Your MP’s Question of the Week #3

(Terjemahan ada berikut di bawah – 中文翻译,请看下面。)

On March 11, the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the VK Lingam Video Clip was supposed to submit its Royal Commission Report to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

However, on the excuse that the 12th General Election was held on March 08, the Commission then asked for an extension for it to submit its report to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong on April 11.

As we all know, the said Royal Commission Report is a very important document that can shed light on the extent of rot in our judiciary and also help show the way to restore it to its former glory. This week’s question then is …

Now that the Royal Commission has completed its recording of evidence on February 15, should the Royal Commission Report of the Inquiry into the VK Lingam Video Clip be made public?

– Terjemahan oleh harris nasril – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –
Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #3

Pada 11 Mac, Suruhanjaya Di Raja mengenai Klip Video VK Lingam sepatutnya menghantar Laporan Suruhanjaya Di Raja kepada Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

Walau bagaimanapun, dengan alasan Pilihan Raya Umum ke 12 diadakan pada 8 Mac, Suruhanjaya telah memohon supaya penghantaran laporan tersebut dilanjutkan ke tarikh 11 April.

Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, Laporan Suruhanjaya Diraya ini merupakan dokumen yang amat penting yang akan memberikan petunjuk lanjutan kepada kerosakan kehakiman kita dan juga akan membantu menunjukkan jalan untuk mengembalikan kegemilangannya sebelum ini. Soalan minggu ini adalah…

Memandangkan Suruhanjaya Diraja telah menyiapkan pengumpulan bukti pada 15 Februari, haruskan Laporan Suruhanjaya DiRAja mengenai Siasatan Klip Video Lingam ini dipaparkan kepada umum?

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意
阿強每週一問 #3

在三月十一日時﹐ 林甘短片皇家調查團應當把其報告書呈交給元首陛下。


我們已了解的是, 皇家報告書是一個能讓所有真相水落石出和暴露出我國司法機關腐敗﹐ 以及能讓其改善的極重要文件。這星期的問題就是…

現在皇家調查團已經在二月十五日完成了收集證據的工作﹐ 皇家調查團是否應該把*皇家調查團對於 VK林甘短片之調查報告* 公諸於世﹖

27 thoughts on “Your MP’s Question of the Week #3

  1. Anonymous

    YB WeeThe Royal Commission has now got the benefit of the mood of the Rakyat and therefore should be wise enough to report and recommend in the right manner – i.e. clean up the judiciary mess including the likes of Lingam and his hand picked judges.

  2. richard

    Absolutely!!!I’m all for it. Only then the Rakyat will know how serious our Govt is in implementing/heeding the Commission’s recommendations.Remember, initially the Govt dragged its feet in setting up the Commission!!

  3. Anonymous

    YB,Yes, absolutely. Making it public is a must to gain people’s trust and confidence. Our confidence in the Judiciary is next to nothing at the momment. Thus, making it public is one way to let the healing process start. Btw, in one of the forum on TV whilst election results were being announced, Prof Khoo who is a member of the RCI, made a comment to the effect that “people are not ready for “live” telecast of parlimentary debates” How can a senior and learned person like him make such silly statements? What gives him the right to assume that the people are not ready?On a sidenote, I wish my MP for Segambut also blogs like u. Congrats in ur fwd thinking in interacting with the people. CheersHabib RAK

  4. Angel_X

    We as citizens have the right to know. Because we pay for taxes, we voted our own government and lastly, we are the sole owners and the boss of this country.Don’t wanna let us know the truth? Then get yourself prepared to lose another 5 states in the next General Election, BN.

  5. Anonymous

    Huh?!! I thought its suppose to be made public!!! I think now Pakatan Rakyat has more seats in parliament, they should demand a whole slew of Royal Commisions. One for Sacking of Tun Salleh Abas, another for Petronas Wang Ehsan, one more for Rashit SPR and Election, another one for PKFZ, then one for Submarine, Navy OPV, Sukhoi. All coming Royal Comission should be held at Stadium Negara and televised live. Yeah babe!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Professor Khoo is a bit joke. Through out the proceedings of hte Royal Commission he hardly uttered anything. He is a deaf and dumb. So please don’t blame on him. He is an idiot. We, the rakyat, demand a full scale publication of the report so that we do know what the hell the judiciaryios all about.We msut all be accountable to the nonsense of this Bodowi, KJ and Kamaludin. Patrik Badawi is the person we should throw out. Bodowi is just stupid at all.

  7. Anonymous

    I am sure that Tan Sri haidar and the four msketeers would want to keep their report secret so that the public will not know about the scandals in the judiciary.They also want to protect their fellow judges so that they can makan more monies. This government is also interested in covering up. Royal Commission is one way of doing it. Just like hte ROyal Commission on Police Force, the Sleepy Head government did not bother to implement the recommednation to set up the IPMCC.We demand the Royal Commission Report on the Lingam Video Tape be made public so that we know what rubbbish the Royal Commission has written.

  8. Anonymous

    YB:YES & of course… i think rakyat have the right to know right? and we want transparency… no more hanky pancky… enough is enough!winnie

  9. Bunda

    Dear YB Wee,Yes, of course, the finding of the Royal Commission should be made public.But, due to the constrained terms of appointment, I doubt that whatever this commission recommends will have any teeth.I also wish my MP had a blog like yours. And, since she is Nurul Izzah, I’m wondering why she doesn’t have one.Having a blog is one of the ways any YB keeps in touch with his electorate, don’t you agree?Keep up the good work!!Cheers,Bunda

  10. Anonymous

    the answer is obvious, isnt it? continue with their opaque ways in managing affairsand they will lose more credibility.

  11. Anonymous

    Given the composition of the Royal Commission, I believe that it will stil try to hide. From the newspapers reports during the hearing of the V K Lingam Video Clip scandal, the Royal Commission sil do all kinds of tricks to kept the hearing away from the public by way of hearing in camera and etc. The Royal Commission withTna Sri Haidar as its chairman has no credibility. The Bodohwi administration by chosing Tan Sri Haidar also has no credibility. It was for this reason that the BN suffered defeat. I don’t believe they will coem out with a honest report. They will look after Ahmad Fairuz, Eusoff Chin, Mokhtar Sidin and Low Hop Bing.If they do a cover up, YB Wee you must expose them in Parliament. You must not let them go scot free.

  12. Penulis Tamu

    suruhanjaya diraja wajib mendedahkan kesemua hasil siasatan kepada umum memandangkan kes ini membabitkan kepercayaan rakyat terhadap institusi kehakiman negara.persepsi negatif umum mengenai struktur kehakiman perlu dipulihkan memandangkan intitusi kehakiman merupakan salah satu tunjang dalam Persekutuan Malaysia.

  13. daffodils

    Wow, wee! Keep up with your fantastic way of reaching the rakyat through ur blog. What a novel approach to get feedback.Good, good,good.

  14. Anonymous

    We all like the YB Wee is reaching out to the people via his blog, whihc is just slightly more than a month old. It is hitting 50,000 visitors soon. I know that it is not the best in term of structure. But given a month old, no complaint. Knowing YB Wee I am cetain that he is looking for ways and means to upgrade it. Solute to YB Wee. Keep up th egood work and I am sure that Wangsa Maju is for you to keep.

  15. Anonymous

    The Royal Commission lacks credibility because of the membership. It was as though Tan Sri Haidar is the only person in this world to be appointed as chairman. he name of Tna Sri Haidar was enough to tarnish the image of the Commssion. It was for this reason that the Commission proceeded with uncertainty and there were changes of decisions as the proceedings were going on. It is a laughing stock.I am curious to see what tyope of report it is going to present to the King. I am sure that Tan Sri Haidar would love to see the Commission report shrouded with secrecy.We, the rakyat must demand for the commission report to be made public. Transparency is the word.If the BN and the flip flop PM is still trying to hid ethis, then they will have to pay for it during the next gneral elections.If they hide it, I am sure YB Wee will speak up in Parliament and expose those corrupted judges. YB Wee knew who they are because YB Wee was the victim of the improprieties of the judiciary.

  16. every dog has his day

    The trouble with the Malaysian judiciary is that its credibility is already gone to the dogs and there is no sane person who is not aware that any crooked judge and lawyer can be bought (and sold) with the right price. Every verdict dispensed in the past since the sacking of Tun Salleh Abas smacked of a vile miscarriage of justice. The RCI is nothing but a kangaroo court put in place by Bodohwi to hoodwink us, that is before the GE12.With the glaring disaster of his GE12 defeat, Bodohwi better think twice of trying to fool us a second time. He should bring back the sanity and integrity to our courts and judicial system – and that is HIS ONE AND ONLY CHANCE TO DESTROY MAHATHIR who is presently hell-bent on removing him from his tottering premiership. Wihout the proper check and balances from our justice system, this land is forever doomed in dog heaven. WE ARE ALREADY ROTTEN TO THE CORE AND THIS IS GOING TO GET WORSE STILL IF WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW OUR COURTS TO BE MIRED IN CORRUPTION AND MORAL DECAY. THE RCI is all but a sham.

  17. Anonymous

    The Flip-Flop PM is still asleep an d thinking how to save his empire. We know the RCI is just a sham. We would liek to see how this Tan Sri Haidar is going to fool us. Of course, with the help of Mahadev Shankar. The other commissioners are just a waste of time. I have had enough of the RCI and they have made a fool of themselves for too long. Now that the 12th GE result are clearly written on the wall and i would like to see what game are they going to play. Mr Wee you better watch out for them and whack them in Parliament if they play any more game. We have been made fools for too long and now we must demand them to be honest and don’t screw up this country anymore.

  18. Anonymous

    Today, the new transport minister wants to produce a report on PKFZ. Sorry lah. We don’t want a one sided glorified report. We want independent investigation i.e. Royal Commission on how this massive fiasco came about. After that, we want those responsible to be accountable for their actions. Take them to court and if found guilty, they should spend time in Sungai Buloh prison.

  19. Pratamad

    Absolutely YES, for a simple reason: the royal commission is basically tasked to address the public’s perception of the judiciary, and therefore the commission’s process and gathered information and evidence should be made public. Otherwise it will not be able to restore public’s confidence in the judiciary.

  20. Jasraj Sandhu

    Beyond any shadow of doubt, the findings of the royal commission must be publicly revealed. The judiciary is one of the pillars of democracy and how else can the rakyat be assured that this countries democracy is finally on the road of healing if not by first being privy to the findings on how the judiciary was compromised in the first place.

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