab saya masih mempunyai sifat manusia yang berbudi bahasa dan bersopan santun.Saya harap awak boleh minta maaf secara terbuka kepada YB Wee dan rakyat seluruh Wangsa Maju. Meminta maaf kan satu amalan baik apabila mengakui kesilapan. Duduk diam-diam lah kat Segambut, Wangsa Maju tidak perlukan manusia seperti awak. Satu lagi,kalau awak penyokong BN, tanyalah kepada Si Khiary Jamaluddin kenapa dia suka tunjuk perasaan dan jadi samseng jalanan di depan Pejabat kedutaan Amerika Syarikat?Salam dari,Rakyat Kerdil Wangsa Maju.

  34. TsuChong

    Dear YB,Some updates from the ground.Went for dinner at desa setapak today as usual. But realized that most of the makan shops are full and overcrowed.Removing the 7 corner shops definitely left a big impact because they hold many makan stalls.I think it’ll only get worse when more students return from holidays this week.

  35. Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the hawkers in Setapak was all due to the MCA/BN dirty tactic of punishing the voters of Wangsa Maju for rejecting the MCA/chair throwing candidate.Since MCA/BNB can not accept the people verdict then they should not allow elections. Just go by appointment like appointing the Datuk Bandar KL. Now that Azlan (the little napoleon) has said in Malay Mail that he did not receive instructions to stop the demolition works so he went ahead. How about the second demolition on the following day (22 May 2008)when the email was sent to his boss (Mahadi) . Don’t tell me that Mahadi didn’t boither to read his email for another 5 days!! Now it is clear that Mahadi is the real little napoleon who was trying to be the Datuk Bandar KL. We must never have little napoleon in DBKL or governmetn department.The Datuk Bandar must take action against this little napoleon by the name of Mahadi. People like Mahadi that caused the political tsunami for BN! More Mahadi willbe better for the opposition.

  36. Anonymous

    YB Wee has clearly stated all the facts of this particular case. YB Wee has also given his explanations of teh matter. Having read at the e-mail dated 21-5-08 from En Shaari, Special Assitant of Datuk Bandar, to YB Wee and copied to Mahadi the chief of Jabatan Perancang, I am convinced by YB Wee explanation.MCA/BN lapdog please wake up. The rakyat are not stupid. We can think and judge the situation. If YB Wee did not do the right thing , surely the Special Assistant to Datuk Bandar would not have apologised to YB Wee for the “miscommunication” whereby sms in Mahadi handphone has not been read for 5 days. We, the rakyat, can read and judge comments whether they are political motivated by the MCA/BN. It was clear to me that many of the adverse comments smell of BN/MCA.From the facts stated by YB Wee, it is inexcusable for Mahadi and Azlan to take such actions within the 14 days period. They are just inhuman to say the least.How would En Mahadi and En Azlan feel if their own relatives faced such unreasonable actions from DBKL?Until this day non of the BN/MCA condemned such actions of DBKL, it shows that BN/MCA supported it. Lets vote against them when we have the opportunity. BN?MCA no longer represent the rakyat. BN/MCA are supporters of oppression!

  37. Anonymous

    Anonymous 27 May, 03:06 They will not remove their own kind, he (the little Napoleon) will be there for as long but lie low. This issue will go on debate for a while. Remember folks they even demolished the small Chinese prayer house near the round-about. They are not scared of God. We desparately need a miracle to happen to the MCA/BN SOBs !! (My angry side talking, I apologize)From:Yellow Rose of Texas

  38. Anonymous

    That little napoleon, Mahadi, has no respect for his own boss, Ketua Pengarah, Datuk Haji Salleh, by directly going against directoive to stop all actions to demolish teh 130 stalls and yet he proceeded to do so. So what do you expect from him? Mahadi was just being consistent in his behaviour. By the way Mahadi was the person in Jabatan Perancang to have also approved the hill slope project near Bangsa (at the back of Victoria Station). After the protest from the residents, Datuk Bandar had to issue a STOP WORK ORDER. The question is how could Mahadi’s department approved the hill slope project when he should know or ought to have known that that project was not proper and should not have been approved. WHY DID MAHADI APPROVE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW BETTER HOW JABATAN PERANCANG WORKS?

  39. Anonymous

    Yes, we should ask Datuk Bandar or Snti-Corruption Agency to check on all the housing projects approved by Jabatan Perancang under Mahadi. The questionals projects are the hill slope project (behind Victoria station) in Damansara, projects by Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd in Wangsa Maju area. Since Mahadi want to punish the people then the people for voting PKR tehn teh people must start to check on him.If anyone who know about Mahadi please post your comments here. I am sure that YB Wee would love to get more information on Mahadi – the de facto Datuk Bandar!!!

  40. su

    cis! sang suria (good-morning sunshine, the-earth-is-calling): tsk tsk.. komen engkau tu ceteklah. ahli parlimen yg mana yang tak memekik and menjerit? tak pernah tengok ke? itu perkara remeh temeh aje. yang penting keadilan bagi para penjaja di wangsa nih… cakap aje pandai, betul kan? tengok cara engkau komen, memang kamu tak masih famham-faham dengan situasi penjaja di wangsa maju.janganlah bezakan BN dgn pembangkang. just look at what BN has done… dah lose out kepada PKR wangsa maju, hati tak rasa sedap, buat havoc. for 20 over years tak roboh, sekarang baru roboh. perbuatan tu tak keji?? SAPA YG MAIN POLITIK NIH?? ye betul. sentence kamu tu betul ‘BN pun boleh buat sedemikian’. sebaaaaaab BN BOLEH BUAT APA-APA JE DIORANG SUKA. inilah example terbaik. kan? kan? kan?yang paling keji, gerai-gerai melayu tak di robohkan. malah, business bertambah baik tiap tiap malam. dahlah tikus banyak kat longkang diorang. kamu tu memang tak rasa. kami yg tinggal di sekitar wangsa maju boleh tengok dgn mata kami sendiri. this is obvious victimisation. u have alot to say about character? habis tu, character DBKL macam tu bagus-top-to-toe?

  41. su

    tsuchong: the students are already back and not only that, freshmen who are starting new courses are also already in!!!

  42. Anonymous

    Datuk Bandar should explain how and why Mahadi approved the hill slope project behind Victoria Station Jalan Damansara.It is important that Datuk Bandar take action against Mahadi for approving the hill slope project which had to be stopped recently.Jabatan Perancang exist just to help BN punish the voters. Mahadi is not fit to be the head of Jabatan Perancang. Mahadi should be sent to Nokia to learn how to use his handphone and read his sms when there is one. What a stupid excuse: didn’t check sms for 5 days!

  43. Anonymous

    In future, they may still use the same excuse – did not read their sms.Ask DBKL to amend their Standard Operating Procedure. There must be a fool proof way to transmit orders/information.

  44. Anonymous

    YB Wee,For your info, the stalls that are still operating near the Wangsa Metroview cause a LOT of congestion especially during dinner time. The issue of car-parking wont be settled by demolishing all the so-called “illegal stalls” but rather cause a lot of inconvenience for the motorists passed by the area.Harap DBKL buatlah sesuatu untuk menghapuskan all the mamak stalls that their meja & kerusi bertaburan di tepi jalan. This would at least create a smooth traffic for the in & out motorists.Regards, Sang Pelanduk

  45. dann

    YB Wee, “For your info, the stalls that are still operating near the Wangsa Metroview cause a LOT of congestion especially during dinner time. The issue of car-parking wont be settled by demolishing all the so-called “illegal stalls” but rather cause a lot of inconvenience for the motorists passed by the area.Harap DBKL buatlah sesuatu untuk menghapuskan all the mamak stalls that their meja & kerusi bertaburan di tepi jalan. This would at least create a smooth traffic for the in & out motorists.Regards, Sang Pelanduk27 May, 2008 15:22″i must agree with Anon 27 May, 2008 15:22 (Sang Pelanduk)….those restaurants at Metroview shoplots are a nuisance! That includes that restaurant just underneath your office. They are practically taking almost all of the parking spaces available there. I won’t protest if DBKL were to removed and confiscate those tables and chairs from them.YB Wee, this is one of the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM to traffic congestion in this area…please do something about it.

  46. Anonymous

    What to eat onward from now? I just back from my semester break. When reached W.Maju I shocked World War 2 was there. I miss all the uncle and auntie whereby the delicious food off course and the reasonable price. Now when I meat with my friend the first words throw out was “Ah ping, where to eat ar…” heiz…….p/s better stockpile mee maggi

  47. James Tan

    Hi Lee Wee Tak, yes.I am going to KL for 10 days holiday in fact on this friday.I will surely visit that area to see how badly that area is.. :(I know it’s gonna to be sad when I get in there… Hopefully, those nearby area like TBR will not be impacted by this reckless DBKL people…

  48. harris

    Please dont hate the malays because of this… we also shocked about this !!! and we dont want this to happened as well!shame on dbkl

  49. Anonymous

    thanks harris, glad u understand the pain the hawkers went through. we dont hate anyone. this thing that happened at Desa, was not an act of God, but it was an act by Men. Our men from DBKL. From : Yellow Rose of Texas

  50. Anonymous

    sang suria …….wa sokong u beb..yelah mengapa nak jadi beruk terpekik terlolong … bawa kes kg abdullah hukum tapi lain jadinya kesian india2 penduduk kg tu dah lah dipergunakan utk berarak membawa sepanduk dari Dataran Merdeka ke pejabat DBKL akhirnya mereka melopoh bodoh jer. sang suria memang bukan pengundi wm tapi jgn lupa kalau keluarga di pengundi wangsa maju camner bro? APA PUN SANG SURIA WA CAYA LU BEB

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