Finally, a reply from Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur

20 thoughts on “Finally, a reply from Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur

  1. alice lee

    Good work, MP Wee! And to City Hall, Kudos for planting “lebih banyak” pokok lagi. However, two suggestions:a) Remove the stumps now before some bikers and pedestrians fall over them at poorly lit areas at night.b) Plant only hardy trees whose branches will not give way to foul weather so that we are safe travelling under them during rains.

  2. Anonymous

    I do not hink that City Hall answer all the question posed by YB Wee. For a start DBKL did not answer whether the propject was awarded by way of open tender.We want transparency and DBKL like secrecy. DBKL please tell us whether award of teh project was by way of Open Tender or the usuall negotiated tender??

  3. mohamad

    its about time Jalan Genting Klang is upgraded. The traffic there is bad especially during peak times. Just curious whether the project was based on an open tender. Thanks Mr Wee for updating us. I guess in the end DBKL has no option but to respond, especially if a YB prompts them

  4. Anonymous

    omg! A reply! Thought I would never see the day. Don’t know whether the reply was due to the Mayor himself or was prompted by Menteri Undi Pos. Thanks for posting it out. Unfortunately, the project was rewarded by the Federal Government (para 2), that means, no open tender :(

  5. Angel_X

    Before commenting on this, I do have a thought to share….I think the “official” reason of this Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, is that he will be a bridge between the central govt and the mayors of the wilayah persekutuan.You see guys, we do not have only one WP, we have 3. Putrajaya, KL and Labuan. And Badawi seems to want a person to guard all these places for him.Of cos it’s redundant.Mr. Wee, go ahead and be the cannon that bedil the BN in the parliament cukup cukup.

  6. richard

    I’m indeed surprised that DBKL kept to its commitment of attending and replying to complaints within 72 hours. Thanks to you yB MrWee, now KL folks can heave a sigh of relieve knowing that their complaints will not go unanswered.It’s no secret that DBKL operates on the verge of arrogance and high-handedness as if they own KL. Policies, dubious projects were bulldozed through without any sense of accountability, transparency and more importantly, they were kept away from the Rakyat . And usually by the time the Rakyat gets wind of them, its already too late.I would say that it’s God-sent that BN is down 10-1 in KL. For more than 20 years, my area floods every time it rains. Hopefully this time around, DBKL will seriously look into it.Come to think of it, do you think things can get moving unless the FT Minister, his Deputy or the Datuk Bandar are shown on TV or the papers wading through knee-deep flood water meeting the victims?

  7. nobita1403

    I only have one “small” question. In order to widened the road, tress had to be removed or cut. But according to my 10 years living at Setapak, traffic jammed due not to the narrow road at the end of Jalan Genting Kelang (near JPJ) but the bottle neck at the air panas end. So, do they really have proper plan for the project?? I wonder…. Can the plan be share with the citizen of Wangsa Maju and Setapak??I am afraid the incident like MRR2 near Pandan Indah junction will repeat itself… By widening the end road that doesn’t seem to jammed will cause the bottleneck even worse! Don’t you think DBKL should widen the air panas end first??

  8. richard

    to anan 10:04,pre-mix is actually tarred road – a mix of tar, stones or aggregrate that is used to pave roads, sometime road reserves.

  9. Wee Choo Keong

    Sdr/sdriThank you for engaging with me. I need all your feedbacks. I am sorry that I could not give details of the meeting with Datuk Bandar yesterday because I am caught up with the preparation of Parliamentary questions, which had to be submitted by today.The traffic jam in Jalan Genting Kelang is also due to over development of housing and commercial building in Wangsa Maju. If one were to go to Danau Kota area one will witness the massive development by Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd. I have brought up the over development issue with Datuk Badar KL. I also told Datuk Bandar to look into the approval of Development Orders (DO) whether the DO were given in total compliance with DBKL policies and Rules and Regulations. I will work together with you and I am certain that our jopint effort will definitely make a mark with DBKL. The DBKL is trying to do their work more efficiently after the March 8th General Eledctions results. Thanks to the residents in KL.

  10. CLF

    I’m fed up listening they chop down the trees in WM Sec.4 for days, no matter day and night. Actually, it’s ironic that those who planted the trees at the beginning, now they’re taking down the trees. C’mon la, global warming is happening now, still wanna chop down trees?I suggest it’s better if they could replant the trees for how many they chopped down. YB Wee, please keep an eye on the development near the WM Sec.4 hill just opposite the SK WM Sec.4. I’m concern that if the development there might affect the residents there. The worst case scenario I can imagine is land erosion, which is critical as it’ll block one of the main road in WM

  11. Wee Choo Keong

    clf:Thank you for your comment regarding hill slope housing project. Please give me the exact location (name of road) and the name of developer. It would be nice if we can meet up soon at my service centre. It should be in full operation by the next week. Please check this blog. Please take some photographs and then we can study the case. Thank you once again for alerting me.

  12. TsuChong

    Hi YB,A little off-topic.Just found your blog. Am very impressed! Very excited and looking forward to more updates on Wangsa Maju.Here’s something that you might wanna look into: the garbage disposal site/system in Section 2 WM is real bad. It’s basically right in the middle of an open area. It smells real bad, lots of flies, and is really unhygienic. Especially the flies. It’s like a massive breeding ground for them. Not sure if it’s just my block though.Will try to continue providing feedback. Thanks all for now!

  13. Wee Choo Keong

    tsuchongYour comments/complaints are noted.Please rest assured I will definitely bring your complaint to DBKL for their attention. If nothing happened within the next 24 hours please keep me informed. DBKL is good for nothing and it is the most inefficient organisation. During the meeting with Datuk Bandar I have brought to his attention about such problems. I shall bring up in Parliament about the inefficiencies of DBKL and the Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan. I hope you will now understand why I maintain that the Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan is redundant and a waste of public fund. If it is not, I should not be receiving such complaints from you or any other residents. Lets work together and make DBKL more accountable and efficient. We must definitely get rid of the Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan. Next election we must all campaign to get rid of the Minister of Wilahyah Persekutuan for it is a political post created to please the UMNOputra and a waste of our taxpayers money.

  14. wahab

    Salam,kami dari penduduk wangsa maju seksyen 1 blok a4 setapak ingin membuat aduan tentang najis kucing,Tuan kami paham aduan ini hanya sekadar biasa tetapi kami sudah serik dengan perbuatan ini,No rumah Blok a4 305,107 dan 201,kami telah pun bersuara di rumah yg membela kucing di sini tetapi mereka tetap membela,ditanggga penuh dengan najis kucing kami segan untuk membawa sedara kami harap tuan memberi pandangan serius terhadap perkara ini sekian dari penduduk Flat wangsa maju seksyen 1 kuala lumpur

  15. Yaacob


    Terima kasih atas aduan sdr.

    Untuk makluman sdr, adalah agak susah untuk pentadbiran DBKL mengatasi masalah seperti yang sdr nyatakan kerana masalah ini lebih kepada masalah individu dan melibatkan sikap kita terhadap jiran tetangga.

    Walaubagaimana pun saya telah menghubungi DBKL Wangsa Maju dan saya dimaklumkan bahawa pihak DBKL akan cuba melihat dari sudut kebersihan sekiranya boleh tindakan dikenakan terhadap pemilik-pemilik kuching berkenaan.

    Saya juga telah menulis surat rasmi kepada DBKL berkenaan aduan sdr dan akan memaklumkan kepada sdr apabila mendapat jawapan dari pihak DBKL. Dan diharap juga kepada pihak -pihak yang berkenaan agar sama-sama menjaga kebersihan supaya semua pihak dapat tinggal dalam keadaan yang lebih selesa dan penuh harmonis serta mengekalkan sikap hormat menghormati jiran tetangga.

    Terima kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong

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