KL Draft Plan 2020: No Pakatan Rakyat MP to be appointed to Committee!

Minister of Willayah Persekutuan after being questioned by me that none of the 10 Pakatan Rakyat MPs has been appointed as member of the Committee to look into the KL Draft Plan for 2020:

Whether the Government through DBKL will take into account that there are more than 500,000 residents of Kuala Lumpur who voted for the 10 MPs and that all the 10 PR MPs should be appointed into the said Committee

The Minister replied to the effect that the Government will not appoint any of the 10 PR MPs into the said Committee to look into the Draft Plan for 2020.

This is democracy BN style! This shows that the hearing of the KL Draft Plan for 2020 is just for show only.


  1. YB Wee,Anonymous of 20 May 2008 21:21 is right on the dot.It is the daft plan – not the draft plan!Stupid people can only come up with stupid, daft plans. Very appropriate.

  2. YB!The so called Draft Plan 2020 is totally void & illegal as it goes against the National Physical Plan!The Phoenix Fountation is working on all of these but needs back up!We have been trying to get hold of U , & the other YBs but are unable to!Please contact me : 016-2948768& visit my blog: jeyapalantsmahesan.blogspot.comAnd by the way,I had a recent “run in” similar to the one u had with DBKL – the destruction despite “instructions”Cheers!

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