Some pixs of the Royal Address proceeding

The Yang Di Pertuan Agong getting ready for the Royal Address

The Agong was handed some documents

The Royal Address proper

7 thoughts on “Some pixs of the Royal Address proceeding

  1. Wee Choo Keong

    Anon 29-04-08 @17:42I am sitting three seats away from YB Nurul Izzah. It is my pleasure to provide whatever information as fast I can to my constituents. Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. mohamad

    Mr Wee, pls send my regards to Nurul Izzah :) She and her mother makes the parliment more exciting not to forget more cheerful with thier long smiles

  3. zackdanial

    Dear YB , Today Dewan Bersidang . I have this question that maybe you can get answer for it . 1 . What happen to the EC ink ? 2 . What happen to the 4 person that was reported bringing the ink to M’sia ? 3. The RM2.5M gone or EC got a refund ? Is it EC just lieing to Rakyat with the help of Police and AG ? Thank you YB Zack

  4. nchanted cat

    I was taken aback when I saw the first live telecast of the MPs on tv. Mr Wee, I hope you can convey to the Pakatan Rakyat MPs – don’t stoop down to BN’s gutter level. You guys are better than that. Let those guys do the shouting. It makes them look like emotional, defensive, unintelligent old men. I am sure PR MPs can find a way to get the points across. Please, please DONT be like them!

  5. laiying

    I agree with nchanted cat. Pls show us you guys got more class and rightfully should be sitting there…keep up the good work.

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