yangBerkhidmat Service Centre almost ready!

I am looking forward to the centre being in operation soon. Renovation work is on schedule and going on smoothly. Meanwhile here are some pictures I took yesterday of the up and coming yangBerkhidmat Service Centre.

– 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意


We are located just above this makan place in Section 2.
我们的地点就在Section 2这家美食中心的楼上。

The walls are coming up but nothing like the one in China.

I think the tiles look cool, what say you?

Hmm … what shall be the colour of the wall?

17 thoughts on “yangBerkhidmat Service Centre almost ready!

  1. Anonymous

    Sdr Wee,Hope all goes well for your service center. If there are things that the public can do, please list it for our view. We may b able to contribute also.As a side note, “yBerkidmat” sounds “Why Berkidmat?” Perhaps another choice could be considered…just a thought.CheersHabib RAK

  2. mohamad

    Neat Mr Wee! im sure its going to look nice once the place is readyfor the launch, it would be good if you got get other nearby MPs or leaders within PKR or pakatan rakyat to witness the event. Also inform the press, media, and bloggers so that the news can be spread out to the mass. Hope to see you then!


    First class YB in first class service centre for first class service.Yang Berkhidmat tetap Yang Berkhidmat sampai bila-bila! Rakyat Wangsa Maju rasa bangga ada seorang Wakil Rakyat yang berjiwa rakyat !

  4. Anonymous

    Looks OkBTW, just want to ask you whether y there was no pasar malam at Taman Setapak yesterday? I saw few DBKL lorries there..I think to stop the hawkers..does it means that we will no longer have a pasar malam there already?care to advice.TQ

  5. CLF

    Mr Wee, have you fixed a certain time that you’ll be in the service centre?And when it will be ready to serve the people around WM?

  6. Eric Goh Section 2 W.Maju

    Hello YB WeeThank you for your setting up the service centre in Section 2/WM.I and all the residents here is looking forward to see you always in Wangsa Maju areas.Kindly prepare for a simple opening ceremony for simple foods and drinks for your Service Centre very soon.You will be our MP for Wangsa Maju in many years to come.Well Done!!!!!!!!Eric Goh

  7. Cara

    Mr Wee!!Very cool! Am waiting for the red ribbon cutting ceremony!! :)Suggestions-Chinese community: Pls bring lion dance troup.Malay community: Sila bawa kompang troup.Indian community: Pls bring the gendang troup.In summary, semua rakyat datang beramai-ramai! Hmm…we might as well have the opening ceremony makan-makan at that restaurant downstair!!! Dun hv 2 be fancy…as long as all is done in sincerity and integrity..many will come & support. Hari Keluarga bagi rakyat semua!! :)

  8. Anonymous

    Hmm..mungkin ada yang boleh donate kerusi/meja/perabot??? Lama atau baru….pun tak apa..asalkan boleh pakai? Jimat kos….jgn bazir duit rakyat…

  9. Anonymous

    Mr Wee, so glad that your office is nearby the place where i live. Can easily pop by your place and present you with a list of my complains. Haha!

  10. Wee Choo Keong

    Bros & sistersThank you for your supports and ideas. I really up to my eye-balls tyring to get so many things done in sucha short time and at the same time had to do other Parliamentary works. Thank you so much evrey one. I am preoud of you Wangsa Majuian. We must together make this place Wangsa Semaju-majunya. Definitely I will organise for a reasonable openning ceremony. Lion dance, Kompang and etc may be a bit too elaborate. Can we do without these in our programes? Just a simple light makan, drinks and meet-up session.Just finished the Round Table Conference organised by Ministry of FT. Well, it is just a forum to air our long suppressed protest against inefficiencies of DBKL with regardes to its services. I have already posted those points that I have gioven to the DBKL officers for answers.Got to sign off for the moment because I am feeling a bit tired. We will talk again ok!

  11. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear FirendsOf course I need donations to buy furnitures and air con. It is not easy to start from scratch. But I feel very at home with all the encouragements given to me. I really am very appreciative of your supports.Thnak you. Long Live Wangsa Majuians. You are great people!


    The tiles look like marble. Nice. As for the launch, please don’t spend too much. No need lion dance- sounds like MCA. Let’s do it pot luck. I’ll bring tuna sandwiches for a start.

  13. Anonymous

    Mr Wee,Maybe can set up a fund & request for donation- to setup the centre who is going to be used to serve the rakyat (which I truly hope it will be!!!). Mr Wee…maybe you can do what Jeff Ooi did??Wall colour: Light beige – make the place lloks bigger!!! :)P/S: I’ll bring herbal eggs???? Halal kan?

  14. mohamad

    I’ve seen a few YBs having an online donation link at thier website for example Jeff Ooi, somebody above mentioned it..You can try to have that on your page here Mr Wee. Im no sure how to do it but I think is worth to have it :)

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