Photo album of illegal structures & illegal immigrants in Petaling Street

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UPDATE, 23-04-08: Latest addition to the album at bottom.

The following pixs are sent to me by a regular reader of this blog who took the trouble to go down to Petaling Street earlier today, 20 April, and clicked away at whatever caught the eyes.

With these ‘evidence,’ DBKL and the Federal Territory Ministry cannot be blind to the issues that I have been highlighting to them, and, on this blog.

The fact that there is great reluctance on their part to act and rectify the situation suggests that there may be something unwhole$ome happening behind the $cene$.

The illegal structures … the blatant disregard for traffic flow … unlicensed stalls set up by illegal immigrants in the middle of the road … they are here for all to see!

(Note: the following 2 pixs are scenes along Jalan Sultan.)

(This illegal ‘island’ structure is located beside Furama Hotel.)

Look, there is even this DBKL ‘office’ equipped with CCTVs permanently located here to monitor the place! DBKL’s continuous claim that they are ‘not aware of what’s happening’ cannot work anymore. What gives?

Latest addition, 23-04-08: Apparently, as I have been told, DBKL often has one of thier trucks parked nearby for ‘show’ only or as a suitable means to effectively let some cohorts know that they are pre$ent to do their due$.

20 thoughts on “Photo album of illegal structures & illegal immigrants in Petaling Street

  1. kiddokit

    I’m a KL-ite and yet, I can honestly reveal here that I’ve not been to Petaling Street in more than a year — possibly even longer.But I do recall the last time I was there, there weren’t as many foreign traders as the photos in this blog have portrayed. Hell, at least the pirated DVD sellers were still very much M’sian Chinese back then.As for commenting on Saravanan’s childish outburst of rude MPs, he in the same breath did admit that because of YB Wee’s constant pushing, they had to instruct DBKL to act in haste. When I read that part of his outburst, by golly, all the more I knew YB Wee is doing the glorious right thing for us Malaysians. With BN, it is talk and more talk, discussions and more of it under the guise of so-called ironing out issues, but things never move. Well, finally YB Wee shows them the meaning of haste.Show Saravanan no mercy, YB Wee. Rip into him every meeting you get. He better buck up, otherwise resign from the FT Dep Min position.

  2. Anonymous

    Now I understand why the Deputy Minister (Saravanan) for FT was so apologetic when he said that he cannot take harsh actions against illegal immigrants. He had to discuss with the KL Hawkers Association. As some readers have stated here that Zulhasnan and Saravanan should be the Minister and Deputy Minsiter for Protecting Illegal Immigrants.I didn’t know that the Pak Lah government is so sympathetic towards illegal immigrants so much so that the Ministry of FT had to be gentle with them or rather cannot be harsh against them. Saravanan can really talked cock! A brainless guy from Sentul with very “good” backfround, I am told. I am sure that someone can help us with his background.Looking at the evidence (the photos), I just cannot believe my eyes that the illegal immigrants were allowed to put their stalls right in the middle of Jalan Petaling and yet DBKL Hawkers Department and Enforcement Department did not know about it. They must be sleeping like the PM and the Minister of FT. So is the Datuik Bandar KLFrom the photos you can also see that DBKL has an office in Jln Petaling monitoring the CCTV for the areas. Somethig is extremely wrong with DBKL and the Ministry of FT as both of them are not aware of the fact that Jalan Petaling is dominated by the illegal immigrants. No wonder there are million of illegal immigrants everywhere. The crime rate is on the increase and the government is complacent. What is happening to this country? Don’t we have enough of BN?

  3. mohamad

    Pictures are very meaningful, thanks for the picture taker!I havnt been to PS for years and I think if i can avoid going there, it would be better. I fear for my safety even though its a public place, one can get mugged anytimeits way time things have changed there interms of safety and control on the amount of traders that are available.. if we can clean up PS im sure other places will be much easier to be cleaned!

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    Kiddokit,Mohamad,Nobita 103 and AnonThe Deputy Minister YB Datuk Saravanan dared to say in the press that although I have brought to the Round Table Conference about Jalan Petaling is dominated by illegal immigrants but DBKL cannot take harsh actions against them. The above statement shows that the BN government is only paying lip service about its concern over the influx of illegal immigrants in the country. Secondly, it also show that the BN government under the Ministry for FT is condoning the existence of the illegal immigrants syndicate operating openly in Jalan Petaling. Knowing BN’s famous track record, we all should know why it cannot take harsh actions against the illegal immigrants syndicate (accordingly to Saravanan, the deputy minister). I am sure that all of us can come to our conclusion very easily. Right?Do you agree that we should make a proposal to the BN government to set up a new Ministry To Protect The Illegal Immigrants to be headed by YB Datuk Zulhasnan and YB Datuk Saravanan since the Ministry for FT is known to be redundant and overlaping the role of Datuk Bandar KL?It is not too difficult to conclude why the Enforcement Department of DBKL not keen in taking actions against the illegal immigrants. I leave the conclusion to you all to make.There are many hints in the comments from the readers about the background of the Deputy Minister of FT, YB Datuk Saravanan, who was from Sentul. My email address is Feel free to write to me with your problems with DBKL, government departments and other valuable information that you think I ought to know.Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

    Agree. Zulhasnan and Saravanan to head the proposed new BN Ministry To Protect The Illegal Immigrants so that they can harrass Malaysians daily with their criminal activities and other social problems.Vote for BN in the 13th GE – NO WAY at all. Must get Zulhasnan out of Wilayah for him to contest in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China.Wake up Sleepy Mr PM your Minister s are talking cock all the times. I thought that after 8th March you have woken up but it seems that you are either sleeping or still having your honeymoon!

  6. rational thinker

    i think YB Wee should try to resolve the crime issues at Kelana Jaya before venturing into other constituents. that would do well for the cooperation between the MPs as well as serving the community that voted for him.I was there just few months ago, and i won’t deny that there’s a influx of immigrants workers there. are they illegal? how do YB Wee knows? Have he checked out the amount of “immigrants” in KL during CNY and Raya?? If you re xenophobic, don’t be a YB in KL.

  7. Anonymous

    Illegal immigrants are social problems for the whole nation. Crime rate is on the increase daily. Illegal immigrants is one of the major causes. I said one of the major causes. So don’t just jump to defend illegal immigrants like Deputy Minsiter of WP Datuk Seravanan. YB Wee you are doing the right things by highlighting what the otehr MPs are keeping silence. The pictures speak for themselves. DBKL got CCTV for what when Dtuk Bandar was not aware and if aware didn’t do anything.YB Wee don’t care about the BN cyber troopers. RThey will tryto sabotage wehnever they can in order to safe BN with the rakyat monies. You must just ignore them and don’t waste your precious time in replying. You have more things to do then replying to these ar..holes.We need you to stand up for us rather than replying to the BN cybertroopers, who have no interests for the country. YB Wee, You are a MP, you not only have the right but duty bound to speak up on any issue in the country or eslewhere.Zulhasnan, Saravnan and BN Government can compromise on the issue of illegal immigrants but we, he rakyat, cannot because we are the one suffering from crimes and other social problems created by them. Zulhasnan and the liek got bodyguards and protections from the police but we don’t. We must not compromise on the issue of illegal immigrants.YB Wee press on. The KL residents andother Malaysians with the right mind and with the nation interests are with you all the way. Fear not. Whack them kow kow!!

  8. Anonymous

    Zulhasnan, Saravanan, Datuk Bandear, Immigration dan lain-lain;Masih tidur lagikah semua pihak diatas. The country is fedup with you all regarding illegal immigrants. Kami sudah cukup dengan pendatang harams di negara kita kerana mereka buat kacau dan telibat dalam jenayah. Mereka mengacam keselamatan negara kita. Takkan Zulhasnan, Datuk Bandar tak tahukah. Jikalau tak tahu sila letak jawatan.

  9. Anonymous

    Carry on whacking them. They are condoning the illegal immigrants to cause problems for all of us. We must get rid of these illegal immigrants. They cause security and social problems for all of us. Zulhasnan, Saravanan and Datuk Bandar please wake up and take the necessary actions in Jalan Petaling. Then get rid of all these illegal immigrants in Wangsa Maju and every where in Malaysia. We must tell them that we do not welcome them in Malaysia. If Saravanan wants them he can have them. If Zulhasnan want him he can also have them.For heaven sake, we have had enough of these illegal immigrants and they have cause enough problems for us all. So please take immediate actions.

  10. Anonymous

    Sama macam alasan Kerajaan Negeri Melaka yang katanya tidak boleh mengambil tindakan ka atas penternak babi haram sebab penternak tidak berlesen. Ini dah memang polisi tegar kerajaan BN.Wee, kau jangan lembik semangat dalam hal ni. Apa fasal pulak kita nak manjakan sangat pendatang tu? Malaysia ni negara koboi ke? Teruskan tekanan pada DBKL yang malas sangat nak ambil tindakan.

  11. CC LIEW

    Dear YB Ah Keong,These pictures are very interesting. Thanks a lot.There are still some pictures that you have mentioned in your post title:”DBKL, Oh DBKL! Tidur lagi ke?”had not been revealed.You must be very busy preparing for your questioning for inciming parliament session. Please upload those images mentioned in your article when you are free, no hurry.The translation is ready for your review:,CC LIEW

  12. Anonymous

    I went to Petaling Street and vicinity with a Japanese visitor in Dec 07 on a Sunday morning and found it quite discomforting. There were many foreigners hanging around (all males) chatting with some shady female (or female-looking)characters who were squatting by the back lanes off Jalan Sultan. I certainly saw many manning the stalls, not sure if they are illegal. We must not blame foreigners for everything, that’s racist,but we definitely should not tolerate illegals – they will cause lots of problems (for themselves and us!). As it is, even those who are legal, when fallen ill/ injured, sometimes get dumped by their employers (or shipped back to their home country) without giving them proper medical treatment – I shudder to think what happens to the illegals! Good for highlighting, perhaps slightly less caustic? BTW, my Japanese visitor was a bit intimidated by the atmosphere there!

  13. sherrina

    Syabas kepada org yg menghantar gambar tersebut. Sangat berani. Semenjak ramai sangat pendatang di kawasan PS, saya tidak lagi ke sana. Apatah lagi untuk mengambil gambar (dulu saya slalu buat) kerana mereka akan buat muka samseng. Takut kalau kamera dirampas pula….Apa pun, syabas semua :)

  14. Wee Choo Keong

    Sdr/SdriThank you so much for all your encouragements. I know that I am shouldering heavy responsibilities that are entursted to me by you all. I will do my level best to stand up against all the injustices, to which I was a victim for many years. My future as a lawyer and politician was almost ruined. Therefore, I believe that I am one of those who can feel and understand the real meaning of INJUSTICES.The people of Wagnsa Maju have given me asnd ALL Malaysians justice on March 8th. I really am proud of you all and SHALL NOT FAIL YOU – my Bangsa SeMaju!It is against this backdrop that I shall serve Wangsa Maju, KL residents and Malaysians without fear or favour. I know that it is not going to be easy but I shall try my level best.I have brought up many issues concerning Wangsa Maju and I have been informed by Section 2 residents that things have improved but still not very satisfatorily. But I think that we should commend DBKL for being receptive and is now trying to rid off their old image.I must also put on record that Tuan Shaari Ahmad Junid of Pejabat Datuk Bandar and Tuan Khairul, the Pengurus for Wangsa Maju have been receptive and pro-active to the people complaints.Of course, I will carry on to push so that we can achieve ZERO TOLERANCE for the “tidak apa” attitude in the DBKL and/or government agencies.Let all work together for the betterment of Wagngsa Maju and ultimately for the better Malaysia.IN THE MEAN TIME, IT IS OUR DUTY AS A NATION TO GET RID OF THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, WHO HAVE CASUED AND STILL ARE CAUSING UNTOLD MISERIES TO MALAYSIANS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE, FROM MALAYSIAN SOIL.BN LEADERS (DATUK SARAVANAN, DEPUTY MINSITER FOR FT AND DATUK ANG SAY TEE, AN AMPANG MCA LEADER AND ALSO THE DEPUTY CHAIRMAN OF THE KL HAWKERS ASSOCIATION ARE DEFINITELY INCLUDED) AND BN SUPPORTERS PLEASE STOP PLAYING POLITICS ON THE ISSUE OF ILLEGL IMMIGRANTS.IN ANY EVENT, I BEG THESE BN LEADERS AND OTHERS: PLEASE DO NOT HINDER THE CAMPAIGN BY Bangsa SeMaju TO WEED OUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATNS FROM THE MALAYSIAN SOIL STARTING FROM JALAN PETALING.After 28th April, the campaign will formally commence in PARLIAMENT! Saravanan: You will not be spared on the issue of illegal immigrants because you have FAILED the nation!May GOD bless us all in this campaign. Bangsa SeMaju please come to the service center tonite if you are free.Thank you.

  15. Anonymous

    So Zulhasnan and his macai, the Sentul boy, nopw taht you have seen those photgrpahs of illegal immigrants, DO YOU STILL DARE TO SAY THAT there were no illegal immigrants in jalan petaling!THIS MINISTRY OF WP IS A BIG JOKE AND A WASTE OF PUBLIC FUND.They cannot even see the illegal immigrants in the photographs and Saravanan dared to say that there is none in Jalan Petaling. The whole country is fed up with the illegal immigrants but Zulhasnan and Savaranan are protecting them. The typoical BN men who work against the people all the time.

  16. Wee Choo Keong

    Kepada anonymous 02 May, 2008 16:15 …Tsk, tsk, jangan kurang ajar di blog sini.Kalau berani, mempamirkan nama awak dan kita akan datang jumpa awak secepat mungkin.Terima kasih.

  17. Anonymous


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