Raja Petra chooses jail rather than post bail

Pix courtesy of malaysiakini

UPDATE, 4.00 pm : According to Puan Marina, Raja Petra will be brought to Petaling Jaya Sessions Court at 9.45 am tomorrow (Friday, 9 May 2008). All are welcome to the venue tomorrow to meet with Raja Petra and walk with him.

UPDATE, 8 May, 2.00 pm : Raja Petra has agreed to post bail today when his wife managed to see him for the first time this morning, reported here. Raja Petra has also begun to take some food and drink water.

UPDATE, 12.50 pm :
It’s been reported here that according to Marina Lee Abdullah, Raja Petra’s wife, Raja Petra has refused to see anyone, including her. Marina also added she was informed by the police that Raja Petra is apparently on hunger strike.

Yesterday, Raja Petra Kamarudin was charged with sedition at the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court over an article titled “Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell” which he wrote in his website, Malaysia Today.

Raja Petra has claimed trial to the charge [under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act] for publishing the alleged seditious article on 25 April. Hearing has been fixed from 06 to 10 October.

Raja Petra was granted a bail of RM5,000 but has refused, in principle, to post and rather decided to choose to remain in custody until the hearing.

Malaysians from all over have voluntarily contributed to a donation drive “Walk with RPK: One Ringgit One Person” to post his bail on his behalf. The donation drive has since being called off at about 5.45 p.m. yesterday as a total of about RM25,000 has been collected.

We wish Raja Petra well and demand that justice prevails.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Maklumat terkini 12.50 pm: Dilaporkan di sini menurut isteri RPK, Marina Lee Abdullah, Raja Petra enggan menjumpai sesiapa termasuk isterinya. Marina menambahkan bahawa Polis memberitahunya RPK sedang bantah- berpuasa.

Semalam, Raja Petra Kamarudin dituduh menghasut di Mahlamah Sessi Petaling Jaya kerana karangannya “Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell” yang terpapar di website, Malaysia Today.

Raja Petra minta dibicara menurut [bawah Seksyen 4(1)(c) Hukum Akta Hasutan] kerana memaparkan karangan yang kononnya dituduh menghasut pada tanggal 25 April. Perbicaraan telah ditetapkan pada 06 hingga 10 Oktober.

Raja Petra dibenar ikat jamin RM5,000 tetapi telah menolak tawaran ikat jamin dan lebih rela dipenjarakan sehingga tarikh bicara.

Rakyat Malaysia daripada semua tempat telah menyumbang kepada kutipan derma “Walk with RPK: One Ringgit One Person” untuk membayar ikat jamin tersebut. Kuitpan derma telah dihentikan pada pukul 5.45 p.m. semalam kerana RM25,000 telah dikutip.

Kami harap Raja Petra berada dalam keadaan selamat dan harap adanya keadilan.

15 thoughts on “Raja Petra chooses jail rather than post bail

  1. Anonymous

    YB, please pursue this matter in parliament.This looks like selective persecution of the highest order. The BN administration together with the AG , the police, and the judiciary are in conspiracy to nail one man.Enough is enough!

  2. richard

    I think RPK’s case will ultimately be the trigger that will change the political landscape of Malaysia that would favour PR.The Govt of the day is still at its old ways, didn’t learn a thing from the recent GE… pity.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear YB,RE: MUGGERS IN OUR AREAOn the 3rd May 2008 Sunday about 12.30 midnight, 4 students(boys) aged about 17 to 18 years old from Suria Apartment was going for tea at a mamak shop in front of Idaman Sutera Condominium. They were walking through a road between Idaman Sutera Condo and Suria Apt. Suddenly a dark Proton Iswara stopped with 4 men coming out and mugged the boys. One of the boys was slash 2 times at the neck and 1 slash to the stomach. The victim’s younger brother rushed to our condo guard post for help. One of the guard on duty rushed to the scene and the same time the muggers tried to escape in the car, they speed of and hit into a stationery lorry. The muggers left the car by foot and disappeared into a vacant land full with bushes. The victim was send to the hospital by car passer by car. Later when the police came the found one of the mugger’s identification card drop on the car seat. The car was reported stolen 2 days ago. There was also parangs ,axes,samurai swords and 4 women identification card in the car.I kindly hope you could follow up with these matter. Could you please request for additional lamppost to be erected between the condo roads because the area is very dark at night. Can the bushes of the empty land be cleared because the area is very suitable for mosquito breeding? In our area the security has been worsens since more builds of condos and apartments came up. This is because the management of most condos’ is not taking the security matters seriously. Example our condo the management has not been issuing resident cards at all and any Tom Dick and Harry can come in and out of our condo. With more and more foreigners moving in the situation has worsen, the management does not even keep proper records of owners and tenants staying in the condo. To make the matter even worse the police are unable to enter the condominium because it is a private property.

  4. Anonymous

    abuse of power, bn is the one who playing the law. go on yb wee, keep on pressing in parlimen, dun let bn always think they are “god”

  5. Zawi

    YB. Wee,I agree with Richard that this action maybe the trigger that will lead to the downfall of the BN government. Their inaction on the Altantuya murder trial not only will be questioned by the people of Monggolia and their government but also the people of Malaysia who wants to see justice being served.

  6. every dog has his day

    People, you bet RPK will meet up with Razak Baginda in Sungei Buloh to get the firsthand scoop on the grisly details about Altantuuya’s murder. The police will soon realise they committed one of the greatest blunder by putting him in the same place as Razak Baginda.People, wait till RPK came out and all you people will hear the BOMBSHELL STORY OF THE NEW MILLENIUM, post-GE2008 that will lead to the inevitable downfall and demise of the cold-blooded murderer who aspires to seize the throne any moment of the day now. Bet all you good folks out there will be blown to bloody bits and pieces on hearing the shocking revelations to come. RPK is no idiot but a smart arse.

  7. Ben

    In any case, we appeal to you and fellow PR MPs’ to ensure RPK’s safety whilst in custody. Is it asking too much?

  8. Anonymous

    Ini adalah salah satu sebab mengapa saya tidak memberi undi kepada Bodowi Najis! Masih tak serik-serik. LET’S SEND THEM TO HELL!

  9. mohamad

    Hi Mr Wee, sorry for posting this which is not related to the ropicI was at your service center yesterday night and it was my first visit. The was a lot of people i think around 20+ waiting to see, including me. I just wanted to say hi, nothing about any personal requestI know its not easy to handle such volume of people. maybe you could have counter/ticket system? or if thats too much to ask probably have a Q on first come first basis. You could also limit the time they have with you..Just my 2 cents on how to improve your center. The place is well located and I see people making use of it with people from all walks of life giving u a visitBtw, nice car with that MP emblem!:)

  10. Anonymous

    YB,I second to what Mohd said as I was there too to “ke-por”.I wish to volunteer to be ur ticketing machine on Wednesday note. I’ll sit down, give out numbers and perhaps help you to summarise each complaint on a summary sheet (while u see other people) so that it might help you a bit.If you are ok with this, email me at weetak88lee@yahoo.com for detail arrangementsRegardsLee Wee Tak

  11. every dog has his day

    Altantuya’s Cold-Blooded Murder: Who Gave The Order To Kill Her?by Kim Quek, extracted from Malaysiakini (May 8, 08) A statement by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak’s press secretary to deny any connection between Najib and the Altantuya murder has failed to quell public skepticism over official handling of the case.This statement dated April 30 by Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad was in response to an article titled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’ written by Raja Petra Kamarudin in his ‘Malaysia Today’ website.In fact, the authorities are duty bound to pursue any leads involving Najib, considering the startling revelations made by third accused Razak Baginda in his affidavit to the court earlier last year.In a desperate effort to secure bail, Razak’s lawyer Wong Kian Kheong read out an affidavit in court on Jan 20, 2007 which revealed among others, the following:On 17 Oct, 2006, Razak sought the help of Najib’s aide de camp DSP Musa Safri to deal with Altantuya’s harassment. Musa then promised to send one of Najib’s bodyguards, first accused Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri to help Razak.On 18 Oct 2006, Azilah met Razak for the first and only time at the latter’s office. Azilah told Razak that he had killed more than six people in the past and that he could help Razak.On 20 Oct, 2006 (the day of murder), Razak called Azilah for help when Altantuya created a commotion in front of Razak’s house. Later, three plainclothes police personnel were seen taking Altantuya away in an unmarked car from Razak’s house.The same night, Azilah phoned Razak and said: ‘Sir, you can sleep well tonight’.On 20 Oct, 2006, when Razak met Musa in Najib’s office, he enquired about Altantuya, and Musa replied that he had not yet been updated by Azilah.The first and second accused (Azilah and Sirul Azhar Umar) – who were both Najib’s bodyguards – are charged with killing the girl, and the third accused (Razak) who was a close friend of Najib but not a government official is charged with abetting the murder.The question now arises: how could the first two accused have obeyed the order to kill from the third accused when the following facts are taken into consideration:a) these bodyguards who were from the Police Special Action Force were trained to carry out extreme duties and to obey orders absolutely from (and only from) a superior like a ‘robot’ as testified by the deputy commandant of their police unit earlier in court.b) Razak who met Azilah for the first time was no superior of these bodyguards. He was a civilian and though he knew the deputy prime minister he would still be considered an outsider by the two Special Action Squad personnel.An order to kill from Razak would not have been acted upon by the two without clearance from those in the hierarchy above them.Considering these bodyguards did not know the girl, and hence had no motive on their own to kill her, the next question that begs for answer is: Who gave the order, if any, to kill and to destroy the body in such bizarre fashion?Tracing the sequence of events, the first target of investigation should naturally be Musa Safri, as he was the one who sent Azilah to Razak. And since Musa’s tour of duty is for Najib, shouldn’t the next object of investigation be Najib himself?Have the police investigated Musa and Najib? Without their presence in court to answer critical questions, can any one blame the public for calling the police investigations flawed and court proceedings compromised?And what about the shameful spectacle of the prosecution case, originally scheduled for one to three months, now dragging on and on to almost one year with no end in sight while time voids are filled with witnesses and testimonies of doubtful necessities?Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has seemingly announced big steps to restore judicial integrity or whatever that is left of it. Perhaps by starting in a small step – removing the blatant eyesore at hand that may soon become the infamous Altantuya trial – that makes our blighted judiciary and court system looks all the more dubious and shackled to its corrupt political masters?

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