yangBerkhidmat Service Centre open!

Now you know exactly where to find us!
(Map courtesy of Resident.WangsaMaju & Better Half. Many thanks from Wee Choo Keong.)
After more than a month after the 12th General Election, I am happy to announce that our service centre will be in operation starting tomorrow (23 April 2008) evening at 8.00 pm.

Please note the occasion will be considered a ‘soft’ opening. We will hold an official opening at a later date when the centre is more fully equipped and staffed. I thank you all for your patience and hope Wangsa Maju-ians appreciate the fact that it takes time to set up the centre from scratch.

The necessary minimum facilities are installed as of today with the exception of air-conditioning which the contractor had promised will be ready tomorrow.

Please expect to see me sitting in front of a coffee-shop table on loan from Restoran Z One downstairs when you drop by. “Every journey begins but with the first step” and with God’s grace I hope we’ll reach our destination sooner than we expect.

So please do drop by should you have the time. I look forward to meeting as many of my constituents, who have helped put me into parliament to serve them, before the first parliamentary session kicks off on Monday, 28 April.

I am sure we’ll have a lot to talk about. Come, meeting you face to face will be my greatest satisfaction. I shall remain always your yangBerkhidmat.

Thank you for your support and God bless you and your family.

Wee Choo Keong

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意




當你來到時﹐請做好看到我暫時借用樓下Z ONE RESTAURANT 的桌椅來招待客人們的心理準備。*所有旅途都是由第一步開始*﹐希望上帝保祐我們能儘早達成我們的理想。

所以如果有時間的話不妨來參觀一下。在4月28日第一次國會會議為民請命之前﹐ 我希望能夠儘量與支持我﹐把我送入國會的選民們



黃朱強 啟

30 thoughts on “yangBerkhidmat Service Centre open!

  1. mohamad

    congrats Mr Wee for making a step to get closer with the people of WM!Lets let the people know of this so that they can be in contact with you with ease

  2. Anonymous

    Congrats! Hope you will also be at the forefront on issues like gender equality, environment and human rights, all the best

  3. Anonymous

    YB wee, please don’t give up pushing the illegal immigrants issue. This issue affect us all. Daily I am worried for my kids. Of course, not all of them are bad. But we cannot have too many of them around whether in Jalan Petaling, Wangsa Maju or any part of Malaysia. This is one of the major concern of the people of Wangsa Maju. Highlight this issue until the government take action to arrest and depot the illegal immigrants.Please push further this is a national issue, which must be addressed immediately before it beyond redemption.Thank you YB Wee for taking up such issue. It doesn’t matter whether it is in Wangsa Maju, Petaling st or Petaling Jaya. You are a MP and therefore, you are duty bound to speak up on matters of national importance.

  4. Anonymous

    Horay! At last you have a home in Wangsa Maju. I know it is not easy to start a centre from scratch. Please ignore the comments by BN idiots because they couldn’t accept defeat. So they will try to sue their cybertroopers to disrupt and/or destabilise your set up. SO concentrate in what you do. Forget about the BN cronies. They talk rubbish. I will see you at the service centre tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous

    Good news! You have a service centre now. I am glad to inform you that after you highlighted the “rumah sampah” and rubbish collection problems in section 2 wangsa maju, the situation has improved tremendously. All these years I have never seen DBKL has improved so much. Of course, it can still be better. Thank you YB. I hope to see you tomorrow. Got makan or not? just jokinglah!


    Congratulations on the soft opening YB!! I can see that you are not wasting time in starting off operations.Your expose on the Petaling Street history is shocking and the remarks published in The Star’s Metro on the 21st April was off-tangent. May I remind the DBKL and the whatever-hawkers association rep that MPs are not ADUNs- MPs jobs are to speak up for the people on matters of national interest. If Fong Kui Lon does not speak up for issues in his constituency that’s his problem.DBKL snd BN are trying to unfairly create a false picture of you via the Press and through blog comments. Since winning the WM MP seat I know that you have been down on the ground with rolled sleeves- visiting the flood areas; handling residents housing woes, the constituency’s transport issues, other social problems and so on. I have always questioned you the reason you do not report in your blog a 100% of tasks you’ve done in the constituency… which you brush off as unnecessary publicity. Finnaly, I’m proud to have a vocal MP who is on the ball, pushing for change for the better. DBKL is getting worried already.

  7. Anonymous

    resident-wangsamaju you are right that MP must take up matters affecting our nation. What the BN idiot want our MPs to be bogged down with longkang and sampah problems so that the MPs have no time to check on the corrupted government of BN. Fellow Malaysians we must wake up to the reality that we keep on insisting our MPs to look at drain and rubbish then you will get “drain and rubbish” MP, who will not be able to perform as a law and policy maker. Mind you, I think that they are many MPs who would like to do look at drain and rubbish to pass their days so that they do not have to crack their brain to do research. We pay rate and assessment charges to DBKL then DBKL should be efficient to look after the welfare sof the KL residents. Why must the MPs be the inspectors for DBKL? Of course, when DBKL is not performing then the MPs should expose them like what YB Wee has done. Just like before when Wangsa Maju MP was Yew Teong Look from BN, DBKl officers literally go to sleep because Yew Teong Look did not play his role effectively like YB Wee.Now I can see that DBKL services have improved quite a bit eversince its short comings have been highlighted in the press and YB Wee’s blog. Of course, the improvement is still not enough and they should have been better and better. YB Wee, you must speak up more so that the governmetn and DBKL will be on their toes which will be good for the rakyat. You must never compromnised on the issue of Illegal Immigrants. The nation is fed up with them except the BN leaders.Wish you well for tonight soft opening of your service center. I may not be able to attend but I am with you all the way in what yu have been doing.

  8. vmlsnj

    Congratulations 2 u YB Mr. Wee! I & my family for once have voted for PR this time of the year and have so far NO regrets. We would like to see the KL Territory to be a good example for what the democracy state/town should be. FREE of illegal immigrant, clean city in terms of drain, road, a proper place for nite stall (pasar malam), cleaner DBKL flats, proper stalls management and so on so forth…Hope to met you this evening at your new service centre.

  9. Anonymous

    YB,I can’t make it tonite but I will attend the official opening…just tell me when.If I am not wrong, there is a crab meat fried rice about RM5.50 per plate by an antie in the front store which is quite nice.RegardsLee Wee Tak

  10. Anonymous

    YB Wee, just my two cents thinking, have you fix a CCTV on the ground floor entering your service centre ? I hope you can look into my suggestion seriously. Please look after yourself, may you be blessed always for every thing you have thus far looked into on behalf of the rakyat. Lastly, congratulations on the soft opening tonight.

  11. Wee Choo Keong

    Sdr/SdriThank you so much for all your encouragements. I know that I am shouldering heavy responsibilities that are entursted to me by you all. I will do my level best to stand up against all the injustices, to which I was a victim for many years. My future as a lawyer and politician was almost ruined. Therefore, I believe that I am one of those who can feel and understand the real meaning of INJUSTICES.The people of Wagnsa Maju have given me asnd ALL Malaysians justice on March 8th. I really am proud of you all and SHALL NOT FAIL YOU – my Bangsa SeMaju!It is against this backdrop that I shall serve Wangsa Maju, KL residents and Malaysians without fear or favour. I know that it is not going to be easy but I shall try my level best.I have brought up many issues concerning Wangsa Maju and I have been informed by Section 2 residents that things have improved but still not very satisfatorily. But I think that we should commend DBKL for being receptive and is now trying to rid off their old image.I must also put on record that Tuan Shaari Ahmad Junid of Pejabat Datuk Bandar and Tuan Khairul, the Pengurus for Wangsa Maju have been receptive and pro-active to the people complaints.Of course, I will carry on to push so that we can achieve ZERO TOLERANCE for the “tidak apa” attitude in the DBKL and/or government agencies.Let all work together for the betterment of Wagngsa Maju and ultimately for the better Malaysia.IN THE MEAN TIME, IT IS OUR DUTY AS A NATION TO GET RID OF THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, WHO HAVE CASUED AND STILL ARE CAUSING UNTOLD MISERIES TO MALAYSIANS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE, FROM MALAYSIAN SOIL.BN LEADERS (DATUK SARAVANAN, DEPUTY MINSITER FOR FT AND DATUK ANG SAY TEE, AN AMPANG MCA LEADER AND ALSO THE DEPUTY CHAIRMAN OF THE KL HAWKERS ASSOCIATION ARE DEFINITELY INCLUDED) AND BN SUPPORTERS PLEASE STOP PLAYING POLITICS ON THE ISSUE OF ILLEGL IMMIGRANTS.IN ANY EVENT, I BEG THESE BN LEADERS AND OTHERS: PLEASE DO NOT HINDER THE CAMPAIGN BY Bangsa SeMaju TO WEED OUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATNS FROM THE MALAYSIAN SOIL STARTING FROM JALAN PETALING.After 28th April, the campaign will formally commence in PARLIAMENT! Saravanan: You will not be spared on the issue of illegal immigrants because you have FAILED the nation!May GOD bless us all in this campaign. Bangsa SeMaju please come to the service center tonite if you are free.Thank you.

  12. dayson leong

    Mr Wee, I have been viewing your blog since day 1 and this is the first time i post a comment. I have to say that you are really the kind of wakil rakyat Malaysia badly needed. You fear nothing to prevail justice and the truth and even had a go on the infamous notorious kingpin of Chinatown. Your powerful vocal is what the rakyat wants and thus you have been elected by the rakyat of Wangsa Maju. I’m getting excited as days goes by knowing that you, Mr Wee, have spoke out so much since the day you got elected which is barely 2 months ago.However, i shall remind you that your problem with your constituent lies just below your service centre. Restaurant Z-1 are one of those who hogged the parking spaces with chairs and tables for their business. What will you do about it?

  13. Anonymous

    Congrats.I usually hang around that area. It dissapoints me when come to evening times because the coffee shop people will start to occupy the parking lots there by putting their chairs and tables.Anything can be done? Is it right for them to do that? thanks

  14. malaysia64

    YB Wee, tahniah diatas pembukaan pejabat YB. Saya harap yang terbaik dari YB! Ada satu perkara lagi mengenai pendatang ini yang harus ditangani segera adalah rokok seludup! Ini amat membimbangkan kepada rakyat malaysia. YB pun tahu kalangan rakyat malaysia yang merokok amat tinggi walau pun mahal mereka tetap beli. Tertapi bagaimana rokok yang berharga RM8.20 untuk 20batang dijual pada harga RM5 untuk 20batang yang berjenana DUNHILL/MARLBORO, rokok keretak ini usah ceritalah! saya tahu merokok merbahayakan kesihatan tapi kepada perokok tegar dan budak-budak sekolah ini macam mana? disebabkan rokok seludup ini rakyat malaysia akan menderita penyakit yang boleh membawa maut!Pekara ini pernah saya aju kepada perkerja BAT yang menghantar rokok di7/11 mereka pun sudah pun melaporkan kepada pihak atasan mereka, tapi jawab pihak atasan mereka bukan kuasa mereka? jadi kuasa siapa? seperti mana saya taip sebelum ini nak mengadu kepada siapa kastam,polis kerajaan(BN)seperti biasalah alasan mereka. YB perkara ini sudah lama semenjak harga rokok dinaikan, kenapa kerajaan tidak bertindak tegas, sepanjang jalan raja alang tu mereka opearsi tak kan lah pihak berkuasa tak nampak mahu pun dengar atau buat-buat tak dengar mahu pun tak nampak. Perkara ini melibatkan rakyat malaysia dan perkara ini hendaklah dipandang serious! kalau pendatang ini hendak cari makan cara halal tak apa kita boleh bersaing,tapi 80% mereka ini membuat kerja haram! Hingga berkahwin dgn rakyat malaysia bertopeng restoran dan semasa PRU12 sponsor calon BN tapi kalah! bergitu hebat sekali mereka. YB apa yang saya kemukakan ini bukan cerita tapi kebenaran yang saya lihat setiap hari dalam kehidupan saya, dgn ada nya blog YB ini senang bagi saya menyampaikan maklumat-maklumat dan juga kegiatan mengenai pendatang dgn izin atau tanpa izin ini kepada YB. Satu lagi perkara mengenai DR lolo adakah beliau mempunyai blog?

  15. Anonymous

    Jikalau boleh kerajaan perlu ban rokok keranan mengacam kesihatan kita. Saya setuju dengan Malaysia64 pendatnag haram ini sudah jadi masaalah sosial negara kena. INI ADALAH SATU FAKTA YANG KITA SEMUA TIDAK BOLEH MENAFIKAN. Kerajaan perlu menangkap mereka dan depot mereka dengna serta merta. Tetapi menteri WP dan Timbalannya terus menjaga kepentingan pendatnag haram.

  16. CC LIEW

    Kiong Hi YB Ah Keong,was try to recreate a map for you this afternoon as the original illustration does not give a proper sense of distance, his might cause some trouble for some outsider e.g. myself.I used google Map and intend to draw a more accurate one for you, but I then realise that Wangsa MetroView was a weste land when the satellite image was taken, so the bulding and the road name is unknown.If you can provide me some description of the detail of that peice of land ( not the whole taman of couse), I will be able to come out a better looking map for your reference….u may send it through my email if you like. No hurry.Regards,CC LIEW

  17. Anonymous

    Duh? The map’s good, got me to the place from pj area. No point drawing to scale because there’s no space. Important thing is the map shows the turns and landmarks which got me there. Don’t think something like google map will help cos too detail too many things ..arrgghh. Spare me please.

  18. Teck Heng

    ha ha …I just bought a Condo in Metroview..I will living so near to YB Wee’s service center..hopefully Malaysia will be a better country and nothing for me to complaint to YB

  19. Anonymous

    YB Wee:At Taman Desa Setapak has lane problem, people always love to park their cars, leave the stalls, throw the rubbish in ditch. Hope in the lane, the ditch can has cover to help people not easy to drop in and build some lamp in there because very dark in there and can forbid thief, and hope can repair the road in lane to forbid elderly person drop.Lastly, near the Section 2 school drive between Jalan 39/27B and Jalan 40/27B hope people do not park their cars at there because there has road for us to go across do not block it.Hope YB Wee can solve this few problem.


    Well,well YB Wee,seems that your office is right opposite of where i live.Must make it a point to meet up and talk.It’s been many years since we sat and had conversations…this time it will be related to “our” area ;)

  21. Anonymous

    Helooo Wee…Ada PEKA ker masalah di Wangsa Maju ini… kini banyak kejadian ragut telah berlaku . Baru-baru ini di Desa Setapak, dalam 1 minggu 3 kes ragut telah berlaku. Mangsa pergi u punya opis tiada orang yg dapat menyelesaikan masalah ini disuruh buat report polis sahaja.Tu saja ker yg u katakan berkhidmat, hanya kakitangan pej. u sahaja yang ada. Dengan keadaan panik mangsa kini dalam keadaan troma apa INISITIF u selaku WAKIL RAKYAT.

  22. Ammar

    “Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat telah dibuka!”Setelah lebih sebulan dari Pilihan Raya yang ke 12, Saya sangat berbesar hati untuk mengumumkan bahawa pusat khidmat kami akan beroperasi mulai esok (23 April 2008) pada 8 malam.Sila beri perhatian bahawa majlis akan dianggap sebagai pembukaan ‘lembut’. Kami akan mengadakan pembukaan rasmi pada satu tarikh yang akan ditetapkan bila mana pusat ini telah lebih dilengkapi dan cukup kakitangan. Saya berterima kasih atas kesabaran anda dan berharap penduduk Wangsa Maju akan menghargai bahawa ia mengambil masa untuk menbangunkan pusat ini.Peralatan minima yang dianggap perlu telah dipasang dengan pengecualian penghawa dingin di mana kontraktor telah berjanji untuk menyiapkan memasangnya esok.Sila jangka untuk melihat saya duduk di hadapan Restoran Z One yang terletak di bawah bila anda datang berkunjung. “Setiap perjalan bermula tapi dengan langkah pertama” dan dengan Izin Tuhan Yang Maha Esa saya berharap kita akan mencapai destinasi secepat dari yang kita jangka.Jadi sila berkunjung ke sini jika anda mempunyai masa. Saya berharap untuk berjumpa dengan sebanyak boleh penyokong saya, yang mana telah membantu saya masuk ke dalam parlimen untuk berkhidmat kepada mereka, sebelum sesi parlimen yang pertama dimulakan pada Isnin, 28 April.Saya pasti kita akan ada banyak perkara untuk di bincangkan. Datang, berjumpa anda muka ke muka akan menjadi satu perkara yang memberi saya kepuasan. Saya akan tetap selalu menjadi yangBerkhidmat anda.Terima kasih atas sokongan anda dan semoga Tuhan Yang Maha Esa merahmati anda dan keluarga anda.Wee Choo Keong

  23. NCS

    Congrat YB, I live just opposite yr center at M. Alpha. As you hv notice when u give a speech at BRJ that our entrance is always block by cars parked indiscrimally. Trust that u can get the proper authority to tow away those cars. Some of the cars are left there for days. Every time the fire engine need to come into M.Alpha for emergency, they are blocked by these illegally parked cars.Rdgs one of yr supporter.

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