Open letter to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur

31hb Mac, 2008

Yg Bhg Dato’ Ab Hakim Bin Borhan
Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur
Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur
Tingkat 27, Bangunan DBKL
Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur 

Yg. Bhg. Dato’

Per: Penebangan Pokok Di Sepanjang Jalan Genting-Kelang

Dengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara yang tersebut di atas.

Untuk makluman pihak tuan, saya telah menerima banyak aduan daripada penduduk-penduduk Wangsa Maju bahawa sejurus selepas Pilihanraya Umum ke-12 diadakan, banyak pokok-pokok matang di sepanjang Jalan Genting-Kelang telah ditebang tanpa apa-apa notis.

Amatlah dihargai sekiranya pihak tuan dapat memaklumkan kepada saya dengan kadar seberapa segera atas perkara-perkara berikut:-


i) kenapa pokok-pokok matang tersebut ditebang tanpa pemberian notis awam dan ditebang selepas Pilihanraya Umum;

ii) sekiranya pokok-pokok matang tersebut ditebang untuk tujuan sesebuah projek, sila maklumkan secara terperinci berkenaan dengan projek tersebut seperti “nature of project”, syarikat mana yang telah diberikan projek tersebut dan nilai projek tersebut; dan

iii) sama ada pemberian projek tersebut telah diadakan secara tender terbuka dan sekiranya bukan melalui tender terbuka, alasan kenapa tiada tender terbuka dilakukan.

Saya berharap perkara tersebut di atas dapat diperjelaskan dengan seberapa segera supaya saya dapat memaklumkan perkara berkenaan kepada penduduk-penduduk Wangsa Maju sewajarnya.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Wee Choo Keong

s/k: Penduduk-penduduk Wangsa Maju – melalui blog

c/o Wee Choo Keong & Faaiz, P.O. Box 11439, 50746 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2161 9688, Fax: 03-2163 7633

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意




就如您應該知道的﹐ 我接到來自旺沙馬珠居民們投訴﹐ 有關於在第十二屆全國大選後﹐很多沿著雲頂吉冷路的大樹都在沒有通知居民的情形內被砍掉。



ii) 如果有關樹木是為了某些工程而[讓路]的話﹐煩請詳細的說明有關工程之目的﹐內容﹐承包商和費用﹔以及

iii) 有關工程是否以公開招標來決定承包商﹐如否﹐請說明原因。



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54 thoughts on “Open letter to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur

  1. Anonymous

    I thought that Dattuk Bandar always talk about preserving trees esepcailly those matured trees in KL. I even heard of DBKL taking action against people for cutting trees. Here DBKL was cutting trees discriminately. Please take note that cutting trees in Sweden are prohibited unless approved by the government.Datuk Bandar cakap tak serupa bikin. We demand an immediate answer from Datuk Bandar why allowing cutting of the matured trees immediately after GE. This is fishy to say the least!!! Datuk Bandar must now account for the chopping of trees in Wangsa Maju. We demand animmediate answers to the questions posed by YB Wee in his letter of today to Datuk Bandar KL.

  2. Anonymous

    What is the point of having an FT Minister? He does not know what the hell is going on in FT. How cfould he allow the indiscriminate chopping down of trees in teh Jalan Genting Klang?This Datuk Bandar and the FT Minister should be also chopped in the process. Both of them have no regars for the green in the city.Let start to chop them.YB Wee where is the petition to get rid of Datuk Bandar for us to sign?

  3. Anonymous

    What is the point of having an FT Minister? He does not know what the hell is going on in FT. How cfould he allow the indiscriminate chopping down of trees in teh Jalan Genting Klang?This Datuk Bandar and the FT Minister should be also chopped in the process. Both of them have no regars for the green in the city.Let start to chop them.YB Wee where is the petition to get rid of Datuk Bandar for us to sign?

  4. richard

    Our MP, yB Mr Wee has been prompt in raising issues brought by his constituents.Let’s see how efficient the relevant parties reply. Anything the FT Minister has to say?

  5. Anonymous

    The fact that the matured trees were chopped just after the General Elections smack of somwthing very fishy is happening. We are looking forward to hear what that Datuk Bandar, the political appointeee ofr UMNO, has got to say about what YB Wee has asked.YB Wee you just know how to ask your questions. No wonder the power that be do not like you. But we love you which is more important: The rakyat loves you period.

  6. Anonymous

    The fact that the matured trees were chopped just after the General Elections smack of somwthing very fishy is happening. We are looking forward to hear what that Datuk Bandar, the political appointeee ofr UMNO, has got to say about what YB Wee has asked.YB Wee you just know how to ask your questions. No wonder the power that be do not like you. But we love you which is more important: The rakyat loves you period.

  7. Anonymous

    yes, DBKL should chop teh Datuk Bandar and the Menteri Undi Pos instead of the trees. The trees give us shade and the gree whereas these two idiots give us hell!

  8. David BC Tan

    I’m glad to note that you brought up the tree-chopping business; I had meant to take some snapshots of it myself and I am pleased at your prompt reaction. I was indeed very surprised at the sight of the chopped down trees -especially when they were located along the land reserve with prominent ‘kawasan hijau’ signboards. I do not necessarily suspect DBKL of any ill-will (until evidence proves otherwise), but yes, I would like to hear the reasons why trees are chopped down.

  9. Mr. Smith

    In Singapore one can be fined and jailed for chopping down trees.This is all about money. I am sure it is an UMNO crony who has been given a contract to chop the tress at RM 1000 each.This is easy money as I know this happens all over the country.They still think they own the country.Go Wee, go for him like you would a robber.

  10. Anonymous

    The Menteri Pos is just useless. Exist for political purpose only. He has no self respect. The Menteri Undi Pos hasn’t got a clue when the the matured trees were chopped in Jalan Genting Klang. That’s why it is correct to call him Menteri Undi Pos He just exist for the sake of UMNO and not the resident of KL. I am sure that YB Wee will give him hell when Parliament sit soon. Quite honetly, it is a waste of public fund to maintain a FT Ministry when the Minister does not know what the hell were going on in KL. Gaji buta sahaja!

  11. Anonymous

    YB,Great job you’re doing for Wangsa maju. Now left with issues like chopping tree only.Wish can have you as my MP. My place got much bigger issue like jalan berlopak, penutup lobang jalan tinggi, traffic jem tinggi, traffic light selalu rosak. My area PJ selatan.Thank you.

  12. Chong

    Hey Mr Wee, Mr Chong here ! Have you found a place to allocate yr services center??? I would like to just remind u upon my housind area case where d bid lorries and buses parked overnight here! Thats all!! All the best

  13. every dog has his day

    Anonymous 31 March, 2008 18:41 said… The fact that the matured trees were chopped just after the General Elections smack of something very fishy happening.Folks, now that the federal territory is controlled by 10 Opposition members, it is better that all projects approved by the previous BN regime be rushed through without delay. The booty must be collected the sooner the better. Lest the Opposition starts asking plenty of questions and put a damper (or moratorium) on the sleaze to be made. Chop the trees first, talk later (or make excuses later) is the order of the day. At least we should see the money in our bank account first – that’s what the wretched BN/UMNO goons and their cronies are thinking. Once a contract is running, legally you cannot stop the works from proceeding without valid reasons. Otherwise why you think they destroy the files and vital papers in the Exco offices.

  14. Anonymous

    Mr ChongYou didn’t read Mr Wee’s bl;og properly. He already got a service centre at 21-1 Jalan Wangsa Metroview (near to LRT station. Renovation works will commence tomorrow I believe. I am sick and tired of Datuk Bandar and Datuk Zulhasnan. Got for nothing. Ministry of FT is just redundant and its existent is more of political patronage only. That’s why KL is in such a mess. FT Ministry exist not for the people of KL but for UMNO and BN. Therefore, we do not need a FT Minister. He can remains as Menteri Undi Pos since he got the highest Undi Pos in Malaysia I think. Can you imagine he got about 15,000 undi Pos.So let see whether Menteri Undi Pos has self respect or not. But I think he will hang on until the end like his boss, the Sleepy Head!

  15. Anonymous

    YB Wee please make sure that you give the menteri Undi Pos hell. Try to check on all the projects in KL and findout whether there were open tender or not.If there is no open tender then you must probe further.

  16. Anonymous

    I hope that the Datuk Bandar will reply YB Wee’s letter immediately as the KL residents are all waiting to hear his side of the story.The info YB Wee was asking for are simple info which can be got from his offcier very quickly.I am more interested in finding what is the nature of the project, who got the contract, contract value and WHETHER IT WAS AWRDED VIA OPEN TENDER. Knowing DBKL most probably by direct negotiation. Wow! More jalan. YB Wee watch out for those contract awarded by direct negotiation, which ultimately meant there are many questions to be asked. So let see what the Datuk Bandar ahd to say.For Menteri Undi Pos just forget about him. He won’t know much because he has no power at all. He is just a political appointee.

  17. tehsin mukhtar

    My heart bleeds everytime they chop matured trees,melawati was a victim, the lovely canopies, now Genting kelang, and everywhere else in KL, the tree contractors mcm tak reti langsung nak prune, potong habis atau top heavy,,bukannye everyday pokok nak tumbang onto traffic! making it top heavy, tall and unwieldy pun can make it tumbang…sebelah carrefour pun gone..maybe sebab residents takut fall on their houses.Even in Bangi, the huge lovely canopies along the main route into bangi from the highway are GONE. don’t these people feel anything at all???btw, MP wee, I was washing my water filter, one of two in the house when I realised…why is the water still so dirty even with two filter systems? and why have we been quietly putting up with it for years and years despite the high water charges?when will we get clean water we can actually drink from the tap???

  18. Anonymous

    YB Wee, tuntut supaya DBKL mengadakan perjumpaan terbuka bersama orang awam, setiap minggu, tak boleh ke? Senang sikit nak minta penjelasan atau kemukakan cadangan/bantahan kalau macam tu.Failing that, just organise a demo to protest these things in front of DBKL/FT Ministry lah. You know you’ve got the whole of KL supporting you now. :)

  19. Anonymous

    What is the point of having a Minister of FT when he didn’t do anything to stop the chopping down of good trees that make the environment green. In view of this, why have a Minister of FT when he was asleep like his boss.Like the previous comentors have said, we should chopped Datuk Bandar KL as well as the Minister of FT.Bearing in mind what have had happened to Malaysia under that idiot sitting up there, we should ignore him and tell him to go to hell and protect your son adn son-in-law!

  20. doff

    Dear All,I think its got to do with road expansion works for Jalan Genting Klang.While waiting for answer from Datuk Bandar, maybe somebody can check with the contractor.At the same time, I think there are signboard near Court Mammoth, announcing about the project.

  21. Angel_X

    very hot to walk in Wangsa Maju…. what the heck? We need the trees to give us shade la…. Earth is getting hotter and hotter and these idiots just care for the money.Mr. Wee, I will be starting my college in May/June, need a part-timer to help you around?

  22. Wee Choo Keong

    Angel_X Thank you for your translation. Yes, I will definitely need helpers/assistants. Please let me have your phone number so that I can contact you to organise for a meeting. Please send your telephone number to my e-mail. Thank you so much for he offer. I hope to get the service centre/clinic in full operation in 10 days time.Thnak you.Regardswee

  23. Anonymous

    YB WeeWhatever projet it may be in Jalan Genting Kelang when it involves cutting down of matured trees by DBKL theMenteri Undi Pos should question whether there is an alternative.It is clear in this case that Menteri Undi Pos was asleep like his boss, Bodohwi.However, what the rakyat must know what is the actual work of the project, the actual cost, which company was awarded and whether the award was by way of open tender. More importantly when was the contract signed. Yb Wee you got those questions spot on in the letter to Datuk Bandar.The rakyat know that DBKL is shrouded with secrecy and they also know WHY. Therefore, you must make sure that DBKL is transparent in their decisions by checking on their activities and decision (past and present).We have had enough of the wastage by people appointed by UMNOputras. You have been elected by the rakyat to check on them.

  24. Anonymous

    YB Wee, I reside in Pandan Indah and how I wish you are the MP for my area as I really admire your efficiency.Can’t say the same for my MP. Patrons of Steven’s Corner park their cars all over the area and causing invonvenience to cars using the road, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/21. At the other end of the same road, a parked van selling foodstuff with seating at a parking lot. Customers will just stop their cars any where to buy foodstuff. Police station and MPPJ so near yet no action!!

  25. Anonymous

    DBKL is good at destroying the environment. Minister of FT was asleep. So is the PM. Chopping of such matured trees are unacceptable. We better prepare outselves to chop Datuk bandar and Minister of FT next round. Both are good for nothing except wasting public fund. Minister of FT what are you waiting for. Holding on the post like other BN leaders as usual.

  26. Ah Jian

    Yes.. as I travel along the road, really heart pain to look at the situation. I just created Wangsa Maju 20 years blog and will update soon. Hope everybody will get to know Wangsa Maju.

  27. Anonymous

    DBKL is just a hopeless orgqanisation – good for nothing except to collect rates from KL residents without proper service. Chopping tress for someone to make monies. We will like ot knoe who is the contractor for the chooping of trees. Zulhasnan another useless minister who only cares for his undi pos in order to win his seat in Parliament. We must go all out to vote against BN in order to save the country and people. BN is just a useless political organisation which exist for the interest of their leaders.


    YB Wee dan rakan-rakan sekalian:Melihat daripada sekian banyak tulisan yang yang disertakan, sebentar tadi saya telah menghubungi Bahagian Seni Taman dan Kawalan Pembangunan Bandar Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur untuk mencari jawapan yang kita inginkan. Akhirnya saya dapat tahu bahawa tujuan penebangan pokok di sepanjang Jalan Genting Kelang itu adalah untuk penanaman semula pokok yang baru. Saya turut diberitahu tidak ada sebarang projek yang bakal dijalankan. Sebuah syarikat kontraktor telah diarah oleh DBKL untuk melakukan kerja-kerja penebangan itu yang biasanya hanya akan dilakukan bermula pada waktu tengah malam. Saya turut diberi jaminan bahawa selepas siapnya kerja-kerja penebangan itu, kerja pembersihan pokok yang ditebangkan yang buat masa ini dilonggokkan di tepi jalan akan dilakukan kelak. Saya harap jawapan daripada pihak DBKL yang saya perolehi itu dapat memuaskan hati semua pihak. Sekian. Terima Kasih

  29. Anonymous

    Saya harap kita boleh dapat jawapan rasmi daripada Datuk Bandar KL sendiri. Saya amat hairan kenapa pokok-poko perlu ditebang dan kemudiannya menanam semula. Ini adalah say tidak yang bodoh dan juga membazirkan wang rakyat untuk kepetingan orang tertentu. Rakyat tak akan boleh menerima keputusan ini.If this is true then Datuk Bandar perlu letak jewatan – termasuk Menteri Undi Pos juga.It is a waste of public fund.

  30. Anonymous

    DBKL is just a useless organisation that is acting against public interest.Cutting maturede trees to replant trees. What a big joke. This is the BN way of wasting public fund. WHy is the Menteri Undi Pos keeping quiet about this? If the clarification by Jabatan Seni dan Taman is true then both the Datuk Bandar and Menteri are good for nothing – only to wste public fund. They should be thrown out of office.

  31. Anonymous

    ms lin liani,saya fikir jawapan yg DBKL berikan pada cik tu kita semua sudah sedia maklum.Perkara yg penduduk Wangsa Maju ingin tahu ialah APAKAH KEPERLUANNYA POKOK-POKOK ITU DI TEBANG SEDANGKAN IANYA TIDAK MENDATANGKAN MUDARAT KEPADA SESIAPA PUN.Manakal syarikat kontraktor yg mendapat kontrak menebang pokok itu tentunya dari kroni-kroni mereka juga. Tentunya harga menebang sebatang pokok boleh mencecah lebih RM1000/pokok. Kalau benar perkara in berlaku, saya sangat-sangat berharap Datuk Bandar ataupun Menteri WP sendiri dapat menjawab persoalan ini kerana ianya melibatkan pembaziran menguruskan wang rakyat.

  32. doff

    Ms Tehsin Mukhtar, my heart also bleeds every time I see people chop matured trees, especially in Wangsa Maju. For example my heart bleed when some selfish people cut trees some two or threes years ago near the junction at Jalan 4A/27A. Another one is next to football field near the same road so their shop can be seen from far. As for trees cutting in Jalan Genting Klang, this evening I stop at Court Mammoth to read again the signboard. The signboard read ‘Propose Up-Grading Works For Jalan Genting Klang From Jalan Air Panas Junction To Jalan 1/27A Junction, Kuala Lumpur. Starting date: 18th. December 2007. Completion date: 18th. May 2009. Contractor name: Tetuan Mentari Contacting (M) Sdn Bhd, No. 30, Jalan PJS 8/2, Dataran Mentari, 46150 P.Jaya.Back to the trees cutting in Jalan Genting Klang, I think DBKL can do better. They can make arrangement, so the matured trees can be transplant to all those ‘blank file’ trees rows at the road side, which are plenty in Wangsa Maju.

  33. Anonymous

    sour grapes. apart from chopping trees in areas controlled by non-BN , they are going after hawkers. whats next, Mr Mayor? All functions to be levied if non-BN officiates? Just like the keris-waving education minister politicising even the schools? Never seen more idiotic response to the people’s rejection of BN of racism and divide and rule policy. Go on, next time, I am sure that KL will be fully represented by 12 non-BN MPs and I would like to see how more idiotic response does the populace gets.

  34. Anonymous

    anon 15.49dont get upset. thats how they spend your money and also mine. if not, how can the beneficiaries get rich? by the way, just check the mayor’s lifestyle befoe and after they became the mayor. see if there is any discernable difference, dont get mad if there is. afterall, its the UMNO culture.afterall, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Go read the Bible.

  35. Anonymous

    i was shocked upon seeing the huge tree at jln genting klang – wangsa mju junction suddenly dissappeared. Since then i’ve been on a look out of any signboard pertaining to the matter- thru enuff, they are doing widening road project.but to chop off such a beautiful huge trees? very, no more ghost stories :D~anon 11.55

  36. nobita1403

    In order to plant new trees then chopped down the old trees?To lin liani,Is it a valid answer u get from DBKL? Any recording or writing? I mean any proof?If yes…..Dear YB Wee, can we do something about this?I treat this kind of reason given by our “beloved” Bahagian Seni Taman dan Kawalan Pembangunan Bandar Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur VERY VERY SERIOUS! What are they doing? It’s totally out from any logic. Can they at least do better in giving answer to a public’s questions? I believe most Wangsa maju residents is very upset and fed up with such actions and project of our authority here.


    YB Wee,Saya berharap pertemuan 10 wakil rakyat pembangkang (sepatutnya kerajaan) dari seluruh Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur dengan Datuk Bandar pada 7hb April ini mampu menyelesaikan banyak masalah yang dihadapi oleh rakyat.Harap YB Wee dapat juga mengemukakan segala masalah di Wangsa Maju kepada Datuk Bandar terutama sekali dari segi keselamatan penduduk, kebersihan, dan kesesakan lalulintas.I hope people in Wangsa Maju who like do any suggestion or complaints to Datuk Bandar, please come foward. I think YB Wee also need our feed back.Terima Kasih.

  38. CYY

    BN’s Standard Operating Procedure1. Cut mature, healthy, big shady trees.2. Plant expensive scrawny palm trees, which provide no shade at all.3. Palm trees does not get maintained and die as the days go by.4. Contractor re-plant new palm tree.5. Siapa untung? We don’t know. Tapi for sure…RAKYAT RUGI in terms on environmental and money factors!Why do we need to WASTE $$$ to re-plant big, mature & healthy trees? Even if, (A BIG IF THAT DOES NOT EXIT…), they do need to re-plant some of the old, sick trees..can’t they use their brains and do it in phases so that we, the residents do not have to bear the unbearable heat?Contractors who do not know how to prune trees….SACK THEM and offer to enviromental-friendly contractor. I do believe some people are out there who love the environment and not just $$$!!!

  39. Anonymous

    Thank you, sir, for raising this issue. Took the word right out of my mind.What can we do if Datuk Bandar do not reply you/us in, say 2 weeks time? Gotta make them accountable for every thing they did, not just asking question, y’know what I mean.

  40. Anonymous

    please don’t flame me…i’m trying to think of alternative reasons for the chopping of trees. Could it be due to the heavy thunderstorms that we seem to get quite often these days? I mean I have seen trees uprooted around Taman Bunga Raya near Jalan Genting Klang…Maybe they chopped it off in case of any untoward events?

  41. cyy

    Then the contractors should be alert at all times and do their maintenance jobs regularly – to check if the tree is too old & shud be replaced, or the earth is to shallow to support the big trunk or the tree is too top heavy!! Don’t you think so? Just becos of one rotten tree, we don’t have to cut off the whole row of them!!!!


    For chinese educated, pls search to know more our MP who was fighting for justice and democracy. Unfortunately, YB Wee then was sacked by DAP because of “do not show affection towards leader”.Never mind, YB, now you are coming back and Wangsa Maju people are strongly support you.

  43. Wee Choo Keong

    Anon 2-4-08 @ 12:52″ … What if Datuk Bandar does not reply?”I think the question of Datuk Bandar not replying to my letter does not arise because DBKL has plenty of staff to back up Datuk Bandar. I believe that Datuk Bandar will reply. The issue will be whether he will give a satisfactory reply or I had to do follow up work. If I don’t get a reply by next week I will definitely bring it up in Parliament and demand answers. I hope that I do not have to do this, as DBKL is there to serve members of the public. I would like to express my appreciation to all the contributors to my blog so that I can learn more things.

  44. Anonymous

    You are right YB Wee. If Datuk Bandar chose not to reply then he is showing disrespect to the residents in Wangsa Maju. When that happened YB Wee should give him a proper dressing down in Parliament. I am sure that YB Wee would definitely love to give Datuk Bandar a good bollocking!YB Wee please do not give face to these public servants, who are showing disrespect tot he people respresentative.

  45. alice

    YB WeeYour prompt action is appreciated, thank you. With the lack of greenery, little wonder we are feeling hot and some of those in authority, because of your letter, can feel just as hot under their collar. I highlighted this in my blog earlier and the MCA’s Star picked it up today. Thank you very much, Sir. You have done what your predecessor could only dream about.

  46. Anonymous

    Of course YEw Teong Look is just a dreamer and at the same time trying to fool the Wangsa Maju people. Unfortunately, we the Wangsa Majuian are too smart for him and threw out. He thought he could be like Zulhasnan relying on Undi Pos to win. Just too bad.Zulhasnan is UMNOputra.

  47. Angel_X

    I don’t see the reason why they must chop down mature trees and re-plant the new ones… Just trim the overgrown branches would do.In singapore, they plant and arrange the trees so that they will form a natural sun-roof that covers 85%~90% of the roads! It was cool even under the hot sun!Why oh why, we can’t do the same?

  48. tehsin mukhtar

    lin liani,thanks for your efforts…tapi their reason is ridiculous…cutting down mature trees to replant??what a joke…MP Wee..we must stop this…and the contractors employed by the DBKL are also totally unqualified, looking at the manner they carry out pruning activities…Mentari sounds so familiar…where have I heard of that company before?


    Published in Sinar Harian today. Surat terbuka kepada Datuk BandarWANGSA MAJU – Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju, Wee Choo Keong melalui laman webnya menulis surat terbuka kepada Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan mengenai kerja-kerja penebangan pokok di sepanjang Jalan Genting Kelang baru-baru ini.Dalam surat itu, Wee mendakwa menerima banyak aduan penduduk sejurus selepas pilihan raya lalu, banyak pokok matang di sepanjang Jalan Genting-Kelang ditebang tanpa sebarang notis.Maklumat lanjut mengenai surat terbuka itu boleh didapati umum melalui

  50. Mr. Smith

    Well done Wee, I suggest all MPs, like Wee, let voters know what exactly they are doing, lest they be accused of sleeping on the job.Now we know this MP has done his part and we will see that the Minister will do next.

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