Rakyat vs Datuk Bandar but no show from Datuk Bandar

Rakyat lawan Datuk Bandar tetapi DB tidak kelihatan
– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

(中文版,请点击这里. – 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意 )

View a video clip of the peaceful protest here.
Courtesy of yew-tube of ‘my blog-tv.’

Another video clip by malaysiakini.

This morning at about 11.00 a.m. the people held a peaceful protest against DBKL’s high-handed, unlawful and inhumane demolition of about 130 food stalls in Taman Desa Setapak on Wednesday, 21 May 2008 and again on Thursday 22 May first thing in the morning.

Pagi ini lebih kurang 11:00 pagi, orang ramai berkumpul secara aman untuk membuat bantahan kepada tindakn angkuh, haram di sisi undang-undang serta tidak berperikemanusiaan dalam merobohkan lebih kurang 130 gerai makanan di Taman Desa Setapak pada hari Rabu, 21 Mei 2008 dan lagi awal pagi pada Khamis 22 May.

More than 100 people together with the affected parties turned up in front of the DBKL headquarters at Jalan Raja Laut as early as 10.30 a.m. Although there was some police presence, the peaceful protest was held without incident. While other Pakatan Rakyat MPs were either out of town or had prior engagements, about 10 PR MPs were present to lend strong support.

Lebih daripada 100 orang berkumpul bersama dengan pihak terjejas berhimpun di hadapan ibu pejabat DBKL di Jalan Raja Laut seawall 10:30 pagi. Walaupun ada anggota polis, bantahan aman ini berlaku tanpa masalah. Meskipun, wakil rakyat Pakatan Raykat yang lain berada di luar Bandar atau sudah ada temu janji lain yang telah diaturkan, lebih kurang 10 orang wakil rakyat PR hadir untuk memberi sokongan kuat.

( Nota penterjemah : Jika PDRM “serajin” ni, penjenayah akan lenyap di bumi)

The highlight of the ‘meeting with the Datuk Bandar of KL’ witnessed the non-presence of the Datuk Bandar himself. Instead he was represented by the Deputy FT Minister, Datuk Saravanan, and Ketua Pengarah DBKL, Datuk Hj Salleh, as well as the Pengarah Jbt. Perancang, En Mahadi, who claimed he did not read his sms for 5 days before the ‘ganas’ incident.

Overall, DBKL was insistent in skirting the 14 days’ grace issue and we were insistent on an explanation why the agreement of the grace period was not kept. DBKL was responsible for the problem and the mess.

We came out of the meeting feeling that DBKL is disorganised, uncooperative and communication within the organisation has broken down.

Perkara tergenting dalam perjumpaan dengan Datuk Bandar adalah kehilangan Datuk Bandar sendiri. Dia diwakili oleh Naib Menteri Wilyah Persekutuan, Datuk Saravana dan Ketua Pengarah DBKL, Datuk Hj Salleh, serta Pengarah Jbt. Perancang, En Mahadi, yang dakwa dia tidak membaca smsnya selama 5 hari sebelum berlakunya peristiwa’ganas’.

Pada keseluruhannya, DBKL berdegil mengenepikan tempoh kelonggaran14 hari dan kami tegas mahu penerangan kenapa janji tempoh kelonggaran itu tidak dipatuhi . DBKL bertanggungjawab ke atas masalah ini.

(Note penterjemah: DBKL harus memberikan penjaja lessen yang sah jika syarat-syarat termaktub dipathui oleh penjaja dan mengkaji menempatkan mereka di tempat yang sama dengan syarat-syarat yang munasabah kerana penghuni Desa Setapak selesa dengan adanya penjaja-penjaja tersebut. Pegawai DBKL namun kurang peka mengenai masalah jenayah dan kekurangan lampu di Desa Setapak)

Kami keluar daripada perjumpaan tersebut dengan perasaan bahawa DBKL amat tidak beratur, tidak bekerjasama dan enggan saling berhubung dengan cekap sesama jabatan sendiri.


  1. thanks for the update Mr Wee. its good that a good number of PR MPs were present to show their support even though the case is one that took place at WM. With a strong voice from both the MPs and rakyat it should have made DBKL to listen to at least some of the grouses raised. But it doesnt seem to work that way for DBKL! will wait for your full report

  2. so then now what ? what is DBKL going to do after destroying 130 stalls ? going to be another drag huhh.. ? while stall owners suffer the pain. God have mercy.

  3. “DBKL is disorganised, uncooperative and communication within the organisation”may i interpret that as – do not encroach into my fiefdom type of administration.

  4. It’s a pity the 130 stall’s member didn’t turn out for the protest… I think when u want MP’s support, first u need to support them first!

  5. Thanks for the hard work of Wee, and supports from other MPs; even the issue is not happen in their area. It shows the unity PR MPs has.On the other hand, DBKL response (The head hiding himself for the face-to-face) is predictable. This is the general ways for G head to settle an issue. The solution is NO solution.

  6. so what the DBKL will do with those empty space..what are their solution..How about the Azlan whom discriminate? How about other illegal hawker still there…

  7. is it against the law if residents gotong royong and take it upon themselves to demolish illegal structures in their neighborhood.

  8. Do they (I mean the stall owner) know there is a gathering at DBKL?Anyway, I give fully support to YB Wee.

  9. To Anonymous 23 May, 2008 17:38″is it against the law if residents gotong royong and take it upon themselves to demolish illegal structures in their neighborhood.”Yes, it is against the law.

  10. Mr Wee, could you please get a proper explanation from the responsible parties on why the illegal lots occupied by bumis were not demolished as well? Thank you.

  11. Well, the no show by the Datuk Bandar have been expected. That’s their best tactic whenever there’s an issue arised. Always runaway from responsibility and and dare not face resident’s representative without the present of his konco-konco and the gangster like ‘Demolition Man’ If this happen in a corporate world, this ‘no balls man’ would have been sacked for this kind of attitude.So what’s the next course of action? Hope PB can keep us residents update.Anyway..we are very proud of the current YB and hope you can keep up to the good job!!

  12. One Up for PR MPs.We would like to thank all Super 10 MPs for turning up at DBKL to take up our little kampung issue.This is the Way to Go! Now we have a Wilayah United ( WU ) Team/YB Abang Choo Keong Tahniah & Selamat Menjalankan Tugas.

  13. to Evelyn Tan Lay Cheng,keep your cool. could it be somebody is trying to stir racial tension. don’t play into their game.

  14. move on. we will put the final nail onto the bn/mca coffin soon …. very soon…..!that mca life membership card in the trash. consider my RM100.00 – pak kum

  15. I’m not insisting that DBKL took the wrong action.I was more concern on why only Chinese stalls are raided and torn to the ground whereby the one right at the LRT entrance is not affected. Or the one besides the traffic light or next to the schools are left untouched.I personally think we should get an answer for that instead of focusing on the tearing down of the stalls.If one is seeking real enforcement, than it should be done fairly and equally.

  16. @anonymousI just want to find out what pathetic excuse they are going to use this time to wriggly themselves out of this mess they’ve created. Nothing to it. (:curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

  17. Basically I do not care if stalls are opened by Chinese, Malay, Indians or even foreigners.The point to make here since DBKL had given the previous remarks on they’re just enforcing their authority.So now the real question now is why “some” stalls are left untouched.Like my previous question….do they have license? If yes, than why are others similarly not given any?THIS ANSWER WOULD NEED EXPLANATION IF THEY SERIOUSLY THINKING OF CALMING DOWN ANYONE.


  19. They are penakut, when the rakyat pakat together, thats why we need Pakatan Rakyat. Heard the one beside the school in front of M.Alpha got political background supported, thats why no body can touch them one. The one beside the LRT station or Mydina restaurant, may be same BUT mostly because they are same race with most DBKL Gangster, so they are free.Not just this two, at the back of wangsa restaurant under the railway also got some still free laughing the chinese.Come to Section one, there are so many along the road. The DBKL gangster becoming blind when passing the road, because their member along the jalan, cannot touch.

  20. KL needs proper guidelines, master plan and actual construction for suitable hawker stalls so that it can be safe, pleasing to the eyes and no dispute. The KL Master Plan offers such an opportunity.In Paris, dining by the walkway is a refined culture. Although we are not in that class, but if we have proper rules and enforcement, with proper construction of stall areas & space, KL would then be a more organised place.We do not need the present – bias enforcement, dirty and unhygenic places, insufficient space for trade, commandeered parg space etc. Reflective of current administration’s scatter-brain and fire fighting approach. Worse still, it suggest aura of brain-less administration, corruption, racism or favourtism, rightly or notMake it clear and consistent for hawkers, consumers and enforcement officials.RegardsLee Wee Tak

  21. YB, saya hanya boleh cakap DBKL ini ibarat serupa itu lembu kena tarik hidung! DBKL tidak akan bertindak kalau tidak ada arahan dari pihak politik. Yang kena tanggung rakyat, apa boleh buat ini semua permainan politik? Untuk melaga-laga antara kaum, jadi kita rakyat malaysia harus tahu pekara ini akan berlanjutan hingga BN dapat berkuasa semula. Saya harap PR dapat segara menubuhkan kerajaan. Ini saja yang dapat mengatasi masalah berbangkit jika tidak maka ramai rakyat yang akan merana bukan saja di Wangsa Maju malahan diseluruh negara. BN IS A SORE LOSER IT TAKES JUST ABOUT ANYTHING TO MAKE MALAYSIAN PISS OFF! HELL TO THEM!

  22. Sadly, only chinese stalls were demolished…but the malay stalls nearby are not touched at all. So BN is still arrogant. They never change even after the election Tsunami. BN and Datuk Bandar stop your bloody racism. Be fair to all Malaysians.

  23. The problem is why the instruction of datuk Bandar just send by sms only? Is should be send in proper way as black and white instruction letter do you all agree? Seem like the DBKL are uncoordinated, un-efficiency and decentralized department! We should re-structure of DBKL in order well function and centralized. We thx to YB helping hand to resolve of this unacceptable misuse of power and protect of the victims. Perhaps, this incident will effect our new generation by send the message whereby violence are the suitable and best way to solve problem. Welcome back to cowboy era.

  24. Although there are restaurants that cater for the budget conscious, a supply vacuum had been created with the disappearance of more than 100 chinese stalls selling mostly hawker fare. In this dynamic situation, those who are quick enough must grab the remaining vacant shops in Desa Setapak or join alliance with the existing shops to cater for the budget-conscious customers.With space constraints, I suggest the shops go for three-tier pricing:1. Standard price – eat in the restaurant2. Cheaper price – take away3. Cheapest price – take away with own food containerHopefully, a month or two from now, a new cleaner and more vibrant Desa Setapak/Wangsa Maju Section 2 emerges!

  25. I would not say that DBKL’s action is wrong, because we have all along been urging them to act according to the law, to arrest illegals etc, BUT IT IS WRONG in the manner which it is carried out. It is inhumane, cruel and brutal. On top of that they were again trying the “divide and rule” tactic by demolishing only Chinese stalls, thus creating ill feelings against our Malay friends. The way it was carried out is actually a form of “sedition”. If DBKL is sincere and caring,they should have alternative site for these folks to trade legally. Obviously this is a political (maybe even personal) vendetta against the MP and people of Wangsa Maju. In near future, if PR takes over and start having local council election, we will make sure DBKL work for the RAKYAT!!

  26. just watch the youtube video during the meeting with DBKL. the deputy minister wasnt being a bit arrogant and not wanting to answer the questions. he didnt seem to do enough homework on this case. He was nicely grilled by PR MPs; Mr Wee, YB Loh, YB Cheras and othersthe good thing was he aloud the press to be part of the discussion. I dont think he’s boss will allow that

  27. Thanks for the YouTube URL….I will spread tru email to make it more viral….so the whole world will know…since the Deputy FT Minister said the notice been serve since 2001 (about 7 years)why not another 14days extention that had been grant…..now the issue is why DBKL didn’t fulfill the 14days promise…..that Datuk Saravana is trying to divert the issue!….14days extention grant meant 14days…..what’s going to do with the 2001 issue….that issue can discuss later!…what a disgrace….people talk current issue he talk old issue….sigh our minister!

  28. After reading the news, i checked in desa setapak area, shocking to see the food stalls which were providing me with tasty cheaper food all the years are all gone. But to my surprise the Malay stalls are still standing there. What a racial discrimination by BN govt again.!!! The chinese are being punished for voting the opposition. Sadddddddd….

  29. Hi,Was away from WM for a month for school holidays. Came back today and surprised when i saw rubbles in desa setapak.What’s the reason for the demolition actually? Are they planning to demolish the whole stretch of shops? Why the rush? Can someone enlighten me?Thanks.

  30. My sincere apologies to all …Despite my plea for civility, I still see comments that are deemed derogatory and racist being posted. I have no choice but to delete them. I hope you’ll understand.Thank you.

  31. China goverment work so hard now to help their residents to rebuild their home.Malaysia goverment work so hard now to DESTROY their citizen home.China goverment help victims.Malaysia goverment CREATE victims.China goverement did things to let their citizen support them.Malaysia goverment did things to let the citizen HATE them.Malaysia “BOLEH”!!!!!!!!Well done,actually what i can said? mayb this things happen due to our yongster nowsday not concern about the social, our country and the politik, “they” never respect the chinese,even other region such as indian, they bully the resident,due to not much people concern bout this,can u imagin if this things happen in other contry, the 1st things is that 2 DBKL officer were fired,and the head of relevent unitk not respone within 3 days he have to retire early….that was all becos our culture Bro…i was a yongster,a chinese yongster never know about the politik untill last 2 years september i were been in taiwan during the taiwan minister “Ah bian” facing his most seriouse problem in his life…i been there for 2 month, and i learn alots….thus, i realize all becos of our education from primary scholl till secondary, even untill in collage my study were bussiness school i never touch about the politik even a social educate,what wrong with goverment? close the education just becos our country were multi region ? assume that the rakyat of malaysia do not know how to think? like my uncle in taiwan said he love malaysia but at the same time he hate malaysia!! knowledge of social were just like a sex education it was not acceptable to teach to our new gen, that why malaysia grow so slow and actually we malaysia unable to said boleh or think to goes into world compete with other,if these things happen and happen agains, i would rather move to other country become a second resident there better than see the malaysia become indonesia 1 day…it was too sad!! this years was my 1st vote, i reg in wangsa maju my area was in seremban rembau,PKR was my choose,and i will only vote the side that can bring malaysia improve perfectly,now the things happen like that i really feeel that the goverment was useless and “no brain” and selfish,do not have long run vision, and if our resident were inteligent they should know which party gonna vote now ,and they said not read what and what it was bull shit La, cos if u really din read that mean u are useless and should not be there,pls send them home.TQ

  32. why Malaysia which is the no 1 growing country in Asia and among other nation have this kind of racial issues. Well 52 years ago, all the races in Malaysia did something spectacular in human mankind history, which I believe never did in any country yet. Which is getting independent to the nation through a understanding among races. Why still this problem occurs?

    well there is only one answer.

    STOP RACIAL POLITICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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