Your MP’s Question of the Week #8

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the controversial VK Lingam video clip, headed by chairperson Haidar Mohamed Noor, has submitted a four-volume report to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong at the Istana Negara this morning.

Reliable sources have revealed that the report has probably confirmed the following findings:

1) That the video clip was authentic;

2) That the Indian-looking man talking on the phone was VK Lingam and that the person whom he was talking to on the other end of the line was Ahmad Fairus, the former Chief Justice of Malaysia who retired in 2007 in the midst of the controversies.

In the event that the above findings are true, should the government immediately:

1) Forward the report to the Attorney General’s office for its consideration to institute charges against the culprits highlighted in the video clip for interfering with the administration of justice and subverting the course of justice;

2) Reform the judiciary and compensate all the victims of injustice perpetrated by these personalities; and

3) Set up another Royal Commission to investigate into other serious allegations of improprieties of those retired judges and a sitting judge, which the previous Royal Commission of Inquiry did not allow detailed evidences to be ventilated at its hearing?

– Terjemahan oleh exocet
– Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #8

Suruhanjaya diRaja yang diketuai oleh Haidar Mohamed Noor selaku pengerusi yang menyiasat klip video kontroversi VK Lingam telah mengemukakan laporan 4 jilid kepada Yang Di Pertuan Agong di Istana Negara pagi tadi.

Sumber-sumber yang dipercayai menunjukkan laporan itu mengandungi:

1) Klip video itu adalah sahih dan tulen;

2) Lelaki berbangsa India yang berbual ditelefon itu adalah VK Lingam dan orang yang sedang berbual dengannya ialah Ahmad Fairus, bekas Ketua Hakim Negara yang bersara pada 2007 dan penuh dengan kontroversi.

Sekiranya laporan ini adalah benar, adakah kerajaan patut dengan serta-merta:

1) Memberikan laporan itu kepada Pejabat Pendakwaraya untuk mengambil tindakan tuduhan terhadap mereka yang terlibat dalam klip video itu kerana campur tangan dalam pentadbiran kehakiman;

2) Membuat reformasi dalam badan kehakiman dan membayar pampasan kepada mereka yang menjadi mangsa ketidakadilan oleh pihak yang terlibat dalam klip video ini; dan

3) Menubuhkan satu lagi Suruhanjaya DiRaja untuk menyiasat tuduhan ‘improperties’ terhadap hakim yang telah bersara dan hakim yang masih bekerja kerana Suruhanjaya DiRaja terdahulu tidah membenarkan bukti-bukti ini digunakan dalam laporan mereka?

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意

阿強每週一問 #8

由 HAIDAR MOHAMMED NOOR 所領導的皇家獨立調查團﹐已經把林甘短片的報告呈交給最高元首。



2)短片內說電話的印度籍男子就是林甘本人﹐而他通電話的對象是 AHMAD FAIRUS﹐ 2007年在一片爭議下辭職的前馬來西亞大法官。




3) 再成立一個皇家獨立調查團以調查其他已退休和現任法官﹐因現在的調查團不許詳細證據在聽證會上列出﹖

17 thoughts on “Your MP’s Question of the Week #8

  1. Anonymous

    We do not need a Royal Commission to come up with that type of findings. The finding of the obvious. It looked like me and sounded like me but it was not me! Korek! Korek! Korek! Korek! I hope that the BN Government will not treat us like fools. We know all the personalities are guilty. Now we would liek to see what the the Sleepy Goverment is going to do!

  2. Anonymous

    The Attorney General must take immediaste actions to prosecute those involved in the Lingam affairs.Yes, I also agree that another Royal Commission must be set up by the Government to investigate into other allegations of improprieties, which were prevented by Haidar from tabling during the hearing. Enough is enough. The judiciary must be revamped for the sake of the nation. The Government must make public the Royal Commission report immediately.

  3. Anonymous

    On a lighter note…..this morning the Star quoted Mister Lingam replying to the reporter’s question on what is his comment on the report. He said, “what can I say?” (or something like that to dodge the question)Imagine he just repeat his fav word out of habitReported,” Dato’ what do you think of the report?”Mister Lingam,”oh the report is corect, correct, correct”That would solve the PM’s dilemma to decide whether to make the report public.I think he would not make the full report public. Want a bet? Teh tarik satu?RegardsLee Wee Tak

  4. Bunda

    Yes, yes, and yes!!Please continue to press and press and press until this corrupt system of ours is completely reformed. For the sake of our children, and their children.

  5. Anonymous

    Keputusan suruhanjaya diraja akan diketahui pada bulan 12hb march 2012 iaitu sebelum PRU13 sekian Terima Kasih?


    The answer is ‘yes’. What I don’t get is why the government dragging their feet on the VK Lingam case- I personally think the progress is really slow and needs to be swifter. And this case is the catalyst for judiciary reform in Malaysia.


    In my capacity as rakyat I support investigations be carried out on other judges and judiciary -related personalities suspected of doctoring court cases and misusing judiciary power. I also demand findings of the investigations be made public and of course the affected victims be compensated- not by public funds but funded from the guilty party. Ultimately I would like to see the guilty parties serve jail sentences for their crimes. It’s time the government redeem the blemished state of the judiciary system. I have no pride of the system.

  8. every dog has his day

    Our blighted judiciary has GONE TO HELL and is still presently languishing in HELL and will remain in HELL for an indefinite period of time unless and until we straighten up the path to LEGAL HEAVEN.All our judges can go to hell! With or without any written judgements, they have put us in hell anyway. We are any which way but loose with a doggone justice system that is working in cahoots with the Devil in Hell!What the hell are we to do? Put the Devil in hell and burn all the wretched law journals and statute books in a big bonfire in Hell! To hell with the Bodowi government and curse their mothers to hell for planting the seeds of evil in their wombs.To the Courts of this wretched country -GO TO HELL!!!Note: Sorry folks for the rants and raves above. It helps cleanse the system.

  9. every dog has his day

    When I arrived in Sungai Buloh Prison, something happened that put the entire prison on full alert. Sirul and Azilah, who were in the same block as me, Blok Damai, shouted for me to watch my back and that they will get me. I was quickly whisked out of the block. It seems they were angry that the Altantuya murder trial, which had disappeared from the radar screens, has now, again, been given the spotlight. Why should that upset them? Why the need for the Altantuya murder trial to disappear from the radar screens? Are they fearful their millions stashed in some Swish bank accounts will vanish?I was then assigned to my own cell, cell 8, and was not allowed to come into contact with any of the other prisoners. My cell door was permanently locked and whenever I had to leave my cell they would assign two or three Special Forces personnel, UPK, as my bodyguards.As further precautions, I refused to touch any drink or food as I remembered very well the arsenic poisoning that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim suffered when he too was in the same prison.So, from the time I entered prison until the time I walked out four days later, I did not eat or drink, which of course the prison interpreted as a hunger strike. They told me that a hunger strike is a serious crime and they could charge me for that. But that was the least of my worries at that point of time. I was fearful I could be poisoned!I met no less than five or six senior officers at different points of time who all insisted that I agree to meet my wife and lawyers so that they could arrange bail for me. I made it very clear that I refuse to see anyone because I do not want them to start crying and begging me to agree to bail as that would weaken me. If I shut myself out from the rest of the world that would make it easier to stand firm.The head of the Special Forces and someone from the Intelligence Unit also met me to explain that they will try their best to keep me safe. Nevertheless, they can’t watch over me 100% of the time so my continued presence in prison is a great burden to the entire staff.We are on full alert and we have to report to the ministry every hour on the hour. No one can sleep because of you, they said, so please agree to bail and leave. Give us peace of mind, we want to sleep also. We have had enough of being someone’s errand boy from Bukit Aman (or worst, Putrajaya)!One of the Special Forces chaps told me to never trust anyone. Don’t even trust the men in uniform, not even if they wear this same uniform, he tugged on his shirt to emphasis the point. Don’t even believe in all that crap and bullshit about Cekap, Bersih dan Amanah. They even hate to wear the “Saya Anti-Rasuah” badge. Why? They are all stark naked in filth and sleaze! Your life here is worth a packet of kretek. Prisoners will kill just for that. And Sirul (or was it Azilah?) is very intelligent, he added. He can light the C4 to blow the whole prison block away! He knows which prisoners can be bought and he has many on his payroll. He can always get someone to do his job for him. They can easily find the bogeyman to do their dirty business, Hollywood style to perfection! You don’t wanna be the patsy!Whenever I was brought out, they made sure that Sirul and Azilah, and the other 18 or so police officers that are in their same block, were locked up. Once, when they brought me out, and someone in the walktie-talkie said that the two were in the hospital, they quickly locked me up and only brought me out again after the two were safely locked up. I could see that they were not merely trying to frighten me but were genuinely worried.Look, they told me, we have only 600 men against more than 5,000 inmates. And not all 600 are on shift at the same time. This crammed prison was built for only 2,500 inmates so we are grossly overcapacity. If anything does happen, our personnel are grossly outnumbered. And with you here the potential for something happening is very real. Please, they appealed, consider your stand of not agreeing to bail. If not for your sake at least for ours. Whether you wish to live or die is your business. But whatever happens to you will affect all our careers as well. I don’t care what Bukit Aman thinks of you but I worry for my periuk nasi and the pips on my shoulder bar (my pangkat means a lot to me and my pay packet!)Excerpted from Raja Petra Kamarudin’s blog (slightly edited for humour’s sake)

  10. Mr. Smith

    Wee, my only wish is to see that Fairuz disgraced and made to languish in jail.I want you to sue him and the government for making you lose the Bukit Bintang seat and giving it to MCA on a silver platter.

  11. Wee Choo Keong

    anon, bunda, resident.wangsamaju and every dog has his day. Thank you all for your views.Every dog has his day’Not all judges are bad. There are good and honest judges too. So it is most unfair to generalise things.Mr Smith,My next move depends very much on the findings of the Royal Commission. The government is duty bound to make public the report. So lets wait for next Cabinet meeting, this coming Wednesday, and a decision would have been made by them.Thank you you all for your views/opinions.

  12. every dog has his day

    Perception is everything in politics. And for the ordinary man in the street, the public perception is that the government is going down the road of repression.For the Barisan Nasional, the public perception against the government is that the sedition charge is a form of persecution against blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin for his daring comments (or anyone who express contrarian anti-Establishment views). He is a hero who dare to face the might of the government, even at the risk of being jailed.Fresh from the heavy electoral defeats in five states, the public opinion against the wretched UMNO/BN regime can be politically costly for the government. In fact, it can ill afford such sentiments at this point. RPK has the public on his side.Note: The above is extracted from Wong Chun Wai’s blog and slightly edited to give the story a twist to suit my perception.

  13. BryanChoong

    Positive answers to all three questions asked.The perplexing thing is that will the judiciary be totally independent as AG seems to be taking orders from ruling party only.The Police had their Royal Commission which I had attended and given complaints & views.Unfortunately after all the hard work & excitement by the Commission nothing was carried out. Crimes rates remains all time high.YB as elected MPs and lawmakers, how do we solve the problems and NOT the symtoms? What are the solutions to revive the entire system? How is the government going to implement it?With the political tide reverse currently will the momentum able to sustain for further development and change in the judiciary as a whole.The last de-facto can’t even quote the law correctly as on Witness Protection Act. Without the Judiciary in total independence status, how are the rakyat like us going to survive? Who will dare to invest in the country? Rhetoric only adds burden to the people. We don’t have actual costing on the total amount spent on the inquiry.Can MPs who are learned in law who are sincere like you please save us? We need people heading the Judiciary who are truly Honest & dedicated in the Judiciary. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL….

  14. Anonymous

    YB Wee, have you forgotten how Ahmad Fairuz disqualified you, when you were the elected MP for Bukit Bintang, and he saw it fit to appooint a losing BN candidate Lee Chong Meng as the duly elected MP for Bukit Bintang. This is the type of chief justice we have in Malaysia. You better give him a good whack whenever you have a chance. I am surprised that Haidar suddenly have balls. Youhave right said that the Comiissioners have a semblance of independence but we don’t know how far they dare to go. I reserve my comments until I read the report. I do not trust this Bafdawi admninisdimhtration.

  15. Anonymous

    suruhanjaya yg akan melantik hakim2 harus dianggotai oleh pm dgn ketua pembangkang dan mereka akan mencalonkan nama2 kpd majlis raja2 utk perbincangkan dan kemudian mengusulkan nama2 tersebut utk diperkenankan kpd agongbar council mungkin tak perlu jd ahli suruhanjaya tersebut sebab hakim2 takut xdpt naik pangkat kalau2 bar council member yg terlibat kes dgn hakimyb,please cepat2 bunuh semua tikus2 di wangsa maju. desa setapak penuh dgn tikus

  16. Anonymous

    Can somebody enlightened me on what exact crime was commited by Lingam in case?he tried to influence the appointment of Fairus,yes?.But were the PM and King influenced by him?How do we prove it?Maybe being Lingam, he is just showing off and trying to claim credit and never even spoke to the PM and the King!

  17. Me... Only Better

    MP Wee, I was disheartened to hear Zaid Ibrahim do a backtrack on his statement that the new Judicial Commission will also include the Opposition. He then issued a new statement the next day, denying he said that. They must realise that “the OPPOSITION” is no longer that in the old sense. They have won 5 states and are well represented in Parliament!We MUST have a bipartisan Commission!!! Otherwise it will just be another joke all over again. One politicalparty CANNOT offer adequate and fair check and balance. We need ALL parties with a stake. And our stake is in people like you and the PR!

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