Badawi calling for emergency meeting with UMNO leaders?

UPDATE, 14 April: Well, the mainstream media did confirm that a meeting was called today. But the supposed agenda was given a flip-flop. That’s Badawi’s trademark we all know so well. He can twist and turn but he will still be the loser in the end.

‘Rumour’ has it that Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is calling for an emergency meeting with UMNO leaders tomorrow.

Badawi has been under a lot of pressure to resign as UMNO president since BN’s poor showing in the 12th General Election which was held on March 08. He has also recently admitted to the mainstream media that he was responsible for losing BN’s two-third majority in parliament and control of 5 states plus 1.

Could this be his last call as PM before he sails into the sunset?

We shall wait for more details come tomorrow.

– Terjemahan oleh sebol – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Khabar Angin mengatakan Perdana Menteri akan mengadakan Mesyuarat Tergempar dengan peminpin UMNO esok.

Badawi ditekan untuk meletakkan jawatan Presiden UMNO sejak prestasi buruk pilihanraya ke 12 8 mac yang lalu.

Dia juga mengaku pada media perdana bahawa dia bertanggungungjawap atas kehilangan majoriti 2/3 di parlimen dan kawalan terhadap 5 negeri.

Adakah ini panggilan terakhir sebagai Perdaan Menteri sebelum berlayar ke pantai?

Kita akan tunggu kesudahannya esok hari.

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意






  1. Khabar Angin mengatakan Perdana Menteri akan mengadakan Mesyuarat Tergempar dengan peminpin UMNO esok.Badawi ditekan untuk meletakkan jawatan Presiden UMNO sejak prestasi buruk pilihanraya ke 12 8 mac yang lalu.Dia juga mengaku pada media perdana bahawa dia bertanggungungjawap atas kehilangan majoriti 2/3 di parlimen dan kawalan terhadap 5 negeri.Adakah ini panggilan terakhir sebagai Perdaan Menteri sebelum berlayar ke pantai?Kita akan tunggu kesudahannya esok hari.

  2. Jika pada tahun 2004 , Pak Lah menjadi ‘hero’ UMNO yang pertama mendapat mandat rakyat Malaysia yang terbesar , kini ‘hero’ UMNO tersebut dianggap sebagai penyebab kekalahan yang paling teruk dialami oleh UMNO dan BN . Kali ini bukannya PKR,DAP dan PAS yang menghentam beliau tetapi ahli-ahli UMNO sendiri dari ahli biasa hinggalah ke Pak / Mak Menteri yang beliau lantik sendiri . Ini tidak termasuk mantan-mantan menteri yang tidak dilantek , mantan-mantan MP dan ADUN yang digugurkan dan mantan PM yang meletak Pak Lah dikerusi PM . Pak Lah tidak ada pilihan lagi kerana suara-suara yang menggesa beliau meletak jawatan semakin hari semakin bertambah kuat dan ramai . Begitu lah realiti perjuangan politik UMNO yang tidak mementingkan collective responsibility tetapi lebih senang untuk mencari kambing hitam untuk disembelih bagi memuaskan hati dan demi survival politik yang kian hari kian pudar.

  3. The 30-million-dollar COBRA SULTAN awaits its owner who has lost his venom and sting after the last general election. Abdullah ‘Sinbad the Flip Flop Sailor’ Badawi aka Sleepyhead will sail into the sunset and dream of Jeannie in the bottle in 1001 Arabian Night stories of fairy wonderland.

  4. It doesn’t matter to me which UMNO leader will ascend the throne when PM Abdullah steps down – they’re all alike whichever angle you view them.

  5. UMNO sudah pudar semenjak zaman TDM lagi,sekarang malap zaman AAB. Lepas ini padam terus. Sekian Terima Kasih……

  6. If rumour on Pak Lah stepping down is sooner then expected, Pakatan Rakyat better hasten to take control of country.Whoever steps into the PM shoes will not be as easy to deal with and possibly be much much more vicious and dirty.So PR, please be on the red alert as the ruling party could invoke the ISA at their pleasure.Keep a tight watch on the latest developments.

  7. Pak Lah should hold on till the end of to look after his son, SIL and cronies.By holding on Pak Lah will be going a national service so that Pakatan Rakyat can finish of UMNO once and for all and to take power.So Hidup Pak Lah! you are doling a fantastic job by causing the demised of BN.

  8. This story tells us that in the theatre of Malaysian Politics, it’s never too good when you’re too hard (like mahathir) or too soft (like pak lah).

  9. Mr WeeThe Spore Straits Times today (Apr 14) broke the news on this.In a report titled “Umno V-P calls for Abdullah to step down immediately” its Msia correspondent Chow Kum Hor reported that:- Muhyiddin has asked the PM to hand over his post to a successor, saying “Now is the time”. Muhyiddin also said that he is prepared to run for a higher post (Deputy President?) during the Umno elections in December.- Johor Umno info chief Mohd Puad Zarkashi ‘wanted the transition of power to be expedited’.- Gelang Patah Umno division chief Abdul Aziz Sapian said ‘the transition would enable the party and the govt to regain Malay support’. He also said ‘Johor Umno would only support the PM if the transfer of power was carried out’.It looks as though Johor Umno is flexing its muscles. And that Muhyiddin is cannily positioning himself for better things. But he does have his detractors in Johor Umno, given his stewardship of the state when he was the Johor MB.What was that saying about certain species of rodents deserting a sinking ship?

  10. Mr WeeThis is not really relevant to this particular posting, but could you please include, on your list of future questions to put to the govt, a question asking for the rationale for the govt to purchase executive jets, including the latest Airbus A319, for use by the head of state and the head of govt.Recent news reports have said that British PM Gordon Brown had cancelled plans to buy a special jet to ferry him and Queen Elizabeth. Brtish heads of state and govt will use scheduled commercial flights or charters.And, closer to home, Singapore leaders, including the President and the PM, have tailored their travel plans to commercial airline schedules (mainly, of course, SIA).What is so special about our PM or Deputy PM that they need to ferried around in the exclusive comfort of executive jets? Aircraft that are purchased with public funds and crewed by air force personnel, again paid with public funds.

  11. MP Wee:COMMENTS ARE MODERATED The freedom of expression is essential for any society to evolve. Comments are welcomed but will be moderated. Views expressed are not those of Wee Choo Keong.DO you mean to say even those which were expresses under your name, in the comments section, are not yours?Just asking.

  12. If Bodohwi resigns, this country will go to dog-heaven as the illegal production, distribution, possession and acquisition of C4 explosives will rise and rise. More lives will be at stake. More murderous nightmares will be encountered and probably Altantuuya will turn in her graves.

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