Community halls as UMNO’s exclusive operation offices?

(UPDATE: For excerpts of Question Time parliamentary proceedings, go to Wee Choo Keong in Parliament or click here.)

This is my letter to Dewan Bandaraya KL to do the needful.

Nobody has exclusive right to use community halls. As the name suggest, community halls are for the use of the community, on a first-come-first-served basis, and nothing else. I see the current situation as an abuse of power and DBKL has to fix it.

– Terjemahan oleh – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Ini adalah surat yang dihantar oleh saya kepada Dewan Bandaraya KL supaya tindakan yang sepatutnya diambil.

Tiada siapa mempunyai hak eksklusif untuk menggunakan dewan komuniti. Dewan komuniti adalah untuk digunakan bagi tujuan penduduk kawasan (komuniti) dan diatas ‘siapa cepat dia dapat’ sahaja. Jelas sekali keadaan sekarang berlaku kerana salah guna kuasa dan pihak DBKL mesti mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya.

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意



無人能擁有專門使用社區會堂的權力。就如標題所說的﹐ 那是為了鄰近民眾使用的地方﹐而且是以先到先得的方式取得使用權﹐謹此而已。我認為當前的情況顯然的是個濫權事件而吉隆坡市議會應當即刻處理。

23 thoughts on “Community halls as UMNO’s exclusive operation offices?

  1. Anonymous

    Lets see what DBKl is going to do about this? Although DBKL was supposed to reply within 3 days upon receipt of a letter of complaint, i am sure that 3 days have elapsed and there is still nbo reply.I do not htink taht DBKL will respond at all after all Datuk Bandar KL is just a political appoointee for BN. The 10 MPs must whacked him over such matter. Community halls are for the people and not UMNO. This typical of UMNO/BN they do not care about the people but themselves.

  2. Anonymous

    YB, the above is the translation for the current post. TQ, missn78@gmail.comIni adalah surat yang dihantar oleh saya kepada Dewan Bandaraya KL supaya tindakan yang sepatutnya diambil.Tiada siapa mempunyai hak eksklusif untuk menggunakan dewan komuniti. Dewan komuniti adalah untuk digunakan bagi tujuan penduduk kawasan (komuniti) dan diatas ‘siapa cepat dia dapat’ sahaja. Jelas sekali keadaan sekarang berlaku kerana salah guna kuasa dan pihak DBKL mesti mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya.

  3. mohamad

    Its about time that the people get a fair usage of the dewan rather than having it used by one single party.have a booking system and if necessary a small fee can be imposed. Otherwise the dewan will just collect dust and becomes a total wasteGreat effort Mr Wee!

  4. Anonymous

    This is typical of UMNO/BN. If UMNO/BVN can use community halls, which are meant for public usedc, as their own, what other abuses they would not do. Enough is enough.

  5. Harris

    UMNO’s mentality is that everything in this country is for their party’s usage .The recent elections saw every available government machinery including civil servants to the last drop of sweat were unshamely used to campaign for UMNO’s candidates . UMNO boleh … boleh blaa dah UMNO.

  6. Anonymous

    DBKL is working for UMKNO/BN and not for the people of KL. But we are paying for teh communityhalls and other facilities for hte used of UMNO.DBKL and UMNO think KL residents are stupid and they can manipulate us. They thought that we will not know about their abuses. Before when Wangsa MAjuwas under MCA/BN everuything has been covered up by Yew Teong Look. Now under our YB Wee, he has been highlighting allt he DBKL nonsenses. YB please keep it up. You are not alone.

  7. Anonymous

    As far as UMNO is concerned it owns everything in the country. So what is wrong with just occupying and using the community halls for UMNO. This is their attitude. To stop all this, the people must usign their super power to vote them out. This is the only way to solve such problem.Lets all do it in the coming 13trh GE if BN is still so arrogance. still

  8. Anonymous

    Why must DBKL allowed UMNO to use the comjunity halls and at the same time DBKL was using taxpayers’ money to maintain them? DBKL must immedioately stop such practices as it amounted to abuse of power and public fund. The Sleepy Head should take immediate actions to instruct UMNO to stop abusing their power and connection with DBKL. Orf course, he doesn’t know anything as he is still sleeping or busy fighting for his political life.

  9. Anonymous

    Dear YB Wee,You have been up on your toes, helping everyone in every way. Want you to know that we truly appreciate what you are doing although we never get an opportunity to say it once too often. Here, I am trying to get your attention and opinion if something can be done about the frequency of LRT trains at the Wangsa Maju Station. Can something be done about this from where you stand ? Sir, you will never know the pain & agony that the commuters (especially women) are going through. If you have not had the experience yourself, I am extending a warm invitation to you, to be present at the Wangsa Maju LRT station from 7am to 9am to witness it for yourself. Please join us in the line and experience the human pushes and human jabs (from the behind) when we are trying to get in the train, in order to get to work on time, because the next train that comes will be packed again, one which is far worse than sardines in a can. You are lucky YB, if you get in a train where the air conditioning is working. RapidKL-LRT, has no respect what-so-ever to the people that patronage their service. I always hear commuters verbally cursing on the open with each other many a times because some of them never learn to stand at the back of the line as they always cut-in. So much of tension getting to work, although we have such so called “canggih” transportation systems introduce. Seriously speaking, can something be done about this unhealthy way of getting to work as our personal complaints/feedback to RapidKL goes to deaf ears. Thank you for your attention YB.

  10. Anonymous

    UMNO thinks that it own this country and it could do what it likes. Therefore, we must be determined to get rid of them.

  11. tehsin

    YB…which minister’s car is WQM 1 eh? Is it the same lone ranger in Wilayah? If yes, then the tendency towards lavishness still there…never learn their lessons, for one in public office.

  12. yapchongyee

    QUESTIONS FOR PARLIAMENTRY QUESTION TIMEI refer to the High Court at Kuala Lumpur Originating Petition No. D2-26-41 OF 2001 ; Lim Choi Yin v. McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd and to the adjudicating Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, of said Petition. According to CHARGES made by one Yap Chong Yee husband of Petitioner Lim Choi Yin, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali had 1st approved all 6 Respondents’ application for security for costs in the sum of Rm.60,000 and upon payment of said security for costs of said Rm.60,000, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali followed up the receipt of said Rm.60,000 by the approval to Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban a 2nd and subsequent application by Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban for an Order to strike out said Petition.The second and subsequent Application for an order to strike out said Petition was made even without there being any court order for the SETTING ASIDE of the 1st order for securing said Rm/60,000 for security for costs pursuant to the 1st order made by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. That being the facts of the case my question directed to the attention of the Malaysian Attorney General Tan Seri……. Are the following :(1)Was not the conduct of Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s approval of Mr Stephen Lim Cheng Ban’s 2nd and subsequent application to strike out said Petition, while the said cash of Rm60,000 security for costs was still held in the hands of all 6 respondents to the petition, pursuant to the order made by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to petitioner to provide security for costs constitute ABUSE OF POWER ? Will the Attorney General investigate Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for the criminal charge of ABUSE OF POWER & MALFEASANCE and will the Attorney General, if upon investigation find that sufficient evidence exist to support a criminal Charge against Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for abuse of power and/or FOR MALFEASANCE proceed to lay criminal charges against Judge Zainon for a criminal prosecution ?(2)Is it not the case that while Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban and the other 5 respondents hold on to the security for costs pursuant to Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s order to Petitioner to provide security for costs and in the absence of any Order to set aside the 1st Order for security for costs, the conduct of Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali together with the conduct of the 6 respondents IN TAKING AND KEEPING SAID RM.60,000 not amount to committing the criminal offence of obtaining money under false pretences ? And further, do the facts not indicate that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali together with the 6 respondents had acted with a common intention to induce Petitioner to pay said Rm.60,000 while not intending that upon payment of said Rm.60,000 THERE WILL BE A COURT TRIAL OF SAID PETITION ? The being the case do the facts not constitute a conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences ? The facts speak for themselves as an investigation will prove. Will the Attorney General investigate said 2 police reports and if the investigation give up facts that will support criminal charges against the said parties, will the Attorney General lay criminal charges against such persons ? Petitioner’s husband Yap Chong Yee had formally filed 2 police reports at the Balai Polis Jln. Tun H S Lee, in the first police report Yap Chong Yee had CHARGED the respondents Stephen Lim Cheng Ban, Wong Kem Chen and Kwong Sea Yoon with PERJURY, for having lied in their supporting affidavits applying for security for costs. In the second police report Yap Chong Yee had Charged Stephen Lim Cheng Ban with FORGERY, PERJURY AND FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE, contained in his supporting affidavits applying for leave to strike out said petition. Both police reports were annexed to Petitioner’s affidavits as exhibits supporting Petitioner’s application for leave to cross examine said 3 respondents for PERJURY & FORGERY and both of Petitioner’s applications were refused leave to cross examine said Respondents, by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. The refusal by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to allow Petitioner leave to cross examine Respondent Stephen Lim and made in the face of the existence of 2 FORMAL POLICE REPORTS THAT CHARGED STEPHEN LIM CHENG BAN with Perjury & forgery constitutes the charge of MALFEASANCE, AIDING & ABETTING Stephen Lim Cheng Ban to commit the criminal offences of PERJURY & FORGERY. Will the Attorney General investigate these criminal charges that are made against Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali and if sufficient evidence is uncovered that will support criminal charges, will the Attorney General prefer criminal charges against Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali; will the attorney General formally charge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali with the said criminal offences ?

  13. everydog has his day

    “(I apologise) to the non-Malays if they feel apprehensive and offended about (the keris) symbol, and to the Malays, I am ashamed for not being able to defend our symbol of heritage…the keris.” The half-hearted apology by Hishamuddin Hussein Onn is so riddled with hypocrisy and arrogance; it’s like an insult to Malaysians.He should give us another two more apologies. One for not referring to us as Malaysians and also, say sorry for thinking that we are dumb and stupid. His sham ‘apology’ is insincere and so superficial it is pernicious. If he does not believe in his apology, better don’t say it. It belies the fact his leadership is shallow and seemed to bring the names of his illustrious forebears – Tun Hussein Onn and Dato Onn Jaafar – into ill-repute and disdain. The pathetic Minister of Education’s father was a genteel leader and a much-loved figure for multi-racial goodwill and harmony. What Hishamuddin did would even cause his poor old man to turn in his grave.The keris is a symbol of strength, courage and honour to the Malays and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, people, do remember way back in 1987 at Padang Merbok in Kuala Lumpur, Najib Tun Abdul Razak did wield the keris up high, accompanied by shouts that the weapon would be soaked with Chinese blood if they continue to deny the Malays of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. The harmless keris was first manipulated by Najib Razak to hoodwink the Malays into thinking that the non-Malays were challenging their special rights. Now, the Malays are led to believe once again, this time by the honourable (really?) Minister of Education (also UMNO Youth Wing president) that the non-Malays do not like the keris-wielding (and this again is like denying the Malays of their special rights!). Folks out there, keep your eyes open and read between the lines.The way Hishamuddin had wielded the keris is what that matters. Yes, even our Iban brothers of East Malaysia carry their swords everywhere they go, hunting for food or whatever, but they never wielded it the way Hishamnudin did. The Ibans believed they are more civilised now and don’t go about beheading people anymore. The ‘duku ilang’ (or the parang ilang) is a symbol of their tribe’s courage, strength and gallantry. Likewise, even the Indian Malaysians had great respect for the keris as an instrument of empowerment.But some people like Hishamuddin wanted to show how arrogant and powerful they are. Sorry to tell no one is scared nor cowed by such childish pranks anymore. Every sane person will remember this charade. He should also apologise to the Malays and the Malay rulers for abusing the keris for his political ambition and naivete.It is not the wielding of the keris that has become the issue. The way, the mood, the gesture and the body language speak of his utter stupidity and the people who cheered him on in Umno-land.And why on Hisham only, you may ask, why not KJ; and not least Najib Razak? The latter is Public Enemy No.1, when it comes to keris waving. Now we are suffering the explosive nightmares of C4 everywhere. But no one will forget 1987. Najib must never become PM. It’s a clear and present danger to all of us.The non-Malays in this country do not have a problem with the keris….we must learn to see things in its proper context. When the Agong does the act of kissing the keris, it is done in the context of tradition of the Malay monarchy. The keris is the symbol of Malay existence and pride, it should be duly regarded as such. The non-Malays have no argument against that. We are all steeped in traditions and cultural practices ourselves. We respect the Constitution of the country per se. But what Hishamuddin did, it was done in a very different and blatant context and atmospere. He did it in the UMNO Youth General Assembly where the non-Malays were made the bogey-men and scapegoats of the Malay’s backwardness. This is what the non-Malays cannot accept. This buffoon of a son of a former Prime Minister is such a bloody joke, he doesn’ even know it when he sounds contradictory and stupid. Maybe he knows that he is so stupid and that he assumes that that is a normal state of mind for himself that he goes on to assume that everyone else must also be the same. When a politician like the former Prime Minister’s son uses words like “if i had offended…when in actual fact he did and of course he is well aware that it did, it only demonstrates the low-life mentality and deceit that embodies within and of the contempt and distaste felt be those who witnessed this whole egoist spectacle.He expects that it is just the act of unsheathing the keris that is contentious. He completely ignores the fact that we also listen to, see on TV, and read all that crap that they say preceding the unsheathing of the keris and the atmosphere that was created culminating in the unsheathing of the keris.These idiots and charlatans had done profound damage on the symbolism, heritage and tradition associated with the display of the keris. Umno had failed the Malay culture and customs big-time. Actually, they have failed to protect and uphold the honour of the keris. For these wretched keris-wielders to fully appreciate the pain and anguish their insane actions caused the non-Malays, they should shove the keris up their arse-holes and then give it a twist for effect.It embarasses the Malays too for thinking their leaders are a shameless lot for insulting our Malay culture and heritage. In Japan, they would have commited “seppuku”. Or worse still, cut off their screwballs.After reading most of the comments in this blog article, my conclusion is for Hishamuddin to apologize to the venerable keris itself – the symbol of Malay honour and dignity. He has done a great disservice to the keris that will take years to un-do and disabuse. In my opinion, he has sinned against the keris! An apology for an issue perceived as the primary cause for BN’s poor results in PRU12? Really! what about the other issues that caused so much disaffection and dissatisfaction amongst all Malaysians? Why aren’t those issues addressed first and foremost. This apology and other actions/inactions so far are mere smoke screens behind the wielding of the keris!.Hishamuddin, shame on you! It worries us when, foaming at the mouth, you scream blood with an unsheathed keris held on high. As the Minsietr of Education, how are we to disabuse our school-going kids to refrain from racial hatred and violence. No wonder hooliganism and bullying is on the rise inside and outside our wretched school system. And that it comes about from seniors ministers and so-called leaders of the UMNO cohorts…like you, is doubly worrisome. We non-Malays have absolutely no problems with people waving the keris around. We only have a problem when someone like you incites racial hatred and violence, and is being a racist bigot while doing so. Can you imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed. If a Chinaman had waved a sword at a public rally and threatened to soak it in Malay blood, we would have had another May 13 , pure and simple, no insult meant to our Malay brothers. That is what UMNO had wanted all along anyway. Do you still remember the Suqiu incident when some fascist Umno thugs threatened to want to burn the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, the Taiwan-based Chinese Malaysian student who changed the lyrics of the Negara-ku to befit the trying times we lived in ,and a lot of other racist incidents where threats were issued and you could see some people working themselves silly into a frenzy, frothing and foaming at the corners of their mouths, rolling their blood-shot eyes and screaming for blood. Sometimes it makes us wonder whether the Umnoputras are not rather irrational and insane people because of their childish and juvenile antics. For better or worse, we are all Malaysians and we are here to stay, so it’s time for the morons of Umno-land to recognise and accept that this country is “tanah tumpahnya darahku” as we sang every Friday and Monday in our schools. Now, Mr.
    Najib, do we still bathe this sacred keris with the vile and impure Chinese blood that is swine-tainted and filled of “babi” pork fat.There is no issue on the choice of any object or weapon as a party symbol. But it is inexcusable and indefensible for any leader or his supporters to use the symbol as a weapon to threaten violence on the very people who voted them in and those under their governance. I being a non-Muslim have no problem with the keris but waving of keris and talking rubbish is a VERY BIG AND SERIOUS problem no thanks to Najib Razak (and his stupid homo cousin) and their dump idea of bathing the keris in Chinese blood while waving it. Do you want us to believe the Islamic faith encouraged racial hatred and violence, Mr. Najib Tun Abdul Razak? This I must say will never be erased from the non-Malays brain. No amount of sorry, sincere or otherwise, can make it right ever again. We have seen so often the Yang Di Pertuan Agong kissing the keris and the only feeling we got for him was awe and respect. But when Hishamuddin, SIL KJ and the Mongol Slayer did it, it was with a totally different meaning and they kept reminding the other Malaysians to shut up and swallow whatever injustices thrown at them by threatening another bloody May 13. The ex Mamak PM was a kung-fu master in this racist strategy though he didn’t wield a keris. Rumours had it that as a young naughty boy, his Kerala (India)-originated old man once threatened to shove a keris up his arse and twist it for good measure. That is why Mahathir hated the sight of a keris wherever he goes.This bozo Hishamuddin had wielded the keris many times, knowing fully well that each time he wielded the keris, he hurts the feelings of the non-Malays and he obviously enjoys the sight of their helplessness. Not only that he did not see the need to apologise, he had arrogantly continued to do so, ever so often, without regard to the feelings of the non-Malays.Perhaps, if the BN had won the 12th GE big, such an apology is a non-issue to him? BTW, the keris has been around for a very long time and its significance to the Malays will continue with or without Hisham (or UMNO Youth) to brag about his impotence. Najib Razak should also apologise for wanting to bathe his keris in Chinese blood in the rally in 1987 that almost culminate in a race riot pitting the Malays against the non-Malays and thereafter became a convenient excuse for Mahathir to launch Operasi Lalang that stifled and destroyed our democratic institutions of a free press and an independent judiciary. Najib Razak was never punished for that one act and we will never forget that event.The non-Malays also dread the day he becomes PM. Didn’t he start the tradition of threatening to spill Chinese blood in UMNO? Maybe he is still waiting for the opportunity to do so again. Maybe that is why he is stirring up racial tension in Selangor over the ‘babi issue’.OK, WE WILL ACCEPT AN APOLOGY IF HE, NAJIB RAZAK DO A HARA-KIRI WITH HIS KERIS…WE DO NOT NEED HIM AS THE NEXT PM! BETTER IF HE USES C4 on HIMSELF B4 HE DOES IT 2 US.Hishammuddin did the right thing by apologising but his action loses much of its impact when, in the very next breath, he apologised to the Malays for his failure to uphold the Malay symbol. Or did he do it for obvious political reasons? Talking of stealth and subterfuge, maybe he is trying to deflect blame onto the Malays for the loss and near-defeat suffered by UMNO in the recent election? Is this a pre-emptive move as he may want to stand for a VP post – playing to the racist gallery once again? People, watch his next sinister move.By qualifying his apology, his sincerity has become suspect. Even those detractors, who were prepared to forgive, now, also, sense the apology is given very begrudgingly. The politician in him carries more sway than the sense of human decency in him. Politicians will always be politicians, they cannot see beyond their own egos. To all our Malay brothers, we have to understand why the keris has evolved to become an offensive symbol. There’s nothing wrong with the keris but how the keris is wielded and manipulated to serve a hideous political agenda by racist Umnoputra bigots. Why the sandiwara when he is so reluctant? If the wretched BN regime had won, does it mean it is not necessary to say sorry? It all boils down to sincerity. If it is Ketuanan Melayu they seek, why even bother? It is a big slap on the face for the Malays they proclaim to protect.For that matter if Ong Ka Ting decides to put on two “six-footer” red-roasted pig for display at the front lobby entrance to Wisma MCA and bring out his broad wu-shu sword in the annual MCA General Assembly meeting and swing himself around like a berserk madman… and asking for Malay blood…I will be the first to tell him to please f*ckoff. BTW, it is ancient Chinese custom to display a red-roasted pig or two at the front entrance whenever there is a big festival. Then only the rich can afford it. But as it is now, we seldom or rarely do so. The tradition itself is dying away with the new generations of Chinese Malaysians.I bet we have ever seen or heard during the installation of any Sultan (and Agong) their Majesties drawing the keris and asking for the blood of their subjects. It is unthinkable to equate Hishamuddin’s antics with royalty. As for the Agong doing it, kissing the keris, if anyone noticed his installation which was broadcast over National Geographic, the Agong did not do the norm this round. All he did was just to raise the keris above his head without taking it out. No kissing or waving or talking rubbish! Now, that is what I call a sensitive Agong who is very aware what he should (and should not do) to his subjects and all the people around the world watching his becoming the supreme ruler of our proud country. He did not send out the wrong message with the keris. Did he say: “with thy keris, I thee slaughter”?Sad to say,what we have are pirates and bandits for leaders in those wretched UMNOputras and their impotent BN goons. They commit all sorts of crimes and acts of debauchery and they turn around and say, we do all this for you, the Malays…. we protect your Malay rights….Thanks or no thanks to them for equalling all their greed and lust with Malay rights and “Ketuanan Melayu”. Now everyone looks dirty on Malay rights. These bastards really put our Malay brothers in a quandary.People were pissed off not because of the display of the keris but the manner of conduct in Hishamuddin’s speech. He just didn’t get it. His unrefined and uncouth behaviour at all past UMNO assemblies should be righteously condemned by all peace-loving Malaysian irrespective of race, colour or creed.I am neither racist nor trying to incite hateful sentiments by condemning him. As for me, the keris is very much the symbol and tradition of our Malay brothers. Some are baffled that the non-Malays see the keris as a threat. They wonder does the non-Malays also want the wielding of the keris and the “kissing the keris” protocol to be scrapped during installation of the Agung and other Malay rulers also? To tell the truth, the non-Malays have absolutely no right to protest the sanctity of the existence of the keris. They do recognise the keris as a royal symbol of the Malay’s existence and dignity.It is however the context or attitude with which the keris was wielded, and the nature of the response it drew (recall: “Bila Dato’ nak gunakan keris tu?”) that is the source of dismay and uneasiness among the non-Malays. It is the context in which it was wielded that was deemed to be insensitive and offensive. It became so offensive that the current Agong DID NOT even bother to unsheathe the keris during his coronation, and didn’t even kiss it while it was sheathed. His Majesty just raised it up respectfully with both hands. It is utter disrespect and stupidity by Hishamuddin that made our Agong decided to forego a long-cherished royal tradition and custom. Can you imagine the conflict and consternation His Royal Highness must have endured j
    ust because of the silly antics of a racist politician? Our dear Agung rightfully deserved to raise the keris unsheathed as it symbolised a true warrior who uphold fairness, justice and the truth…in the context of being the supreme ruler of all the peoples of this beloved country of ours. Leave the ‘heritage symbol’ of raising the keris to our Agong and let the Malays use the keris as tradition dictates at weddings and cultural events.Non-Malays understand what the keris meant to the Malay community BUT wretched Umno goons like Hishamuddin, Khairy and Najib Razak sent out the wrong signals and imbue negative vibes. It is Umno politics of abusing the keris to wave it in front of the non-Malays and arrogantly screaming ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ that irked and unsettled the non-Malays. The point in question about Hishamuddin’s act, was clearly a demonstration of power, ego and threat. His apology was not, I repeat NOT sincere. He gave in 10% and wanted to take back 100%. A typical racist he is and you just can’t change a leopard’s spots. Kalau begini sikap dan mentaliti pemimpin UMNO, yang dihitung pemimpin besar komuniti Melayu, then they are very dangerous people because they foster racist and divisive mentalities amongst the Malays, especially the youths! Bila UMNO nak berubah? Atau kalah lagi di PRU13?The keris itself was never a problem, nor is the act of displaying it. Its cultural meaning and value is obvious. The display of the keris is purely to symbolise the Malay spirit or “semangat”, given that UMNO is a Malay nationalist political party, may be understandable. But then again, the intent with which it was raised and what Hishamuddin was implying is highly questionable, and seemed racially insensitive. He may have wanted to inspire enthusiasm or seek political mileage, but certainly not at the expense of other ethnic groups or by making it seem that it is alright to be racially insensitive.I have no problem if they wave the keris as a customary object, but not when some MPs asked when it was going to be used, surrounded by frenzied applause reminiscent of a 1940s Nazi Party rally. This means it was waved in such a manner as to incite racial hatred and violence. As a Malaysian, we must accept and appreciate everybody’s unique customs and traditions. Remember the chief minister of Sarawak when he goes to visit an Iban longhouse is even given a spear to spike at a piglet. That’s how far goodwill and racial understanding in that State has evolved. In peninsular Malaysia, that would have caused a race riot or even a holy war. That’s also the reason why the Chinese, mindful of Muslim mores and taboos, refrain putting up two “six-footer” babi at the gates to their festival so as not to offend their Malay brothers. If you wish to welcome your guests to your house, do not offend them with insensitive remarks. The problem with Hishamuddin is that he waved the keris and uttered insanely racist statements which really were part of the reasons why BN failed miserably to win the two-thirds majority they desperately hoped for. What is wrong with the picture of Hishamuddin wielding a keris and thrusting it upwards into nothingness. Malays of all people should realize, what Hishamuddin’s arrogant gesture actually meant. To me even without the chants of Malay superiority (Ketuanan Melayu), the only thing I perceive it as, “A threat against those who oppose us, we are UMNO – protectors of the Malays”.It’s all about racial and religious tolerance, and this should be the last thing you want to do, by a prominent UMNO/BN Minister.Even during the Yang Di Pertuan Agung’s installation, the keris was wielded and kissed with respect as tradition dictates. There was nothing wrong with that. The people of Malaysia, meaning all of us, respect the Agung. For when he kisses the keris, he tells us that by doing so he pledges to uphold the laws of this country and to exercise his powers fairly and justly, without fear or favour.People, let’s learn to disabuse ourselves of the political abuse imposed upon the keris – a symbol of respect and honour in the land of Malaysia. Daulat Tuanku. Daulat Malaysia. Tanah tumpahnya darahku.

  14. Angel_X

    Do you vote for Umno?Um… *shakes head*UMNO keeps on blaming the non-malays for causing the poverty of Malays.Little did they know it was the NEP that was the sole culprit of causing the national divide.I mean, for the najis’s case, his father was the one caused agony and pain the non-malays. We often say the phrase “Like father like son”, can we expect the son to be different from his father? Definately not!Both Hishamuddin and Najis has actually insulted the keris, their own race and the entire nation. While they keep on harping about “fair economy participation” for the bumis, they were actually refering to their own.I would bet Hishamuddin will keep on kissing the wavy blade once again, just like that Jun Koichiro who loves to go praying at that notorious yasukuni shrine, irking other nations, he is a right-wing ultranationalist, who wants to gain as much political capital so badly that he could taste it.With Hishamuddin, Khairy and Najob on the rise, they shall be the doom of us.

  15. Anonymous

    This is typical glaring example of BN’s abused of power. Example like this made the political tsunami a political reality on 8th March. Let the BN carries on with their abused of power so that they will be the opposition after the 13th General Elections. I really cannot tolerate such abused by the BN. Cukuplah! Let not talk about ti anymore. Lets just act on itl.;

  16. Anonymous

    BN is symnonymous with ABUSED OF POWER! BN never acted in the best interest of the people and nation. BN only looks after BN leaders and their family. Just like THe PM looks after his son and SIL at the expense of the nation.

  17. Anonymous

    YB Wee your letter is dated 24th April. Now it is already 2nd May. Almost 8 days have elapsed and you have not told us about the status i.e. any reply from DBKL.I don’t think DBKl will ever reply becasue DBKL has reduced itself to be a department in BN.What happened to the promised of 3 days delivery system? It msut be noted that the Minsiter of WIlayah Persekutuan and Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur DBKL have pormised that they will respond to letters from members of public within 3 days. YB Wee please let us know about this. Keep up the good work and haunt DBKL on behalf of the KL residents. We like your approach and style. Don’t bother about the MCA cronies, who want you to behave like Yew Teong Look. You are different from Yew Teong Look. Yew Teong Look is a book-keeper by profession and you are a professional. Your present approaches with the preoblems in KL are correct.

  18. Anonymous

    Community Halls belong to the community/rakyat. So there is no questoion about it. All these community halls must be immeidately taken back from BN and returned to the people/rakyat for their use.Pak Lah please stop abuses of such nature. Your downfall was mainly due to the abused of the BN leaders as well as your SIL and cronies.THe Rakyat are not stupid. Stop fooling us any more. Such abuses will be the cause of another political tsunami for you soon.YB Wee please carries on highlighting such matter for us the rakyat to see so to ensure a real and devastating tsunami for BN.

  19. Wee Choo Keong

    Anon 02-05-08 @ 9:38 amThank you so much for reminding me on the letter to Datuk Bandar in connection with the copmmunity halls being used by BN. I have overlooked this matter because of my work load and alsoi Parliament is in session. Nevertheless, I am sorry for being slack a little here. So I got a slap on the wrist! I have just done the reminder to the Datuk Bandar office. If this matter is not satisfactorily resolved (nothing short of returning the halls to the people will be acceptable) I shall bring this abused of public facilities and power to the attention of Parliament. Thank you for interacting with me. I know you care for the residents in KL. I would also like to thank the other reders for interacting with me. Whatever views posted here are important to me and I do take note. Without your cares and attentions, this blog will not work. I am now in preparing my speech to be delivered during the debate on the Royal Address. Any ideas bros and sisters. Thank you and have a good weekend.

  20. Anonymous


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