DBKL playing politics and its action unreasonable, inhumane!

The following photographs show the inhumane attitude of the officers of Jabatan Perancang and Jabatan Penguatkuasaan of DBKL. DBKL took drastic actions against the hawkers at Taman Desa Setapak. I would like to thank one of the hawkers for sending these photographs to me.

I have seen notices from Jabatan Perancang pertaining to this matter and I knew that this matter had been outstanding for many years. I have seen a letter signed by the previous MP of Wangsa Maju (Datuk Yew Teong Look) asking for extension of time for him to resolve the matter. Unfortunately this matter was never resolved.

Last week (17-05-2008) a hawker called me and told me that he had received a notice from Jabatan Perancang and he and other affected hawkers had been warned by the MCA leaders of Section 2 not to call me until Jabatan Perancang take action on 21-05-08 (today). However, after having read the notice I went to the affected area with the hawkers to have a look. I immediately called Datuk Hj Salleh, the Ketua Pengarah of DBKL, and asked him to postpone the demolition action until the end of this month so that I can meet up and discuss this matter with affected hawkers with the view to find a solution. Datuk Salleh kindly agreed. So I informed two of the affected hawkers accordingly.

Yesterday (20-05-08) I also did call En Abdul Salim, the Timbalan Pengarah of DBKL , and told him about the agreement I have with Datuk Hj Salleh and he told me that he will hold on the demolition actions.

I have been informed by one of the affected hawkers that En AZLAN BIN ABDULLAH (from Jabatan Perancang) had told them that it was due to the people support for me and not the BN/MCA candidate and that the new YB Wee (that is me) have made too many complaints about approval of housing development projects for the Wangsa Maju area. En Azlan also said that YB Wee’s complaints have caused a lot of problems for Jabatan Perancang.

I do admit that I have made formal complaints to Datuk Bandar, Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan and Parliament about housing development projects being indiscriminately approved by Jabatan Perancang without due consideration to the existing infrastructures in Wangsa Maju. In my complaints, I did mention about the many housing projects by Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd. I did ask DBKL to investigate whether these housing development projects by Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd had been approved in accordance with the policy of DBKL and all its bye-laws concerning housing development projects.

I wish to put on record the followings:

i. Datuk Salleh Yusuf, the Ketua Pengarah, should have been sincere and honest in his DEED especially the agreement reached and not say one thing to the MP and do another thing. As the second highest officer (after Datuk Bandar), he should be God fearing and not play game when it affects the welfare of the rakyat. Surely, an extension of about one week for the MP to resolve problems created by DBKL for years was not unreasonable.

ii. All these so-called illegal structures have been there for years – some more than 10, 20 or 30 years . The Datuk Bandar KL should ask himself why this was so. Jabatan Perancang should also know about this. It was due to the rampant corruptions.

iii. The officer in Jabatan Perancang or any other DBKL officer should remain neutral and not play MCA/BN politics. Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur must take immediate actions against En Azlan bin Abdullah of Jabatan Perancang for playing politics and to also order for an investigation into all the approvals given by Jabatan Perancang for all the housing development projects by Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd.

iv. Datuk Bandar KL should also instill a new value in all DBKL officers that DBKL officers are civil servants to serve all the residents in KL and therefore must not be involved in politics.

v. I have received information that Jabatan Perancang took selective actions against the hawkers of certain race and I hope that this was untrue.

– 翻译员:crocodileong@gmail.com, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意




上 星期((17-05-2008) 一位小贩打电话给我,告诉我说他接到规划局发的通告,他和其他受到影响的小贩被旺沙马朱的马华领袖警告不要打给我直到规划局采取行动。然而,我看到这个通 告马上到受影响的小贩处察看。我马上打电话给Datuk Hj Salleh, the Ketua Pengarah of DBKL 和叫他展延这个鲁莽的举动直到这个月尾,让我可以和受影响的小贩会面找出解决方案,Datuk Salleh欣然同意。我也就此通知受影响的两个小贩。昨天我也打给En Abdul Salim, the DBKL副总监,把我和Datuk Hj Salleh的协议告诉他。他告诉我说他会暂停有关行动。

我也被其中一位受影响的小贩告知说En AZLAN BIN ABDULLAH (规划局的人)告诉他们这都是因为人民支持我,而不是国阵或马华的代表。而我,这位新的议员对旺沙马朱区的房屋发展计划做出了太多的投诉。En.Azlan也说我的投诉造成规划局太多的麻烦。

我 承认我曾经做出书面投诉给Datuk Bandar, Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan and Parliament 关于那些不明究理就被批准的房屋发展计计划,完全没有考虑到现有旺沙马朱区的基础设备。在我诸多的投诉中,我也提到关于Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd所承包的工程。我也请DBKL 调查是否这些Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd所承包的工程被DBKL所批准以及和DBKL和房屋发展计划有关的条例

i. Datuk Salleh Yusuf, 总监应该对自己的行为负责,特别是当一个协议已经达成的时候,而不是对议员说一套,做另外一套。作为地位仅次于Datuk Bandar的第二把交椅,他应该诚心诚意对待人民,不要做出影响老百姓福利的“游戏”。显而易见的,一个礼拜的宽限,要一个议员去解决DBKL多年制造 出来的问题,是不可理喻的。

2。所谓的违规建筑都在那些地方存在了超过二三十年, Datuk Bandar KL 应该问问自己为什么会这样,规划局也是,这是他们彼此都不敢去掀开的原因,滥权贪污。

3。Datuk Bandar KL也应该对所有的DBKL的官员灌输一个新的价值观即DBKL的官员都是人民的公仆,不是政治家的奴隶。




  1. Peringatan kepada pegawai DBKL: Jangan main politik dan jangan bersikap balas dendam. Kamu semua hanya makan gaji dan jangan berlagak sombong. Sikap kamu tidak sedikit pun menunjukkan peri kemanusiaan. Apakah perasaan kamu bila rumah kamu dirobohkan sebegitu? Kamu pernah fikir tak nasib isteri dan anak-anak penjaja ini? Sikap terlampau ganas DBKL ini tidak boleh diterima akal langsung.

  2. Mr Wee,you must be strong in this matter…those people (you know who) will play politics to make you look bad.be strong.

  3. oh yeah…..if DBKL really want to do their job, please get them to remove those tables and chairs that are occupying all car park lots in Wangsa Maju (BRJ, Metroview, Desa Setapak, etc).Why remove some and others ignored?CORRUPTION!!

  4. This is really a ridiculous movement from DBKL, is it because they’re not satisfied they’ve lose in the elections? They should give a prior notice first to the Wangsa Majurians there 1st before taken any actions!! And should inform YB Wee 1st before to do so!!!

  5. YB Wee,The photos look so heart breaking. I can only imagine how many of those hawkers was in tears. Maybe the DBKL top-dogs are trying to annoy the races, please tell the people to stay calm. This is really so sad God.

  6. Kalau periuk nasi kamu dimusnahkan oleh orang lain tanpa sebarang petanda, adakah kamu berasa sedih? Tak rasional le…..patut bagi amaran dulu….

  7. To all Malaysians. I ask you, do u love your country ? So why cant u except the fact that the people didnt choose your party to win at the recent elections ? Give the winners a chance please. You are just being bad loosers. There are winners and there are loosers. Be mature and accept the fact people. Why..Why.. is DBKL doing this to those hawkers ? This is like a bad dream !! Allah look down upon your people, help the helpless. Pardon the cruel minds and teach them to be compassionate to others.

  8. We should get rid of the Barang Naik party forever and vote in Pakatan Rakyat! That useless MCA chair thrower better watch out – we the rakyat will come and get you when you are not looking!ACA should investigate all in DBKL. Where is that FT Minister – what the f**k is he doing?All useless and arrogant bastards!

  9. Kalau betul-betul mahu sapu semua, DBKL mesti pergi malam ini ke depan BRJ. Sapu semua meja dan kerusi baru adil. Beranikah? Kalau tak berani, memang tak ada telur dan memang sah rasuah!!!

  10. This is sad. A blatant sight of double standards and injustice. There are some other small stalls all around Wangsa Maju that are built illegally or without license, but not even once these DBKL take action on them like bulldozing the stalls off like this.

  11. YB,pls do something!!!those so called illegal structures have been with us for almost 10 to 20 years. whats wrong with them?if they aint got license, then just force those hawkers to pay tax. there is hundred over hawkers, if they all pay tax, it will be a lucrative amount of tax revenue for government!but now they rather seem more prefer to force hawkers into unemployed in the name of law!!!it does not help either parties, it is a lose-lose situation!!!!Did the DBKL have some logic and reason in demolize so called illegal structure!!it is totally unacceptable!!!!government is for people, of people, by people!!!DBKL should consider the impact of demolization! what about us (citizens of that areas)!! we have less choice and less cheap foods to have!!!who compensate us with such loss!!!!the hawkers center is benefit to the people not harmful to people!!! if the government is stand at people side how can they not think of citizens around that areas!!!!YB, i hope that MP of pakatan rakyat will speed up the process of reviving municipal election!!!we just cant hold any longer for the napolian attitude DBKL!!!!thanks

  12. The above actions in Taman Desa Setapak by Jabatan Perancang under the supervision of EN AZLAN was most inhuman and unreasonable bearing in mind that I have already sought the agreement of Datuk Salleh Yusuf, the Ketua Pengarah of DBKL, to hold on the demolition actions in the hope that I can find solutions for the affected hawkers. DBKL Jabatna Perancanag must recognise that in Wilayah Persekutuan, there are no State Assemblymen and the MPs had to do Parliamentary works as well as the state assemblyman works. Therefore, one MPs had to do the works of 3 State Assemblymen and most of the time, we had to act as as supervisor for DBKL in general. I know the demolition actions by Jabatan Perancang this morning is politically motivated as those so-called spokemen, who are MCA leaders in section 2 and not hawkers, were seen actively condemning me on behalf of the workers. This was the third times that they have condemned me in hte press. I have been told by the hawker that En AZLAN was sharing the smae press conference with the MCA leaders, who are already bankrupt of political ideas. I find the attitude of En Azlan most arogance. In fact, I did call his office last Thursday to find out about this matter but he was not available and I left message for him to call me. Until this day, there was no return call from En Azlan. The arrogance of the like of En Azlan within DBKL should be stopped by Datuk Bandar.As MP for Wangsa Maju, I was asking for a postponement of the demolition actions until the end of the month to find solution to the problems. No decent human would have rejected such a request from a MP if he appreciated the untold miseries of the affected hawkers, who have so many mouths to feed, who cannot find a decent living. DBKL, especially Jabatan Perancang, was always quick in taking actions against the poor hawkers and the low income group but the officers in Jabatan Perancang are extremely “friendly” to housing developers and big business. Since the demolition actions by Jabatan Perancang is an act of reprisal against what I have spoken up against Jabatan Perancang, Datuk Bandar should investigate into the speed with which certain housing projects in Wangsa Maju were approved.I have already telephoned Pejabat Datuk Bandar to register my disgust over the inhuman and political acts of officers of Jabatan Perancang, in particular EN AZLAN.I am still awaiting for a reply from Pejabat Datuk Bandar.

  13. It is crystal clear that the arrogant people exercising their power this way is whole heartedly inhuman, they are certainly not afraid of their creator. The Creator, the one that is above all of us – The Almighty Allah & The Almighty God [period]

  14. There are Malay hawkers stalls located in what used to be a parking lot at the junction turnout of Wangsa Maju to Genting Klang (near the LRT bridge). Located there is also an UMNO building/structure.I saw it was still up at noon and wasn’t torn down. Maybe tomorrow.

  15. YB Wee,This is the FIrst time i give comment on your blog. I’m currently a law student staying in wangsa maju for almost 4 years. What i wanted to share was I’m rather disappointed and anger with the action taken by the DBKL that they tend to practice DOUBLE-STANDARD. It is rather OBVIOUS that almost all CHINESE stalls were being demolished while the other stalls (one near the traffic light(Hartini) and another near the lrt)were remained although the hawkers knew it was illegal.Somewhat rather suprisingly, after 4 years i stayed here there is no such thing would ever happenned at all under the previous government. I do not know whether the action taken by the DBKL was to take revenge and give the voters a lesson on the political tsunami after March 8. Such a disgraceful action by DBKL is rather a somewhat unfair and a tendency of biasness towards a certain race. Ultimately those who suffer would be the victims of the customer who frequently stop there to find some foods to eat.As such, DBKL should consult with the residents of Wangsa Maju before they do anything which would harm them eventually rather than benefit them. This is called a win-win situation.I would like to recommend Mr.Wee to give an explanation to the residents with regards to the other stalls that was illegal in our constituency. Why there is no such action being taken towards them when in fact the DBKL fella knew it was illegal after all. I would to like to suggest that maybe a local council election should be amended to air the grievances by the peopleRegards,An Angry & Frustated Resident

  16. Only one thing to bring them down on their knee..change the whole freaking federal gov, see how they gonna react then…

  17. A little correction, the UMNO building/structure I mentioned is one I have always known as belonging to UMNO because it had the banner and sign post of UMNO on it and near it.I’m not sure if it is still an UMNO one as I haven’t taken a good look at it as the view is block by all the hawker stalls there.

  18. Mr Wee,Please help and rescue the hawkers!And send the Datuk Bandar to the drain! Useless DBKL! Hanya tau makan duit!只会吃钱的饭桶!!

  19. Mr Wee,They do not respect you at all as MP of Wangsa Maju….Please do something.. Give them your true colour. They purposely give you trouble & take revenge on you. Beside i agreed with Mr justice, double standard & give difficulty to Chinese hawkers…….

  20. YB,I hope that you can handle this issue wisely..Desa Setapak is really one of the place in Wangsa Maju tat needed more attention from you, the crime rate here also quite high,about 2 weeks ago my mother only kena rompak and did go to ur office there complained but u are busy so only told ur assistant..Hope you really can try ur best to help residents in Desa Setapak..

  21. Bros & sisPlease be calm and focus. We now have a problem that we have to find solutions for the hawkers, who have been displaced by the irresponsible and inhuman acts of the DBKL officers namely, En Azlan and En Mahdi both of Jabatan Perancang.I must apologise that I had to be in Parliament because the Ministers are replying and we had to question them on their reply to Parliament. This is one of the very important aspects of Parliamentary Democracy.DBKL actions were most inhuman to say the least. I shall do my best to look into those that had been displaced by the demolition of their stalls.In the interim, I await for DBKL’s responds on this matter.I really am sorry for the inhuman acts of these two DBKL officers from Jabatan Perancang namely, En Azlan and En Mahdi.I am now blogging this in Parliament. Parliament may finish at 11:30 pm again tonight.

  22. I saw the demolition that took place this morning. Why only now? The extensions was already there for ages… To be fair, when are they going to take down the other `nasi lemak’ stalls in Sec 1, Sec 2, Sec 4, Taman Bunga Raya, Sri Rampai? NO DOUBLE STANDARD PLEASE!!!

  23. YBPlease do somethings okay?Wangsa Maju vote for you!Do you Thanks to Wangsa Maju people!We all know that stall must remove by the law.BUT why just remove chinese stall?Why don’t remove THE SPECIAL RACE CITIZEN mamak store?Please show your power against this case…Hopeless BN (B_bi Negara)!

  24. Bros & sisI have received a call from Tuan Hj Shaari Ahmad Junid, the Special Assistant to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, convey his apology for the miscomunication which has led to the event of this morning. He told me that he will send an email to me. Datuk Salleh, Ketua Pengarah, has given an extension of 2 weeks from to-morow for us to find solutions to the similar problems. I shall also be asking Datuk Salleh to find a solution for those affected hawkers, which were displaced this morning.

  25. YB,Well, the problem is why DBKL just remove CHINESE stall ONLY?How can have a double-stand action on a same case?Can you call DBKL go remove ALL unrecognized/ no license MAMAK???No fair for Malaysian!Kingdom of DBKL!Law Of BN !!!

  26. Anon 20:58,I sincerely believe that this demolitan by DBKL is out of our YB Wee Choo Keong’s control and also expectation. The truth is, the whole BN is playing politics. Everyone knows this.And also, mind your words

  27. We all know that Jabatan Perancang is very corrupted. That department talks about big monies. That’s why the officers in that department are taking revenge because the “big jalan” has been very much affected. YB Wee please carry on whacking them . Please don’t allow such civil servants to play politics wihtin the DBKL setup. They are just too corrupted to the extend that public interests play no role in their minds. I am sure that YB Wee will definitely persue the matter concerning Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd.

  28. YBgovt always claimed that subsidy has almost cost Malaysia to bankrupt and now there is way to counter this problem. it is just temporarily giving out the land free. (means let people free ride the land) then govt can reduce the burden of hawkers then they will exclude rent cost in the food price, then it can partly solve the inflation problem.but now the DBKL are just brutish and bulldoze all those economic value added activities into wangsa maju earthquake scene. and make the Desa Setapak like ghost town. the food suddenly out of supply, cuz there is 7 sites of food court have been demolished. now everyone have to wait so long for their food.also, it idirectly will push the price up. YB, you can see this demolition is not carefully planned. they did not take into account of affected residents that stayed nearby. sorry no cure. sack the ‘miscommunication’ officer out. sack those irresponsible officer out. YB, not only to care for the affected hawkers, also the residents nearby that they are the main consumers of this hawkers center. they get affected as well. lastly, pls ask DBKL why they practice double standard!!! thanks

  29. En Azlan And En Mahdi, the typical over-zealous little Napoleons! I’m not surprised over allegations that they’re doing the dirty political work of the sore loser – MCA Wangsa Maju headed by the scumbag Yew, his special ass. Lim and his bunch of goons. There are practically going around undermining and bad-mouthing yB Wee.In this demolition exercise carried out this morning, I’m very sure those MCA goons had prior info yet purposely did nothing, hoping that the collateral damage i.e the hawkers, will deal a great blow to yB Wee’s credibility. Clearly an underhand tactic! This shows that MCA is always a sore loser, ever willing to stoop so low in facing an opponent, even within its own self, to the point of audacity – remember the alleged snoop squad in the CSL video.Besides, I believe MCA WM is also teaching the Chinese hawkers here a lesson for voting in yB Wee.I’ve said it and I’m saying it again – MCA needs to annihilated from our political scene. Malaysia do not have a place for self-serving political party. They’re willing to sacrifice anything that comes their way just for their own political survival.yB Wee, go the extra mile, have a dialogue with the affected hawkers, let them know the behind-the –scene thing for I believe not all of them have Internet access to actually know what’s going on. yB, I trust that you’ll be able to handle this matter professionally and best of all, let this episode backfire MCA Wangsa Maju.

  30. Siapa azlan ini? Menteri ke! Datuk bandar ke! Agak-agaklah azlan!TOLONG JANGAN JADI ANJING POLITIK OK BRO! Kerja jangan pilih bulu kalau nak kerja teruskan kalau nak masuk politik jadi ahli UMNO ops…jadi ahli bebas dulu sementara UMNO dalam ICU inikan, tapi kalau UMNO tak dapat diselamatkan saya syorkan masuk PR OK.

  31. Thia action taken is rather shocking and rather high handed as to be honest, this hawker stalls had done nothing but provide good and cheap food, hence, providing a more affordable rates for most of the students in the area. Why this particular area and not the ones in sri rampai/taman bunga raya/ or better, even of brj which occupies the whole street really at night!If actions are to be taken, then it must be an equal treatment and NOT selective ones. The malay stalls are still standing ( having just surveyed) and this is a clear disgrace of dbkl.Perhaps, DBKL should reset their priorities , putting garbage collection as their primary motive instead of ruining our lifestyle by ” menaikkan harga barang “. Surely, with the limited choice of food available, prices will go up!DBKL must answer for its actions.

  32. Yang Berhormat, didn’t you go to the site and have a look at the racial discrimination regarding this issue? i suggest that you go and have a look if you haven’t. whether it is true or not, you will witness by yourself. you do not have to listen to those report but you can see it by your own eyes. if all the mamak, chinese and malay stalls are being demolished equally, then i have no comment. i am sure our mamak and malay friends will support all of us coz i am sure we are all a family but those DBKL people are playing their political games and make those hawkers victims. Semoga Allah menghukum mereka yang berdosa (jika boleh, sekarang juga lah bertindak). i am sad when i see discrimination occurs. Yang Berhormat Encik Wee, could you please bring this discrimation issues (other than the other mentioned issues) to the Parliament. I wish that they media could widely spread this news to all our malaysians and let our malaysians vote for the right ones in the next GE. people of wangsa maju, jia you.

  33. To YB Wee,This is first time I PM here, It look unfairness for those chinese Hawkers. Why it’s only Chinese hawkers but not to all illegal stall around that area??

  34. Parliament proceeding is up to 11 30 pm today,thus, that is why the YB is not able to be there personally

  35. hi,I was so shocked & feeling sad. All 6 shops/corners gone. at the same time there is only 1 mamak survived.. which seem to be illegal also. this really makes me wonder….

  36. I almost cried when i passed by Desa Setapak to see all the hawkers place turned into rubbles. Mr Wee was there a week ago. Even the few places he took photo with are not spared.Amazingly, the stalls at the LRT entrance are allowed to operate. Also the stall the traffic light junction heading to Menara Alpha.Something fishy? No? Yes? You have the answer.

  37. YB Wee CK,It may not be true regarding race selective demolition as you’ve said. But I can guarantee you that its all corruption & politics. What happened to Steven Corner case a few years ago??? It has gone under the radar as usual. YB Wee, please resurface the issue and highlight it to DBKL. Heard that Steven Corner guy was involved with DBKL officer on corruptions issue as well. And does anything change in Steven Corner nowadays??Not an iota bit of it!

  38. mengapa tindakkan hanya kepada cina? why double standard to malay?!! YB, Please do you job!!!!

  39. iynmeixpSungguh sedih negara sudah 50 tahun merdeka, masih ada jabatan kerajaan seperti DBKL yang berat sebelah. Kenapa hanya bertindak ke atas peniaga Cina sahaja? Sekarang bukan sahaja isu perkauman dimainkan, isu politik pun ada. Kerana PKR, DBKL mahu balas dendam, dan akhirnya yang susah dan jadi mangsa adalah penjaja yang tidak bersalah. Kita adalah rakyat Malaysia yang sayangkan negara kita dan hormati kaum lain. Semuanya mahu cari makan. Isu Desa Setapak ini bukanlah isu kecil. Ia sebenarnya isu nasional kerana mempunyai kaitan dengan isu politik dan perkauman. YB bolehlah ambil gambar mana-mana gerai haram di Wangsa Maju yang belum dirobohkan DBKL dan masuk ke dalam blog. Biarkan DBKl bertindak, jika tidak bertindak, memang main jahat lah DBKL.

  40. YB, after the case of Setapak Garden Pasar Malam, this is another thread to public out your ability of becoming MP, and this is sad to say that many residents very disappoint with your performance.We all know actually this can’t blame you but since you become MP of this area, therefore hope you can show us you have qualify to seat this position.Anyway, hope heard good news soon.P/S : We hate to heard Yew said “sorry, i can’t help you, better you go find Wee” but can’t deny that he really can save us if he want provide help. Any way, currently we still support you.

  41. Boycott the untouched illegal hawker near the traffic lights!!!The place used to be occupied by a bunch of Indians until DBKL torn them down before taken over by the current operator.YB Wee must find out how they managed to get electricity and water because all the 7 demolished hawker centres got their supply from the corner shoplots. But this untouchable shop have no proper shop near it. Why ?????

  42. never ever think that i’ll post a comment here. If the action was taken equally among all hawkers, I really got nothing to comment. But, extremely sad and dissapointed to see that this is our government, double standard. Can’t believe that such things can happened. So obvious that they did so for certain reason. May be chinese means Nobody. then, I think I shall move on, this might not be the country that I wanna be. Can’t believe such thing will happen in Malaysia. or this is what we call “demokrasi”?Feel so sorry to all those hawkers and their families. They may have childrens, parents, house installments, car installments….This is totally inhuman.

  43. duh…the nerve of some people..what do u mean by asking DBKL to demolish the malay and indian stalls just to prove they are not racists? Do you people live in Wangsa Maju? I know that only the Chinese hawkers had their stalls torn down but if you were to tear down the Malay and Indian stalls as well…what are we going to eat?Lest you forget that Wangsa Maju is a student/working people area. We don’t have time to cook for ourselves so we depend on these stalls.So instead of suggesting to DBKL to knock the rest of the stalls down, why not find another solution?I say no more tearing down of stalls…get to a solution fast and get these hawkers back up and running again.

  44. Forgive me for losing the plot of all this anger showing and politics word fights – I mean what the use. You may condemn, you can curse them, you can call them animals but then, you can’t help undone their actions. Racist , yes. Corruption, maybe. So what ? Can you take them to court ? They are not sorry for their action. They do not feel an inch of pain for that or they, whoever the DBKL mastermind for the demolition, are still living their life unaffected and maybe, planning more holidays with their family. Mr. Wee…so what….I mean what do you plan to do after holding them responsible for not keeping their promise ?

  45. To those people who wants to have Hartini torn down, or as you call it, the stall next to the traffic lights, go somewhere else and express your anger.Yes they did not get torn down and yes they might be operating without a license. Who knows.Main thing is they serve good food. Once you eat there, you would never want it to be torn down. Trust me.

  46. why being unfair to chinese? why some of them have special treat? Its look like chinese not have a leg to standing on this country, agree?unbelievable the shop been flat when i pass by tonight, this morning they still conducting.But i wondering the stall near to wangsa maju lrt still running their business, obviously someone being nasty.

  47. It’s sad to see so many people lose their livelihood in one day. But the fact is that they were operating illegally, so what DBKL did was not wrong.The only wrong that DBKL did today is to allow certain illegal hawkers with illegal structures to continue operating. Why not get rid of them all, once and for all? Why leave 5% untouched?Just because they are staunch supporters of UMNO, does not grant them any immunity. Don’t tell me UMNO have learnt nothing from the Zakaria Mat Deros episode.

  48. To anon 23:42,I am amazed that someone like you can cook up such an excuse to justify the continued existence of Hartini.Why don’t you propose that VK Lingam be granted immunity from prosecution just because you find him to be a very good actor or comedian?

  49. To anon 23:42Here’s a better one:I am amazed that someone like you can cook up such an excuse to justify the continued existence of Hartini.Why don’t you propose that VK Lingam be granted immunity from prosecution just because you find him to be a very good lawyer?

  50. UNFAIR !!!UNFAIR !!!UNFAIR !!!Y the malay stall still thr????that is d reason MALAYSIA still cant improve…they all so kolot…if DBKL wan do so,pls be fair…move out those malay stall..then we cant say anything!!!

  51. Dear YB,Please visit the hawkers. They are feel up set that, you are not there with them today.

  52. to anon 23:40,Where got indian stalls? only Malay stalls are still standing lah! All the demolished ones are Chinese.UMNO protects all races? Looks like only PKR, DAP and PAS can protect everyone.

  53. Pure sabotage. Yew Teong Look is a sore loser and behind this. Only yesterday, this group of victims approached MCA for a solution, but turned away. Yew Teong Look told them that he was no longer YB and the stall owners should seek Wee Choo Keong’s help since he is the YB now. Knowing that Parliament session is progress now, it makes sense to sabotage Wee Choo Keong so that he is distracted from presenting national issues in the Parliament. This is what Yew Teong Look never did for the past 4 years- and now he is working with DBKL to bring down Wee at the expense of innocent lives. Apparently Malay-owned stalls weren’t demolished because it is protected by UMNO and if Yew Teong Look were to demolish the stall structures it would have to be non-Malay owned structures.

  54. To Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,At first I don’t like your idea of forming the government by accepting crossovers, but after this incident, I think you are doing the right thing.PLEASE FORM THE PAKATAN RAKYAT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  55. Bodoh la DBKL… main politik.. BN dah lah kalah, lagi nak buat kacau ? Tak ada belas kasihan kat penjaja-penjaja nih dan keluarga mereka ? Awat tak sikit pun tak sentuh gerai2 bukan cina ? DBKL trying 2 b racist ? Ras Hartini ? BRJ ? ZatiManis ? Buka kedai kerusi meja bertaburan kat jalan raya datuk diaOrang…YB Wee, we are counting on u 4 dis matter as the people have voted u as their leader and u shall bring justice 4 them… and thousands of students of KTAR who are staying nearby are counting on u to get back the stalls in Section 2 area which were once their heaven of food selection and delicious delicacies…My heart sank when i know the news… DBKL are so cold-blooded … AND U CALL THIS DEMOCRACY ? GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC, HEARTLESS BASTARDS …

  56. Hi,I’ve lived in the area for the past 10 years, and I found it highly amusing how virtually ALL the chinese/indian stalls got demolished, and the malay stall near the LRT station was left completely alone (in fact it was right in front of a demolished hawker area).I might sound contrite but it does spark some curiosity.

  57. Is because of Race? Religion?WHY DBKL want to force our chinese people???WHY mamak stalls around area we can notice but they are safe? WHY KL area against the road is MAMAK stalls but no licience also can survive???Can anyone tell me WHY???People around in malaysia pray for the china people who stuck in woe but why 521 DBKL and government want to make us disappointed? Is any chinese can help malaysia chinese people get this answer?We pray for our country but country not given us chance to explain. WHY?

  58. We need launch local council ASAP… maybe is tough to re-launch local election in whole malaysia at the moment, we can start from K.L…start from DBKL, we need democratic DBKL, not DBKL of BN, we wan democratic Datuk Bandar… we no need minister of WP and “datuk bandar” from BN…

  59. To Anon 23:40,There are still plenty of makan places that we can still choose from. After all, there are still many legal Malay, Chinese and Indian restaurants operating from proper shoplots in that area.If you are trying to protect someone, your excuse of the difficulty of getting food is pretty lame.And there’s no way for the destroyed stalls to be up and running again within a short period. At best, they can try to sublet space from the existing legal restaurants. Looks like those hawker centers that were demolished were located at road and substation reserves. Those cleared areas should now be used for building a police station and a post office.

  60. 有没有搞错,为什么只针对华人档,难道这是不投马华的结果吗。敬爱的黄朱强先生,我们把票投给你这是我们的下场吗,为什么对面的马来档相安无事,难道那些不是违法建筑吗。希望你能出来为人民抗衡,谢谢。

  61. the demolition was done, now we just wait and see, is it DBKL really build “police station” and “post office” there… and regarding from our wangsa maju MP, mr Wee, we must get accepatable explanation from “DatuK bandar from BN” against “his” officer, “en Azlan” for the irresponsible behaviour and attitude

  62. Looks like I will continue to vote for Pakatan Rakyat for a long time to come. This Barisan Nasional government has proven to me, time and time again, that they are bloody racists.Say NO to RACISM!

  63. The stall where Hartini now stands, had been torn down before. Why they did not tear them down this time?ACA, where are you?

  64. From Keris-Waving incident-batu cave incident-highway(bDR Mahkota cheras) incident-now hawker incident..WHAT the shit all about..DBKL/POLICE-aka Pro-bn/mca/unmo/mic STOP playing dirty politics races and injustices corrupted…DIGRACES to MALAYSIAN YB wee pls show your power and strength.This is the time u paid all your promises even you aka pakatan rakyat found hard times.Teach the DBKL what is means by respect and justice..chinese ppl in wangsa maju boycott Yew Teong Look(coward n sucks..). TORN DOWN THE MCA WANGSA MAJU it is useless and wasted ppl times, space..

  65. Anon 02:00,All those restaurants that you mentioned (BRJ etc.), cannot be torn down because they are legal structures (multi-story shops). And they have proper restaurant licenses. The most DBKL can do is to fine them and/or confisticate their tables and chairs that were placed outside their shops.But is Hartini a legal structure? Don’t try to continue protecting this untouched stall lah. Pity the legal Malay restaurant Zatimanis lah. They have to pay high rentals and all sorts of licences. Proper restaurants must have proper things like floor tiles, cooker hoods, exhaust chimneys, clean toilets etc. etc. Is it fair for these legal restaurants be subjected to so many expenses while the illegal ones can operate right in front of them?If you think Hartini should be immune, then you should ask DBKL to get rid of the requirement to get approval for building anything. Ask DBKL to get rid of the requirement to get premise licences. But don’t blame DBKL if there’s no money to maintain the roads, and pay for the electricity for the street and traffic lights.

  66. I think if the Prime Minister knows about this racially-selective demolitions, he would fire the mayor immediately. The whole episode reflects badly on Barisan Nasional.I thought UMNO have learned from their keris-waving fiasco. Looks like plenty of their little napoleons have learned nothing.Somebody would be out of job soon.

  67. FINALLY!! someone sees my point..Thank you very much Anon 02:31…I’m sure many people need these hawker stalls regardless they’re Chinese or Malay or Indian or whatever or whether they’ve received protection from the government or so and so…We don’t care…We just want to make sure there’s something to eat…We don’t need people to make the situation worse by tearing down what’s left in Wangsa Maju in the so called and overrated name of “justice and fairness”While you people are bickering about which stall DBKL SHOULD tear down next or should have torn down, we come home everyday from work/school wondering if there WILL be anything left to eat AT ALL.Please people, instead of overcoming the situation, you’re just making the situation worse.

  68. Look dude..i’m not trying to protect Hartini…I’m trying to protect what’s left for us to eat.

  69. Unfortunately I have to agree with anon 02:54.By saying that Hartini should be torn down because it is an illegal structure is akin to saying that BRJ, Zatimanis and Genting Corner shouldn’t be allowed to put their chairs and tables out on the roads because they don’t own the roads in the first place. By doing so, it is as good as shutting down these businesses. I mean have you seen how many tables are there in Zatimanis’s outlet alone? There must be like 2 tables if I’m not mistaken. All these 3 businesses can never survive without using the road to put more tables and chairs. And let us not forget that the students from KTAR and UTAR will be ending their holidays soon. This major influx of people will only further worsen the problem.Just my 2 cents.And I agree about the fighting for the right to eat thing. Will get sick of roti canai and curry rice real soon.

  70. Pakatan Rakyat supporters, please ask all your friends who are diehard BN supporters to read this blog so that they will finally abandon BN.The demolished hawker centres will never come back. They were illegal structures anyway. We should not let the affected hawkers suffer racial discrimination in vain. Turn the whole sad event against Barisan Nasional. Because BN likes to play racial politics, this whole thing would eventually backfire on them, just like the keris-waving event.The longer other illegal structures like Hartini stands untouched, the better for Pakatan Rakyat. Racist BN must not be allowed to get away with this.

  71. Anon 2:41Yeah I know what you mean, I’m just trying to make a point. After all these aftermath let’s hope the situation would get better. I mean there’s no point of yelling racist or double standard. What we need now is solution. Yes there is still hawker area like those in Metroview and such but the choice is limited. When high demand but low in supply you all know what it would lead to.I used to enjoy RM1.80 for a mix rice around desa and RM2.50 for noodles but now a days it’s getting higher but still reasonable. The price is always in check because there is bundle of choice for us to choose. Desa hawkers is not only catering for those in section 2 or the area surrounding it but also other area such as Sri Gombak near batu caves! Yes, I’m staying in sri gombak and I would be in desa at least 3 times a week for some good decently priced meal. I do hope something can be done. I wonder how the hawkers would feel. I know 1 of the aunty who sells curry noodles in 1 of the hawker area for almost 5 years! and her children are still studying! I do hope she’s alright. DBKL should be ashamed, not because of double standard or racist act or political act but they should be ashamed of destroying the lives of innocent, friendly and good people, the hawkers. No doubt it’s double standard, no doubt it political but let’s think this way…..how the hawkers going to continue living? How the residents there going to eat with so little choice available?

  72. it was an angry afternoon indeed after i acknowledged the selective action taken against chinese hawkers.i admit that i will not go to hartini for a long time ahead (BOYCOTT HARITINI) and because of the unfair treatment, although i know that it isn’t anyone’s fault in this incident (maybe except DBKL for following the orders…)It is a good action taken actually, that convinced me and my friends to remember all the cruelty of current government’s agent (AND BOYCOTT HARTINI). i would like the government to keep showing more of their injustice towards all their oppositions….If i am the hawker of hartini, i would be very sad to be “left out” because all i feel is unfairness towards people around me and i get the fire (WHICH MEANS BOYCOTT HARTINI).If that mofo Yew Tiong Look cannot solve this problem under 5 years of service, it is wise for honorable Mr. Wee to solve the problem within 1 year, as there will be more and more problem will come out in the future, we fear that Mr Wee will also buried by the problems until also cannot solve this problem until the next election…i have to agree that sometimes to achieve the goal one must sacrifice, hence i choose to BOYCOTT HARTINI, because why ?BECAUSE IT ISN’T ABOUT THE SOURCE OF OUR FOOD NOW !!! IT IS DESCRIMINATION. HOW CAN ALL OF YOU STAND THIS KIND OF UNFAIRNESS ?????anyway…. my deepest condolences to the chinese hawkers, i will keep supporting you and buy your food even if you serve it on the street next evening.

  73. Anon 2:54,Your kind of thinking have allowed the corrupt BN govt to rule for so long because your kind wants to maintain the status quo, in your case your liking for Hartini’s food.You sounded exactly like the MCA politicians in the last general elections pleading for support or else the Chinese voice in the govenment goes to zero.It’s like asking the police not to catch ALL drug traffickers just because you are drug addict.See how pathetic your reasoning is?And to David, the tearing down of the illegal structures and the confistication of the tables and chairs are two very different things. If you think they are the same, is like saying that a tent is the same as a house.

  74. The saga of the illegal Chinese hawkers in Desa Setapak is finally over. They have been spared so many times because BN needed them in the past to win elections. Nothing YB Wee can do now to get the illegal structures up again.The best the hawkers can do right now is to quickly secure some space in the existing legal restaurants, or grab some of the empty shoplots in Desa Setapak and Jalan 4A/27A. Because they never bothered to get proper shoplots to operate, many of the shops have been taken over by hair saloons and cybercafes.While they have to begin anew, the unfinished business here is the unfair discrimination in the whole affair. But that’s a good thing actually for YB Wee. I believed that most of these unfortunate Chinese hawkers were stauch supporters of the previous MP. Now that they have lost their livelihood, you can bet that they would now support YB Wee.

  75. ini semua tidak munasabah! keterlaluan dan tidak berperikemanusiaan. Pihak bertanggungjawab sepatutnya menyediakan tapak baru kepada mereka untuk berniaga. Bayangkan mereka sudah berada disana mencari makan selama 20-30 tahun dan rata rata adalah daripada golongan miskin dan sederhana. Anda bukan sahaja telah musnahkan mata pencarian mereka tetapi di mata mereka kamu bagaikan musuh nombor satu mereka. Lenakah tidur anda dan bahagiakah hidup anda? Fikirkanlah wahai yg bertanggungjawab !

  76. This will make more peoples and also rakyat supported PK. Our ex MCA MP always rasuah the DBKL yearly.Now DBKL and No more MP have no more rasuah that why they demolish the illegal built hawker stalls. Please bring this sad matters to the parliament and inform the whole of Malaysia peoples on the thing done to Desa Setapak your winning area in Wanagsa Maju. It will becomes like the Hindu temples soon.

  77. Mr.Wee, berbincanglah dengan anjing kerajaan DBKL tu,apakah alasan robohkan kedai makanan di desa setapak, adakah kerana sokong pembangkang?? jika ini alasan yg diberi, bangkit di Parlimen, beritahu abdullah, rakyat yg memilih kerajaan dan rakyat boleh menjatuhkan kerajaan yg bertindak zalim, kita akan menentang habis-habisan kerajaan yg tidak adil kpd rakyat.

  78. this posting gets the highest amount of commnets. DBKL must stop all this hanky panky in serving the people. This latest actions is unhuman and not fair

  79. The only hope is to pray for PAKATAN RAKYAT to take over the government. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until the next election!!!

  80. DBKL is not elected by people, they don care what u said.we must fight to get back our rights, be the boss for DBKL

  81. hawker stalls dirobohkan sebab all hawker stalls jual non-halal foods???YB Wee pls say something la!!!

  82. I noticed that most comments here borders on the fact that DBKL is selective in demolishing hawker centres that belong to only certain race. I respect their right to voice their opinion.But what I’m uncomfortable is if they opined along racial lines, then they should also question why MCA Wangsa Maju didn’t lift a finger to help the Chinese hawkers – instead it (MCA) gave them the finger!!Also, do remember that yB Wee inherited the problem from MCA Wangsa Maju which didn’t do anything at all to fix the problem when they were in power before the GE. It’s very convenient of them to now push the problem to yB Wee…and didn’t I hear before that MCA always fights for the Chinese (for this I give MCA the finger).It always amazes me why on earth MCA Wangsa Maju wants to maintain the Service Centre that proudly says Pusat Perkhidmatan Datuk Yew Teong Look when all it always does is ‘please refer to the new MP ah…we no more in power la..’ I’m saying this based on my own experience, OK.Further, anyone can enlighten the readers how MCA Wangsa Maju find the resourses to maintain the Service Centre. Hope that it’s not from the Tabung Amal Wangsa Maju.

  83. Mr. Wee u also knew this is inhumane, as the YB of our state.Would u doing something? Please.

  84. Dear all,I am giving you a very useful tips. To avoid stalls from being demolished, declare to the DBKL people that the stalls actually belong to the Pendatang Tanpa Izin.No action then will be taken.Works all the time.

  85. so what …… siasat dulu sama ada mereka telah diberikan notis atau tidak . Dengan adanya penjaja-penjaja haram ini menyebabkan Desa Setapak terlalu kelam kabut tidak tersusun. Kebanyakan penjaja ini juga menggunakan khidmat pendatang asing, tiada lesen, menyebabkan kacau ganggu dari segala hal . Adakah anda2 ni tau apa masalah yang sering timbul di Desa Setapak ini? Dan bukan ke YB WEE sendiri pernah menyatakan di khalayak ramai bahawa tidak akan membantu Desa Setapak/tmn melati kerana terdapat ramai penyokong BN di sana. Mungkin terlalu banyak bercakap dan menafikan mungkin YB lupa kot. Saya hairan jugak bila YB Wee bersikap terlalu terbuka begini. Saya rasa kedua2 kawasan ini dia menang besar, kenapa sanggup meluahkan kata2 begini. Ini bukan politik atau balas dendam tapi saya rasa cara YB Wee ini menyelesaikan masalah dengan sikap yang tidak menyiasat terlebih dahulu hanya tahu menghentam kromok sahaja. DAN DENGAN ADANYA PENJAJA-PENJAJA HARAM INI banyak juga penjaja2 yang di Pusat Penjaja DBKL gulung tikar. Sebarang operasi dan urusan DBKL selalunya pihak yang terlibat akan diberikan notis peringatan dan tempoh dahulu. mereka boleh buat rayuan dan saya rasa rayuan itu telah lama ditangguh, penjaja-penjaja tersebut buat tau sahaja kot.BARU PADAN MUKA MEREKA.INI LAH CARA YB WEE BERKHIDMAT KOT…. mungkin jugak nanti operasi ini akan dijalankan berperingkat2 tak semestinya penjaja cina sahaja…ramai jugak penjaja melayu, india turut terkena.. ( wei nak tau tak ” MENYESALNYA AKU MENGUNDI PR INI” ) baru tau siapa yang boleh buat kerja dan yang tak boleh buat kerja. HARAP2 RAMAILAH BERSEPENDAPAT DGN SAYA YANG HANYA MEMERHATI DARI JAUH

  86. I used to stay in Desa for 7 years before I moved and it is really never in my expectation that something like this could have happened. I reckon there are people who are calling for boycotting on the ‘remaining stalls and eateries that are operating without license’ and I am afraid, such move could be rather counter productive and it won’t really help in this matter. I do sincerely hope that whoever campaigning to resolve this matter, please do it out of good faith and for the benefit of those hawkers.

  87. Mr Wee,Hari ini merupakan hari yang paling MENYEDIHKAN dalam sejarah hidup rakyat di Wangsa Maju.BAYANGKANLAH 7/11 kedai penjaja telah dirobohkan oleh DBKL merupakan sesuatu yang ZALIM & TIDAK BERPERIKEMANUSIAAN kepada golongan penjaja yang mencari nafkah HANYA untuk menyuap ahli keluarga mereka yang DAIF.Hal ini memberi implikasi yang negatif kepada penduduk sini yang rata-ratanya terdiri daripada para PELAJAR(70%) & PEKERJA(30%) sekalian yang mencari makan yang murah, berpatutan & enak selepas penat & letih belajar/bekerja dari kolej/ofis.BAYANGKANLAH pelajar miskin yang hanya menerima wang saku sebanyak RM500 sebulan.(DO YOUR MATHS)(Ini tidak termasuk sewa rumah, bil elektrik & air, keperluan harian, dll)Ini menunjukkan ketidakprihatinan DBKL kepada rakyat jelata khusunya pelajar kolej yang datang dari pelosok negara untuk mencari sesuap nasi. Saya pernah menemui beberapa pelajar yang hanya makan di sebuah gerai selama 2 tahun berturut-turut oleh sebab harganya yang berpatutan dan tidak terlalu membebankan. Inflasi komoditi produk di seantero pelosok negara telah menimbulkan kenaikan harga barangan tempatan. Ini secara tidak langsung mengakibatkan DEMAND > SUPPLY = PRICE RISE UP akibat kekurangan bekalan & persaingan sengit antara gerai makanan. Akhirya, siapa yang menderita? TEPUK DADA, TANYA SELERA.

  88. Mr Wee, I’m staying at Wangsa Maju more then 3 years already. I’m very disappointed with our government regarding to their action yesterday against to Wangsa Maju Hawker store, especially for those Chinese & Indian food Store. A blatant sight of double standards and injustice. If they really wan to do their job, why not remove all? How come they ignored a part of them?This is really unfair & hopefully you can really help us. Thanks.

  89. YB WEEWhat the DBKL gonna do with all empty space?? car park, police station or leave like that??GOT BETTER IDEA, HUH??OUR PM AHMAD BADAWI-Malaysian people are facing increase price of rice now the people facing problem to food..PITY us as low income and student..It look like ghost town in desa setapak..it create problem dark (no light).Desa setapak is so strategic that all lrt user regardless races buy food..!!Just approve the stall license..would it be so difficult??What wrong with if hawker fully utilised the space.If traffic problem DBKL can comedown everyday to summon the car..That can create income to DBKL..YB pls live up food of heaven in desa setapak…

  90. please do something, mr wee. i’ve been in wangsa maju for only two years, yet i felt nothing but sadness and anger as i realized what happened when i passed through desa setapak from the wangsa maju lrt to my home. imagine the sadness and anger felt through the whole community who had been there for more than 10 years. especially the hawkers themselves.when i saw the empty spaces again this morning… it’s really, really sad…as mentioned, only CHINESE stalls were affected. the malay stalls were conveniently untouched.the racial card is obviously being played out here, and i have a feeling that dbkl is trying to set you up, sir… or as you may have realized already.there was once, about few months back, before the election, i think, dbkl did not disturb the hawker stalls, but they did confiscated the tables and chairs of brj, mang chuan, etc. laid out in the parking lots. hartini was conveniently closed that day, if my memory didn’t fail me. one can feel that these people weren’t really trying to do their job. it’s a blatant showoff of power.i really look down on these people, especially after yesterday’s incident. sore losers.

  91. illegal as they were, those hawker stalls were the heart of desa setapak. without them, desa setapak will never be the same… my heart cries out for the affected hawkers…

  92. To call for ‘sanction’ against the malay stalls especially Hartini is truely no different than the DBKL ass. Only uneducated mind will play racist game and to join the bandwagon, you are no better than these sluts. It’s like if someone steal your thing, it doesn’t mean you can steal from the others. By the way, I read someone said Hartini has good food but IMHO, this fella really has bad taste. And Mr wee, I am still waiting for you reply to my question : What’s your action even if you can get the DBKL saying sorry and held them responsible for not keeping the promise or the eventual mess up – miscommunication ?

  93. for 6 years i have stayed in Wangsa maju. and i can say that practically half my life is spent there. i know that those stalls were illegal and they were illegal for almost 20++ years but why tear them down. Even Restauran Bang Chuan was not spared their wrath.but suprisingly the stalls right below the LRT station seems untouched.Today at 11am they continued their demolishing rampage behind of Section 2 where the PPP head quarters is. all was demolished Save the malay stalls and the illegal PPP/BN rally point which is also a food stall set up illegally.

  94. have a look at BRJ tonight…they are still happily occupying the whole bloody car park!DOUBLE STANDARD!if DBKL want to sapu, sapu all the stalls, tables and chairs!! no balls to sapu? then i will be smelling corruption is in the air.damn piss off now.

  95. we should not boycott those malay stalls. but ask them to arms. we boycott the DBKL ppl. if they ever see DBKL ppl all must refuse to serve them and ask them go eat shit. Some of the malay hawkers are also concerned about the demolishing because it will indirectly affect them.Their major income is from students and if chinese hawkers are removed that area will not attract students and indirectly no business.

  96. 我们人民很简单,只是想要个平静安稳的生活!为什么人就不能迁就,忍让,这次政府酱做,分明就是要搞到像台湾酱的政治,到时我觉得这个社会会变得很乱。为何国家酱多大事不去搞,却要做这些小动作,这只能证明政府不是很聪明,反而是笨蛋!!请我们的国会议员替我们在国会上讨回公道,不然我觉得一定会有事发生!谢谢!

  97. Is revenge!!! and extremely ridiculous…. They have to think why most of the resident don’t want to vote them, but not sitting there and thinking of the fucking shit plan to revenge on their civil. The stupid action that they do will only make us feel more disappointed on BN and this country. One thing they have to remember, they just only a civil servant, and we pay money for them to serve us!!!!!!

  98. hi, wee, why? why? U can not do something? and why….. all the victims all of one race? those operating by traffic light n car park of the other race are safe? once operation should fair!!!!! DBKL should not just look at the colour of skins to take action.

  99. in my opinion, to be fair, the illegal malay stalls have to be warned and given time to move also. it’s only fair for all, unless the chinese stalls are allowed to resume their business in the same place, then the malay stalls can also remain. the preferential treatment is the main reason people are so angry!

  100. Hi YB Wee Choo Keong;When i was studied in secondary school, i awared that you were Parliament member in bukit bintang giving the services to citizen at Bukit bintang area.Yesterday when i cross by to Desa setapak in wangsa maju, DBKL is “doing” their job.There are many important matters require handle by YB, it is good to hire 1 assistant to help you to handle daily job.Just a suggestion.Always support you!!

  101. i am leaving in wangsa maju for more then 10 years and own my house in Taman Melati. I really sad for happening above.What i am hoping is please dont make this issue become “POLITIC” and hope to slove all the problem as soon as possible with corparate both party(MCA, DAP, PKR, PAS and…)I really hate pople playing with POLITIC…

  102. Dear all,Pls focus…the current gov is playing up the racial issues! Pls do not ask for DBKL to demolish the other race’s stalls..but asked why are they NOT doign so? Do they want us to FIGHT WITH ONE ANOTHER instead of with THEM???Pls know our true enemies…..not Chinese nor Malay stall owners – for both need to find a halal way to earn a living – our true enemy is the ONE in the big cars, big houses who wanted US to vote for them instead!!!

  103. Admit that we are all involved in this game of politics, and in this game, interests play. Thus there’s no use of shouting and yelling. What the pro-BN DBKL are doing is to humiliate the opposition. So, YB you’ll have to think of another way to solve this matter, and to let the voters know the very truth of this whole matter. We wouldn’t want to watch the opposition being brought down five years later by those wicked BN politicians and pro-BN government servants. 贪官要奸,清官更加要奸That’s my final advice to YB. Go bring down those corrupt bureaucrats!!!


  105. Those fuking DBKL already get some pocket money from certain ppl, they wanna take revenge for those wangsa majuians that didnt vote for Barang Naik. And show them this is what they get when the opponent won. Mr.Wee be stronger and stop those azzhole who was behind this.Chinese hawkers suffers, but those who DONT EAT PORK’s stall still remains, it’s very unfair !Hope that our Barang Naik goverment will be take over before Merdeka this year ! No more Barang Naik ! Say no to the corrupted goverment !

  106. This is so ridiculous and thanks god we made a right choice to ‘ignore’ BN in the election. DBKL seem to work according to their own law bible and based on their personal judgment,this is totally unacceptable. We must stand firm on this issue and teach them a lesson.

  107. this is not the first time.similar things happened everyday,this is only one of the bigger case.who say they are fair?who say they are open?is this call fair? different races given different treatment?is this call open? when they cant think openly?have you seen those people from the other races smiling and laughing when our race is being treated unfairly?we dont mean to revenge, we just want fairness.is this too much for us to demand and request, as a citizen, as a Malaysian?IS THIS TOO MUCH?

  108. Reminder for DBKL:Don’t even play politic because there is none of your business. Please proceed the right procedure before bring down the building….AND 1 more things…please be fair to other people also since i save a few malay hawker also like that but you do not take any action for it…this is call unfair.last reminder for DBKL: Please bear in mind that you serve the people but not PLAYING POLITIC!!!!!!!Mr Wee please proceed this matters in nice way and fair.Thanks.

  109. office YB WEE , ni tak buka pun nobody pun . masa bila service dua kali dah datang tak buka-buka pun

  110. mr wee, pls do sumthing 4 them, the hawker.. y d dbkl can do dat v them? we cannot accept wat they done.. so pls take sum action.. thanx

  111. There is NO POINT for rakyat to take action (like boycott or asking DBKL to roboh) against the mamak stalls that look like illegal, yet no action taken by DBKL. Those stall like myd*n*, the 1 beside traffic light heading to Alph*, the 1 occupies partial of flat car part and etc, they’re victim in this case.Pls make your eyes clear, points your weapon to the right target. That is the man behind the screen that plays this show…. “The partial of idiot in DBKL” (I wont say the whole DBKL; I believe yet there are some kind ppl in DBKL, eg: uncle and aunties who clean the road side everyday, to keep us a nice environment)Last word to YB, if you done your job well in this coming 5 years, you will reserved for my “X” in next GE.Thanks

  112. This is outrageous! DBKL playing politics to get back at ppl ???? This shows how ‘sempit hati’ orang tak bertamadun tu semua! MELAMPAU!

  113. yala…it’s ok if DBKL reli wanna do their job…but what kind of job is tat??job to demolish CHINESE hawker stall??is tat fair enuf??plz la…ask them use their tiny brain to think of what they had done throughout all these year…oops, sorry…i forgot them tak de otak langsung…come on la…dun think the people are stupid…dun make the people fight back…in fact we will fight back…

  114. Why DBKL and Encik Azlan do things without thinking??and very stingy !Demolish chinese stall but not Malay!!

  115. no offence im a pr supporter too, but its good that they demolish the place, they can enlarge the road as its always packed with cars during peak hours.

  116. Dear YB WeePlease ask DBKL whether any actions to be taken againts hawkers near LRT station wangsa maju? And also a hawker called En Rahsid’s stall just at the traffic light to menara alpha, section 2 wangsa maju? please request DBKL to take actions too……..fr. ck

  117. We should go around taking pics of other illegal stalls and unlicenced hawker centres and publich all of them online – there are many in Gombak, melawati. Kg Baru, Keramat, Setiawangs and Ampang

  118. There is one Mamak shop near KFC in Jalan Setapak that operates from a Public Car Park at night, They even big video screens

  119. we foresee evil and dirty, they have acted.Now, people are looking at you , respond by action. Get consel from your powerful allies, do it swiftly but quiet. mark the words, mind your step, be solemn for keeping low, you move easier. this is a hard time, in not very long if you succeed, you be great soon.i stand for the all benefit of all the resident & citizen…

  120. Those rascal flaccid flunky just showed their act of being a clodhopper playing ‘their’ filthy politics with miserable acts. You can clearly see that the malay stalls nearby is being kept perfectly by them upon the aftermath…so errr, when they gonna hit those stalls? But just remember those act of unjust will not scare us off but only to make us hate those who are guilty more.

  121. Serve you right. Next time if you don’t vote for BN, more revenge will be waiting…hahahaha…

  122. YB you must listen to your heart and act accordingly, guided by the wisdom given by God.When our squatters were to be torn down in Sentul Pasar. Nobody trusted their MP could help them because everything moves so slowly. But a small group of us went to see YB Alex Lee and requested he negotiated with the developer and DBKL for us. He managed to help us get the compensation we needed to move on with our lives.This is your opportunity to help the victims of oppression. Please don’t let them down. May God’s grace be with you in all your dealings with the authorities. This is the time you help the Rakyat assert their rights without fear or favour.

  123. PoliticsPolitics suppose to help the people but looks like they torture the rakyat for their own whim and fancy.What is politics in Malaysia?For the government to govern for the better of rakyat or suck the rakyats’ blood. Judge them yourself.

  124. it’s very sad to see more than 100 hawkers (100% are chiness hawkers)had lost of income for their family living..by reason of illegal operation…so what happen to the others esp.those operating surround to tmn melati utama-LRT station n those on “green areas” beside road such as Tmn Wangsa Melawati-opposide 7-11 shop..are they legal? if yes…on what measures did authority approved?by right it shall be reserved for planting..also the is a malay hawker stall owned by EN. Rasif outside Menara Alpha Condominium in Tmn Desa Setapak-i.e just 20 feet away fr the stall demolished by dbkl on 21 may 2008…why not action being taken? it’s because he is a strong supporter for our minister of F.T-Datuk Zulhasnan, who also MP for tmn Setiawangsa.I’m resident of menara alpha condo. so far i has twice experienced of fire-burning incident happened to rubbish chamber n tnb room…the fireman facing difficulties to drive in their vehicles(even it’s small fire fighting vehicle only) inside alpha condo to perform their duty in quick time due to many car is blocking d entrance by parking there for the purpose of having food surrounding..incl.En. Rasik stall…I hope this food stall-operating by En-Rasik is to be demolished soon for the safety of residences which consist not less than 700 units of apartment in Menara Alpha…thanks.

  125. 2 days on and Desa Setapak now looks like a ghost town…Dark areas aplenty with rubble from the demolition still around. Like a scene from those end of the world movies like that.by the way..to those people who want dbkl to demolish other stalls, don’t la. The situation is already bad enuff. You’re just making it worse.

  126. DBKL@UMNO. Saya orang Melayu PKR. Saya ada berniaga burger di Wangsa Melawati. Pada 10/5/08 DBKL ada buat operasi dan mengangkat stall saya. Tapi itu restoran UMNO (lesen stall aje) tepi traffic light dia tak de kacau pun. Actually itu business banyak bahayakan customers kalau ada kenderaan terbabas. Skrg baru ada kecil2 punya accident aje. Orang bawa kereta pun susah mau keluar masuk itu jalan Wangsa Melawati.

  127. I can only guess those who support YB Wee will only be happy when all other illegal stalls are knocked down? Think about us students man. You all going to cook for us everyday is it?

  128. why? what is going on to our food store at desa setapak? why DBKL make us disappointed again?why the mamak n malay food store beside is stil there?why the kaki lima at section 1 wwangsa maju can become a malay food court?some body said, developer will build a shop on the land after our food store collapse…

  129. Dun understand why they still couldn’t learn from mistakesssssss after the election..never want to learn or dun know how to learn?? SIGH!

  130. Hi YB Wee, I am one of the resident staying in Wangsa Maju. When I came back from work today, one of my favourite food stall that providing us cheap and nice food were being torn down by DBKL. To my surprise, ( or I should not be surprise ) only the Chinese stall is being torn down. Why there is a double standard ? Do DBKL staff needs to explain why they are doing so ? I think all the Chinese hawker should shift to the five state that PR’s are governing.

  131. If you wish to eat Malay food,Please SUPPORT Zatimanis,and BOYCOTT the pariah, Ras Hartini !!!For your information, pariah means untouchable in Tamil.

  132. where our food store gone?why the mamak and malay illegal food store is stil there?why our DBKL is so hate our chinese? last year BOBO food store at prima setapak, DBKL also just “duty” on our food store….oh my god, today i know why our country can’t develop…HEY, Dont play RACE GAMES la..i m chinese…..our chinese…..WE BORN HERE….WE LIVE HERE….WE WORK HERE…WE DIE HERE….

  133. Anon 22:32,We truly sympathise with your extreme addiction to Hartini’s food. But can you tell us, how many non-Chinese stalls were demolished yesterday?Don’t want to answer? Let me tell you: 0 (zero)How many Chinese stalls were demolished yesterday: 130 (One hundred and thirty)Fair or not? DBKL had demolished 95% of the illegal stalls in Desa Setapak. Don’t you think you are embarassing yourself by spending so much time defending the other 5%? Since DBKL wants to get rid of all the illegal stalls, why don’t they do it 100%? Why are you defending DBKL’s protection of Hartini? I doubt you dare to ask your fellow college mates to defend the untouchable Hartini. Let them see what kind of a person you really are.

  134. I ask all of u to boycott all the illegal store still around in the area. still remember Zakaria satey store in Klang? His business not so good and asked Klang Municipal to destroy the other satey store nearby. so he think his satey business will improve.Desa setapak maybe using the same tactic as well. Check who is behind the illegal store still standing in the area.

  135. ><Dear YB Wee,I have the notion that you may not read what i am going to write. Its okay anyway since I am nobody out there.You are the MP. If you are not in charge then whats the point.Call on the affected people who voted you for some drastic actions.Fist for a fist. Be effective ot let go.Thank you.<>

  136. not only Desa Setapak, DBKL also took away all the tables and chairs of few chinese rest in Kuchai Lama, bloody hell DBKL.Mr Wee, pls help us to solve the problem.

  137. sebagai bumiputera..saya terasa amat marah dgn tindakan dbkl yang tidak berlaku adil ketika merobohkan gerai makanan ini..nasib baik tak vote mca..sebelum yb wee..tak ada masalah..kenapa??..corrupt??..hahaselepas yb wee..banyak masalah ..kenapa??..tak dapat corrupt??..haha..tepuk dada tanya selera..

  138. If they really (BN) want to help those ppl, pls concern those student stay nearby there. All the rent is very expensive, the structure inside the house also renovate till very teruk. One house can have bout 7 or 8 rooms, a room can cause till 350 for medium room, especially TBR. They just “eat” student money. The food stall at Desa Setapak, they did the most unfair things.

  139. Pakatan Rakyat,Please take over the Federal Government ASAP. The people are suffering badly!! 50years of bullshit is ENOUGH

  140. When are we going to have local govt election?The ONLY way this nonsense can be get rid of is by having local council election and have it FAST!These nonsense has to be stop before something drastic happens.

  141. Guys, I am living and working in Taman Melawati. I always yam cha near BRJ. As a Malay, i feel disguised with the actions by DBKL to the hawkers. Those malays officers are corrupted and I really dissapointed that I wasnt there. Believe it or not, if i was there, they will get all bad words from me. Vote BN somemore!!!!

  142. Dear Residents of Wangsa Maju.I really feel sorry for the hawkers of Desa Setapak and they are only earning a living to feed their children and also providing reasonably priced food for TAR Students.In order to prove that DBKL was taking selective action against these hawkers, or playing politics/taking revenge for not voting their political masters to power, please do yr bit as a CITIZEN to take photographs of all hawker stalls which was not demolished by DBKL. After taking these photographs (kindly ensure that the date is clearly visible on the photo) and send it to YB Wee. YB Wee is a lawyer and i am sure that this would help.YB Wee. Tips for you if you really want to catch DBKL red handed. Go to Section 1, Block E you will see the followings:-1) there are people rearing chicken. 2)Also same area, there are 2 to 3 house at the ground floor which have had illegal extension. 3) also just in front of of masjid , there is a stall in front of the flat4) residents in wangsa maju putting cones to block other residents from parking. they even resort to having their car number painted on the road.5) a few meters away from Balai Polis (near Menara Kausar, stall operator blatantly operated on parking lot.there are a lot more if you want me to list down. i know this area very well.

  143. yb wee…that was part of dbkl drama…perhaps episod 1 for this year…i suggest to you, coming fasting month, you should visit pasar juadah under dbkl teritories…especially jalan tuanku abdul rahman…you’ll see more drama…how enforcement officers seize penjaja kecil stuff…i had seen it…so inhumane…n until now seems like i drop my tears when i remembered how one of the seller’s children “kutip makanan atas jalan”…can u imagine?…in the month of puasa?….month of rezeki?….

  144. Sigh… the hawkers becomes the victims of politician. How many families will be broken by their inhumane actions? They just don’t care! Those politician who condemned others instead of going after the DBKL, or those who said they are no longer in a position to help, digusted me; let alone if they are behind the scene. No vote for them!!

  145. Apakah perbezaan di antara DBKL dengan peragut-peragut yang sekian lama bermaharajalela di sekitar kawasan Wangsa Maju? Nampaknya, tidak. Kerana DBKL turut meragut & membinasakan kehidupan penduduk-penduduk di kawasan sekitar ini. Apakah kesalahan yang ada pada penduduk-penduduk kawasan ini dalam mencari rezeki harian mereka? Adakah mereka ini seiras dengan perompak, peragut, penerima rasuah atau makhluk yang mengdatangkan kemudaratan kepada kawasan ini? Jika jawapannya… tidak, mengapa merobohkan tempat pencarian nafkah mereka?Jika ianya hanya kerana isu lesen perniagaan yang sah, mengapa lesen yang sah masih lagi tidak dapat dikeluarkan(sedangkan sebahagian daripada para penjaja yang beroperasi berhampiran telah lama mendapatkannya)? Mereka ni bukannya pengdatang-pengdatang haram tetapi merupakan penduduk-penduduk tempatan yang cuma ingin mendapatkan nafkah demi menjalankan kehidupan harian.Sebenarnya, undang-undang pada asalnya digubal demi menjaga kemanusiaan & kesejahteraan masyarakat. Malangnya, para eksekutifnya (seperti DBKL) telah menyebabkan ianya tidak lagi mencerminkan matlamatnya yang sebenar seperti dasar perikemanusiaan, malah menyebabkan ia lebih bersifat “kebinatangan”. Maka tiada makna lagi buat undang-undang yang telah dibinasa hingga sedemikian lupanya.

  146. Wee, Please be aware of this matter, DBKL is going to play more and more politics in the future. Obviously, they are taking revenge by doing this to the rakyat of Wangsa Maju after they lost their ass in recent election.Hope pakatan rakyat will take over the government soon, so that we can all avoid this kind of brutal, inhumane revenge by BN.

  147. Will someone lodge a police report against DBKL for corrupt practices ad inciting hatred. Let the police investigate why certain stalls are not demolished. Any corruption involved? Nail them for corrupt practice even if no money is involved. Remember Anwar Ibrahim went to jail without money involved. It’s time we stand up against discrimination and racist action.

  148. i wonder who is this smart ass who keeps saying people are trying to defend hartini when all they wanna do is to defend what’s left to eat at desa…dude…those anons just said that we shouldn’t knock down anymore stalls…they didn’t say anything bout protecting hartini…and to the dude who pointed out that knocking down hartini is akin to knocking down the rest of the mamaks because they cannot operate on the car parks anymore which will only lead to a decline in business..well guess what..he’s right…what’s up with you and your anti-sentiments towards hartini? my god…unfair as it is, it still remains one of the few places left to eat…please try to understand what these anons are trying to say instead of accusing them of protecting something illegal…your anti-government mind has strayed you too much from the real problem at hand…sadness

  149. To anon 23:31Your stupidity amazes me my friend. Can’t you see that these anons, david and mcgeady are trying to warn you about the chain of events that will happen if you still think that all those illegal malay stalls like hartini and the one under lrt should be knocked down? You want fairness and I don’t blame you for that. But you forget that if you knock these stalls down, they too will want fairness and they will point towards the illegal use of car parks by BRJ,Genting Corner,1010,Z-one,Mang Chuan and Zatimanis. When DBKL starts to take action by confiscating their tables and chairs they lose their businesses and sooner or later will have to close down as well. Someone pointed out that when all these stalls have finally closed down and there’s nothing left to eat in desa, then you’ll be happy. If this is how you really feel and what you really want, then you’re really a sick bastard. For all you know, DBKL could be playing mindgames with simpletons like you because they know you would want them to close down the illegal stalls that they didn’t tear down and this will start the chain of events as mentioned above. Look at the problem from different angles please, and not from one an extremist and anti-government view. And before you start saying that I’m trying to protect hartini, I’m not. I’ve graduated and already left Wangsa. kthxbye

  150. TO ALL CHINESE,THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU WHEN DID NOT VOTE FOR MALAYSIA CASTRATED ASSOCIATION (MCA)…To all who think the new MP is not doing their job, you are dead wrong because they were sabotaged. The CASTRATED ONE will not have second thought to sacrifice their own people for their political agenda.

  151. Its been like 2 days since they tore down all the stalls tat i usually frequent in wangsa maju area.food was never a problem for me for the 3 years that i have been living here, but now….can’t u understand how it feels to surive on roti canai and curry rice everyday?I know tat there is still 2 chinese stalls around, basically EE Fatt still charges a decent price, but wif so limited variety…and the mang chuan stall is juz a crap stall, over priced and dirty which i dun even bother to go. so we end up with only 3 types of food in wangsa maju1) Variety Rice 2) Roti canai 3) nasi lemak/curry rice

  152. Banyak sangat Melayu dalam DBKL. sikap mereka terhadap bangsa asing bersifat racial.Cuba runtuhkan khemah penjaja Melayu.Sikap hampa memalukan dan tidak bernilai Islam.Cuba ikut tauladan Saladin..Patutlah India dan Cina meluat tengok Melayu yang ade sikit kuase yang lupa daratan. Ini Malaysia, bukan Tanah Melayu.

  153. Government won’t publish this news as it will seen as seditious, trying to create anger from Chinese to DBKL’s Malays.

  154. An to make matters worse, illegal Indonesians run free in the open without license and DBKL did not see this in their daily rounds.TAK MASUK AKAL !!!!!!! Melayu semenanjung takut Melayu Indonesia dari dulu lagi..Hang Tuah konon !!Hang Hindraf lagi berani…

  155. Bro & Sis , Pls calm down with regard the inhumane demolition toward 130 chinese hawker stall in Taman Desa Setapak. As what Dato seri Anwar quate in media :” BN will be “demolished” by PR from Parliament in coming few month.” I strongly believed that Dato seri Anwar will be able to do so even though Sabah or Sarawak BN’s MP do not hop to join PKR coz he has an ultimate weapon which is all evidents of sicked BN’s wrong doing to overthrow the federal gov. Just wait and see…DBKL will pay for what they had done on 21st May.

  156. Follow the example of Ipoh Town, Bandaraya Ipoh gave sufficient notice to the illegal stalls to vacate, You could not find stall constructed illegally by the road side now. Such enforcement was implemented more than 15 years ago.

  157. Why the newspaper cover all about this..I can’t find 1 word from newspaper about this DBKL action…this should publish to all malaysia n oversea country..let them see how our’s DBKL work…See how they treat fried banana store n chinese fried rice store as they consider so “FAIR”..See how they make such irresponsible action to broke ppl finance..see how they destroy ppl store since they develop there for 10+ or 20+ years..show out the warrant who suggest for this action, who approve for this action, n why only target to the 6 chinese big food stores..wat is the different for this action with gengster…this action should consider as “legal gengster” izzit? show out to all media..let whole malaysian see this..if u r joining for this action..u should feel shame..u know wat so call shame…mayb u wont..coz ur skin too many fat oil already.. DBKL boleh!!!

  158. mcgeady,Why are you so bent on protecting Hartini? Cannot get to eat there you would die ah?Protecting the last places to eat? What a load of rubbish! No better excuse is it, Hartini sympathizer?Hey dude, there are no more illegal structures left to demolish lah. It is the only one left.

  159. similar action was taken by MUAR local government where the enforcement officer all of them Malay also demolish stalls operated by malay hawkers and yet I dont see this being highlighted here or people cry of discrimination. i wonder why why, why, why, why dmh1871

  160. DBKL, MBPJ, MBSJ and the like …Rakyat have enough nonsense from you bunch of day light robbers and harrassers!!!Day in day out we are watching DBKL, MBPJ etc going around town harrassing hawkers, collecting monthly ‘duit kopi-O’, issue summons so that illegal structure can be put up without any problem, so that your bank account can be filled with duit kopi-O kau and summons. That all the job function of DBKL, MBPJ etc. Wat else?!DBKL, MBPJ and the like are so efficient in checking parking meter and issue summons but ignore broken drain covers, potholes, tons of rubbish at the backlanes of KL city centre especially.DBKL, MBPJ and the like. UTTER DISGRACE TO THE NATION!RAKYAT CUMA DIAM-DIAM TUNGGU DAN WATCHING CUMA BILA PAKATAN TAKING OVER THE FEDERAL AND SENDING THE DOGS TO HELL! DBKL, MBPJ etc STICK LIKE S***

  161. Shame on MCA!Rakyat did the right thing for voting them OUT!MCA- Can’t speak up when Rakyat with them! – Can’t stand up when given the mandate in the Parliamet!- After gotten kicked out they said they don’t have our votes so cannot voice out!Final word for MCA,Pergi close shop and fight among yourselves! MCA-Utter disgrace to Malaysian Chineses.M_I_C_M_C_A = MICKEY MOUSE

  162. wei kang,It’s all about fairness in the demolishion exercise. Why left out selectively?I don’t have any problems with DBKL sapu all the tables and chairs of those legal restaurants everyday lah. But I’ll protest if the enforcement is done selectively too. If selective enforcement is taken, that means corruption had taken place.And if all those restaurants that used to occupy the streets couldn’t survive, I’ll be a very happy person. Why, because these restaurants have been inviting traffic congestion to Wangsa Maju, by taking away so many parking space away. Let proper restaurants take over.There are restaurants in Wangsa Maju and Sri Rampai who have been operating in a proper manner for more than 20 years. Why aren’t they dead? Because they don’t depend on the lounging environment with big TV screens to sell their food.This cheap lounging environment is inviting non Wangsa Maju residents to the place daily, creating traffic bottlenecks with their illegal parkings. In turn, the cheap lounging environment had created an unhealthy proliferation of computer games cybercafes.Because the patrons of the proper restaurants don’t spend hours lounging there, the restaurants can sell more food and less parking congestion is created.I have no problem with street vendors who don’t provide tables and chairs for customers. Even New York have street vendors where people would just grab a bite and move on. If you say there won’t be nothing left to eat if the tables and chairs are removed, you must be those people that always require a place to lounge around everynight. How pathetic your life must be.

  163. dmh1871,If the Muar authorities did not selectively demolish, congratulations to them. But if they only demolish only certain illegal stalls, then the unfairness must be highlighted.Many people are very upset over the selective enforcement by DBKL in Wangsa Maju.

  164. It really saddens me to see this.Residences of the area, if you really care about these hawkers, please help them. Start a donation drive in the care of YB Wee to get the hawkers back on thier feet. Show that we care. Show that Malaysians care. Even though I’m not of the area and probably never would have patronized these hawkers, this is gross injustice to all. I can only hope to contribute something when this is set up properly.YB Wee can only do so much, and god knows how long this is going to drag on. My best of luck to you YB Wee.

  165. This has nothing to do with the Malays but the corrupted dato bandar and dbkl…Probably they are putting up a show to trigger racial riot, be careful, do not be fooled by them!!!

  166. China goverment work so hard now to help their residents to rebuild their home.Malaysia goverment work so hard now to DESTROY their citizen home.China goverment help victims.Malaysia goverment CREATE victims.China goverement did things to let their citizen support them.Malaysia goverment did things to let the citizen HATE them.Malaysia “BOLEH”!!!!!!!!

  167. After the demolition of the 7 hawker centres, here’s what’s left in Section 2 Wangsa Maju (including Desa Setapak and Metroview):Legal restaurants with proper shoplots:Metroview : 10Desa Setapak : 9Jalan 4A/27A : 6Section 2 Flats : 3Vista Wira : 1Total : 29 legal restaurantsFor such a small place with so many restaurants, many people would tell you that Wangsa Maju has plenty of places to eat. And the Hartini (Jalan 4A/27A) sympathizer/addict continues to say we have nothing to eat, hoping that we would spare Hartini from demolition!

  168. cuba lihat tempat robohan itu sekarang.. when i drove passed by dah tak nampak ‘berserabut’ dengan gerai-gerai.. infact dah tak jam kerana no more pelanggan-pelanggan yang asyik bebas letak kerata dimana-mana sahaja untuk pergi makan digerai-gerai tersebut. few years back.. gerai melayu yang banyak kena ‘angkut’ since mereka tak dapat bayar duit kopi. yang lain lepas. gerai-gerai tersebut dah bertahun-tahun disitu dan jangan pandai-pandai kata dia orang ni miskin! entah-entah lebih kaya dari pengomen-gomen kat sini. be realistik. have u ever been to taman desa setapak? tak nampak ke restoran-restoran cina lain kat situ? cuba tanya dia orang? tehy must be happy!! at last more to come and eat at their restaurant. they paid monthly rental nearly RM2000 per month i think… look at the bright sides. Mr YB.. i know that you try nak menonjol your self. its okay. tapi they all should know to find another place to menjaja. dah tahu illegal and bayar duit kopi every day or months… masih banyak dalam simpanan tu….tak banyak compare dengan kos to the ‘legal’ restaurants yang ada di situ. saya baru nampak beberapa kedai yang selama ini ‘tertutup’ oleh gerai-gerai yang telah diroboh itu.

  169. wow..what an idiot…why did you include those shabu shabu restaurants in your legal stalls count? you think all of us can eat there everyday? sheeshhhh…and to the anon who said that stalls like zatimanis can survive legally without using the car parks because patrons will just eat and go. well get yourself down to zatimanis and see how many tables they have in their outlet. Or would you want me to give you a guided tour?and how can you compare new york to wangsa maju? new york is a metropolitan, everyone is on the go most of the time. They do not have time to sit around. Business calls. Wangsa is a student/young office worker area. The only thing left to do at night is to sit around at mamaks and watch football. I am sure new yorkers have their own entertainment at night be it pubs or theatres or whatever. But we don’t. we only have these mamaks. I have given up defending my say. I now really hope to see hartini torn down and brj and the rest have their tables confiscated every night. Because none of you can still see this from a different angle.

  170. Dear Wee,Do you think the DBKL is playing a series of drama. The actors are from the same family.At the end, who pay for the tickets?

  171. I guess this is the consequences of what we do not vote for YTL or BN, if this is the case, I think we have make a right choice to vote for Wee CK. Though we have a difficult time during the commencement of the new era, I believe, we will have a fair treatment in future if we keep supporting Wee CK and P.Rakyat. The MCA or BN rule, formal or informal no longer work. We are now all Malaysian, either Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian or Malaysian Malay, we are not Chinese in Malaysia, indian in Malaysia and Malay in Malaysia.If BN continue to act like this thinking of all of us still blinding, let the BN disappear in next election as what 深山野人 said.

  172. No more chinese food stall, where else can we go for lunch and dinner?The only left choice just malay food stall or mamak. W_F, why just the chinese food stall have been demolish!!! Stupid DBKL, do you ever think about the people that leave at wangsa? Really inhumane, if DBKL really just follow the rule, then why all the malay food stall still survive, too obvious. If really just follow rule, then must be fair and demolish the others illegal malay food stall too la.

  173. YB,Although I’m not a resident of wangsa maju, but as a student of nearby institution of higher learning i’m sadden by the sudden demolition of the hawker centres. These centres are where most students (including myself)go for our daily meals. With the demolition, we are left with almost no where to go for our meals. I hope YB can some how work out a solution as not only the hawkers are affected but the people staying in the area as well as students.Thank you.

  174. Hmm there are 2 perspective that i saw from this case.1) DBKL might had dirty their hands with politic issue and acted inhumane. Their action is legal but now they had might cost chaos or social circumstances. Example: What would happen to sudden unemployment?2) From the other point of view DBKL is legally doing their job. Since Wee Choo Keong had filed a legal action towards DBKL for their lack of duty. refer: http://weechookeong2.blogspot.com/2008/04/wangsa-maju-mp-demands-termination-of.htmlTherefore DBKL need to do some action to prevent further action.As conclusion, please dont bring politic in because at the end innocent people will suffer. “Dua gajah bertarung, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah”.

  175. It’s unfair at all to those chinese…Wat the hell is going on with u all..if u guys wana play those politics problem,don’t bring it to civilians..that’s not the best way u serve for ur country? what about let the chinese incharge then we do the same things to u? is this what u want? come on..this is damn obvious only the chinese store has been demolished here….hopefully YOU all responsible for all of this and find out the best way to serve your country and the civilians…If not then please resign then let other people do it…

  176. Even I m from Penang, I also feel anger when I saw this. But I would like to speak out my words here. The “double standard” is actually ‘planned’, so this can lead both malay & chinese believe that they are protecting malay. why? So 1.chinese think that all malay are bad and don’t want to work together with malay (divide and conquer), 2. malay will support them. Trust me, if they really jaga malay, malay will not operate stall only, but restaurent. many of malay still poor today. have anyone notice that how can they simply pull down all the chinese hawker stall today? Because this was what planned for so many years, chinese will not work with malay together, even doing business. If today the malay stall is beside chinese stall, can they simply pull down partially of the hawker center? Please keep in mind, and don’t let the fire of anger blind your eye, all race must stay together, work together. The power of the people is the power of the nation. give the power to those who work for our people, our nation.

  177. DBKL 真的是‘他妈的黄八蛋’,真白痴。是那一个白痴批准的,把“它”(不是人)的照片放上网,让人看看这个白痴的“真面目”。

  178. para pengkhianat-pengkhianat BN, hentikan kata-kata menjijikkan. Wangsa Maju tidak perlu orang-orang macam ini. Wangsa Maju akan lebih baik kalau tak ada orang macam kamu !! Kamu lah perosak masyarakat. Parasit! Tak payahlah bodek! YTL dah merambus dari sini, bila kamu nak berambus pulak!! Kamu semualah curah pasir de dalam nasi penjaja ini. Terimalah balasan nanti!! terimalah keadaan sekarang, BN bukan kerajaan di Kuala Lumpur tapi adalah pembangkang! sedarlah!

  179. kamu dua ni buta huruf ke ape?..memang dari segi undang-undang mereka adalah salah..tetapi dari segi moral..dbkl robohkan gerai tanpa pemberitahuan yang laujut..mereka ada keluarga dan anak..maka hilanglah pendapatan mereka dalam sekelip mata..tahukah apa itu law n morality??..sebagai seorang pelajar jurusan undang-undang..dari persepsi saya..tahukah anda mengapa gerai ini dapat bertapak dengan lama..jawapannya ialah dbkl yang memberi peluang dengan makan rasuah..jikalau tidak nescaya perkara sebegini tidak akan berlanjutan..dihalaman blog ini telah menyatakan gerai mereka akan dirobohkan walau apa jua ..dan mereka diberi tempoh untuk pindah..tetapi tempoh yang telah diberikan belum tiba..dbkl yang terlebih dahulu robohkannya..harus diingatkan ketua pentadbir dbkl yang janji tempoh itu..

  180. kamu dua ni buta huruf ke ape?..memang dari segi undang-undang mereka adalah salah..tetapi dari segi moral..dbkl robohkan gerai tanpa pemberitahuan yang laujut..mereka ada keluarga dan anak..maka hilanglah pendapatan mereka dalam sekelip mata..tahukah apa itu law n morality??..sebagai seorang pelajar jurusan undang-undang..dari persepsi saya..tahukah anda mengapa gerai ini dapat bertapak dengan lama..jawapannya ialah dbkl yang memberi peluang dengan makan rasuah..jikalau tidak nescaya perkara sebegini tidak akan berlanjutan..dihalaman blog ini telah menyatakan gerai mereka akan dirobohkan walau apa jua ..dan mereka diberi tempoh untuk pindah..tetapi tempoh yang telah diberikan belum tiba..dbkl yang terlebih dahulu robohkannya..harus diingatkan ketua pentadbir dbkl yang janji tempoh itu..

  181. Anon 17:22,Please read back my 23 May, 2008 11:48 post lah, just to prove to you that you have misread it.Did you see the part “Because the patrons of the proper restaurants…”? Did I say Zatimanis, BRJ, Genting Corner and your favourite Hartini are proper restaurants? Of course there are not operating properly, because they occupy the car parks and pedesterian walkways. And they depend on people who likes to lepak/lounge there to sell their food. But Zatimanis, BRJ and Genting Corner ARE licensed restaurants with proper shoplots.Anyway, are those shops 20 years old? Please lah, the whole shoplot row at Jalan 4A/27A is less than 15 years old. Please read back carefully and see who is the idiot now.You talk as if only college students and young workers are the only residents of Wangsa Maju. Why the rest of us should care about your inability to pass your time. Why should we bother whether you could afford only simple cheap food. To accomodate your lifestyle, do you know others have to suffer?The whole area is swarmed by students just because the nearby colleges didn’t bother to build more hostels.I can bet with you even with your favourite Hartini torn down, many of the legal restaurants there would still occupy the streets. You would still be able to enjoy your cheap trans fat laden roti canai and teh tarik.

  182. Hey, some nice grafitti had appeared on 2 of the walls near the demolished hawker centres.Nice artwork! Bravo!

  183. Although there are restaurants that cater for the budget conscious, a supply vacuum had been created with the disappearance of more than 100 chinese stalls selling mostly hawker fare. In this dynamic situation, those who are quick enough must grab the remaining vacant shops in Desa Setapak or join alliance with the existing shops to cater for the budget-conscious customers.With space constraints, I suggest the shops go for three-tier pricing:1. Standard price – eat in the restaurant2. Cheaper price – take away3. Cheapest price – take away with own food containerHopefully, a month or two from now, a new cleaner and more vibrant Desa Setapak/Wangsa Maju Section 2 emerges!

  184. I have been living in Wangsa Maju for 11 years and was shocked beyond words when I saw the condition of the place today. But deep down, I believe perhaps we can stand united and support the hawkers in whatever way possible. Ideas anyone?

  185. Itu lah prosedur penguatkuasa di negara kita, apa-apa tindakan laksana saja dan semua akan berlalu dan komplain pun tak guna lagi. Apakah akan dibenarkan bina semula? Tak mungkin jawapannya. Apakah langkah yang boleh dilaksana untuk perbaiki keadaan ini? Jawapannya tentu tidak sama sekali. Bincang bincang politik, lama kelamaan lupa juga…


  187. YB Wee,Can the residents of Wangsa Maju region come together to support the hawkers? Can we perhaps draft a petition to pressure DBKL to release legal license for them to set up their stalls? Then we can start a fund allocation to help in re-building all the torn-down areas ?Later, we can also support in various campaigns to help re-establish their business. These words will remain merely words if we don’t translate them into action, so let’s start the ball rolling! It’s not easy seeing what you’ve built in 20 years demolished in just a few hours. This act is indeed inhumane! But we can always stand united to give whatever support possible. “Support The Desa Setapak Hawkers Campaign” starts now!

  188. wow..smart wor..you also know how to blame the colleges for not building proper hostels hoh? so you shouldn’t blame students if they decide they want to lounge around in the mamaks…that’s culture…you can’t change that…it happens everywhere, not only in Wangsa please…why not u propose a rule or something that says that we can’t lounge around? Talk big, blame students lounging for poor parking availability but all you can do is talk in this blog. Go complain to YB or parliament la.i have no problems with your proper restaurants thing and i think it was YOU who misread me. I was just saying that if Zatimanis is not allowed to put their tables out and have to operate within their outlet as you so want them to, their business will fail because their cookery items have taken up the whole outlet allowing only 2 tables to fit in. Kindly please explain to me with logic and maths how does a restaurant with only 2 tables survive nowadays?you said “Why should we bother whether you could afford only simple cheap food?”Thanks for showing what an arse you are again. I’m sure many of the students and young working men and women would love to meet you and let you know what a discriminating, rich and pompous idiot you are. It is because we can only afford simple cheap food that you see a lot of hawker stalls and not starbucks and coffee bean and so on around here now do you? Even that Old town or Old China cafe had closed down. Still remember? Simple logic no?But you know what? Finally your true colours have shown. I had already made the point that you are a sick person who wishes to see all stalls closed for the benefit of fairness while the young people here suffer. Your above statement just made my point. I know you want to win this argument badly and so I shall hand victory to you. Because I refuse to argue/debate with someone who discriminates poor people and people who can only afford your so-called “simple cheap food”. Congrats.

  189. YB Wee,As one of the TARC student, pls help us. we can’t just only go for Malays food stall. Now they sure will increase their prices and how can we, students 2 afford it? We also cant afford to go to the restaurants and have our lunch and dinner. DBKL now is too over and cruel, before this, always give saman 2 the TARC students who parked their cars in TBR, now is too over where they have get rid of the chinese hawker… chinese! always have the races problem. YB Wee, don’t let them get rid of you, be tough and strong.

  190. Anon 21:50,Again you misread the whole thing again. You want to be selective like the DBKL in misquoting me? Read what I wrote lah in the whole paragraph and don’t simply criticize on a one liner:“You talk as if only college students and young workers are the only residents of Wangsa Maju. Why the rest of us should care about your inability to pass your time. Why should we bother whether you could afford only simple cheap food. To accomodate your lifestyle, do you know others have to suffer?”Do you know anything about the part I wrote of the suffering of others? Do you know there are two sides to a coin? Your enjoyment may in turn be the cause of suffering for others.Let me tell you why. Here’s an example. There used to be a clinic in the same row as BRJ. Now they had moved over to Metroview upon the completion of Metroview shoplots. Why did the doctor moved over there since they had operated for so long? You think moving is cheap ah? Because the doctor couldn’t stand it anymore. His patients had always complained to him that they cannot unload sick patients right up to the front of the clinic because of the tables and chairs. Now that the clinic had moved out, Menara Alpha patients have to walk up the slope or be driven to Metroview.Many of the other businesses there too couldn’t operate at night and have to close at 5 or 6pm because customers couldn’t find parking or suppliers couldn’t unload their goods. Pity the dentist lah. Pity the music school lah. Pity the hair saloon lah. Pity the computer shop lah. Pity the tuition centre lah. Pity the pharmacy lah. In the end, the cybercafes and restaurants forced out all the rest. You think all the residents of Wangsa Maju are like you, only concern is with teh tarik and lepak only?Now can you understand why I said why should we be bothered if you could only afford simple cheap food such as RM1 roti kosong instead of RM4 chinese noodles or mixed rice?So, am I still the “discriminating, rich and pompous idiot”? Learn to see both sides of the coin lah.

  191. so in other words you too support the notion that the tables and chairs of BRJ, Zatimanis and all should be removed right? for the convenience of the residents and the hair salons watever rite?Fine, suppose we do remove the tables and chairs, you have yet to explain to me how these outlets are going to survive without them? Quoting again my example of Zatimanis and their 2 tables. Free guided tour still offered to you if you have doubts about my claim.Suppose you agree with me that they will not last long without the tables and might have to close down soon, wouldn’t that agree with my notion at the very first part of my argument? That more stalls are going to close down because you want fairness and justice for all?And wouldn’t that agree with a notion which i further conceived that you are a sick person who wants all stalls to close down?Can you finally link what I’ve been trying to say all this while? If you can, congrats. You’ve finally seen the light.

  192. Anon 00:53,Your answer is Moon Fatt Restaurant on the same road, which specializes in mixed rice, porridge, double-boiled soup and chicken rice. I think they are more than 12 years old. Go and take a look and see how many tables are there inside the shop. You can ask them how come they could survive for so long without occupying the carparks?No need to argue, good track record right in front of your eyes.Am I the sick person now? Who has not seen the light yet?

  193. Anon 00:53, I have nothing against all the 7 illegal hawker centres that were recently demolished in Desa Setapak, as I was a frequent customers of theirs. I am against the selective demolition of the illegal stalls, in solidarity with the 7 demolished hawker centres.The 7 demolished hawker centres did not occupy any carpark at all. Why should I support the demolition of the hawker centres? They basically bothered no one.

  194. The 7 stalls were built on illegal land if you must really know. Same as hartini as you would want to point out. But I have already said that the knocking down of hartini will start a chain of events where eventually mamaks can’t operate on the car parks anymore. By the way, the chain of events have already started with the knocking down of the 7 stalls, as can be seen by the eagerness to knock down malay stalls by some people. As i stated previously, you are being pulled into DBKL’s mind games. I hope you can see that i’m not trying to protect hartini but instead hoping that these chain of events do not happen until eventually we have nothing left to eat.As for moon fatt, yes they do not occupy the roads to do their business but you cannot deny the fact that they still have more tables than Zatimanis and mostly cater for the lunch tapao-and-go crowd. Zatimanis depends very much on the car parks as you can see how slow their business is during lunch time. To confiscate their tables at night is to further aggrevate their already slow business which will sooner or later lead to their closure and 1 less place for us to eat.

  195. Dayson Leong,LOL. Ask them tommorow lah, if you don’t believe me. Or if you ask people who have stayed in Wangsa Maju for a long time. I have stayed in Wangsa Maju for decades already.They too got a stall demolished in the middle hawker centre, a few days ago. Their shop in Jalan 4A/27A, same row with BRJ and Zatimanis, caters for both lunch and dinner crowd.

  196. Anon 1:36,Some of the demolished hawker centres were on road reserves, some on substation reserves and some on actual roads.The UMNO controlled DBKL still don’t understand the consequences of their arrogance, unlike Hishamudin with the Keris incidence. It takes some time to filter downwards. They have an opportunity to win back if they could respect the other races, but it would take some time for that to happen because their grassroot supporters are definitely less smarter than their leaders.Look at the protest photos – the Pakatan Rakyat can fight for the rights of everyone. Malay supporters would fight against the injustice on the non-Malays. The Chinese supporters would fight against the injustice on the non-Chinese. The Pakatan Rakyat is definitely the way forward for the whole country.The non-demolition of Hartini would stood out as sore thumb among the demolished stalls. Future BN candidates would have a hard time explaining the double standards to the whole of Wangsa Maju.If I am the owner of Hartini, I would probably try to secure a proper shop to stay in business.As for the occupation of the carparks by BRJ, Zatimanis, Genting Corner etc., the day it is fully enforced is the day Pakatan Rakyat forms the Federal Government. I don’t think the corrupted DBKL officers are willing to do the work.

  197. Anon 1:36,Zatimanis’s business model is based on 1. Target group: lepak customers2. Type of food: Simple cheap food for the typical pokai customer.3. Assumption that they always would have access to the whole road right in front of their shop to put out tens of tables and chairs.If they don’t have that silly business model, they would design their shop to optimize for non-lepak customers. Or take up many many units, like what BRJ did.BRJ would survive even if they cannot place the tables and chairs on the whole road.

  198. Dayson Leong,You must be confused. 12-year old Moon Fatt, is the shop near the motorcycle shop. You must have must mistaken Ee Fatt, the 2-year old corner shop next to Zatimanis for Moon Fatt.

  199. Yg sudah sudah itu kita tak kira yg kita nk tahu..1) Kenapa hanya gerai cina saja dirobohkan dan gerai melayu tidak terusik. Adakah kali ni gerai melayu mampu membyr duit kopi?2) Kenapa azlan tak menjalankan secara professional dan etikal padahal direktif telah diarahkan utk notis 14 hari3) Kenapa hanya skrg DBKL bertindak tanpa konfirmasi dgn WCK atau pihak atasan padahal dia telah menghubungi KETUA PENGARAH utk memberi notis 14 hari4) Kenapa tidak boleh mengeluarkan permit utk menjaja bagi semua kaum?5) Kenapa tdk boleh mendirikan food court yg sesuai disana utk 10 tahun selama ini? Adakah duit kopi tidak cukup utk 10 tahun?Kami mahu DBKL yg professional, adil dan BERSIH adakah servis sedemikian rupa ini kepada rakyat yg membayar govt tax tanpa henti??????

  200. it is very obvious only chinese stall were demolished and the other were safe!..it is unfair…LAW SHALL BE FAIR TO EVERYONE…..i reali hope YB can take some remedial action especially for those hawker who were affected….this matter had seriously affected thier lifehood….and i think i wont even vote for BN in my whole life! it was too much! DBKL & BN…you will get what u pay!

  201. Mr. ‘Respected’ YB Wee, wake up lar. Dont say till URself macam a Super Hero dat is so so humble and lied to everyone here. Come on lar, I have a friend who is ONE of the hawkers involved in the demolition thing. Most of them don online and blog like U did, dude. So, there you go, U can blog watsoever things U wanna say. DONT cheat the ‘innocent’ blindfolded ppl here who juz see the images of how DBKL ‘terrorizing’ the stalls. Stop cheating ppl here by saying MCA Leaders have urged the hawkers not to inform U lar. Hey, U’ve broken UR promise to attend a dialogue session with the the hawkers BUT U didnt attend and during the demolition session by DBKL, NONE of your PKR ppl were there. The hawkers were trying to call U and U didnt even answered the phone. Where are your balls, dude ? Show up if U care. Dont tell me U R only concern bout Parliament debateS coz, UR debate in Parliament sucks high time, dude. Anyway, U R only good in gathering ppl and do a big Protest. By the way, YTL already applied for those hawkers. I cant wait to see how U claim dat it’s UR achievement since some of the hawkers can rebuild their stalls now !!! Haha … I’ll wait and see how U blog it out and claim it’s UR work. Well done, Cheater !

  202. Dear Mr Wee, It is useless to “horse behind leopard” here.You should solve and prevent it before it happen, not to blame this and that after the incident happen. This will only show how useless you are. I totally disappointed with you for letting such incident happen.

  203. Ahahaha … another Die-Hard-Fans and Blind-Folded innocent chap’s trying to defend WCK. Sampai nak cakap pasal ibu-ibu itu memang kurang ajar atau langsung tidak diajar. It’s okay coz, I do understand UR feeling, my dear friend. Die die also must support WCK. Good on U. Will ask WCK to give U a Die-Hard-Fans award. No need feel so angered when ppl telling the truth about UR dear WCK. Go ask your idol WCK lar, if he got answer ppl’s call on dat demolition day, hao ma ? See how COWARDLY he or his gangs answer U but pls pls do take a picture for me ya. I’m dying to see dat thick face saying, “Oh, I’ve settled it.” Ask him to balik kampung. Setting up Blog to express problems is considered as done so much to WM ya ? Dat’s one of the stupidest statement dat I’ve ever heard of. If dat is so, then every Tom Dick and Harry Blogger can be a MP lor. U wanna be one ? Set up a blog ya. MP is not just about setting up blogs, my dear friend. A lot of comments also considered good ah ? Why dont get comments from those Hawkers, instead of U or me or anyone of us non-Hawkers reply ? Ask the ppl involved there. We are a bunch of ppl who knows how to switch on PC and post comment but are most of the hawkers able to do dat ? So, dont ever think dat things posted here are all the truth. Wake Up, my dear WCK Die-Hard-Fans. MP is all about attending to public’s voices within one constituency. Wat is a the use of a MP when he didnt even attend dialogue session (after promised) and not there for the public when they need him the most ? Dont ever try to politicise this event and make it a racist issue. If U have proof bout Kopi Duit, bring it to WCK and let him handle. Dont just talk talk talk talk … never-ending, mate. Cheers and send my regards to URself, not your mother coz U R the one who posted comments ya. Remember this lesson, my dear Friend.

  204. yakuzanam… u bit the chillie or the chillie rubbed on your skin. classic example folks. 245 comments way to go.

  205. Here is one more to further fascinate and excite U, dude. Ahaksss … amazing to find out UR fetish over number of comments. I bet U have UR own Blog page too (bingo !!!) coz, cant wait to bodek and mirror UR idol WCK The ‘Great’. I’m gonna out of here. It’s juz one of those free days dat I do have to surf net (URL sent by my friend). More wonderful things in life await me to do. I strongly urge to stop racist political agenda. It wont do U or anyone of us good. Trust me, my ‘little’ friend.

  206. Wahai Sang Suria, Saya selaku pelajar yang belajar jurusan undang-undang(LLB Degree)& menetap di Wangsa Maju selama 5 tahun kerap berkunjung ke gerai2 yang dimusnahkan oleh siDBKL.Selama ini tiada sebarang masalah di bawah bekas YB YTL. Peliknya, selepas YB Wee took over, then siDBKL serta-merta went to demolish all the stalls walaupun extension telah digranted oleh YB Wee atas kelulusan Pengarah DBKL. Walhal sebelum ini, penduduk di Desa Setapak semuanya hidup aman-damai tanpa gangguan si bedebah DBKL. Yang paling membingungkan ialah there was no action being taken under YB Yew’s time. MEMANG PELIK & GANJILPre-2008Conversation between DBKL & hawkerDBKL : Erm…. kasi saya “kopi tambah gula KAU sikit.”Hawker : Swt!!! Nanti ya…Post-2008DBKL : Ah pek, mana kopi yang saya selalu order?Hawker : Tarak kopi, sudah habis dijual.DBKL : Aper? tarak! Tak per. saya ada solution bagi kamu.Hawker : saya tak scare pun. I ader new wakil rakyatDBKL : Ok, c u later.Satu rumusan telah dibuat(a) YB Yew merupakan tulang belakang DBKL. (b) YB Wee merupakan “sisik” belakang DBKL.Regards,Sang Pelanduk26 May, 2008 18:00

  207. i’m really disappointed on the action of the DBKL. this is really unfair to the CHINESE hawkers and really inhuman on doing this action. if they just want to play politic and revenge for the election? this is a stupid action!!! people won’t support you anymore. you have lost people from this incident. this action is really like a licensed gangster!!!! why don’t you hack the malay’s ILLEGAL mamak area?? just because you want to create Racism and the discrimination among malays and chinese!!! genius!!! i feel really sad on this desprate action!!! disappointed on Malaysia… i hope i love malaysia.. but this seems very hard for us… feel like no one can hear our voice… sad…

  208. Their days will come as the rakyat will vote them out in the next upcoming election that BN will be minority.


  210. the orang besar dbkl has no balls to speak. he couldnt even be present in person for the discussion and to face the victims. instead he sent his scape goat that saravanan fella remember ? is ok what because i hope he remember that Allah is watching upon his deeds on earth

  211. “i hope he remember that Allah is watching upon his deeds on earth”Someone has just said something dat I guess, one of the most ‘sensible things’ dat I’ve ever read ever since I came across with this blog. It perfectly fits and applicable to all of us and of course not forgetting, our YB Wee The ‘Great’ as well. Watch out your so called ‘true claims’ here and there, mate. U know deep under yourself who’s telling lies and playing dirty politics (yucks). Go on and cheat your way out to your Die-Hard-Fans. God’s watching U closely tooooo, mate. Cheers and regards from me.

  212. as for myself… is it that important which party the culprit/s(if any) are from? i still believe the best things to do now is to solve the matter and not to point fingers at anyone. the longer pointing or looking for people’s fault takes place.. the longer the hawkers suffer. its the best to solve it then only find out who is responsible for it.. that is also if you think it is necessary

  213. Few things to comment that i think Mr Wee should look into especially if you talk about fairness.1. Kerusi & meja yg diletakkan di tempat letak kereta perlu diambil tindakan ke atas empunya atau dirampas. 2. Batu, kayu, kerusi yg diletakkan ditempat letak kereta perlu juga diambil tindakan ke atas empunya atau sudah pasti pemilik kedai tersebut.3. Gerai-gerai yg diletakkan dihadapan restoran juga perlu diambil tindakan.4. Tindakan memasang payung dan khemah dihadapan restoran juga perlu diambil tindakan.5. Kereta-kereta yg diletakkan dibahu jln bergarisan kuning juga perlu diambil tindakan.Semua diatas perlu dilakukan kerana ianya adalah penyebab kepada kesesakan lalulintas dikawasan sekitar yng mana menganggu penduduk setempat. Yang terbaru saya perhatikan lot bgn baru di persimpangan utk ke sek 2 juga berlaku kesesakan kerana kenderaan yg diletakkan dibahu jln atau di persimpangan jln. Saya bukan anti orang berniaga tapi perlu ada undang2 yang tegas bagi memastikan keselesaan bagi kemudahan bagi penduduk setempat. Baru boleh dikatakan Keadilan Utk Semua.

  214. Why just take action to chinese stall only?How about Malay stall?Why beside LRT the Malay Stall still there? Is this Malaysian?3 races? or Malaysia just for 1 race?Or government just concern for Malay? No mind for chinese and Indian died or alive…If want demolition …demolition all..no matter what races…Malay..Chinese…even Indian..Hope government learn from US…Time is change now..world not same anymore..Even nowsaday…US citizen accept black guy…US president maybe will be black guy..if for last time…I think a blooding war is happen already…Just Malaysia governemtn step on same step..no look for future..no look for front…just look to Malay…

  215. Anonymous and clockwork8, u may be true, but why ONLY chinese stall not the OTHER stall. They are really near to each other, like a pair of your leg, but why they ‘potong’ satu ONLY?

  216. My sincere and humble apologies YB Wee, i didnt mean what i wrote, was frustrated and it all came pouring out. Everything about what happened to the stalls at Desa Setapak was by way of sheer unfairness. God Bless you always for standing for the WM folks.

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