Failure to read SMS for 5 days led to havoc and grief at Taman Desa Setapak!

Can you believe it, a pegawai by the name of En MAHADI (an immediate superior of En AZLAN BIN ABDULLAH) from Jabatan Perancang has claimed that he did not read the SMS that his boss YBhg. Datuk Hj Salleh, Ketua Pengarah of DBKL, sent him on Saturday, 17 May 2008 regarding a stay of action for 14 days with regard to the demolition of the hawker stalls in Taman Desa Setapak.

The assurance of the stay of action for 14 days was given to me after I had spoken to YBhg. Datuk Hj Salleh last Saturday, while visiting Taman Desa Setapak, so that I can have a meeting with the affected parties to come to a solution.

Imagine, for 5 days En Mahadi did not read his SMS!

I personally find this hard to believe. Something is surely amiss! I call for serious action to be taken against En Mahadi (and all those connected with the case) for gross irresponsibility, insubordination, and, high-handed action for wreaking havoc and bringing great hardship and grief to Taman Desa Setapak yesterday.

I reproduce below the email which I have received from the office of the YBhg. Datuk Ketua Pengarah of DBKL for your scrutiny and for you to draw your own conclusion. Thank you.

I also wish to record a word of thanks to the office of YBhg. Datuk Ketua Pengarah of DBKL for the quick reply to my complaint of the hawkers’ grievances. Terima kasih.

From: shaari ahmad junid <>
To: Wee Choo Keong <>
Cc: Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur <>;;
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 7:55:51 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: gambar gerai desa setapak diroboh Oleh Jab Perancang

YB. Wee Choo Keong

Saya tidak terima gambar yang YB. nyatakan dalam e-mail ini. Saya telah bercakap dengan YBhg. Datuk Ketua Pengarah berkaitan penangguhan yang diberikan oleh Datuk Ketua Pengarah dalam kes gerai di Desa Setapak dan didapati SMS diantara YB. dgn Datuk KP telah dihantar kepada Pengarah Jbt. Perancang meminta masa diberi kepada YB untuk berbincang dengan Pegerai, tetapi pesanan penangguhan tersebut telah tidak sampai kepada pegawai lapangan En. Azlan.

Oleh kerana tiada pengsahan bertulis dan Datuk Ketua Pengarah tidak dapat dihubungi pada 21hb.Mei 08, Operasi meroboh telah dilaksanakan kerana ini adalah kes yang tertangguh begitu lama.

Saya minta maaf terhadap kegagalan penyampaian keputusan Datuk Ketua Pengarah kepada Pegawai Lapangan yang menyebabkan kerja meroboh dilaksanakan seperti dilaporkan.

Perkara ini telah dimaklumkan kepada Datuk Ketua Pengarah dan diputuskan tindakan penguatkuasaan ditangguhkan untuk 14 hari dari hari ini. Keputusan ini hendaklah disusuli dengan surat rayuan bertulis dari YB dengan menyatakan cara penyelesaian yang akan dilaksanakan dan struktur tanpa izin akan dirobohkan selepas 14 hari. Keputusan ini telah disampaikan kepada Pengarah Perancang.

Keperihatinan YB. terhadap isu ini hendaklah diiring bersama dengan sokongan terhadap penguatkuasaan yang mematuhi undang undang dan penambahbaikan kepada persekitaran Parlimen Wangsa Maju.

Sekian Terima Kaseh,

Aj. Shaari

Pegawai Khas kepada Datuk Bandar

* the highlight in the email is mine


  1. Hello Encik Mohamad,You are the first to comment as soon as I posted this. I hope you had your rest. I am going to have mine now.A little shut eye and I am back to Parliament. Looks like the Wangsa Maju MP’s work is never done.Thank you for visiting and your kind comment. Take care and have a good day.Terima kasih.

  2. I have been living in Wangsa Maju for almost 20 years. Those structure that DBKL demolished, it has been there for as long as I can remember. Why NOW destroy it? I dont know much about the issues involved here other than what was posted here, but if you said that the issues has been long outstanding, why wasnt it resolved by the previous MP? How hard is it to reach a certain settlement? While I symphatise with the hawkers, how about moving to that market in Section 2? Parking’s a bitch la (but then so is everywhere), but at least theres a proper place to set up a stall.

  3. With economic nowadays, DBKL still dare to destroy the hawkers rice bowl.” MALAYSIA BOLEH” is not meant for this, ok.Don’t you all feel guilty. I wish god will punish you all…

  4. am i allowed to say that this is how the government people work. they are so damn malas + the tidak apa attitude live in them till they die off.another thing, my colleagues has a mobile with a feature in it, that tells her if the SMSs she sent had been retrieved by recepient. that means, recepient cannot deny.Dear YB Wee, please know that you are a great MP for the Wangsa Maju people. I hope the hawkers @ Desa, will be patient & understand that you are working 101% with them.

  5. I find it hard to believe….this kind of issue should go into Ripleys Believe It or Not.For such important and urgent message, you cannot simply use SMS!! Why can’t he make a phone call to the respective person…it’s just a phone call! I never accept this kind of reason, or rather EXCUSE if my staffs were to do such thing. Important message MUST not be conveyed using SMS. when the receiver didn’t acknowledge the message, the sender must make sure that the receiver have received the message.did not read the SMS for 5 days is just a LAME EXCUSE!!

  6. DBKL can give all the excuse cause they had did what they want..MISSIN ACCOMPLISH …!.It is HARAM and dosa for AZLAN

  7. This is rather racist. Look at the Malay stall beside the MyDin restaurant. Was it demolished? No. Don’t tell me they are legal as well. They are doing business on public property as well so even if they are legal, it shows that the Malaysian government is being racist. Multi-racial country? I should say multi-racist country. Makes me ashamed to be a Malaysian.

  8. I used to eat in those stalls…It griefs me a lot to see what is going on in Wangsa Maju. Looking at the reply by those responsible for this really angers me.The worst excuse i ever seen in my life is someone who never reads his SMS.With the heavy cost of that ridiculous action is paid by the those hawkers who earn their living at that location.This is like my 2nd home. I’m going to visit there soon but now it seems like DBKL is pushing the limits of other races.I beg you, Mr Wee Choo Keong, please do something for them. It hurts my heart to its limits.

  9. sepatutnya perkara ini harus di ambil kira oleh YB WEE. jangan tuduh sebarangan sahaja. apa dia dah buat hanya buat call sahaja tak patut tak patut.

  10. I am a resident of Sec2 for 20 years. I have seen the hawker stalls mushroom by the years. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & White… these are the colors of our skin, the hawkers are only looking for an honest income, to educate their children and to keep some saving for when they are old. Yesterday after work, I was gruesomely shocked. I watched people standing at the road banks, just starring at the demolished areas. I am sure that in their heart, they said a prayer like I did. The Tom Yam stalls further up the LRT pillars was spared. Everything else at that plot of land was gone. I remember holidaying in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami struck, one could still feel their loss in every way, I saw the peoples faces and the sadness that they have to face, to start again like a new beginning. We talk about Acts of God which gave us the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Ache, we talk about the recently cyclone in Burma then we talk about the earth quake in China. But the aftermath of yesterdays bringing down of these stalls was man-made. Purely man-made, man that do not use their brains. People that are full of jealousy and hate. God if you are watching this episode, please guide us. Teach them to love one another, teach them the colors of skin should not be spared favoritism. We are all one family, we stand as one and unite as one, that is the only way to progress.

  11. You all say that DBKL is doing there job. What kind of job is this?Hell? You want to send us to Hell? In what right do you have to judge us?We are looking at facts that mostly chinese stall are torned down and malay stall are still up. We are not condemning anyone at all.Are you a little out of place by saying those remarks? “BILA ORG BUAT KERJA MARAH… BILA TAK BUAT MARAH… MANA SATU NAK IKUT… DBKL TERUSKAN KERJA ANDA..PEDULI SAMA MEREKA …SEND THEM TO HELL…”How would you feel if your source of living has been torned down? Think about others. Don’t be selfish.

  12. sapa yg selfish… helloooada baca surat khabar cina kah? kan banyak kedai2 yang penjajanya sah dan banyak kedai makan kenapa perlu memilih kedai2 yg tidak sah ( tiada lesen )… suka ker kamu bila kesesakan sering berlaku , parking sesuka hati.. lihatlah kini betapa bersihnya DESA SETAPAK. penjaja cina sahaja yang kena u tau ker ada penjaja melayu india pun kena… atau u nak go to HELL

  13. I truly believe that I am now arguing with a very childish individual.Look at the topic. “Failure to read SMS for 5 days…” Is there even such thing?You claim Desa Setapak to be clean now. How many locations in KL or rather in Malaysia that really needs cleaning?You thought about license. I remember that I asked your humble opnion to think as you were the hawker. For something that has been up 20 years to be demolish for the mere license? Are you even sane when you talked about this?You talked again about Hell. Clearly this shows you never read what i wrote. No humans have ever the right to send anyone to Hell. And for posting something in a blog, posting our mind, exercising our freewill to speak will lead us to Hell, by all means, I think 90% of the world population will be in Hell.Looking at the sentence that you type shows how immature your thinking is and how shallow your intepretion is. It is a right fact that you don’t think before you talk. And have no offense. I am not condemning you. I am asking for a clearly picture in this for you to think.

  14. There are NO Malay stalls being demolished only the Chinese stalls in Desa Setapak and the Indian stalls in Sentul.Anonymous (who keep saying go to hell), you are definitely an ill-mannered ignorant Malay idiot. But that just proves one long-known fact. The same people are always idiots …

  15. Apa guna kawasan park ker..issue carpark anyway ada..DBKL tiada rancang99% chinese 1% melayu- fair keh??parking anyway- summon lar..ada income bagi dbkl susah ke.. bodoh..failurre to read sms for 5 days- tak tau keh? bodoh lagi

  16. For all we know, it is a DBKL rabies infected dog that is commenting in as an “anonymous”. Indeed this person is a bit mentally disordered. People, please ignore him.

  17. Cyber Troopers Stay out of this site.If you think you have nothing constructive to say please do not antagonize others who are human in their approach.The stalls concerned even though illegal are not SMACK in the centre of the road but situated at the side of the shops.Prices of food & quality is good and affordable for Wangsa Majurians. We have to think about our fellow neighbours who do not earn much but look forward to a warm meal.Please note this is not only happening in Desa Setapak but in Taman Setapak where the once a week pasar malam is closed after more than twenty over years.Bandaraya STOP politicizing. If they have such a BIG TROOP why can’t they also be friendly in approach like get together to fight crimes!Remember Nurul, TAR student who were murdered are all from our neighborhood!Wangsa Majurians let’s look forward & build a wall of defence for the place we love.Let’s get together & contribute towards time & efforts in making Wangsa Maju better than other neighborhoods that we can be proud of. Remember that Bandaraya staff are all paid by tax-payers! We are the Bosses & NOT them.It is high time that they have to change their mentality!. After they have resigned & retired, they are only ordinary folks.Little Feudal Warlords! Sometimes it amused me to see these uniformed men who walked into bona-fide coffee shops & walk to the back to take their monthly ” tips ” from the owners! Sometimes toilet trips at coffee shops can be a learning experience.

  18. Mr Wee,I believe all of us share this same thought….The best thing for you to do now is to explain to those affected hawkers what really happened.looks like some rascal (we all know who) is trying to frame you and make you look bad.These buggers cannot get away with this.

  19. keadaan yang dibuat oleh dbkl kalah-kalah bagi semua pihak (dbkl dibenci and penjaja dalam kesusahan). walau bagaimanapun, penyelesaian akan tercapai sekiranya diberi masa untuk YB runding. Penjaja-penjaja pun manusia juga…..jadikanlah suasana yang tenteram dan harmoni bagi semua pihak.all the best Yang Berkhidmat!

  20. Kepada Anon,Sebagai seorang insan Melayu, anda haruslah menjaga tatatertib & kelakuan yang hanya akan membawa kepada lebih banyak musuh. Perbuatan anda memang memalukan bangsa Melayu khususnya. Pernahkah Allah mengajar anda untuk menghantar seseorang ke neraka?Pastinya tidak!Tindakan anda memang merupakan seekor anjing yang sentiasa memyalak di depan ketuanya ala DBKLSesiapa bangsa MELAYU pun akan merasa loya dengan tindakan yang tidak berperikemanusiaan yang HANYA akan bertindak terhadap BINATANG sahaja.WAHAI Anon, fikirkanlah bahawa segala yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya di belakang. Semoga Allah “memberkati” anda & mengampun segala dosa yang dilakukan oleh anda.Bak kata pepatah, TEPUK DADA, TANYA SELERA(DIRI SENDIRI)Sekian!!!

  21. Although I am not from Wangsa Maju, but I lived there for 2 years. All this “anonymous” striking out to protect their beloved “DBKL”.But please be aware of this. You are not the victim and please don’t speak as you speaking as behalf of the victims.License or not, we are all human beings. I believe most of us are speaking as we are feeling for the people who sadly see that the place where they earn their money is being torned down.I salute to those who can feel for hawkers. These are true human beings.To those who support these inhuman acts, don’t think that you can judge anyone.Mr Wee, please save us all from injustice and lead the way to fairness of all.

  22. YB,Pls come back from parliament as the people need you right now!THERE IS SECOND ROUND OF DEMOLITION GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!!(block B seafood restaurant, and the only left food stall in Desa Setapak)Where are you, YB??????we should question the ultimate objective of DBKL demolition action. DBKL should protect their people not harm their people. People in wangsa maju wants the hawkers center to stay as they provide us cheap and good quality food. Let the land being freeride is just form of SUBSIDY!and the small land does not cost government too much. MODUS VIVENDI!!!! let the hawkers to stay and let the people continuosly to have cheap food!!!!DBKL just force those hawkers to pay tax. DBKL shud respect to the people’s will. WE R THE TRUE BOSS OF THIS COUNTRY, NOT DBKL!!!!there is too much of excuses! can you stop the second round of demolition??? it just happen this morning??? what else of excuses DBKL can give???pls come back now, the people need you.

  23. Praise to “Kepada Anon,…”It is thanks to people who can answer like this still shows that there is a hope for a multi-race Malaysia.

  24. Dear Wangsa Majuians,I think the commenters who are pro DBKL are NOT our Malay brothers BUT machais of the chair thrower of MCA.These are the same folks who told the penjaja2 not to call YB Wee (to highlight the demolition to him) UNTIL THE DEMOLITION IS FINISHED!Chinese have a saying which roughly translates to this: Human is them, the devil is also them.I can bet you my last bottom dollar the demolition is PUSHED FOR by the MCA chair thrower Yeoh Teong Look and his people!!!Down with the MCA chair thrower and his people! Let’s spit at them next time we see these SNAKES around!!!Hypocrates and sore losers. You think we are angry with YB Wee? NO!!! WE ARE ANGRY WITH THE MCA CHAIR THROWER AND HIS MACHAIS!!!

  25. Are we Malaysian ?!How come our treatment are different??How come those illegal “MALAY ” stalls still operate??

  26. We want Justice.. Justice as in Malaysian as a whole..All of us are striving to live a better life by earning a modest income..

  27. This is plain bulls**t, a coverup for his boss. Get to the bottom of this.On the national level-Just stand aside and watch the show unfolding. See the endless shadow play of the directionless characters.mahathir is laughing in his heart at the gutless, spineless AAB. When they meet in Japan he will be wearing the despicable smile. After the meeting he will be pouring scorn at malleable AAB.Did any earth shaterring event occur after he resigned? It is already 2 days – it must disappoint him to no end. He thought there will be an exodus, so the majority of the people is right, mahathirism is dead.He knew that he and AAB will be going to Japan. He made the move because he knows the spineless lot will ask to meet him there. Now, he will have even more scorn and disrespect for this lot.As to najid, what else can you expect from him. Isn’t this his normal behavior. Hadn’t he stood with Ku Li and Musa Hitan till the last minute and then switched to mahathir’s side. Remember? Remember?Chandra is not the only despicable person in the present political scenario. Today we have 2 new persons to add to the list and also 2 organisations. PAS and PKR are the organisations and Nik Aziz and Azizah are the new individuals!The people who voted PRakyat have been sold out by PAS, Nik Aziz and also by PKR and Azizah. Now PAS is talking about “malay interest’ and Nik Aziz and Azizah are offering mahathir to join them. ‘The door is wide open to him’ …..ha!

  28. friends,I guess the anger here is not so much about the demolision of those illegal hawker stalls.Whatever that is ILLEGAL, it is ought to be removed. no argument on that.We are angry because of the way it was being conducted. YB Wee got the greenlight from the bigshot in DBKL that there will be a grace period given to these hawkers to look for another alternative. It is an AGREEMENT between the authories and our MP. but this agreement was broken because of some buggers who didn’t read the SMS message for the past 5 days!!!WHAT A LAME BLARDY EXCUSE!!Friends, please get our point clear over here.

  29. YB ,why the DBKL is only remove the Chinese food stall? why they no remove the all malay stall as well??Is it the sell the goreng pisang is legal, however sell the meal, rice, fixed rice all illegal??That is unfair for all the wangsa maju chinese food stall !!They remove all the chinese food stall, then how about the TARC and UTAR student nearby there having their lunch and dinner??Is it TARC and UTAR student nearby there need go to restorant having their lunch or dinner? That will make the student cannot afford to having the expensive lunch or dinner!! YB, please help the chinese food stall and TARC, UTAR student to solve this problem as soon as possible!!Rgrds,UTAR students

  30. DBKL is ignorant by not emphasizing “rakyat” welfare. DBKL should be more rational rather than be irresponsible. I guess this conduct can be trace back to the leadership of DBKL.

  31. Like Dann say, we are not here to judge anyone or even DBKL’s act to remove the hawkers.DBKL’s act of not owning the agreement is the source of the problem here.Now the damage is done, no matter how much we speak our mind, nothing can be done.Why don’t we try to think of something to help the hawkers first instead of attacking DBKL right now?I believe the hawkers need our support more than ever. Mr. Wee, please try to help the hawkers.

  32. To Dann,Legality contains no meaning until people giving to it! We are the one to make law. WE R THE BOSS OF THIS COUNTRY. If you are right, then Malaysia should demolish all its mamak culture altogether for the sake of your legality. Mamak just own stall but did not own the place that they put table at. We continuos to enjoy cheap and good food are attributed to their ILLEGALITY!!!!! This is a big loophole in current legal system. Do you know how the pasar malam work? At first place, they all are illegal hawkers, but government changes its policy to accept the pasar malam and make it a tourist spot. This is how a laissez faire economy work and how this laissez faire system benefit social welfare and benefit countries. Hawkers’ center and food court like in Desa Setapak can be solved once and for all if our YB fight this BILL through parliament. Make the hawkers centers parallel to pasar malam system. Don’t simply apply what you learned from western law, you just look at a piece of whole picture. Think and suggest from broader picture, from political philosophy, from economic perspective, from social welfare perspective. Double standard is a big issue. But it can be solved through reform of municipal election! LET US CHOOSE OUR OWN DBKL!!!!

  33. Bros & sisI have spoken to the Special Assistant of Pejabat Datuk Bandar this morning with regards to the actions taken by En Azlan, Jabatan Perancang DBKL, on 21-05-08 and I told him that I hope that such so-called miscommunications between the chief of DBKL (like Datuk Salleh) and his subordinates will not be repeated. About half and hour later, En Azlan start to demolish the structures of the shop and hawkers stalls in Taman Desa Setapak and other places in Wangsa Maju. In view of such “miscommunication” again between DBKL head and his subordinate, the 10 Wilayah PR MPs and other MPs will be hnading over a memorandum to Datuk Bandar and also to protest against irresponsible and inhuman acts of DBKL. Those of you who can come please be at DBKL Building in Jalan Raja Laut at 11:00 am tomorrow (Friday – 23-05-08). All are welcome. The hawkers in Taman Desa Setaqpak need your support. PLEASE COME IN BIG NUMBERS TO TELL DBKL THAT WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR NONSENSE.Thank you.

  34. Hei enaught is enaoughtlah, don’t play politic gymiklah, u sendiri yang menghentam DBKL kata tak buat kerja dan sebagainya, sekarang pulak suruh jangan buat kerja , nanti bila u ada peluang u hentam DBKL lagi . apa ada betul tak . ini semua mainan politik u lah. lagi satu nak semua org berkumpul di pejabat DBKL itu semuanya nak minta simpati warga wangsamaju. Tak bermoral betul… wei mu gi klek makan budulah .

  35. dewan bodoh kuala lumpur..kamu macam oran bodon sahaja..apakah perasaan kamu jika peniaga melayu yang sahaja kena roboh ..ekonomi tak baik nak buat hal..tepuk dada tanya selera..jika 2 ekor pengawai adil takan semua rakyat bantah.kalau nak buat kerja pun guna otak..bukan otak udang. kalau DBKL BEGITU PANDAI BUATLAH BANYAK PARKING SPACE.


  37. Wahai Budak-budak yang nak Jadi Cyber Troopers dengan mengapi-apikan PKR atau MP kita dengan pelbagai tuduhah sila tampil ke hadapan dengan menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia yang jitu dengan fakta-fakta yang bernas.Imbas kembali keputusan PRU – 12, adakah pihak lawan nak menyinggung perasaan yang telah mengundi pihak YTL. Rupa-rupanya Cyber Troopers untuk pihak Lawan sememangnya tidak berhati perut & berperikemaknusiaan!Inilah akibat membabi buta dengan tohmahan yang berputar belit untuk menjejaskan dan mengeruhkan keadaan di Wangsa Maju.Kami tetap berbangga kerana MP atau Wakil Rakyat kita Abang Choo Keong merupakan suara rakyat bukan sekadar Wangsa Maju malah untuk RAKYAT yang tertindas tanpa mengira bangsa & agama.Kepada sesiapa yang ingin berkhidmat untuk masa depan tolonglah jangan memperdaya & memperbodohkan kami dengan CYBER TROOPERS.Syabas Yang Berkhidmat!Kami Tetap Sokong Anda Untuk Menjadikan Malaysia Negara Yang Bertaraf Antara Bangsa.

  38. I think all of this started with a simple joke. I want to make that joke very much clear to those who are standing at the side of DBKL.A man who is living in the 21st century who has the luxury of technology has forgotten to read his SMS, not one, not two but five days.I do agree if I tell this to a kid, the kid would laugh. This is clearly an insult to us or does he expect that kind of reason can trick us off.DBKL work up to your name. If you have so many supporters as you claim in this blog, show us that you have a faith of fairness and integrity.We are claimed to the world as a multi-racial country or are we living in a lie just to cover in this world.People, stand up together. As one, you cannot fall. Defeat this obstacle which we all know as The Unfair DBKL

  39. come on umno guys/cybertroopers or whatever world you’re from, stop using anon names, be brave enough and use some nickname! even a kid or grandma can use Anonymous and simply say nonsense.. be constructive rather than condemning and saying wild accusation. Or even better, dont waste your time here, the weather seems nice each day, go out and take a walk

  40. Mr Wee, you too take ample rest when you can. I know your schedule must be packed each day especially when you have to take care of WM and speaking for us in the house. May the courage and high spirit be with you always. Take care of yourself and do not forget to spend quality time with your family too! They must be proud of you!!

  41. YB,May I know what the reply/excuse from DBKL regarding to the very “selective” demolition is?I agree that there are quite a number of illegal stalls there and it VERY OBVIOUS “certain” stalls are untouched.So, will there be another round of operation from DBKL to demolish these untouched stalls? If yes, kindly tell us the date and time.Thanks.

  42. I was disheartening when reading such the Heaty remarks from a or many-many “Anony” writers who keep bagging the DBKL, and who also keep using Harshy words such Binatang, Bodoh and so on…I guess sounds so familiar tough, sounded like some MPs in the Parliment. Anyhow lets not drag on with these Bunch of “Overly-Educadted People” who already had gone hair-wyre with their mind whom try to play politic issues here.I would like to comment on the Recent Prompt Action that has never been so efficiently implemented in the past year when the Area was guarded by the Barisan Nasional MPs. Is so SAMSENG!!! Is this an act of Revenge from the Recent Politic Tsunami that hitted your Barisan Fellows??? Then you will be expecting a BIGGER one on the next coming Election.I Felt so pity with this DBKL fellow, who does not Read his SMS. What’s the use of the MObile Phone; if you dun use it effectively.Are you in the era of the Ice Age??? Keeping an “Unidentified Object” that you dun use it to Read SMS? Well simply this is the “TAK APA” (Don’t BOther) attitude that has caused the hard-earned Tax-payer $$$ gone into the drain. This should be condemned and action must be taken seriously (hopefully the Superior will not having the same Tidak Apa attitude; otherwise God Bless)I also agree with a commentor who i can summarised that our country is just as nice as the Book Cover itself. We tell the world that we are a Multi-Racial Country and leave in Hamorny. Is very clear enough that the Racial Cards are still playing…I think we aren’t any better than we are in our 1957. We have never move forward as ONE nationality.We never proud to call ourself, a Malaysian, but instead we would rather instead refer as I am Chinese, I am Malay, I am Indian…This absent mindset and thought has simply defeating the National Unity efforts.Dear Malaysian Authorities…stop playing the racial cards, focus on the issue rather than the color of the skins to determine the Act. Biar Adil Kepada Semua, Jangan Pula Mainkan “Api”, Pasti Kelak Kamu Yg Sengsara. (Be Fair to All, Don’t Play the Fire and Burnt Yourself)

  43. Anonymous 22 May, 2008 16:51 said:”Hei enaught is enaoughtlah, don’t play politic gymiklah, u sendiri yang menghentam DBKL kata tak buat kerja dan sebagainya, sekarang pulak suruh jangan buat kerja , nanti bila u ada peluang u hentam DBKL lagi . apa ada betul tak . ini semua mainan politik u lah. lagi satu nak semua org berkumpul di pejabat DBKL itu semuanya nak minta simpati warga wangsamaju. Tak bermoral betul… wei mu gi klek makan budulah .”Dear Anonymous 22 May, 2008 16:51, i hope you understand simple English as i’m going to tell you off in simple English.The whole bloody issue here is NOT about whether DBKL is doing their job or not doing their job. The whole bloody issue is about DBKL not keeping their words of giving these hawkers the grace period of 14 days! They broke their promise, and they never keep their promise, just like Pak Zzzzzz. This issue has nothing to do with politics, it’s about human treating others as human…as simple as that.Get it? so please don’t bodoh bodoh yourself with such baseless claims, you are just making yourself look like an idiot.** can someone please translate this into BM just incase this bugger doesn’t understand simple english. Thank you.

  44. U know how many hawker lost their source of income,and how many thousand student lost the place to have their meal? Especially now,new intake,where the freshies should having their meal? Takkan everyday eat nasi lemak ayam,maggi goreng or roti canai? Or maybe walk through a dark path to pack a chapfan? Desa setapak now alr become “monk more rice less”! YB,we know u care for us,pls,care for this issue,care for our children.

  45. 我现在才知道原来打政府工的,即使是‘阿头’也这么save budget!如果政府还一直加工钱给这些这样省但无能的员工的话,我想,住在马来西亚的老百姓都会觉得交税是白交的。请帮忙我转达我的信息给DBKL的‘阿头’,现在因为你要省而用SMS交待下属办事,导致你下属借口多多而让事情发展成这样,你要如何解决?你知道你拆要钱,到时候建又是要钱,是不是都算进你自己的pocket money?如果没本事的话那就引咎辞职吧,我很是相信在马来西亚绝对有其他人能胜任此职的。

  46. My sincere apologies to all …Despite my plea for civility, I still see comments that are deemed derogatory and racist being posted. I have no choice but to delete them. I hope you’ll understand.Thank you.


  48. No need and it was so much reason, have u been read a book name “No Excuse”? ask them resign 1st only talk

  49. Ask that 2 officer step in front stand out and explain after their resign and who that datuk ? give a reasonable excuse or send him to back to home….this is a very seriuse isu, from the way the government unit act, it really show that the useless of the Malaysia government,if that 2 officer not resign 1st, the same things will keep happen in future, i can sure malaysia were not going to improve if they still make so much problem to other region!Make sure that 2 fellow resign send them home 1st only talk

  50. Seriously i think after demolishing at desa setapak, u make live very hard for students in collge. Havn’t u guys ever thought that mostly which ppl who r staying there? They are the college n uni students. Besides that, those food from the hawkers r nicer than those expensive restaurants. If u wan to demolish can BUT hav u guys ever thought of putting them in a better place which it is also convenient for the students? I noe they went against the law but dun u think ur actions r a little bit too much. Wait it is not a little BUT TOO MUCH! U said 14 days but u guys did it the following day. Now u tell me wat the NUTS is this?! It is not lk we cannot do it besides it is also said that Mr. Wee will try to sort things out as soon as possible. Can’t u guys trust his words?! Hypocrites! **sorry if my english is a little bad.

  51. 你怎么說 再益辞职 内部改革 希望何生 Ikut Suka Aku BN 1/5 =
    你怎么說 再益辞职 内部改革 希望何生 Ikut Suka Aku BN 3/5 =
    你怎么說 再益辞职 内部改革 希望何生 Ikut Suka Aku BN 5/5 =


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