Wangsa Maju MP demands termination of DBKL’s subcontractor

You can read the letter I wrote to DBKL today regarding the termination of their subcontractor for its inefficient rubbish collection service in Section 2 here.

2 thoughts on “Wangsa Maju MP demands termination of DBKL’s subcontractor

  1. dann

    Mr Wee,Well done. Good work.That’s the way it should be.We must show to the authorities that they cannot take things for granted when it comes to public services. What’s more when it comes to health and hygiene.

  2. Wee Choo Keong

    Bros & SistersI have been notified that the subcontractor has been terminated. The letter from Alam Flora will be posted in due course.Please email to me if you still have problems with the state of rumah sampah and rubbish collections and I will take it up with DBKL/Alam Flora.I sincerely hope that DBKL/Alam Flora will now stop treating the MP of their respective area as inspector/supervisor for DBKL/Alam Flora. The taxpayers paid their salaries and please do a good job in return.I really hope that henceforth DBKL/Alam Flora will buck up and do their job properly to serve the taxpayers – KL residents.Thank you DBKL/Alam Flora for acting swiftly to terminate the subcontractor.

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