Happy Vesak Day

Happy holiday and may we be guided by a life of enlightenment.

Update: More pixs

Pix courtesy of TV Smith

6 thoughts on “Happy Vesak Day

  1. Wee Choo Keong

    May I take this opportunity to wish all Buddhists a Happy Vesak Day. For the no-Buddhists, have a pleasant holiday.

  2. patrickteoh

    Hi Mr. Wee. Sorry to trouble you like this. I know what your schedule must be like given the impatience and unreasonable nature of the Malaysian electorate:-) But I hope you can help to spread the word around a little. If you can la.patrick teoh”Hi everybody. Damansara Village is doing something for the aid efforts for the victims of the cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China. Come and join in.Date: Tuesday, May 20Time: from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pmVenue: Damansara Village Steamboat RestaurantEvery sen collected during business hours on Tuesday May 20,2008 will be donated to efforts to aid people in Myanmar and China.Damansara Village will not deduct anything for cost and expenses so that every sen you spend that night will go towards a good cause.Bring your family and friends. Enjoy the freshest seafood and do your bit for a good cause.Monies collected will be channelled to funds for Myanmar and China through the collection fund organised by the Sin Chew Jit Poh. If you wish to make additional donations to the victims in Myanmar and China please make your checks out to YAYASAN SIN CHEW.See you on Tuesday, May 20, 2008″

  3. patrickteoh

    Ooops! My apologies to all readers of YB Wee’s blog. I didn’t realise that the comments were not moderated. My apologies for my intrusion.

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    Hi friends especially Mr Patrick Teoh, the man behind NIAMAH!It is always my pleasure to have you on board. More so when it is for good cause. I will do my best to be there tomorrow. So far so good. Now We only have decent and responsible people like you, Patrick, visiting my blog. So moderation is not necessary for the moment. May be the BN cybertrooper are too busy doing fire fighting to save their boss!All the best and a Happy Vesak Day to all my dear friends in and outside Wangsa Maju.

  5. BryanChoong

    I was there at Buddhist Maha Vihara when PM visited the temple as the Second Prime Minister to do so.It was such an eternal peace as everyone seemed so serene be it BN or PR.PM was in such a sincere mode when he gentle coaxed Nurul Izzah by saying ” Mai duduk sini ” in such a fatherly & gentle manner when he invited Izzah to join him at the main table. His gestures was met when Fong Kui Lun & Wee Choo Keong joined in & talked & laughed as one BIG family.It was a moment of great contemplation. No fancy meal No Fancy Luxury No Protocol but just simple Vegetarian Noodles & Finger Food.I wish Susan was there to capture the essence. There was Not a moment of awkward as He Embraced Every One & Everyone Embraced him as of One Great Family.I wish that Moment would freeze & be there forever! Finally Malaysians as One! Even though for One Moment in Time.Such Bliss to happen in a Buddhist Temple.BTW, the picture in The Star was wrongly captioned. The Monk in it is NOT the Chief High Priest of Malaysia but just an ordinary monk.May All Be Blessed with Eternal Bliss.

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