Little napoleons of DBKL's act of defiance and outright arrogance!

(中文版,请点击这里. – 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意 )

The Wilayah Pakatan Rakyat MPs and other PR MPs will be going to see the Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning, 23 May 2008, at 11.00 am to hand over a memorandum protesting the high-handedness of DBKL officers in discriminatingly demolishing the food court involving 130 stalls in Taman Desa Setapak.

Reisdents of KL will also be holding a protest at the same venue at Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Raja Laut at the same time. ALL RAKYAT ARE WELCOME TO JOIN in voicing your unhappiness against the high-handedness of DBKL for breaking the law!

Thank you.

Wee Choo Keong
MP for Wangsa Maju

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意


直轄區和來自其他地區的人民聯盟國會議員將會在明天(2008年5月23日)于上午11時和市長會面以便提成一份備忘錄﹐作為抗議市議會官員以選擇性方式摧毀超過130個座落在TAMAN DESA SETAPAK 的熟食攤位的蠻橫無理行為。

吉隆坡人民也將會在吉隆坡市議會前﹐也就是JALAN RAJA LAUT同一時間舉行糾察集會﹐以進行抗議。


5.15 pm: Here’s da man! En Azlan bin Abdullah, the de facto Datuk Bandar! I have already brought up the subject of his ‘abuse of power’ during Parliamentary debate today.

This is the man who can ignore all directives of the YBhg. Datuk Ketua Pengarah of DBKL. He is so powerful that he need not wear a name tag on duty. Even the PM has to wear a name tag but not him. Maybe En Azlan bin Abdullah does not want people to know who he really is!

更新﹐ 下午5時15分﹕

AZLAN BIN ABDULLAH﹐ 自認為是市長的人﹗我已把他濫權的行為帶上國會辯論。



UPDATE, 4.30 pm: Two police reports have been lodged against an officer of DBKL, En Azlan bin Abdullah, at the Balai Polis Wangsa Maju this afternoon for 1) the continuing criminal demolition of private property; and 2) his criminal abuse of power and defiance of order from his superior to stop acting outside of his duties.

The two police reports are: WMAJU/005428/08 (12.49 pm); WMAJU/005430/08 (1.41 pm)

更新﹐ 4時30分﹕
在今天下午﹐兩份針對某個市議會官員﹐AZLAN BIN ABDULLAH 的警方報案已經開檔﹐因該名人士涉嫌﹕



WMAJU/005428/08 (12.49 pm); WMAJU/005430/08 (1.41 pm)

— original post —
Despite the e-mail from the Special Assistant to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur assuring postponement of all actions for 14 days, this morning (22-05-08) the officer of Jabatan Perancang proceeded to take drastic actions against the Chinese shopkeepers as an act of defiance toward his superior and to punish the voters for voting for the Pakatan Rakyat candidate. Bandaraya is playing BN politics and BN has never learned to respect the voters’ decision of March 8th 2008.

BN is still in a denial syndrome mode and will always be until the people voted them out throughout the country. The BN system has broken irretrievably. Even the instructions from Datuk Hj Salleh and Datuk Bandar’s offices were ignored.

If Datuk Hj Salleh and Datuk Bandar KL have dignity, with due respect they should resign immediately for making empty promises and causing miseries to the people of Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I am sad to listen that BN has turned to be such a corrupted party. Although I am not a politician type myself, I want to believe that every party is out there to help the nation.Their current act has stir the nation to sway from them and turned to other party for help. I don’t blame anyone for this.BN should not blame anyone either. It is because that their action has plant the seed of distrust to our hearts.BN, you better mark up or you will be removed.

  2. Just something for your attention.This morning in section 2,a restaurant called Soon Lee that had paved the front of their shop and erected some railings around the front of the paved area was dug up by i hear…was that the extension of pavement was not approved.NOW,the real joke is,100m before Soon Lee is a gerai that was once a stall.Today it has taken up the car park and a 3 foot wall erected with canopies also pitched.AND..this stall started rught behind a sign that said “Dilarang menjaja disini!” “Denda!”.But i heard that that place has licence to operate and erect a wall and a canopy etc.How come? What that hawker stall did was also extend what?! But he didn’t get levelled.Better yet,taking up the car park when parking is already a problem..yet no action taken?Actually you can ask residents that have lived there and i’m sure they will tell you about this stall too.

  3. cam tu-lah kerja kerbau di sawah. they always ignore the pak petani. in this case, datuk bandar ke, datuk perancang ke, the down liner don’t care coz the mentality is kerbau way of thinking. hey you two-leg kerbau that went ahead with the demolishing of Chinese shopkeepers/hawkers place of finding a living, you will face your judgement day at the doors of heaven when you perish from this world. did you not think of how many rice bowls you have put sand into yesterday ? Dear YB Wee, I am grateful for everything you are doing in your capacity, I hope we all stay calm, they just want to play a dirty game and get some innocent people end in jail if trouble start. give this message to the people sir and thank you millions. God Bless.

  4. dear terry gallyot-mr asia,i have been in sec2 for 20 years. i know Soon Lye is a Restaurant building at an end-lot, so my 2cents thinking thinks that the land in front of his Restaurant is his.. hey, it’s a green patch of land man !! I am sure he had the plan to extend rite ? so they have extended and business is good. authorities are jealous. i also know the small malay stall beside block B5 facing the road.. it started as a bloody hut business, yes at a parking lot, you are right again. currently yes, it has built a 2 feet nice red brick wall by the drain. over the months it has taken more and more space. i would say there is approximately 20 to 30 tables they can put up on a good business day. yes so, question is… why arent they spared the tractor !! all this is done on purpose to make the people fight.. then FRU trucks will come to Wangsa Maju.. how is it that the malay got approval to operate like that and Soon Lye didn’t get approval ? aiyoo.. BN-MCA you betul betul tak takut Tuhan lu lah.please people of WM, I beg you to stay calm, don’t follow your emotions. I know not all hawkers read blogs, so I am hoping God will convey peace to them. remember they don’t have an income to feed their children now. this is so sad.

  5. YB WEEPls lobby to changes the DBKL adminstration.Those culprits Pro-BN with stupidity act on RACISM should resign.There are alot of capable people out there rather than little napoleans whom always got same lame exuses.It is enough for all the Pakatan rakyat on difficulties. It is time to CHANGES CHANGES N CHANGES…WE WANT TO ELECT OUR OWN DBKL..They should follow Tun Mahathir.DARE TO ADMIT AND DO …TIU..coward DBKL especially EN. MAHADI and EN.AZLAN


  7. Say ‘NO’ to injustice, say ‘NO’ to double standard,say ‘NO’ to racist, say ‘NO’ to BN

  8. DBKL had planned its HQ building to be an icon in line with the rest of the town council buildings in Europe and in the US. But I wonder- are the demolished places of worship & livehood amidst the pleas & cries of the KL people the real icon of this town council? The DBKL building which stands proud in Jalan Raja Laut is symbol of corruption and oppression. I don’t want to stand calm anymore- if calm is for oppression. The blood of GE2008 is still in my veins and I take back all the blog postings I’ve said about peaceful protests. It is time to act.

  9. Why make a police report?Take out a private summons against him, and against DBKL.Pull them into court and let them be grilled by lawyers for the plaintiffs?They are civil servants – can’t claim Parliamentary immunity.

  10. Mereka ini penjawat awam sepatutnya bekerja untuk kepentingan rakyat! Bukan untuk kepentingan parti tertentu. Terima kasih Encik Azlan nampaknya kerajaan akan hilang banyak undi lagi pada masa akan datang.

  11. It’s time to change government.We want our own elected datuk bandar. We are now in modern century. We are worst than the emperor kingdom in china last time.Don’t talk crap about democracy when we can’t even have our own local elected leaders.These people, sit on top for too long, so get used to the “power” they have. They can and WILL DO ANYTHING to take the March 8 revenge on people.The only solution now: Change the government. I am really waiting for this to happen, and I hope it will happen.

  12. A civil servant without a tag. Don’t mind me if I ignore this fellow. How can you expect people to follow you if you are not abiding the simplest rule.You are the disgrace to the nation. I felt so ashamed to see that such a man is commiting such inhuman acts.Does DBKL even know that ignoring others is a sin? People are suffering but you are ignoring them. May God have mercy on your soul.Down DBKL. Down BN.Say Yes to JUSTICE

  13. Excerpt from the Federal Constitution, Article 10: (a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;(b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;(c) all citizens have the right to form associations.(the above is subject to qualifications in other subsections of Article 10)

  14. skilgannonthis idiot will hide behind DBKL. Remember the Highlands Tower case in which the judge decided that such idiots are protected from suits. correct me if i am wrong. And if they can be sued, forget about DBKL. Just focus on suing that Idiot who even dare to defy his boss’s orders.

  15. Do you know why DBKL did their job this round???? Because the hawkers could not contribute RM20,000 to the DBKL (Corruption again). The sucker asking for RM20,000 from the hawkers…….. the wonder si gemuk tu sooooooo gemuk.

  16. Many expected this kind of thing to happen after the election. BN is trying to show who’s da power to create fear among rakyat who voted for oppositionBN cannot get wangsa maju so now they vent their frustration on the poor hawkers there. Asked for under table money but ppl dowan to give therefore street sweeper come do what they do best, sweepKeep it up BN, in four years time, we will make sure you won’t be driving your mercedes benz anymore

  17. I’m very pissed off by the sight of the chinese restaurants’ extenion being razed. My favorite Wan tan noodle stall was one of the victims.Just opposite the road, the Malay burger stalls and ayam kukus beside the LRT still operates without a license carefree. I do not want to pull them into the water, just I want the whole thing to be fair.Say no to BN, say no to UMNO, say no to cronyism and say no to racism.I’m translating, with rage.


  19. want to prove a point of why HARTINI TOMYAM stall was not touch at all by azlan & gang at the traffic light junction at section2, you know why….this is the meeting place for DBKL officers becos the owner of this stall is orang kanan DBKL. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN WHENEVER YOU PASS THIS STALL..whether DBKL officers in uniform or plain clothes..write and confirm this truth.

  20. If this is in USA…. that Azlan animal’s head would have been blown away by machine guns while doing his “job” on the excuse of protecting private property.


  22. Here is the history of ‘HARTINI TOMYAM’ right in front of Menara Alpha Condominium Section 2. This is VERY VERY TRUE story. Please check around and a lot of people knows about it……The very same plot of land used to be occupied by an foreign Indian worker that operate a small eatery stall about 5 to 6 years ago. Then a cunny plot and conspiracy by the owner of Hartini Tomyam by the name of Rashid who have very strong ‘cable’ with DBKL get the stall demolished and in turn took over by him. He managed to get a licence to operate a food stall. Over tiem the place have been converted from a small stall to such a NICE RESTAURANT (free of rental) to such a beautiful place with eye catching signboard,with full ceiling board, flashy neon lights, water sprinkler for customer comfort. One will not miss while passing by the traffic lights junction in front of Menara Aplha. Not only that, they can even put the table along the pedestrian walk. Whenever there is an operation by DBKL this place will always escaped.A container is placed next to this RESTAURANT by BN/Umno suppose to be the meeting place for Malay petty trader/hawker but it end up being a storage space for the RESTAURANT (again free of rental).Not far from this place, there have got few restaurant in a shoplot namely Zatimanis, Moon Fatt, BRJ, Restoran Genting Corner. These owner have to fork out few thousands per months just for the rental…yet they are always targeted by DBKL whenever there is an operation carried out by DBKL. Whereby Hartini can always stand aside and watch his ‘COMRADES’ at work in harassing his competitor.Therefore the only thing we can do now is to STOP patronising RAS HARTINI as majority of the customer are TAR College students and residents nearby. We can always go to Zatimanis for Malay food, BRJ/Genting Corner for Roti canai, and others Chinese Restaurant for Chinese food. Why should we keep on supporting Ras Hartini whose place have been obtained in such a bad manner. The owner is also act as a watchman for DBKL in Wangsa Maju.

  23. Mr Wee, Thanks for posting the pic of En Azlan! If I see him walking on the street of Wangsa Maju, I sure will throw some rotten eggs on his face!!He seriously looks like a moron.

  24. How come i never read tis news in newspaper at all??? Where is all the reporter ?? Shouldnt they report all tis inhuman act to the whole nation of malaysia? Let them know how corrupted it is… And how crazy there are… Looking at tat bastard face oso wanna vomit, I hope his family will be ashame to have him as a family members.

  25. Hallo anonymous…don’t insult Talibans eh…Talibans and DBKL Napoleons two different species….MP Wee…it is clear from that Azlan fella’s rmearks that the action was purely motivated by politics…ie: you, Mr Wee, created “problems” for them..meaning their periuk nasi from “haram” contributions from the greedy developers and “duit tutup mata” from hawkers operating illegally is now at severe risk…So, they want to teach the people a “lesson”…I wonder when we will ever have elections for the local councils and the Mayorship…If the 10 Pakatan MPs can’t be on the KL 2020 Plan Committee, then we have scant hope of change for the city. DBKL will continue to be the greedy developers and politicians vehicle for making money and wreaking havoc on the environment…Name one park in Wangsa Maju or even one proper community/sports center…NONE. it’s all about profits, profits, profits…and no quality of living…policing is also still at pathetic levels.(Hey Terry, Mr Asia! Long time no see…I REALLY need to go to the gym again…heh heh)

  26. Do you know why DBKL did their job this round???? Because the hawkers could not contribute RM20,000 to the DBKL (Corruption again). The sucker asking for RM20,000 from the hawkers…….. the wonder si gemuk tu sooooooo gemuk.22 May, 2008 21:29

  27. The photo of the plump/gemuk Napolean-kechik is the product of UMNO’s ke-tuanan Melayu set forth for bloody 30 years by UMNO. Sometimes, you just can’t help feeling by looking at a person or even photo; that he is a racist to start with! To top it all, the teachings he got from the UMNO-BN led education system is “in-subordination” is ok if you are tuan. How pathetic can one be!Was he a straight A student (more than 10 lah!) and PSD scholarship holder or MARA graduate? Either way he was taught the ke-tuanan Melayu way for sure!

  28. Suka sangat kerjo roboh gerai penjaja tu, tolong lah bersihkan kawasan tu…. lampo jalan pulak rosokan , sila laah baiki

  29. yes, desa setapak has lost its heart and life.. no more cheap food.. as good as a dead place.

  30. saya mewakili penduduk desa setapak ingin memberitahu dalam minggu ada 3 kali peragut berlaku selaluya ada 3 buah motosikal meronda di kawasan ini . pada waktu malam di jalan 4/27A selalu sesak jalan dengan kereta yang parking di tepi jalan di kedua kedua belah harap tuan suruh DBKL selesaikan masalah ini . kenapa semua gerai cina di robohkan sahaja tetapi gerai melayu tidak di robohkan tidak adillah kepada orang lain silalah buat sesuatu supaya masalah ini dapat diatasi. YB.wee choo keong jangan selalu kutuk orang . silalah tunaikan janji janji awak kepada penduduk wangsa maju jangan selalu cakap pasal politik sahaja semua politik asyik tipu orang jangan ingat penduduk tidak tahu apa yeng berlaku disekitarnya kami penduduk derharap ada perubahan dan tidak suka perbuatan begitu terima kasih

  31. Good job, YB. Keep it up. This man is not the only one. I bet there are more rotten tomatoes in there. Make this the first step to clean the dirt. But the gomen style, this kind of people won’t get kick out one. They just transfer them to elsewhere. Same problem will occur again….

  32. Am I allowed to lite a candle or two at all those vacant land now ?It was such a painful sight. I could almost feel the aches of the hawkers. And the first thing that came to my mind was to get a pack of candles from Bala Mini Market and lite it on the affected grounds.

  33. Samseng ada lisence?? does he have any special lisence?? authorized by UMNO?? 他妈的, 有执政权??不见棺材不流泪还是让我们的英雄出手吧!!把他送到监牢才说吧。。

  34. Lighting candles is a good idea- but take care not to burn down the whole buildings. As for a donation drive, I’m not sure though- depends on the affected food operators’ position.

  35. YB Wee dan Rakyat Malaysia yang mendukung Prinsip Keadilan Sekalian: Syabas dan tahniah diucapkan kepada anda semua yang memberi perhatian mengenai isu ini. Saya telah membaca semua tulisan anda semua sama ada bernas atau yang memaki hamun.Saya rasa semuanya telah melepaskan geram dengan sepuas-puasnya. Kini tibalah giliran saya untuk memberi pandangan.Rata-ratanya cukup simpati kepada nasib penjaja yang terbabit ini. Sokongan anda semua amat bermakna untuk mereka mengharungi perit dan getir ketika ini sementara mencari jalan bagaimana untuk meneruskan sesuap nasi.Sayalah antara warga Wangsa Maju yang melihat mereka membina gerai bermula pertengahan tahun 1990 hinggaplah ranap dan rebah ke bumi oleh si jentola DBKL yang tidak berhati perut. Tidak keterlaluan dikatakan sudah beratus-ratus peniaga bersilih ganti mencari rzeki di tapak-tapak penjaja ini sepanjang 18 tahun ini. Selama ini aman dan sejahtera. Perniagaan penjaja-penjaja ini tidak banyak diganggu DBKL, cuma sesekali bila melancarkan operasi lewat petang dengan merampas meja dan kerusi milik penjaja yang terletak di tepi jalan. Ketika itu penjualan VCD cetak rompak cukup berleluasa di Desa Setapak, sebab itulah DBKL bertindak ke atas penjaja ini sambil bertindak ke atas penjualan VCD cetak rompak. Itu berlaku kira-kira 5-10tahun yang lampau. Tidak dinafikan negara kita ada undang-undang yang perlu dipatuhi. Memang diakui para penjaja ini telah menerima surat amaran untuk dipindah namun mereka enggan. Sebenarnya mereka memiliki lesen perniagaan cuma tidak dibenarkan berniaga di tapak situ kerana ia adalah kawasan kerajaan. Mereka juga sudah banyak kali merayu dan memohon agar dapat terus berniaga di situ, namun ditolak oleh DBKL. Apabila DBKl bertindak merobohkan gerai-gerai yang dikatakan haram itu, maka timbullah keraguan dan persoalan. Bagaimana pula dengan gerai-gerai haram lain yang berhampiran di situ? Kenapa tidak dirobohkan sekali? Apakah ada berkaitan dengan soal kaum dan politik? Saya rasa kita perlu meminta YB untuk mendapatkan penjelasan dan gambar sebenar daripada DBKL dan memberitahu kepada kita semua di dalam blog ini. Jika tidak, semua akan maki-hamun dan menyalak seperti anjing tidak sebab munasabah.Jika DBKL ingin bertindak merobohkan semua gerai haram, bertindaklah segera ke atas semua gerai-gerai haram bukan sahaja di Wangsa Maju, malahan di kawasan-kawasan sekitarnya seperti di Setiawangsa, Danau Kota,Jalan Genting Kelang dan kawasan-kawasan lain di sekiar Kuala Lumpur. Tindakan DBKL ke atas penjaja di Desa Setapak jelas memperlihatkan ketidakadilan dan bertindak di luar batas kemanusiaan. Saya amat setuju tindakan YB untuk mengheret pegawai yang bongkah itu ke muka pengadilan. Harap dia menerima hukuman setimpal, jika tidak dipenjarakan, sekurang-kurangnya digantung kerja atau dibuang terus daripada terus menzalimi warga Kuala Lumpur yang lain pula.Nasi telah menjadi bubuh. Gerai-gerai yang menjual makanan yang sedap lagi murah itu kini hanya tinggal sejarah. Sekarang apa yang lebih penting ialah bagaiamana membantu penjaja-penjaja yang terlibat ini meneruskan hidup. DBKL sekiranya mahu terus melindungi kepentingan warganya, kini mereka perlulah mencarikan satu tapak perniagaan yang sesuai sebagai ganti kepada mereka. Insiden ini bukan sahaja menjejaskan rezeki penjaja, malahan ribuan penghuni di sekitarnya termasuk warga kerja dan pelajar. Tiada lagi banyak pilihan yang diberikan kepada mereka kecuali mengunjungi kedai-kedai makan yang sedia ada dan gerai-gerai haram yang masih diberi peluang berniaga dengan megah di situ. (Tak payahlah sebut nama gerai-gerai ini, semua orang sudah maklum.)Daripada insiden ini juga warga Wangsa Maju telah mulai sedari bahawa DBKL memang bertindak zalim, tidak adil, dan sebarang kata putusnya dilakukan oleh pegawai-pegawai yang bongkah serta mempunyai kepentingan peribadi.Warga Wangsa Maju sememangnya mengharapkan YB mampu menentang kezaliman dan kemungkaran dalam DBKL ini dengan bijak. Warga Wangsa Maju tetap beri sepenuh kepercayaan dan sokongan yang tidak berbelah bagi kepada YB.Kita semua cukup kesal dan sedih dengan insiden yang disifatkan terbesar di Desa Setapak selepas operasi besar-besaran VCD cetak rompak lima tahun lalu. Melalui insiden ini juga imej DBKL telah bercalar lagi yang sebelum ini memang tidak pernah memberikan gambaran baik kepada warga Kuala Lumpur. Dan apa yang paling malang lagi ialah ia telah menimbulkan isu perkauman gara-gara ketidakcekapan DBKL dalam merobohkan gerai-gerai haram ini. Apakah DBKL sebagai sebuah pihak berkuasa temaptan (PBT) dan penguatkuasaan mahu mencetuskan ketegangan hubungan kaum? Apakah tidak ada jalan lain untuk menyelesaikannya? Sementara hentaman dan kritikan daripada kalangan ahli-ahli BN sudah tentu akan terus dilancarkan kerana bijak mengambil kesempatan dan peluang untuk mengeruhkan suasana. Namun sebarang kata-kata biarlah membina dan menjurus kepada jalan penyelesaian dan mendatangkan kebaikan kepada semua pihak.Akhirnya, saya dapat membuat kesimpulan di sini bahawa insiden ini telah benar-benar menyakitkan hati ramai warga Wangsa Maju lebih-lebih lagi ia bertindak ke atas SATU KAUM sahaja. Ia nampaknya dilakukan secara sengaja dan seakan-akan juga ada sifat balas dendam. Atasilah isu ini atas sifat kemanusiaan dan bukan atas PERKAUMAN!Kita hendak beritahu kepada DBKL bahawa Warga Wangsa Maju selama ini cukup harmoni dan bersatu padu tanpa mengira kaum.Janganlah kerana perbuatan kamu semua yang terlampau, hubungan kaum akhirnya tergadai.Terima kasih.

  36. dear resident.wangsa maju, I meant lite candles and leave it burning on the rubble, the broken cement grounds where the tractor so cruelly went over. It is a death of the hard work of the lower income people, everything has died now. Someone commented Desa Setapak is not as it use to be, it’s a dead township now.

  37. This matter has somehow turned into a racism issue. I think our Malay brothers and sisters, especially those trading in the affected area don’t want this incident to happen as well. Wangsa Maju, an urban political battleground which has intensified since the pre-GE, is seeing guerilla warfare being introduced by losers of the GE. I say guerilla because of behind the scene MCA-DBKL arrangements. The GE was won because we voters threw out that racial & religion tag and came together to vote for change. That was not too long ago.To all Wangsa Maju people- the culprits are MCA and DBKL, and NOT Malays as race. We should not point fingers at the Malay race. All races came together in the GE and we should come together now. The so called political ‘struggle’ propagated by UMNO, MCA, MIC pitted the Malays, Chinese,Indians against each other. We are not going to fall for this again because our minds have matured and we are forward-thinking. We struggle for justice and freedom; not race. MCA are racists- we will fight this battle as Malaysians, not Chinese.

  38. 我国政府不是说不能挑种族明感话题吗?但如今已DBKL特意的挑起!总该有人要为这件事负责吧?!...是政治报复吗,还是想表现政治黑暗的另一面?!如果你输不起又放不下,就别当政治家吧!

  39. khas untuk anonymous 23 May, 2008 16:38masalahnya pilih kasih dan otak udang..jika dia menjalankan tanggungjawab adil tak kira kaum..hal tak terjadi..tepuk dada tanya selera..jika ini hal in belaku kepada peniaga melayu sahaja.samaada En.azlan bergaji halal atau haram tuhan yanng tahu bukan kamu juga..Banyak orang bermuka dua macam kamu padahal rakyat membayar cukai ni.

  40. My test confirms this correct. There is indeed a deliberate attempt to cause racial conflict in Wangsa Maju. Please refer to certain postings above which are proDBKL and the commentor appears agitated when we try to diffuse racism matters in this blog. Thanks to the residents who has observed, either implicitly or explicitly, the racism factors in play here.

  41. Dear people,It is with a heavy heart I urge you all to be gentlemanly at all times when posting comments.Comments are for all of us to have a civil discussion of issues that affect us and arriving at a solution.I can understand your frustration and anger but that does not mean we have to be kurang ajar and racist. Remember we are Malaysians and we are matured enough to ‘debate’ among ourselves without going overboard.Problems are for solving and a guilty party does not warrant derogatory remarks and names calling. Yes, we can be firm with our views but let’s control our emotions. Let’s give room to the guilty party also to defend himself or herself but we do not have to be at each other’s throat.Let’s talk and discuss civilly to arrive at solutions for the good of the rakyat and the country.Thank you.

  42. No one is blaming the Malays for what happened but it is very obvious that DBKL DELIBERATELY tear down the chinese stalls and leaving the Malay stalls alone – this is an obvious case of them trying to provoke racial tension.Any pea-brained idiot will know that they are doing this on purpose to provoke the people. First is to ‘punish’ them for voting the Opposition and secondly to ‘show’/’proof’ to the people that Mr.Wee ‘hasn’t’ done a thing to help the hawkers in times of need.As for the corruption remarks – this is nothing new. Every single year during CNY, we see DBKL thugs ‘visiting’ the local market near Teratai Mewah area and asking for ang pau money. It is heart-breaking to see the stalls being torn down like that. Many of the hawkers have been there for more than 10+ years and many students rely on the cheap food there.Mr.Wee, I do hope you still continue to fight for the poor hawkers affected by this.I sincerely wish you and PR all the best in the future.

  43. I’m so angry to hear that the hawkers are demolished. I used to eat there during my school days. Meet up friends, etc, etc.Anyway, I’m just wondering (I dun understand politics much), since the entire KL was won by opposition, how come the opposition do not elect new officers in DBKL? Who is DBKL under?

  44. The situation in KL was created after the the disastrous 1969 elections where Perikatan lost terribly in Selangor, which then resulted in the May 13 incident. After that, they purposely carved out KL from Selangor to form the Federal Territory. The intention was to remove the mostly Chinese seats to ensure Perikatan (now called Barisan Nasional) would always form the Selangor government.But now BN had lost Selangor, and we KL people have no state assemblymen to service us, and no state government. I wonder if Selangor can demand for the return of KL and Putrajaya? Now the situation makes Selangor BN looked like traitors to the Selangor people.Pity the members of parliament like YB Wee, who have to work like 4 persons, but at the same time has no right to be heard at DBKL council meetings.


  46. My sincere apologies to all …Despite my plea for civility, I still see comments that are deemed derogatory and racist being posted. I have no choice but to delete them. I hope you’ll understand.Thank you.

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