Your MP’s Question of the Week #4

Since DBKL is very inefficient and complacent, should the rakyat of Kuala Lumpur hold a peaceful protest in front of DBKL building at Jalan Raja Laut to give the Datuk Bandar as well as his shadow datuk bandar, the FT Minister, a wake up call that they are there to serve the rakyat and not behave as little napoleons?

– Terjemahan oleh annoymous daripada 12 April, 2008 03:36 – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –
Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #4

Sebagaimana diketahui umum, DBKL adalah tidak efisyen tetapi masih bangga dengan prestasi mereka. Patutkah rakyat Kuala Lumpur mengadakan satu Perhimpunan Aman di hadapan Bangunan DBKL yang terletak di Jalan Raja Laut untuk menunjukkan kepada Datuk bandar dan Datuk Bandar Boneka (Menteri WP) supaya sedar bahawa tugas mereka adalah memelihara kepentingan rakyat dan bukannya untuk menunjuk-nunjuk?

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意
阿強每週一問 #4

既然吉隆坡市議會這麼沒效率兼態度怠慢﹐吉隆坡市民是否應該在市議會大門前﹐ JLN RAJA LAUT 舉辦一個和平糾察行動來給市長和聯邦直轄區部長一個當頭棒喝﹐以讓他們了解他們是為民服務而不是當小拿破侖﹖

35 thoughts on “Your MP’s Question of the Week #4

  1. Anonymous

    I have been waiting for the Question of The Week and I thought that Mr Wee was also asleep like Pak Lah. Thank you for the Question. After the GE results, the Datuk Bandar, Minister of FT and Pak Lah are all still suffering from the denial syndrome and refused to heed the rakyat anger. I think that something got to be done before the people suffer further. I must confess that I do not like demo/protest but for DBKL and the Ministry of FT, I definitely feel that KL residents had show to the Datuk Bandar and the BN government that stop being complacent and take us for granted.Now is the time to protest against these inefficient and useless characters, who are wasting public fund.So when shall we protest? I am waiting for a date. Preferably on Saturday or Sunday so that family can treat the protest as a picnic outing..

  2. Dragon

    YB Wee, i’m not so agree for protest to wake up FT minister or datuk bandar. Even we protest in peace and non violation, but the police will “kacau” and make chaos when protesting. Protest publicly is not a proper way even in democratic country.Is it really no more others method to wake up those Minister and datuk bandar?i humbly share my opinion, can we use Mass Comm pressure to push DBKL do the thing faster? Make local news always fill with the problem within KL area?

  3. Angel_X

    me too, disagree for protests.I understand that it is every single citizen’s right, in a democracy society, to exercise his/her right for freedom of speech, however, this can only apply to a country that a administration tolerant and acceptance of such behavior.As far as I can see, all road protests has been pressed down hard by the police, whether it’s BERSIH, or hindraf, or even the recent Penang UMNO protests, it’s crack down time at the end of the day.I believe that pen is mightier than the sword. You can organize huge media conferences backed by photo/video evidences, seeking all Pakatan Rakyat’s MPs and DNUs, NGOs and citizens/victims while inviting domestic and foreign media to witness the slacking attitude/abusive power of DBKL and that surely will degrade them tremendously, pressuring them to serve better.Stage a protest and you risk being maligned by the BN as a trouble maker, it is not worth it, and no offence, a reckless attempt. It might even cost you your hard-earned MP seat.We are fighting a war against nepotism, cronyism and corruption in this nation, which clearly our enemies are much more powerful than us. It would be unwise to take on them with a full frontline approach.I suggest you build up a strong-image that portrays yourself as a justice fighter for the people, a delivery man of people’s voice into the parliament, and also an able-politician that fully utilize the power of media that constantly gives pressure to the DBKL.Don’t be a miser when it comes to giving credits to those dedicated officers in the DBKL. Give them applause if you encounter any friendly or helpful staffs or people who have been really doing things. You can say things like you will fight for their salary increase in parliament should they do their job right.Not only you must win over the poeple’s hearts and minds, but DBKL’s people as well. Give both hard and soft way of approach, and use them to great extent. Only by this you can earn everyone’s respect. Let the UMNO dirty their hands for making more protests, and use their works against them, we need not dirty our hands.

  4. Anonymous

    Sebagaimana diketahui umum, DBKL adalah tidak efisyen tetapi masih bangga dengan prestasi mereka. Patutkah rakyat Kuala Lumpur mengadakan satu Perhimpunan Aman di hadapan Bangunan DBKL yang terletak di Jalan Raja Laut untuk menunjukkan kepada Datuk bandar dan Datuk Bandar Boneka ( Menteri WP) supaya sedar bahawa tugas mereka adalah memelihara kepentingan rakyat dan bukannya untuk menunjuk-nunjuk.

  5. Anonymous

    Angel_X must understand that the people have been facing problems with DBKL all these years due to the fact that the top management of DBKL can’t be bothered with the KL residents. The people in KL cannot be expected to kow-tow all the times to DBKL/Datuk Bandar and say that all is well when all are not well. Of course, we should not protest if it was just a one off thing. Unfortunately, DBKL is sick with inefficiencies and corruption. If we just talk and write in the media, these top management of DBKL will not moved. Why should we be scared? we are just merely exercise our right to tell Datuk Bandar and his shadow Datuk Bandar, Zulhasnan, that we have had enough of you so pelase help.We must tell Datuk Bandar and his shadow that they must accpet the facts that the rakyat have had enough of them and they be fair in their dealing and at the same times they must rise to the occasion that all is not well with the Singapore and the operatives.

  6. temenggong

    I think we should wait awhile before we protest Wee. Two or three issues have to jell together before it sufficiently galvanises the people and inspires them to hit the streets.Perhaps its better the 10 MPs get to meet all the administrative heads of FT first for thrashing out of issues. Tell them in no uncertain terms that a change of federal govt is on the horizon.

  7. Anonymous

    Of course, we shouldn’t protest for the sake of protesting. I am sure that we have better things to do than to waste our time at DBKL building. On the other hand, DBKL is not bothering about people opinions and does not really know or care about people wishes. All the times we had to call DBKL to inform them of their inefficiencies and it will take their own sweet time to perform their duties or they do not perform at all.I just cannot imagine that Rumah Sumpah is also an issue for DBKL. I do agree with YB Wee that how can KL becomes a world class city when DBKL was not capable of looking after rumah sampah.Further, I am informed that the fund set aside by DBKL for the rumah sampah in KL have disappeared.DBKL is a useless organisation. Most of the time, members of the public had to pay bribe in order to get things done by DBKL. DBKL is corrupted to the core (from enforcement on by-laws concerning hawkers to awarding of projects. If we do not do anything about it, the residents of KL will suffer and soon KL will be a third class city.I do agree with teh contents of YB Wee’s letter to Datuk Bandar concerning the inefficiencies and attitude of DBKL. We should organise a peaceful protest to make DBKL accountable to the rate payers i.e. residents of KL. Tell us when and I and my family of 4 will join the peaceful protest.

  8. Anonymous

    I pity the 10 MPs in WP. They all had to be the liason officers for DBKl and inspectors. There are no state assemblyman in WP. So the 10 MPs should be in government and control DBKL. Unfortunately, it is not to be because WP is not a state like Selangor and and Datuk Bandar is appointed by BN under the Federal Capital Act.So the 10 MPs should not waste more time with the Minister of WP. They should take Datuk Bandar to task because he has failed in his duties when DBKL is not doing his job.We should do a peaceful protest once and hope that Datuk Bandar will wake up.


    All protests are peaceful until the water cannons start firing. Besides street protests- can we come up with other different forms of protest as well? I know a protest right in front of the DBKL will be a good push to lobby for changes in law (Federal Capital Act 1960) and administration (abolish that Minister of FT post) relevant to DBKL. Look what Hinraf’s contribution to the GE. Before we all ‘contribute’ let’s wait and see… and take a step back to analyze the current facts and what’s to come. As we all know the next 15th April marks the political freedom of Anwar. I’m confident the administration of this country will change as well and hence the DBKL.Meanwhile I am not paying rates to DBKL- parking fines, assessment, etc. Let’s squeeze out the DBKL coffers for starters. They can drag me to court but if you guys join in they can’t drag over 1 million KL folk to court can they.

  10. Anonymous

    We must look into all forms of protest. We must never rule out peaceful protest in front of DBKL building. It must be an option that the rakyat reserve their democratic right to exercise if Datuk Bandar is still asleep like the PM.Good idea to withhold paying of rates and fine until DBKL start to be receptive to public complaints and more efficient in its services. DBKL is just too rotten because of the BN style of administration. So we had to get rid of BN to revitalise DBKL.

  11. Anonymous

    DBKl is just hopeless and rotten period. Do we want to wait for them to wake up and in the process we have to suffer and at the same time pay our rate and assessment for them to enjoy. I have had enough of them and we must get rid of BN. BN is the root cause of the problems. Protest is a good idea. Don’t tell me we have to wait until the next election to protest and we have to suffer all the inefficiencies of DBKL where the rumah sampah infested with maggots, cockroaches, rats and the horrible smell. This cannot be hygienic. Yes, someone of you think that protest is no good. I agree but if the corrupted DBKL does not take care of the people interests, are we going to sit down and wait for the situation to get worse and our children suffer from diseases. Come on you guy! Surely you all know how bad and corrupted is DBKL!

  12. Gan

    Demonstration no good lah – you will just play right into BN’s hands.Save such acts for more crucial battles.Protest through other means might be better eg getting Wangsa Maju-ans to flood DBKL’s with letters & evidence. What do you think?

  13. Anonymous

    The only way to solve the problems is to put a total change of the top personels in the management level.We need professsional and responsible personels to be at the management level and that includes the board of engineers in the JKR department. Which departments are responsible for the infrastructure of the city? How to upgrade their efficiency? Pls focus at these area.I think demonstration can only deliver messages but the problems will still remain unsolve.

  14. Anonymous

    Why must protest mean demo? It may just be a family outing gathering at the DBKL building just to let Datuk Bandar know that the residents in KL are extremely unhappy with the attitude of DBKL in term of services and set up.If we do not protest DBKL and his shadow Zulhasnan would think that all is well adn they can just take it easy as do as they please.Hopefully the DBKL officers including Datuk Bandar are reading our MP’s blog and take immediate drastic actions for permanent change in the attitude and mindset of DBKL.DBKL must be told that their present attitudes are unacceptable and they must change otherwise the residents of KL will change them. .

  15. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear FriendsPlease do not get me wrong that I am calling for a demo. I am not. I am merely posing a question for a debate and also for DBKL to also think about the informed KL residents opinions about their attitude. I am also trying to make them aware that if they not change their attitude, the KL residents may have to resort to exercise their right to protest. We all know that DBKL is suffering from a certain “political sickness” whereby the top DBKL officers only think of pleasing the BN leaders and in the process they have forgotten about the people. We hope that the top management of the DBKL now realise that things have changed after 8th march and they must come to term: that they must now put the people above the BN leaders. Therefore, I do hope that DBKL’s top management quickly change their mindset to be PEOPLE FRIENDLY in all their approaches otherwise teh people will reject them like what they have done on 8th march. However, the civil society must reserve all their fundamental rights to freedom of protest when the government is no longer listening to the people wishes.I do hope that we do not have to resort to the option of having to protest over the inefficiencies and attitude of DBKL.

  16. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Wee,No protest.Angel X’s suggestions sensible.Continue with letters and photos to the Datuk Bandar.You and your “Wangsa Maju Brigade “(penghulus/residents committee representatives etc. etc.)must meet with Bandaraya to convey your problems and at the same time understand what’s bandaraya’s limitations. It is a two way communication to solve problems.writing letters alone won’t help if and after all friendly overtures are exhausted and the complaint files keep accumulating – then nobody can fault you when your wangsa maju brigade launch any form of protests. my 2 sen rounded up now as 0 sen.

  17. doff

    YB Wee,Thank you for help to jolt those sleepy DBKL fat cats. It seem more effective to brought up our suffering into your blog rather than report to DBKL. I really hope, the days we need to talk about rubbish collections and clogged drain will be over soon.And as what has been brought up by anonymous 2008 17:2411 April, 2008 18:28, I also wonder and fed-up, why DBKL didn’t take action to those selfish restaurant owner who place tables and chairs on the parking lot in Section 2, Wangsa Maju. The restaurant and stall owner also blatantly ignored the law and extended their operation to five foot walk way, which mean for people and children to walk safely.YB Wee, if any of us try to report to DBKL, we will be told that they don’t have enough officer to do the job. But we know in other country their cities are clean and law are respected. DBKL should know how to do it because KL tax payers has been paying DBKL officers, DBKL Advisers and Datuk Bandar for overseas trip for ‘Lawatan Sambil Belajar’. The next I can think of are, either DBKL officers are not doing their job or just plain corrupt. The stories I heard are some crooked officers are taking money from restaurant owners and they are ‘protected’ and are immune from law.

  18. Angel_X

    try not to do everyting at once, prioritize the pressing issues first. Divide them into Domestic (like sampah sarap or crime), Nation (the introduction of RON95 fuel, rice crisis, etc) and Issues (HINDRAF, judiciary crisis, nurin case) etc so it won’t tire you out. Inevitably you need to select able-assistants to help you with your work. Regard the entire WMaju as a company, and the residents are stock holders, and you yourself is the CEO and your team as secretaries, GMs and so on.Now about the DBKL thingie…Which ever DBs or Majlis Perbandarayaan in malaysia never have problems? We need not have to get rid of those people, but expose them under the light of people’s need to know basis. Let their doings shame themselves, let them be judged in the court of public opinion, all of these shall be done with the help of public media and ACA. Mr Wee, it’s barely over a month since your assignment as the MP and there seemed too many things need to be done. The last case of DBKL officers beating Petaling street hawkers caught on photo is a very good example. Thanks to the media, it cause massive uproar amongst the people and we had never heard of such cases happenning again.Use the open protests only and only as a last resort. Gain more publicity, win over the people’s hearts and minds, bring the people’s voice into the parliament and I assure you, you will have nothing to fear. Conclusion, the image and the results are what Malaysian politicians need. A stong, radiating and clean, positive image and the results of nicely administered constituency will last you many GEs.We don’t have to use protests too early. Look before you leap. Admit it, the BN are like US army, they have virtually everything, we are like Viet cong, you think we really gonna survive by using reckless attempts like protests? How would others think of us? *with pakatan rakyat, people will protest*Then see you all in kemunting or simpang renggam lock-ups.why dirty our hands? Let the media speak for us. Let the rest of the country see how “advanced” are the selangor during the reign of BN. We may not change BN’s minds, but who cares? we need to change the people’s “minds”. Right? *evil grin*The most important thing for us residents is we must stay focus, and united, and back Mr Wee up so he can voice out and fight for our rights and benefits without worry. Only by this we can forge a concentrated force to shatter the corrupted power in DBKL and smash the black box proceedings.I have seen 2 years ago, during the rally about the 5 highways toll hike, police special branch deliberately threw fire crackers into the crowd trying to spark violence, so they can have the lawful excuse to crack down!under such circumstances, it’s extremely unwise to fight them head-on, because they can come up with anything to turn the tide against you.

  19. Anonymous

    Residents of Genting Court, Prima Setapak and Sri pelangi.We voted for you because we felt that you are able to address some of the issues faced by the residents here.The foolowing issues are:1. Very bad traffic congestion caused by the restaurants putting their tables and chairs on the road. One restaurant ( BO BO in front of Genting Court ) in particular had taken over the garbage house beside his restaurant. He also took over a piece of DBKL vacant land beside his restaurant. I presumed that he had the consent of DBKL to do it or maybe he had put them under his payroll.2. The area here is very untidy. I don’t see any sweepers around. I don’t think that the high amount of assessment that we pay is justified by the services rendered.3. DBKL built so many humps at Taman P.Ramlee. It seemed that they have nothing better to do than building humps. Every 30 feet, there is one and they enlarged them every year. Taman P. Ramlee holds the record of having the most number of humps in the world. I don’t know whether this was done to slow down the traffic to a snail’s pace or to keep the F class contractors in business besides enriching themselves.4. How can DBKL allow Perodua to operate a car service centre at Taman P. Ramlee where all the houses are bunglows. Perodua also had the chick to cut dowm all the beautiful trees in a piece of vacant DBKL land to keep their new cars. The enforcement officers must be blind not to see it unless they had been paid to shut up.5. We saw so many changes at the divider at Jalan Pahang. Initially, beautiful small plants were planted. They cut them off and planted them with hibiscus plants which hardly could grow. Then, they cleared them and built big concrete flower pots which are so unnatural and expensive. This is sheer waste of public fund. I guess this is also another way to enrich themselves and the F class contractors.We just wish that as our new YB, you would bring these issues to the attention of the people concerned at DBKL.

  20. Anonymous

    Please Go Ahead an Protest and create as much hoohaa so that businesses suffer because of your silliness. I thought you flers would have been more matured by blogging about it. Now inciting a protest? Last protests caused businesses around the protest area to suffer. do we really need to do this in all sanity? And for Anonymous who posted first, sheet, you dare not even give your website link so people can see who you are. and you want to protest? You sure you not cyber trooper.- of couse i also scared reveal my identity la

  21. Cara

    Hallo all!! Based on past experiences, any kind of PEACEFUL protest held by anyone except THAT ONE PARTY would be deemed unlawful! Laced with chemical water that sting the eyes and skins, traffic jam, LRT is down and out – causing so much inconvenience to RAKYAT themselves! Plus, Mr Wee – I do not want to give them a reason to haul more poeple into ISA. Most importantly, not YOU yourself! If you are in Kamunting, who can we rely on?Though we know you are not afraid to go into jail in fighting for the good cause, but I believe you can do more justice when you are out of Kamunting..betui tak rakyat Wangsa Maju? I would strongly suggest – NO PROTEST. Please do not resort to that someone’s son-in-law’s method. I wonder how he can get away with all his illegal marches and gathering? Plus, those in uniforms – do you think they are fair & just? My @$$!!! Picture speaks a thousand word – so snap and write away their dirty laundries and announce it at all channels you can find for all to see and read about it.On a separate note, is it possible for us to organise Hari Keluarge in our community – sort of menjalinkan semangat muhibbah?Needs permit ah? :)

  22. Anonymous

    No need to demo. Now that you have more seats, there are better ways to pressure DBKL. Also if you do too many demos/protest, it will dilute/weaken the impact of these demos/protest. Please do mass protest for the establishment of Royal Comission on Elections and other issues as per the Bersih memorandum. Also demo for the RCI on Judiciary.

  23. Anonymous

    saya ada membaca akhbar hari ini, di situ ada dinyatakan yang saudara Wee Choo Keong juga menang melalui majoriti tipis dengan bantuan undi pos, jadi selayaknya MP tidak boleh menyatakan yang MP Setiawangsa sebagai MP pos.Saya berharap MP dapat memberitahu apa yang disebutkan sebagai wakil rakyat pos. Kedua, saya merasakan yang kita perlu menghantar memo yang ditandatangani oleh rakyat Wangsa Maju untuk dihantar kepada DBKL sebagai tuntutan, jika ianya tidak dilayan maka tindakan protes perlu dilakukan.

  24. Cara

    I think by signing a petition or memo is a good idea. Once you launch your new centre, maybe you can put up something in writing for what we are fighting for in W.Maju and we can drop by to sign it? Or e-sign it?

  25. Anonymous

    anon 14-04-08 @ 11:30 Kuncu-kuncu ada menuduhkan bahawa YB Wee benang dengan undi pos. Buduhkah kuncu Menteri Undi Pos? Unid Pos berjumlah lebih kurang 1400. Yew Teong Look, calon BN dapat lebih kurang 1,050 dan YB Wee dapat 360 undi pos. YB Wee benang dengan majoriti 150 undi. Kalau tiada undi pos, YB Wee benag dengan (1,050 + 360 – 150 = 1,360) undi 1,360.Kuncu-kuncu Menteri Undi Pos termasuk Menteri Undi Pos adalah bodoh. Bukan

  26. Anonymous

    The Minsiter of Undi Pos tak malu kah?Tolong letak jawatanlah kalau ada maruah. Asal ada pakat tak apa – inilah marauah sikap peminpin UMNO, yang sudah mahu bankrap!

  27. Anonymous

    Yes. I and 6 members of my family will definitely join a peaceful protest against DBKL, a useless organisation, whose existence is take care of BN only.If we do not show them that the KL residents are the bosses to them they will never wake up because they are so corrupted.So we must protest. Mild words and letters will not move them. Luckily we have our Wangsa Maju MP, who is very experience and know how to deal with these idiot, otherwise DBKL officers will not bother about our complaints. Syabas! Wee, you are doing a good job. Please help us to keep those useless dbkl officers on their toes. Don’t give them face because none of them deserve to be courteous too because they have caused us immense suffering. F … them properly. YB Wee you have my family support all the time. You are good for Wangsa Maju.

  28. nobita1403

    I believe to some extend we need to show some rakyat’s power by the only way – protest. However, i believe a peaceful protest is a MUST! A lot of people are so scare of protest because i do agree we had alot of “demotivator” who take advantage of such act just to make “trouble”! So… a strong reminder must be there, we are here to demand a change not make trouble…so that the management people can “hear”…Another way of protest, can we hire a lawyer and give DBKL a law suit? for their imcompetences in almost give them pressure especially the Datuk Bandar?

  29. Angel_X

    Well as per the UMNO has stated, mass rallies are not our culture, because it’s theirs, just like the ketuanan melayu they are so dyingly clutching, they couldn’t bear away the so called fact that protesting and demostrations are only for UMNO personnels.There must be another way for doing mass rallies. Like I said, use it only when the times are right. Now, however, isn’t the right time at all.So when is the right time? The time itself will tell when is it. Right now, let’s give Mr. Wee to work out and prioritize what should he do for our community, issues that he should focusing on bombarding the BN at the parliament, and others.

  30. Angel_X

    One more thing, be careful of this Tun Daim guy…. he has correctly predicted the fall of BN before the GE, during an exclusive interview of China Press and now he has been given a lot of advices to BN.Now, either his views will not have been entertained (as we all know, UMNO leaders never learn their lessons), so BN will buff up, thanks to his views and correct. This way, The chances for the Pakatan Rakyat to seize power in the next GE will be harder.But never mind about that, we have more pressing issues to worry about. You’re going to be very, very, very busy, Mr. Wee.

  31. Anonymous

    aiya… no need to protest la… why not set up a site or page specially for complaints? something like a name and shame site to highlight all common issues that bug us. those with constructive views or proposals can say their piece. status update or action taken to address these issues could be included so that people will understand what yb is uo to la…

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