What utter rubbish is this, DBKL?

A regular reader and commenter on my blog, lin liani has taken upon himself / herself to go take some pictures for our ‘viewing pleasure.’ First of all I must say a big thank you for your time and effort, lin.

These pictures were sent to me yesterday and are from Section 2 Apartments, Wangsa Maju.

I hope DBKL is reading this blog and see for themselves whether the rakyat of Wangsa Maju are unreasonable with their complaints.

Amboi, amboi, rumah sampah boleh jadi rumah lain! Tengoklah sendiri. What utter rubbish is happening here, DBKL?

Runaway and orphaned rubbish bins …

Please DBKL, can you find us a home … ?

Is it too much to ask for some service?

Help, we lost our keys to our home!

Daddy, mummy … someone has moved into our home!

15 thoughts on “What utter rubbish is this, DBKL?

  1. Anonymous

    lin liani…aku tabik you!!! Mr Wee, so now you know what is happening in W.Maju la? I pity those who are staying next to the dumps…they have to bear the unbearable stench 24×7!!!

  2. Cara

    Dear W.Maju residents,This is a separate issue from the rubbish dump. Did you guys ever notice that once in a while that there will some private cars parked in front of the primary school, Sek Keb Seksyen 2? Few times earlier, I noticed one young Malay chap, who wear cap and pretended to be talking on his hp parked his car by the roadside in the morning. At first, I thought nothing of it. But after seeing him few times, my spider sense is tingling. So, one fine day…as I was walking to the LRT and bypassed next to his car, I decided to look at him in the car. OHGoodness!!! Guess what I saw!!! He is MASTURBATING in his car!!! I was numbed and speechless!!! Too afraid and shocked to react! I did take a pic of his car but I lost my hp and hence cud not upload here now.This guy is not the first one. Last year, there was a guy whod id the same thing who parked right at the corner in between G2 and the primary school. I called the police and informed the school security guard, and I did not see him for quite a while now. Am not sure if the police did anythg, but am just glad that I did not see him anymore. Recently, I saw another Chinese man who is sitting in his car but am too afraid to look inside….I forgot his car plate. Will take a pic next time & post it here.

  3. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear Mohamd, Anon 14-04-08 17:23 and caraI really am happy tohear from you all. I have been told that the Rumah Sampah have been abused by people and used as car park, storage rooms and etc. Of course, DBKL didn’t know about anything. DBKL Hq will never knew about anything except having a nice time drawing their fat salaries.I sincerely hope that DBKL top management will keep tabs on their officers and make sure that memebrs of public are taken care of.I have been informed by Tuan A J Shaari that DBKl is taking actions to terminate the contractors and a new contrctor will be appointed soon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tuan A J Shaari for the actions taken so far. I hope that such sorry state of affairs will be kept to the minimum in the future.With regars to the cara’s complaint. I really am sorry to learn about the experience. It was a shocking experience. If you were to see such incident again, please take down the car registration number and if possible photgraph it and I shall post it here. Please make a police report also.Friends, my service centre/clinic tiling works have been completed. I have been informed that by thsi Wednesday/Thursday the partions will be up. If all is according to plan, I hope to have the openning ceremony this saturday or sunday. Of course, I shall put up the updates regarding the service/clkinic in this blog.Thank you.

  4. Eric Goh

    Thank you so much for your report on our DSA in Kg Baru and nice meeting all of of MPs there too.The crowd is more than 20,000 as it took me more than 1 hour to get out of the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman.The attendance was so huge and unbelieveable and hope that Keadilan will have more of this type of peaceful gathering alwaysWE ARE ALL WAITING VERY SOON FOR DSA TO BE THE OUR NEW PM.

  5. nobita1403

    Let’s collect a public fund and shift all these rubbish to infront of our beloved Datuk Bandar…hehehe! Let him feel the “Smell”… May the force be with us..

  6. Anonymous

    Dear “cara”, allow me 2 say that I thought it was impossible at first, but nw that u mentioned it on YB’s blog, what I saw was exactly what u have said here. I saw it a few months ago at the main road near the primary school at Wangsa Maju, Section 2. He is parked in a silver Proton Waja, a Chinese guy in boxer shorts early in the morning before the school bell ring. I am sure he is there after school hours also. At first I thought (innocently) that he was a parent waiting for his kid 2 get into class after assembly, but little did it make me realize that I was wrong.Dear YB, we cant make a police report because the police will tell us their famous line “tiada bukti sahih” ..crap !! I tell u by the time the police get 2 the scene, the guy is gone and the time we put to this is totally wasted. Then we will be put through another detailed row of interrogation by the police about what we saw. Then the police will nail it in to our heads that what we saw isn’t the same as what they think we said, we saw. Do you see the difference YB Sir ? Why cant the police also have some ‘spider sense’ like “cara” ? Do they not use their heads to think ? Forever waiting for the public 2 give information !! Police just don’t care YB, they just never do care. I do see four police men making their rounds in a group. Why do they stroll in their motorbike, joking and laughing all amused (at times) when they are suppose to comb the area seriously, whilst on duty !! I will ring u next time I see the man on my way to the LRT station. I am sure he rotate from school to school… inquisitive school children will look and look again, and before you know it he will have an innocent victim to give oral service for RM10.00 ! It will happen I tell you. Thank you “cara” for bringing this up.

  7. Wee Choo Keong

    anon 15-04-0-8 13:08I do share your sentiment about the police force. I know there are bad apples in the force but I also know that there are many good ones too.When you feel that a crime has been committed anywhere, please feel free to lodge a police report in any police station. Under the IGP’s General Orders everything police station must accept any report concerning crime in anywhere. For e.g. crime committed in Gua Musang one can lodge a report in Wangsa Maju Police Station.If you experienced problem of police station not accepting police report please take down his police number and name on his shirt, time and name of police station. Please let me have them. I shall take it up with with their superior.So don’t worry over such things.

  8. Mr. Z

    I believe photographic evidence would serve a useful purpose if handed to the DBKL or the press for the rubbish bin cases. It would serve as a useful negotiation card in cases where they try to wiggle their way out of their responsibilities. I think its time we act upon this fault and wake them up from their “clean” wonderland in their dreamy heads.I propose that we continue gathering photographic evidence and have it placed on the table top instead of sweeping it into the rag until something is done about it.

  9. Anonymous

    Datuk Bandar tertidur (seperti Perdana Menteri tertidur) tegoklah gambar-gambar di dalam blog Wakil Rakyat kami. Tak malukah? Masih ada mjaruah untuk memenganag jawatan Datuk Bandarkah? Kaslasu untuk saya, saya memang malu. Tetapi bagi orang UMNO, satu hal yang normal. Datuk Bandar and Zulhasnan, Minister for Undi Pos should now wake up and shake up the whole DBKL, which is what the KL residents want. Memang Zulhasnan tak tahu kerana dia adalah seornag Menteri Undi Pos.

  10. Anonymous

    DBKL for heaven sake. Don’t jsut collect our monies and your gaji AND do nothing for us, the rakyat. Zulhasnan is hte same. Stop usig rakyat monies for you to enjoy as the minister of WP. We do not need a moinister of WP from what I can see from the photographs. It shows only one thing that is the Minister as well as Datuk Bandar are both asleep. So Zulhasnan pleae tell the Sleepy PM to scrap the Ministry of WP as its existence is irrelkevant and a waste of public fund!We wilol vote against he BN as long as you are wasting public fund by keeping this stupid ministry to make Zulhasnan happy!!

  11. Anonymous

    i really happy to see this post is up and telling DBKL action they need to be taken. It’s too small for the people to throw their rubbish if DBKL did not clean it everyday.

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