Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan 2020 is people unfriendly!

Rancangan Kasar Pembangunan Kuala Lumpur 2020 tidak memanfaatkan rakyat!

At 9.30 this morning, Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur launched the “Draf Pelan Bandar Raya Kuala Lumpur 2020.”

9:30 pagi ini, Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur melancarkan “Draf Pelan Bandar Raya Kuala Lumpur 2020.”

L-R: Kak Ann, PKR Deputy Wanita Chief; YB Nurul Izzah, Ahli Parliament Lembah Pantai

Dari kiri ke kanan: Kak Ann, Naib Ketua Wanita PKR; YB Nurul Izzah, Ahli Parliament Lembah Pantai

The 10 Pakatan Rakyat MPs were not accorded with due respect as the people representatives. DBKL is still suffering from the “Denial Syndrome” like BN. DBKL has failed to realise that the 10 PR MPs are the people representatives that enjoy more than 90% of the support of the residents of Kuala Lumpur.

Some of the MPs were allocated with seats and some were not. Yet none of the PR MPs was appointed as a committee member of the Committee to approve or amend the Draft Plan. None of the MPs was given a hard copy of the Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan for 2020. I call upon Datuk Bandar KL to appoint all the MPs in KL to be members of this special committee for the Deraf Pelan Bandar Raya KL.”

I have looked at the Plans. There are nothing to shout about. I can only come to one conclusion that in the said draft plan DBKL pay more attention to have more “concrete jungles” than having more green lungs for KL. In other big cities like London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore all the local governments jealously guard green lungs and the preservation of green lungs is one of the top agendas of the residents.

In Wangsa Maju we are getting more housing developments especially flats than green lungs and other public amenities like Sport Complexes equipped with swimming pools, badminton, squash and basketball courts, libraries and community halls.

In Wangsa Maju we need more green lungs and public amenities. We have enough of housing developments. I am certain that if we carry on having more housing developments then we will have more population and the present infrastructure may not be able to cope with the increase. If this draft plan is approved as it is by Datuk Bandar KL, I am certain this will cause more traffic jams and crime rates will increase.

The Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan 2020 will be exhibited for public inspection and for the public to submit objections. Should there be any objection, one has to fill in a form and state the details of the objection.

I urge Wangsa Maju-ians to turn out in full force and let your objections be known. We are the managing directors of our destiny and we must take control!

We need more green lungs, more playgrounds and sports facilities for our children and rakyat WE DO NOT NEED MORE CONCRETE JUNGLES!

15 May – 15 June, 2008
Aras Tingkat Bawah, Carrefour Wangsa Maju

16 – 30 June, 2008
Lobi Utama, Pusat Komuniti Gombak (Taman Melati)
– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

10 orang wakil rakyat PR tidak diberikan penghormatan yang sepatutnya. DBKL masih menolak hakikat seperti BN. DBKL gagal memahami bahawa 10 WR daripada PR mewakili 90% daripada jumlah suara penduduk KL

Sebahagian daripada WR diberi kerusi dan lain tidak. Tiada seorang pun dilantik sebagai ahli jawatankuasa untuk meluluskan atau mengubah rancangan tersebut dan tiada seorang pun diberi satu salinan “Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan for 2020”. Saya menyeru Datuk Bandar KL supaya melantik semua WR di KL menjadi ahli jawatankuasa untuk “Deraf Pelan Bandar Raya KL.”

Saya telah tengok rancangan tersebut. Tiada apa-apa yang menakjubkan. Saya hanya ada satu rumusan bahawa rancangan ini menitikberatkan pembikinan bangunan-bangunan dan tidak mementingkan adanya kawasan-kawasan bertumbuhan untuk KL. Dalam bandaraya-badaraya lain seperti London, New York, Tokyo dan Singapore, semua kerajaan tempatan menjaga kawasan-kawasan bertumbuhan dengan tegas dan menjadikannya urusan terpenting demi kesejahteraan penghuni-penghuni

Di Wangsa Maju kami mendapati lebih banyak pembikinan rumah pangsa dan bukannya kawasan bertumbuhan dan lain-lain kemudahan awam seperti pusat beriadah/bersukan lengak dengan kolan renang, gelanggang bola keranjang, perpustakaan awam dan dewan masyarakat.

Di Wangsa Maju, kami memerlukan kemudahan tersebut dan bukannya pembikinan ruamh-rumah. (Note penterjemah, betul, tengok banyak kedai-kedai kosong di Seri Rampai, Taman Melawati, Taman Permata.)

Sudah cukupnya usaha perumahan. Saya pasti dengan kebih banyak perumahan, penghuni akan bertambah dan kemudahan awam sekarang tidak dapat menampung mereka. Jika rancangan kasar ini diluluskan oleh Datuk Bandar KL saya pasti masalah kesesakan lalu lintas dan jenayah akan bertambah

“Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan 2020” akan dipamer untuk tatapan umum dan akan menerima bantahan umum. Jika ada bantahan, pengadu perlu mengisi satu borang dan menyatakan butir terperinci.

Saya mengesa semua penghuni Wangsa Maju keluar beramai-ramai dan mengutarakan bantahan-bantahan anda. Kita adalah pengarah urusan masa depan kami dan kami mesti memainkan peranan mengawal masa hadapan kita!

Kami memerlukan lebih banyak kawasan bertumbuhan, kawasan permainan dan sukan untuk anak-anak kita dan semua rakyat jelata. Kami tidak memerlukan hutan batu-bata

15 Mei – 15 Jun, 2008
Aras Tingkat Bawah, Carrefour Wangsa Maju

16 – 30 Jun, 2008
Lobi Utama, Pusat Komuniti Gombak (Taman Melati)

10 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan 2020 is people unfriendly!

  1. Anonymous

    We need more green lung and not concrete jungle. DBKL must also respect the wishes of the residents in KL. The 10 Pakatan Rakyat MPs are the people respresentatives and Datuk Bandar KL must respect them. Infact, BN has only one MP – Zulhasnan.

  2. Anonymous

    Aiyoo… nothing will happen to our shouts YB Wee. How many forms we fill also, macam tu lah keadaan nya. See the Hindraf5 lost the appeal yesterday isn’t ? They have to serve the sentence & on Mother’s Day one of the aged mother appealed to Badawi to release her son ? Dengar tak PM kita ? See how much the bloggers wrote about scraping NS program, yet yesterday at the Parliament Najib said it has to continue isn’t ? Now Draft Plan 2020… who going to listen. I am so sad lah… but I know we cant give up hope, we will do what we can to have our voices heard and action taken. Thank you, YB Wee for doing so much for us. May God bless you in abundance and give you strength to help us, the Rakyat of Malaysia.

  3. Me... Only Better

    You are right about that MP Wee, the people’s voice is in the Pakatan Rakyat. The only one BN MP is an aberration.Save our green lungs. The thing is, will our voices be heard? Or will the DBKL remain as the voice of the developers?

  4. CT Choo

    Sdr Wee, I am not a Wangsa Maju resident. But, I am a KL resident. My family and I are most grateful that Pakatan Rakyat MPs are vigilant on the KL Draft Plan’s serious weaknesses. Help us to keep the few green lungs left in KL. The ignoramuses at DBKL are defying the Rakyat’s wishes. I am shocked that PR MPs have been ignored. We must get these high-handed people out of DBKL urgently!

  5. richard

    I was reading the NST reg the launch of the KL Draft Plan and appears that DBKL is relegating from its promises of development in certain areas even under vehement objections from residents, to the point of sidelining cases/injunctions pending in the courts.This is how DBKL has been operating for ages. Shameful.And the Datuk Bandar even had the audacity to call for views to make improvements to the draft plan knowing full well that it’s for the sake of views/publicity only and not for making concrete amendments, changes to the benefit of residents affected. Believe me, whatever that’s planned, it’s final!Like its political master, DBKL can’t go any further than ‘Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin’.

  6. Anonymous

    More buildings means more approvals needed. More approvals needed then more monies for the Jabatan Perancang.Buildings in Wangsa Maju are mushrooming everywhere in total disregards to the infra-structures. Example is the Platinum Victory Sdn BHd’s projects. YB Wee you better check how come Plastinum has been getting approval from DBKL easily.

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