‘Horror’ at Section 1; thumbs up to DBKL

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Keadaan “ngeri” di Seksyen 1 Wangsa Maju; syabas kepada DBKL

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意

Earlier today, 4 May 2008, at about noon I went to the flats at Section 1 due to complaints of rubbish not being collected. Then one of the residents (terima kasih dan ma’af ya tak dapat nama Encik, lah) in Section 1 was kind enough to offer to take me on his bike for a guided tour of the place.

Pada hari ini, 4 Mei 2004, lebih kurang pukul tengah hari, saya telah menghunjungi rumah pangsa di seksyen 1 berikutan aduan sampah tidak dikendalikan. Salah seorang penghuni sana (terima kasih dan ma’af ya tak dapat nama Encik, lah) amat baik hati untuk mempelawa saya menaiki motosikalnya untuk suatu lawatan berbimbing.


To my horror I saw heaps and heaps of rubbish that were not collected for almost a week. I could see maggots all over the place and the place smell real bad. The flats are just 20 feet away!

Saya amat tersentak melihat sampah yang bertimbun-timbun tidak dikendalikan selama lebih kurang seminggu. Saya boleh lihat banyak ulat-ulat dan bau tempat ini sangat busuk. Rumah-rumah pangsapuri hanyalah berjarak 20 kaki daripada situ!


I immediately called Tuan Shaari Ahmad Junid, the Special Assistant to Datuk Bandar KL, for assistance. Tuan Shaari immediately swung into action and got back to me within half an hour. He informed me that only certain parts of Section 1 were affected. The reason being that the sub-contractor for rubbish collection was terminated and that there was no new appointment.

I was told that this was NOT the responsibility of DBKL but the residents and the developer.

However, in view of the unhealthy condition, I reasoned with Tuan Shaari and he agreed to assist by getting Alam Flora to collect all the rubbish in the affected areas in Section 1 by tomorrow.

On behalf of the residents in Section 1, I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG Thank You to Tuan Shaari (Pejabat Datuk Bandar KL) and DBKL for the kind help. Thumbs Up to DBKL for this! This is definitely a very good beginning for all of us.

Saya dengan serta merta menelefon Tuan Shaari Ahmad Junid, pembantu khas kepada Datuk Bandar KL untuk bantuan. Beliau bertindak dengan serta merta dan menelefon saya balik dalam masa setengah jam. Beliau memberitahu saya bahawa hanyalah kawasan-kawasan tertentu di seksyen 1 terlibat. Sebabnya adalah sub-kontraktor yang dilantik mengumpul sampah telah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya dan lantikan baru belum dibuat.

Saya diberitahu ini BUKAN tanggungjawab DBKL tetapi para penghuni dan pemaju.

Walaubagaimanapun, demi kesihatan, saya berunding dengan Tuan Shaari dan dia bersetuju memanggil Alam Flowa supaya mengendalikan sampah di tempat-tempat terjejas di seksyen 1 mulai hari keesokannya.

Bagi pihak penghuni Seksyn 1, say ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Tuan Shaari (Pejabat Datuk Bandar KL) dan DBKL untuk bantuan anda. Syabas kepada DBKL dan ini adalah permulaan yang baik untuk semua.

我立刻打電話給吉隆坡市長的特別助理﹐Tuan Shaari Ahmad Junid以協助解決該事件。他只花了半小時就回復我說只有第一區的一些地方受到影響。原因是垃圾收集承包商的合約被終止﹐而目前還沒有新的承包商。


不過﹐看到如此惡劣的衛生情況﹐我與Tuan Shaari Ahmad Junid 理論。他終於同意協助居民叫ALAM FLORA公司在明天收集所有受影響地區的垃圾。

我在此為第一區的居民們向 Tuan Shaari (吉隆坡市長辦公室)和市議會致最大的謝意。幹的好﹗這絕對是對我們全體一個很好的開始。

Here’s a shot of the other ‘horror’ I saw with my own eyes, too, that DBKL is also looking to solve. A Dewan Masyarakat ‘hijacked’ by UMNO for their exclusive use! How can.

Ini adalah satu gambar “ngeri” yang saya nampak dengan mata sendiri and DBKL juga sedang menyelesaikan. Dewan Masyarakat yang diambil alih untuk kegunaan UMNO sendiri. Mana Boleh?

這裡還有個更恐怖的照片。市議會應該解決才對。一個民眾會堂被巫統 *霸佔* 的活生生例子﹗怎麼可以這樣呢﹖

23 thoughts on “‘Horror’ at Section 1; thumbs up to DBKL

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your visiting of Section 1 about their problems.Please arrange a time to visit all the markets and get into the problems or either thanks them for voting you too.We want you represented us forever.

  2. mohamad

    Hey Mr Wee, didnt know u were coming. my flat is just nearby! anyways, i command your fast action in solving the issuei guess its time those umno flags are brought down. the hall is not even being used to its fullest, a waste of people’s facilities

  3. Wee Choo Keong

    Anon 05-05-08 @ 6.25 amThank you so much your comment.Please be assured that I shall visit all the markets and areas in Wangsa Maju as promised after I got elected. I have responded to the attacks from BN many times in the press that I have to get my priority right in my effort to serve. As I have also said that I had to start everything from scratch i.e. from setting up a service centre, employing a full time assistance, knowing the areas and ohters. I have now set up a service centre about 2 weeks ago with a borrowed plastic coffee shop table and chairs. I know that it was not ideal but I got to make do with things for the moment to attend to the people problems. I am still looking for a full time assitance which is not an easy task because of the qualities needed in order to avoid unnecessary problems for the rakyat.Please be informed that for the moment my service time is every Wednesday from 8 pm onwards as stated in my blog.Thank you for your comment and look forward to meeting up with you. Now that Parliament is in session priority had to be given to parliamentary work i.e. doing research works for Parliamentary debate and etc. Therefore, your understanding is most appreciated.

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    Sdr MohamadSorry I got to go to Section 1 wihtout notice because I was informed of the uncollected rubbish for many days.I really am shocked by the situation and also the abused of Dewan Masyarakat (community hall) by UMNO as shown in the photopraph I have produced.I am shocked by the uncollected rubbish for more than 1 week and yet the contractor Syarikat Juru Ukur can just ignore matter which threaten the health of the people.May be some one should help me with the background of Juru Ukur. Who is the actual party behind Juru Ukur? This is important for my debate in Parliament. Please rest assured that I will not reveal my source. You can send the information on Juru Ukur to my email: weeck22@yahoo.com

  5. Anonymous

    Mister Wee,I can see Wangsa Maju is going to get better. Thank you sir, thank you very much for what you are doing for us. RegardsLee Wee Tak

  6. Anonymous

    YB,Just wonder if this is pratical.I mentioned last month that Desa Setapak is poorly lighted by street light and a lot of people got robbed there.Since Camp Wardieburn is just round the corner, can the soldiers be used to patrol those areas?The logic is1) there are many of them so manpower not an issue2) they can help the society3) take as training for future UN police action if they ever get involvedarguments against would be:1) whether legal for the soldiers to do so2) bureaucratcic issues within the army3) whether PDRM would view this unfavourablyultimately, is the safety of the people that mattersRegardsLee Wee Tak

  7. dann

    Mr Wee,another big pat on your back….well done. That’s another good start.But one thing i don’t get it. Why must they (DBKL) get pushed, then only they will act? DBKL must learn to show more initiative in their responsibilities. (*remember the wheelbarrow thing i mentioned previously?)Another issue we hope that you will look into is the parking problem in Section 2. Cars are parked EVERYWHERE when everybody comes home at night. This problem is getting worse, especially that stretch of road in front of your office, in front of BRJ, etc. 2 lanes become one lane.

  8. Me... Only Better

    YB Wee, i received an sms from Kamal Affendi, The Crime Expert, informing me of a pelancaran kempen “OUR HOME, THE SAFEST PLACE” at level 1, stesen KL Sentral, 6th May, tommorrow at 2 pm. I cannot make it, but I asked if he would be kind enough to help us lancarkan the same campaign here in Wangsa Maju and tell us what it is all about and he agreed.Can I work with your service centre people to make this a reality?At least it would be the PROACTIVE first step in making our Wangsa Maju safer.


    YB,Thank you- great job. What you have done so far have improved DBKL as well- I’m glad DBKL took action so fast after your intervention. I hope in future, DBKL will be proactive enough to self-regulate the performance of their contractors so that service delivery is up to par.

  10. Anonymous

    Mr Wee,I can assure you have scored BIG so far. Keep it up. The place you visited is very much known to me. In fact, way back before the elections, it has always been dirty and very smelly. The people are complaining now because they have responsive leadership of you are among the top.Much appreciated. Abdullah

  11. Wee Choo Keong

    DannI take note of what you have stated. DBKl is trying to improve itself to be more efficient. Lets give them a bit of time to improve what what they have done so far. We can only hope that DBKL willnot start to victimise people for legitimate complaints.Me…Only … BetterYes, why not. Pleae give my email to them and ask them to send email to me asap, please. Thank you so much. Resident WangsaMajuThank you for your comments, supports and ideas.Anon: AbdullahI need feed back from you and others. When you are efficient in standing up for your rights as a rakyat then all the MPs will also be efficient too.All the best to you all. Please always help me by giving me your feed backs and I am sure that together we can make Wangsa Maju a better place. May God bless us all.

  12. BryanChoong

    Bro Choo Keong,I know you are Busy attending to Parliament but if you have time please visit the Taman at Medan Idaman. ( next to Lee Rubber School).The Kindergarten & old school were long demolished but the heap of rubbish had remained.Looks like a good spot for breeding mosquitoes.BTW, we really don’t know whether our area is under DBKL or not coz since shifting in the drains were never cleaned.We do Not expect you to only handle our DIRTY problems but do let us know the list of people we can bark on.Life is Good & comforting to have Brother Choo Keong in our Neighbor hood!BTW, when are you shifting in ?All the Best & May you be Bless Always!

  13. Wee Choo Keong

    BryanchongI take note of the problems highlighted by your good self.Please let me have the proper address of the place in question becasue DBKL is not clear about it. Please email to me or post the address here.Thank you for helping.

  14. every dog has his day

    What’s the big deal, Wee-O boy. In Ipoh, the capital of the state of Perak, they even put up a multi-storey commercial complex that also housed the UMNO headquarters right in the middle of the city centre where an open padang, a one and only green lung by itself, was located. Many years ago, this open space was the only place city-folks of Ipoh town are wont to use for rest and recreation. Now it’s no more, thanks and no thanks to the wretched UMNO goons. They think every piece of premium ground gazetted as public open space can be turned into their great-grandfather’s property. Our Pejabat Tanah dan Galian (Land Office) is just a hopeless good-for-nothing department at the beck and call of their political masters. I am sure many others all over the country can tell you similar stories of land-grab by the political leeches. They suck, alright.

  15. BryanChoong

    Bro Choo Keong,The place concerned is the park next to the school field of SJCK Lee Rubber which is in Medan Idaman.If one were to view from the front of the Park then you will not see it.Kindly go to the far end of the park or lake.The site is the former school site of SJCK Lee Rubber & Lee Rubber Kindergarten.As for the comment by Laiying:-Mr. Wee, you dont stay around Wangsa Maju?? Wouldnt that make it difficult to serve your constituents??07 May, 2008 11:09Please note that when I mentioned to YB when is he shifting here it is made out of Good Gestures because we love & respect him GOOD enough to make him One of Us In the Family. This does not imply that if he don’t stay in the area he will not be able to serve us well.Kindly refrain from generalizing the statement with sweeping comments. You don’t have to shift to your place of work just to stay effective, don’t you laiying?We are not talking of cross border of states eg Penang & KL.For our beloved Bro Wee or YB, if you need a place to stay you are always welcome in our tiny home & we will keep a small room for room. Nothing much but just our humble abode for a person who had suffered so much for the rakyat.Thank you once again to our YB Wee!Cheers & Peace be Upon All Wangsa Maju-ians

  16. laiying

    I wasnt aware bryanchoong that you are the official spokesman for Mr. Wee. In anywhich case, i did not imply that Mr. Wee is/would be any less effective if he doesnt stay in the area. Even for normal working people, if you were to stay in shah alam and work in kl city for eg., wouldnt you find it very stressful to commute/drive to work daily?? You would be spending like 3-4hours on the road daily to and fro. Of course, you can still be effective but that is not what i am asking . For a MP of a constituency, it is a different issue as i would guess Mr. Wee would understand. If it was conducive for him to be staying in the area, wouldnt that be better??Anyway my purpose in asking the query is just to get an insight into how our MPs can be effective in their work even when they do not stay in the area. Mr. Wee seems to be doing a good job though as compared to many others. So my kudos to him.

  17. BryanChoong

    Laiying;Looks like either my English is worst or your understanding in semantic English needs to be improved.Clarity is sought here otherwise legal suits are messy.Did I ever said that I am his spokesman? Since I jokingly asked YB, I have the moral obligation to ensure that he is not implicated in any circumstances especially with the intrusion of so many Cyber Troopers.BTW, I am NOT his official spokesman BUT his strong supporter, admirer & defender of the truth! Do you think PM who is representing Kepala Batas needs to stay there or PutraJaya? What about KJ from Rembau? Join us as Voices of the People. Have a cup of latte with us! Sing with Us.. I am sure mature citizens in Wangsa Maju who constantly motivate & give constructive suggestions will be very much appreciated.Luckily, I have other better neighbors in Wangsa Maju who are less ……….Brother, hear my prayers…….Oh, what a joke..Facts are Facinating!

  18. Angel_X

    Ok folks just chill, the most important thing is Mr. Wee does his job nicely. I don’t even care when he stay, as long as he himself is feeling confortable about it, then we had nothing to shout about.It’s an open secret that UMNO had been using the Balai Raya that was build using the taxpayers’ money. what we have seen here is only a very small tip of an iceberg.UMNO is super corrupted and abusing their power. We must let every single citizen aware that this country does not belongs to UMNO members, but to the entire Malaysians diregarding race, age, financial status and gender.When they yell about we love to politicize “trivial matters” and harming the country’s progress, we must know that IT IS THEY who had dragged the entire nation into doom.If we condone them using public funds for their own pleasure and leisure, then surely it is no wonder they take the national mega projects’ contracts for granted, since their friends/relatives get all the juicy rewards while we the rakyat suffer by paying exorbitant fees.This time’s Balai Raya, what’s the next thing? Penang 2nd bridge?

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